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    Mattti0 got a reaction from AlexanderRasputin in Limit number of players in Minors   
    I hope that upcoming reset is going to fix this issue. Player development speed is lower and hopefully we don't see anymore full team of +94 ovr players with ridiculously low salaries
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    Mattti0 reacted to MattBerserkers in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Little bit of irony here...
    You're not the only one who will be upset that your team will be lost. I'll be upset and I know others will be as well, I mean I've had my slow world team for about 2 years now and brought it from the LIHL to the GHL and have even managed to win a cup one season and finish 1st the next. 
    However, the more I think about it, the more I agree with the reset. I've known for a long time the consensus was that prospects were too strong and creating too many superstars. That seems to have finally been fixed but without a reset would continue influencing (slow) worlds for another 4 to 5 real years, potentially more. That's not fair for the newer GHL teams. Plus since there won't be as many stars coming up and most vets still don't degrade soon enough, stronger teams won't have any reason to make any moves as they will likely just make their teams weaker. That would make the game stale and also create less communication between players.
    It's going to be heartbreaking, especially for the managers who've just barely come short. Fortunately, resets almost never happen and happen less and less as the game gets updated and fixed.
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    Mattti0 reacted to bouncer in West Chicago Protons Hall of Fame   
    Nolan Daugherty
    Nolan is not technically retired, but at age 41 he is waiting for contract offer and with declination from 94 OVR to 82 OVR, one can see he is no Jagr. But I think there might be big fat contract waiting for him in Russia. 
    Nolan was for really long time the best or at least among best centers in the GHL. His 99 faceoff skill was really valuable and thus 56.7 FO% si among highest in GHL (he won stunning 6594 faceoffs in his regular season career). And for the Protons, he was top line center in all our 5 cup teams. 
    Nolan was mostly known for his great two-way play and as top line center for most of his career, he played average TOI of 20:30 with lots PP and PK time. In 839 GHL games, he collected 706 points (257+449), +207 in +/-, 40 SHP, 2568 shots, 1808 hits. He also played 87 PO games with 63 points (23+40) and 56.2 FO%. 
    He had most points in GHL in S8 - 76 points in regular season. 
    This tough and nervous guy was a nightmare for PP of the other team (even at age of 41, he still has defence of 99)
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    Mattti0 reacted to Wick Schozen in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Been pretty busy so haven't been very active but trying to keep up. Just wanted to throw out some support. 

    I'm extremely excited for the reset. I just think it makes sense since there has been so many improvements to the game engine and player development. Establishing a new baseline just seems logical.
    Completely on board with supporting Anders. No one really knows how much time Anders has put into this game but Anders and those helping him develop it. I'm a huge fan of his vision for this an I am happy to see him finally get compensated accordingly. 

    I've been a big advocate for those that are committed to this game, the real die hards, are the ones that are going to help move it forward. If that means long time guys leave, well that's the way it has to be. We've been fortunate enough to have been able to play this for free for years now and Anders has even taken measures to try and bring down the price. I think the price should be whatever he feels he needs to develop his vision and if that isn't incentive enough then leave. Everyone that sees this through will be able to reap the rewards of it.
    I don't think there has been a single instance where Anders hasn't shown us that he's committed to making this the best user experience possible and that was without compensation. Very excited to see what he can accomplish when this project isn't a financial burden on him and his team. 
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    Mattti0 reacted to Deadwing in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Man, that's an impressive wall of text.    Like I said, two games was too much for me. I still think $2 is just pocket change. If it's too much— move on. When it comes down to the guy running the game needs to make some money vs. pulling the plug, I'll take the former instead of latter at any given time. Pouring all this heartache on me doesn't really change the facts. Maybe you didn't mean it, but sort of quoting me in the beginning of your wall makes it surely seem like it.
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    Mattti0 reacted to HurjaHerra in Promotion?   
    If you'r afraid that your draft will be fckd up, because of not having time to log on later iirc you get the picks of whom you just beat so you can go and check what picks he has and do your drafting based on it.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    We have now gotten quite many responses to the poll that was sent out a couple of days ago and even if we're still expecting a few more responses I just wanted to share some quick insights with you.
    So I'm glad to say that it looks like the majority will actually sign up for the $1.99 subscription! And even that no one has actually committed to anything it makes me confident enough to proceed at this point. I also want to thank for all comments posted both here and when answering the poll!
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    Mattti0 reacted to ET2018 in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Auf Weidersehen
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    Mattti0 reacted to littleb in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Free leagues will not play vs the paying leagues.  Any free player has all the same advantages vs anyone else in their competition to win their league and the paid people will not have any advantage over the other players they will play to win their league.  
    It is literally just like a lite version vs a full version of a game.  Not even close to pay to win.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    This is a good idea. An in game message including a link to a poll have now been sent.
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    Mattti0 reacted to EXXEO in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    What is this, a hockey version of the Dark Knight? Yes, I'm serious - it's not like I'm working on my standup routine here - well unless my life is that comical, then maybe I should!  
