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In Topic: Top Jerseys

Yesterday, 01:30 PM

Wasn't really sure whether I should start a new thread or not, so here goes.


Anyone played around with the editor to create an away jersey for your team as well. While we don't have the option to wear an away jersey "officially" in game— at least not yet, I'm thinking about following the idea of my home town team and play all playoff games wearing away jersey by simply changing the design for the said period just for shits and giggles.




Here's some alternate jersey ideas I came up with.


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In Topic: Top Jerseys

Yesterday, 12:52 PM

Finally had a chance to sift through all the jerseys.  There's a lot of good ones, so I'll just mention my absolute favorites.



- Scandinavia Steelers - something about the color combination just pops and the tiny bit of orange on the logo matches the sleeves.



- Rocky Mountain House Owls - color scheme reminds me of Boston College

- Canuck Red Dragons - love the color combo



- Summertown Six Pack - this is just brilliant. Not so much the jersey itself, but probably my favorite team name + logo



- Birnamwood Silver Bullets - LOL - loving the "whatever" vibe here



- Coulter Wild Fire - great color/logo combo



- Fillmore Hill Cats - another good color/logo combo

- Continental Steel

- Goldville Knights


*Honorable mention to about 40 others.

In Topic: NHL discussion

Yesterday, 11:51 AM

Boston is in the Stanley Cup final but who will join them, St. Louis or San Jose?


It's looking like St. Louis.  Let's see if the Sharks still have some of that magic left.


Either way, just scored tickets to Game 2!

In Topic: Cage trash talk

May 17, 2019 - 02:24 PM

Erzac - how do you continue to bait my team into penalties.  I remember our GHL/SHL playoff series from Biscuit where I took 50 more PIMs in a 3-game series.  Now in Cage over 4 games the PIMs are 44-20.  Something about the Stray Cats send the Leopards into a rage.

In Topic: for love of god put fight in this game

May 17, 2019 - 08:48 AM

i know that alot of people go watch a game of hockey only because the fight.


I'm not sure about international leagues, but the NHL has only averaged a single fight every 5 games for the past two seasons.  I enjoy the fights more than the average fan and would hate it if the league ever banned it, but there's so much more to the sport.  Fighting is only a small fraction of the entertainment.  Wouldn't boxing or MMA be a better option for those who are just tuning in to see a fight?