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In Topic: Opinion.

Yesterday, 07:11 AM

No, this makes sense and happens in real life all the time.  Some players prefer to make less money if it means they will be successful and win a championship.  No knock against DL's team, but he was just recently promoted and likely lost that type of player to a more established (maybe just recently demoted GHL) team.  Some players only want money, some want to be the star, and some want to be in first place even if it means being 4th line and paid less, just like in real life.  


In this specific example, I totally agree with you.  If I were that FA, i would have totally signed with the other team as well.  And I'm glad he did... it puts a chip on my shoulder :-)  (like Tom Brady).


I think my point was more around (1) new managers taking over, and (2) level of competition each manager has faced.  There are 30+ managers in Biscuit who are more established than I am.  But I did promote with a high level of competition.  And using an extreme example... I took over a team in a fast world a few seasons ago in LIHL and was able to rattle off 26 straight wins and promote (under a different account).  The league was watered down with 1/2 computer teams.  It wasn't impressive at all.  If someone wanted to (which I highly discourage), they could do this year after year and build their reputation, then take over a team in a Slow world.  They would immediately be one of the top managers and have the inside track to the best FAs.  That isn't right.  I'd much rather work my way up the right way.  In other words, if I joined Biscuit with that other account, that account would be rated higher than my current Biscuit account, which would be absurd.

In Topic: Opinion.

Yesterday, 07:01 AM

Two great talking points here.  the fact that you were able to move up quickly tells me you get the game in a way that perhaps I don't and that's a conversation onto itself.  


Ha! I wouldn't say I did it quickly.  I've seen managers promote year after year.  Those are the guys who have it figured out.  My main point was that I like to take it slow and concentrate on my own team to see what works and what doesn't, then promote over time.  It's the journey not the destination.

In Topic: Opinion.

January 16, 2018 - 03:52 PM

I suppose it depends how you look at it, but this mostly doesn't bother me.  Success is all relative and I pay more attention to my team than I do others.  For example, I'm proud of the fact that I was able to take over a struggling BHL team who had been in Bronze for 5 years (had to win a playoff series to avoid being demoted that first year) and was able to promote to Silver after 3 seasons.  To me that's more satisfying than taking over an already good team.  Now my first season in SHL, there are 7-8 teams that are far superior to me... and the rest are equivalent (give or take a rating here and there).  My goal is to stay in SHL and see where I'm at in 2-3 seasons.  I love following each team, but don't really care who promotes/who doesn't this year.  Every team starts from a different place.


Also, you want COM teams to be somewhat strong - or start off strong - as I would assume they don't improve much over the season.  And just to be competitive in general.


Where I do agree with you is that when a manager promotes or racks up wins, their reputation gets jacked up and it increases the chances of free agents signing with them over another team.  So a manager who takes over an already stacked team will get the benefit in signing players - which I've stated in another post that I don't agree with.  At least not to the extent that it happens.  For example, a free agent recently rejected my offer and signed with another team (same league) who offered him $200K less.  Ouch.  But that's a discussion for another thread.


But we can only hope that those managers who take over good teams are like Peter Chiarelli and totally ruin it :)

In Topic: The Humor Therapy Thread

January 12, 2018 - 02:28 PM

I thought these were "positive" remarks??


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In Topic: [SOLVED] TOI error

January 12, 2018 - 02:03 PM

I noticed this as well.  Since the game's play-by-play displays in 30 second increments, I always just figured it was counting 1 for every 30 seconds.