    Listen, I was bummed that Anders lowered the $3.50 price because I thought that was a fair ask and even thought that $4.00 or $5.00 would be acceptable for how much work they do. I'm not trying to downplay that whatsoever, in fact, I'd like to think I'm in their corner on that matter.
    I was simply trying to state that we can't say (or insinuate) that people are dumb for not wanting to pay to play. I'm the only income that comes into our household and I occasionally work more than one job and am in the middle of other Business plannings. Raising one ravenous kid is not cheap, let alone two. On top of that we are trying to reduce our student loans because if anyone has ever had $30K + hanging on your shoulders as dead weight, you know it just bogs you down mentally and financially! If you have like a few grand lying around Deadwing please let me know and I can make an investment in reducing that amount
    I'm not trying to call anyone stupid in any of my posts, just stating plainly that everyone is in a different stage of life. My family is not in a bad spot compared to others that may be here, so yes, I'm 100% serious Heath Ledger.
    Let's just chill out and enjoy the game.
    Ooh, another name idea:
    Frijoles Hockey League: winners of the season brandish the coveted Frijole Mole Trophy and all players get a year supply of beans from Walmart!
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    It’s very hard to get ads to work unless you have a huge user base. Very few people click ads and they clutter the game. It’s not an option for us right now.
    A one time fee would create too much of obligations on both parties. At this point we doesn’t know how things will turn out and therefore is a monthly subscription the way to go in my opinion.
    I believe it’s also hard to compare a subscription on an online game with a regular console game. You don’t buy the online game, you pay for using the service. The online game evolves, the game you payed for a few years ago isn’t the same online game that you pay for today. All updates are included in the fee. An console game is outdated quite fast. This is my opinion and I understand that others may feel differently.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    The Blog post part 2 has now been updated with the following.
    Price for an subscription is changed from $3.50 -> $2.99 / month. No big change I know.
    But here's the real news. (Copy paste from the blog post).
    Special offer to all our current users
    We really want to show our appreciation to all of you who currently play this game and to keep as many of you as we possibly can. That’s why all of our current users, that sign up within the first month after the release, will be offered a lifetime $1.99 subscription plan PLUS getting one extra team for free. That is two teams for $1.99/month.  Note that secondary teams must be created in a different game world. Free leaguesThe subscription plan described above is required for participating in the main competition (LIHL -> GHL). But we also  want to offer some free to play option.  That’s why we will introduce a separate league structure called Free Hockey Leagues (FHL) within each and every game world. These leagues will be below LIHL level attracting players around 40-60 overall. Leagues will be completely free for users to play in, no subscription required. Teams can not promote from this leagues but there will be a playoff after the regular season with a designated winner.  Most but not all features will be available in these leagues. For instance is youth draft not available but trades are.  Even if separate FHL will play an important part of the game world since teams in the league will interact and sign free agents from the same free agent pool as the competition leagues. This means that they will help create world history, for instance players evolving in free leagues continuing their career in higher leagues. ---
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    Mattti0 reacted to ET2018 in new mascot   
    Agreed! Went camping there a few years ago with a friend. Beautiful place with lots of interesting geological features. We went off-roading and explored some the old mining areas in the park. Very cool.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Thanks for all your feedback! It's most valuable as always!
    To answer the question regarding the release date, we're aiming to release in October. But it's not decided just yet. There is still so much to do so I'm not feeling confident enough to make any promises on a release date at this point.
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    Mattti0 reacted to MattBerserkers in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    I have conflicting feelings about the game becoming a subscription. My biggest concern would be community; how will you keep the community active and attracting new members when others inevitably eventually stop playing? People for whatever reason get meticulous when they spend very small amounts of money. Long-term members should probably be open to spending a couple bucks on this game, but why should new members? Sure you are offering a 30 day trial, but is that enough. If it goes by real world days, 30 days is nothing on slower worlds. If a person were to join near the end of the season, 1/3 of their trial (actually more with the new playoff format) will be the manager just watching other teams. That's not that interesting for a new guy who just joined a league and world. Personally, I need to build my team and get attached to it before I get interested into something, and by extension, the other teams who are also competing. To extend that same example, the manager would only just barely get to then build his team the next season and not get to see how it might perform. A different example is if a new manager joined a team not long after the start of the season, that manager wouldn't get to experience most of the big features that the game has to offer before the trial is up.
    It wouldn't be an issue on faster worlds, but not everybody is attracted to the fast worlds. My quick suggestion for the trial would be to instead guarantee 1 full season from start to finish. And if the manager joins a bit late, give him that extra (likely half season) time as a bonus trial, I see it as a non-issue as I think the important thing is a manager being able to experience a full season. Plus due to the nature of the promotion system, even if they win their first season, it's impossible to have won it all and should help develop an appetite to climb the leagues and rankings.
