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  1. So after 15 season's I've finally done it...won the league.... there are 3 games left and I'm up by 12 points... and... this is the teams first League Championship! Next season... gonna get a beating again in the SHL lol...
  2. Not sure why I'm in 2nd place... I have more Wins... you would think after pts ...wins would be the next thing to look at..
  3. Thanks Bro... looking forward to renewing our rivalry... no fun up there with out having your Butt to kick LOL see ya soon
  4. Ok i'm gonna be heading back to the BHL... no shame in that.. however... my one way contracts will not be going with me ... I will accept reasonable trade offers for all my one way contracts.. starting right now please do not include a one way contracted player i will refuse it Thanks in advance .. draft picks and player rights will also be accepted ...Oh ... and if they are in the last year of a contract ... may not accept ..i need them to be with me next season
  5. Joyal leads Skyline past Bloodhounds 5-3 Joyal never got a point lol
  6. Last thing you want is the Skyline to come back to the BHL.... wouldn't be fair...
  7. getting destroyed here... but at least i was able to resign and get a bunch of new players... when I get demoted I may be able to win the BHL... never won a league yet so that would be cool
  8. First season in the SHL ... Here we go lol
  9. There is a lot of stuff to read here so forgive me if I'm asking a question thats already been asked... Is PayPal going to be a payment option?
  10. Got a promising 18 year old goalie 68 also got a 67 goalie 20 years old
  11. LOL been preoccupied with a new job ...Hope everyone has a great season.... my team is spinning out of control lol
  12. Baden

    S27 General Chat

    So I survived my first season in The BHL! Thanks to everyone for all the support its much appreciated... Gonna take Fred's advice and try to get a better goalie.... a few guys have re-signed which is great... Good luck to everyone in the playoffs ... I'm glad I'm no where near it .... I'm ok with no playoffs for a few to build up my Team goal for the next few seasons ... build up my team for an eventual run at the SHL! good luck all
  13. Baden

    S27 General Chat

    Hang Tough GregJ you could rally!
  14. Baden

    S27 General Chat

    First season in BHL ... not setting the League on fire but holding on to stay put position