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  1. I think its: Corsi: Shots on goal + shots blocked by a defender or missed the net with teams playing 5-on-5. PDO: Team’s shooting and save percentages at 5-on-5.
  2. its too bad i still haven't finished filling up my lineup this season lol (My Hindsight is worth $14m and 3 seasons XD)
  3. i'd say game on, its been a few days, i just made what i believe to be a fair offer to the union since it doesn't look like Eric is coming back
  4. Meh, could of been better, Just got promoted to the SHL, and drafted pretty high in the SHL draft. I'm hoping the free agents are better >.>
  5. Hahaha those 2 got me, Well done Alex! Edit: Also how about the Tiger Williams Trophy instead of roid rage lol
  6. Im expecting a tight, hard fought, 5 game series. (Instead of me getting swept again lol)
  7. its going to be tight!
  8. Any last second trades? I may be still looking for a 3rd line C
  9. Just a friendly reminder that the transfer deadline is coming up on Day 66 (Round 60). Roughly 10 days from now!
  10. Looking to Field some offers on https://gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=1736-A Charles Chene i would need a 3rd line/PK Center in return, Chene + ? (+?) = 3rd line pk Center + ? (+?) the rest of the deal i am a little more open to. I'm open to a Goalie Upgrade involving Chene + Mcnamee, or maybe a Star Deference upgrade involving Chene + a dman, I'm on vacation for the next 3 weeks but i should still have access to GPHM.
  11. Same! my next 11 are all current playoff teams >.
  12. not sure if it's just the summer months, but its been an odd start around the league. hopefully things will start heating up here pretty soon...
  13. Looks like the east is set to become a bloodbath again!
  14. I'm all for being able to breach the cap by a little bit, (maybe adding cap penalties?). but as for being able to breach cap space with free agent signings; I'm not sold on it, i would prefer to not allow cap breaches on free agent signings to allow more free agent spread. Adding a little more of a challenge to it, rather than just being able to send out 20-30 offers