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  1. yes, that's what happened to me on the other end when I tried to accept your offer
  2. me, too. complied with all demands including role. and rating was "compliant" :O and has happened with more than one player :/
  3. jdonutken

    Season 8 Chat

    I got my leading scorer back just in time for the last game of the GHL finals, after surviving without him for a 7 game injury. Helped make the difference!
  4. Myles Carter 92 OVR 33 yo deteriorating but still a stud defenseman. Can't afford him, trade to be first in line just to try to sign him for a year or 2? Matej Takac, 85 OVR 25 yo F LH 99 passer, great on the PP, especially assists. Again, can't afford him, trading for first chance to sign.
  5. Anybody notice Illpo Olli, 17yo 87OVR D, 4th pick in the draft, going from Whitefish Dolphins to Cashmere Seahorses for a 19yo 76OVR G, and a 20yo 73OVR D? How is that a fair trade?
  6. Strange, the subtleties of this game. I took my mediocre Buccaneers team, merely added a decent young center, and juggled 3 right wings across 3 lines, aaand we're promoted... Also, in a move that looked counter-intuitive, changed backup goalie. Also have to thank the Oshawa Outlaws GHL, who traded me what became 4 of my best starters, in return for an SHL1st and a goalie who was my previous SHL1st... *sigh* there's some awfully competitive-looking teams coming back to SHL next season; have to hope I can grab some of their broken contracts and hang on; probably be back in SHL soon enough
  7. Today, I WAS able to do one change, then save it ok...SOMETIMES that works...
  8. It did it to me in Attack; now it's still there with upcoming Buzzer draft...
  9. it's as it should be now, I just don't recall it being like that in past promotions...
  10. different direction here: I'm being promoted. In the past, IIRC, between end of season and actual promotion, players eligible for re-signing were requesting current level contracts, NOT new-level-to-be contracts. Now they're asking for new level NON one-way contracts. Reason I ask-I am considering trying to sign some expiring players that I don't really want to keep to NON one-way contracts at their present level, so I can trade them to current level teams being demoted. I guess bottom line if i could do it before, i can't do it now. If I sign a guy to a new level NON one-way contract, then trade him to a demoting team, what's gonna happen when the new contract expects him to be at Gold, and his new team drops to Bronze?
  11. not the worst I've seen LOL
  12. Yes, I can see you got hosed, then...
  13. Agreed. I was able to do SOME re-arranging, as above, but only got a player I could settle for; the player I wanted more went 2 picks after mine. Also-seemed like the Day ended early; games usually play at 10:30 AM my time; draft results came several hours before that... ???
  14. GHL draft today-2.5 hours away. I was desperate-had a lower-level player at #1, put there due to need. the rest of the list i could live with, so i deleted him from my shortlist. Then I tried making just ONE move and saving it, instead of multiple shuffles. Single move save worked. Did more single saves, then a multiple; seems to be back to normal now.
  15. Tried a different browser-same result, Chrome or Firefox. Clearing cache no help, either
  16. the two-space move doesn't bother me so much, but not being able to save the preference list is HUGE!
  17. Anders very graciously got back to me, adjusted the player, and promised the next update would address the glitch that caused this
  18. His current contract ends in a few days. I realized a great deal of the reason I was misled was that the trade calculator factored in the upcoming contract for next season. I have figured out a work-around to keep him, but realize I shouldn't have to work-around anything. I e-mailed support right away, but have not heard back yet, and time is winding down. Much as I have enjoyed this game, if this situation is not righted, if contracts are not contracts, there's no reason to continue.
  19. How were we we supposed to know this? I'm on the hook now for a player with an expiring contract, that had an extension. I was very careful to make sure the new contract fit under my salary cap, and made the trade. Now the extension has evaporated, and I can't afford the player's new demands...NOT happy
  20. LOL just checked my most recent results in GHL. Tie game, opponent commits a 5-minute major at 17:30; we score winning goal on the resulting power play at 19:30; player who took the penalty is voted 2nd Star of the Game! On further review-he took another major earlier in the game-we scored on that one, too!
  21. One of my teams has been relegated. I understand that I will lose 1-way contracted players. BUT-until that happens, in trying to plan for the future, are 1-way, multi-year contracts for players I will lose included in the "next year's salary cap" computation? if they are, are they included at full value? or with "lower level reduction percentage"?
  22. add me to the list-Buzzer team has 2. Both players that I had shortlisted, then removed...notified the authorities when they happened
  23. jdonutken


    Appears the Saints have clinched moving up to Bronze...fire sale on many of the players that made that happen, but likely won't be competitive in Bronze...ALL the Copper teams have human owners; if the players you have aren't getting it done, here's an opportunity to get some who have gotten it done! Looking for prospects and draft choices...My leading scorer is available-69 OVR, age 31. My best scoring and +/- defenseman OVR 68, age 25. Some 70-71 forwards. A goalie 66 OVR, age 22. A quiet, reliable defenseman 68 OVR, age 27. 4 defensemen OVR 63-65, ages 21-25. Goalie 61 OVR, age 22, awesome affiliate performance!-hello IHL, while you still can!
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    Simmesport Saints, Attack Copper. Have lots of players available that got me from Iron to Copper. My affiliate team is 80-0, so it's well-stocked with good players...looking for prospects and draft picks...4 centers, 58 to 65; 3+ forwards, 63-66, 4 defensemen, 58-65, and 3 young goalies, 60-62