    Before I start to accidentally write an entire essay, I'll just end it and say: I'm not against a mandatory subscription fee, but I think that just maintaining an active community will have to become priority #1.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Here’s the latest update.
    We’re now well under way of developing features that are being included in the big release this fall. After discussions with the focus group we have decided to extend the leagues to a total of 28 teams divided into two conferences. Playoff series will be played best of five games. We’re also adding a sixth league to each game world.
    More about this and other features including a full release plan will be available very soon.
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    Mattti0 reacted to GamePlanHockey in Important! Where did all the mascots go?   
    We are now close to finding a new mascot provider. Hopefully we can have mascots back in the game within a couple of weeks. But there will be new mascots to choose from so all teams will be given the possibility to re-choose their mascot. More info regarding this is coming soon.
    And thanks for all your suggestions.
    Designing your own logo is a feature that we would love to add in the future!
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    Mattti0 got a reaction from Glawing in [SOLVED] Transfer page filtering   
    This seems to be fixed
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    Mattti0 reacted to Eric Welsh in Trade Offer Abuse by Fang   
    I just got a second team in Howitzer LIHL, so hopefully that livens things up a bit.
    Spent the afternoon on a free agent spending spree. One year contracts to a bunch of guys who are better than what I've got!
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    Mattti0 reacted to Gator Raid in Trade Offer Abuse by Fang   
    Whenever making a substantial offer, I always use the message function before using the trade window. This gives me the opportunity to explain my reasoning for the trade as well as gives the other party a chance to explain why they are rejecting. When doing this I’ve never had a negative result, regardless of whether the trade goes through or not. The reason I say the result is never negative is because I always come away with something from it, whether it be a better understanding of what that specific manager is like personality wise or what the market for certain players is at the moment. I’ve also never ended a deal on bad terms when doing this, I always ending it with a goodluck or thank you for your time, and always get a similar final reply back. I feel if every gm does this, there will be a lot less tension in the gameworlds and community as a whole.
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    Mattti0 reacted to zinnyzxx in Trade Offer Abuse by Fang   
    When trading with other human gm's, I really don't worry about whatever the "trade value" is because it's often dead wrong. The trade value says all first round picks across all leagues have the same trade value.
    So when forming a trade offer, look at the team you're offering and see what might be an area that they want to improve. Messaging them as well will help offers big time.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Wendel Clark in Affiliate teams & faceoffs   
    I don't know if this topic has been brought up or discussed before, but the logic behind affiliate games faceoffs might need to be reconsidered? I think centers would need to have higher priority than they do now. It looks like they have some priority, but even 1 or 2 point higher overall wingers and even defenders do seem to take more faceoffs than for example second highest center with even highest faceoff skill.
    Examples from last season from my Dangles AAHL team:
    Winger French, higher overall than Clear, faceoff skill 40: 363 faceoffs in 57 games.
    Defender Blackmore, higher overall than Clear, faceoff skill 40: 86 faceoffs in 61 games.
    Center Clear, lower overall, still slightly more icetime than French, faceoff skill 76: 61 faceoffs in 62 games.
    So, winger taking over 6 faceoffs per game without skill, center not taking even 1 with skill, and even defender taking more. Centers seem to develop some faceoff skill even without taking or taking very little faceoffs, but isn't it so that the amount of faceoffs taken is a big factor considering how well they develop in that skill? And winger faceoffs seem to be a waste considering development: French has taken over 700 affiliate game faceoffs and his faceoff skill is still flatline 40.
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    Mattti0 reacted to Naekfor in Trade value formula   
    I am assuming that it includes things that are no longer visible to us, such as greed. As such that is one I actually havent even attempted yet. I am also not sure if profile traits are linked to ranges like normal attributes or if all "motivators" or "dirty" etc are the same. then again i largely ignore trade value personally, but I know others who rely a lot on it, I just really havent looked into it. I am inclined to think its not something we can get too accurate with what we have easy access to. 
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    Mattti0 reacted to AlexanderRasputin in How's Communication in Your World?   
    I am with Jack and ET2018 on this. GHL/SHL managers talk well in Howitzer - I sent a number of messages regarding trades this off-season and nearly all of them received replies, most in good taste  . Some, like from Jack Reacher and Jusu from Stony Brook Steel, being long exchanges that were excellent and resulted in good understanding and respect on both sides. It has definitely made participating a lot more interesting for me to see other managers who are invested in more than just the mathematics of the game.

    I have only managed my team for 4 seasons, but BHL and IHL were ok. Some new BHL managers like Andreas Duseault are quite communicative, but of course mostly about trades. I sent a few welcome messages to past IHL opponents that were promoted to BHL last season. So, to me, game world feed as in Soccer Manager would be a good thing - a perfect next step. This should not be a single-player game, managers should talk about a number of things, perhaps comment on standings or particular games and build an intangible layer of in-game interaction that is not only based on trades. Certainly the world has enough depth to allow it, so great to hear that it is coming in the future.