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In Topic: Tie breakers

Yesterday, 01:00 PM

Pretty sure it is Points > Goal Diff > Goals.  I don't think Wins factors in.

In Topic: S13 General Chat

Yesterday, 11:33 AM

I wouldn't say shocking... I think so many cup finals in a row were more shocking. GHL is getting more even every day and usually up to 14 teams can easily go for the cup (maybe 16, but the last two teams are usually for some reason point-wise far away) - yes, they have to make to the PO first, but look at Marauders... two times champion and now 12th without any significant changes to their team. And it's not that surprising - they were only 6 points form the PO and even in the 2 cup seasons, they were in the regular season group that does fight for the PO until the end of the season. With 6 extra points they would be one the cup favorites again.


Exactly - that is the realistic comparison.  It is not reasonable to expect a team to go to the championship every season.  Yet when they don't people are always shocked or make mention of it, at the very least.

In Topic: S13 General Chat

Yesterday, 09:56 AM

The Protons are the New England Patriots of this game (for those that follow the NFL, American football).  Always at the top and expected to play in the championship.  Anything less is shocking.

In Topic: The Humor Therapy Thread

Yesterday, 08:31 AM

Pros/Cons for one of my players:


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In Topic: Training specifics

Yesterday, 08:14 AM

I think the lack of response here is that no one really knows for sure (except for Anders).  When in doubt, test it out!


That being said, I ran various tests on training a few seasons ago.  I tracked development for 20 different players by measuring the progress bars every 10 days for an entire season.  Every 10 days, I would change something whether it be the Intensity (Hard, Normal, Easy), the Player Role (Sniper, Two Way, etc.), and the Focus (Off, Def, Gen).  I tried to test every combination of Intensity/Role/Focus.  My results were inconclusive in that it didn't really notice much difference in progress when I changed the variables.  Other than the fact that the bars went up faster when the Intensity was Harder (this one is obvious).  But the Player Roles and Focus didn't seem to have a huge impact to draw a solid conclusion.  Perhaps the 10 day periods were too short to notice anything drastic and that results are only noticeable longer term.  Also perhaps there is a time delay on the change, like when you change your tactics, you won't start to see a noticeable difference until 5-10 days after making the chance.  So that could have confused my results.


The only things I know for sure are:

1) The Harder the Intensity, the more a player will progress (obviously).

2) Players typically progress faster when they are younger (typically).

3) Team tactics seem to play a role (i.e. Puck Possession will develop Pass/Puck faster).

4) Offensive attributes progress earlier in career, defensive later (Anders mentioned this somewhere).


As for training Skating specifically.  I would assume set the training to Hard & General.  And it will also help if your Off Tactic is Dump&Chase or Transition - and your Def Tactic is Forecheck or Spread (but I wouldn't change a tactic for training purposes).