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    [Wolverine Studios] WSBA Sim Recap

    Welcome to the WSBA Sim Recap – a weekly blog piece to talk about the latest happenings in the WSBA – the first ever online league run by Wolverine Studios. If you’re looking for all the details on the league or to even join yourself click the button below and check out the league for yourself. Check Out The WSBA Homepage Can Anyone Stop The Bison? Chicago entered the sim with an 8-0 record and continued their unbeaten streak with seven more wins and even more impressive all of those wins were double digit victories. SG Ben Greer has been amazing leading the team with 26.3 PPG but he’s not doing all the heavy lifting. SF Justin Brown has been no slouch himself averaging 20.1 PPG to go with 10.9 RPG, 7.3 APG and 1.9 SPG. As long as these two are healthy I’m not sure anyone can stop the Bison this season. Charlotte Gets A W! Charlotte, on the other hand, entered the sim looking for its first victory and they didn’t wait long – dispatching of the Boston Irish 112-102 – at the beginning of the sim. The Wasps would go on to win one more game but at an overall record now of 2-13 their hopes are clearly of ping pong balls bouncing their way and not of the playoffs. OKC Makes Their Move… While the attention of the league has been focused on Chicago, Oklahoma City has been kicking up some dust in the West. The Twisters are 13-1 themselves and have a big three that would make anyone jealous. PF Shon Roberts currently leads the league in scoring at 29.9 PPG (to go along with his 11.3 RPG, 3.2 BPG and 2.2 SPG) and is possibly the early leader for MVP. The Twisters also rely heavily on PG Shota Sumbatashvili and C Noel Bishop. This overseas dynamic duo from Estonia and Australia respectively provide the perfect compliment to each other and while either one could be a top option on any team here they represent the second and third options in the pecking order which is a fantastic luxury for the Twisters. Could we be heading to an OKC/CHI final? That’s what it looks like after the first two sims. Want To Be Part Of The Fun? The league sims our games live on Twitch every Wednesday night at 7:30 PM EST. Join our Twitch channel and watch the excitement for yourself! Maybe you will even want to join up and be part of the league – we still have open teams to manage. To find out which teams are available and learn more about how the league works visit the WSBA at https://www.draftdaysports.com/WSBA/ The post WSBA Sim Recap appeared first on Wolverine Studios. View the full article
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    Delegations This is really a question of personal preference. Click on the left hand side menu on "Settings" and toggle the CPU buttons as preferred. Don't forget to click on save changes after deciding. Coach handling determines whether you can hire and fire your co-ordinators in the post-season. This isn't a major job to take control of, so I like to keep assistance off in this area. Personally the vast majority of my fun comes from handling recruitment, so I'm definitely not having interference in that area! Future schedules determines (for the most part in 0.8.5) whether assistants will arrange future games outside your conference. I'll cover this in a separate post below, but when I was starting out I left turned CPU assistance on and took over after a couple of seasons. (Even with this turned off, I would occasionally get emails to respond to asking if I wanted to agree or decline a request for a game – I'm assuming that this is where my team couldn't decide, so passed it up to me) Disciplinary action determines whether you control punishments for students breaking rules. Punishments can range from a warning, to suspended from the team for up to 7 weeks. The college itself can also suspend for certain activities, which will automatically impact on player and the team, regardless of who has control for football related discipline matters. I tend to keep this in my control, as although I'm consisent and fair at all times, I might not want to suspend the star quarterback in bowl week!!
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    How to download items?

    Thanks for the mods guys, love this forum
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    How to download items?

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    How to download items?

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    How to download items?

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    Second simulation and just concluding the 6th season with the Louisiana-Monroe Sharks - it took the selection committee a few years to understand the legacy creation at LM!