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  1. Apologies if I've missed this or if it's in our manager mail, but, where is the Patreon? Or is it still not open? I don't want to forget to sign up for the sub. Will there be a grace period for inputting coupon codes or a way to buy in for a full year in one go? I am TERRIBLE at remembering things monthly.
  2. I'm tired of all of this, too. I know it's cheap as heck in comparison to other things, but Starbucks doesn't fuck up my coffee on a regular basis at least.
  3. It'll be fixed in another two months when someone finally checks and updates the site, I'm sure.
  4. Different browsers, computers, phones. Same results here, too. I missed out on what may end up being a stud defenseman with my high pick. It's very frustrating.
  5. So is this just going to go unnoticed and unfixed by the admin team?
  6. Player I wanted also went two or three after coincidentally.
  7. Yeah I'm on the brink of quitting too, because this bug existed for so long and really screwed my draft. The lack of fixes and communication is frustrating.
  8. Totally beefed it! Well, not too badly. But I put in my weaker tendy and got bit
  9. I think a big issue was captaincy! Guys just weren't stepping up but now they seem to be getting it together--I'm excited now that we're winning, it's pretty encouraging to have a HUGE jump in powerplay performance and everything over all.
  10. I'm having a rough time so far as Portland Steam in the SHL, but I just stacked my team up to the cap and I think I might be ready to bounce back and compete
  11. Wick has mentioned this twice now and it's a really good point... Is this ever going to be worked on?
  12. Looking for picks. Getting relegated and dumping my one ways. Portland Steam in Buzzer GHL.
  13. That's what happens when you're hopped up on NyQuil with bronchitis.
  14. All players on Portland Steam GHL not on one-ways up for trade, getting relegated and want to save my ass. rip my season
  15. Gimme one of your baby goalies