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  1. You contradict yourself. You start by saying it wasn't long term planning but you describe a long term plan. You have to decide, you can't have both. And trying to finish deliberatly 10th, and then saying the game decided that you shouldn't, well, that is sad. I wasn't gloating when i said that my team cut a swath of destruction. In fact, it is almost the only time i patted myself on the back, since i've shown you real number. The swath of destruction is real and used as an example. How would you call it? A s far as ego goes, well you always bring it back to you, you pat yourself on the back endlessly for every thing you do and think, and you don't seem to care much about others peoples taught and opinions. Go ahead, do it just as easily. I challenge you to beat beat my numbers. Do it, and we'll believe you. 5 season, 5 promotions, And re-write the teams record books in every league. Do it, easily, i dare you.
  2. You never even went close to drafting Dieter Hawk. Talk about long term planning and vision, your plan didn't work at all, but since you built a flawed team, you are now bringing up excuses. My teams have cut a swath of destruction all the way up the GHL, yours didn't at all. I also experiment with stuff, like everyone, and i could start making excuses as for why i didn't finished first in SHL or why i feel my team is in bad funk right now, but i won't. That was expected, you're pretty good at moving up the goalpost and making excuses. You also choose to ignore hard evidence right in your face and bring it all back to the only viewpoint you accept, yours. See ya on the ice, Ciao!
  3. Sorry, i was sure it was that one, it was your most dominating year in BHL So let's compare our 1st BHL season : Yours was coming off the heel of 2 seasons in the CHL, where you almost got promotion on your first try, and then went on to finish 1st with 205pts (then the league record), 366 GF and 167 GA. The BHL season went quite well, as you finished 1st again, in an exciting 3 way finish to the season. 179 pts, 315GF and 197 GA. You claim a defensive domination, since your team was 3rd in GA (between 188,190,200 and 215 oppponents), and a Corsi (who had been introduced in the mid-season or so) of 56.9%. Mine was coming off the heel of a single CHL season, i'd say my best year ever, where i finished 1st, with a 224 pts record season which still stands (73-2-1-4) with 374 GF and 106 (!) GA. I then jumped to the BHL, finishing again 1st, setting again a new league record with a 69-3-2-6 season, with 334 GF and 157 GA, all better numbers than you did. The Corsi was 60.8%. I didn't finish in a 3 way, the closest in my conference being 37pts behind and i went 16pts above the 1st guy in the East. I also had a 45 GA advance over 2nd place. Two other team had as many GF as i did, and only 1 team was ahead of the three of us. Mine were dominant numbers, yours were pretty good. Had you chosen more players with high endurance, you could have approached these numbers. Also, consider this: i didn't drop off from the SHL ,unlike your team, when i got there in less season than you did. I finished with as many PTS as first place, but came second because we had a 1 goal spread in GA-GF, so i went 2nd, then on to GHL. I'd say endurance played a large role in our different results, since you seem to be a pretty good team builder and used the same defensive system as i did. Endurance is one of the most important thing i look for for my players, and it can and does work pretty well if you use it correctly. It isn't a useless rating.
  4. Yeah, a rebound year dropping off from the SHL (almost like a 3rd BHL year in a row!) and outright dominating as it should have been, no other team in your conference was even close to yours. I'd like to get one of those years to confirm my taughts too. And yet, i had a better BHL season than yours, while i was coming in from the CHL.
  5. Also, in the West last year, only 59 points separated 1st and 13th place. Thats a very competitive environment.
  6. Every season, on every league for the last seasons,i've set up team points record whenever i got into a league, except SHL where i finished second, equal in point. The formula has always been the same, except with stronger players. As for your assement that i have serious offensive firepower, let me laugh at this. You haven't look at other teams properly. Most old teams in the league have 6 to 10 players rated 86 or more. Don't tell me that my lone 87 winger is top 6, never mind the rest of the offense. This team has been built from the ground up that way, and endurance is at the core of its design. Passing and shooting come last for forwards and center, way behind traits and my prime ratings. So, you'll never hear me saying shooting and mainly passing are worthless skills, but hey, given my experience with the game, i won't say so. See ya on the ice, soon. Edit : My best centerman is about 85th in overall amongst all playing center in the world, and my best winger isn't that much better in the forward group. My argument isn't agains't offensive abilities, it's the conception that endurance is worthless.
  7. Riversdale has 5 players rated 85 overall,plus 2 above that mark. The rest of the lineup is worse than that. Look around the league, do the overall rating for teams, and you'll see that, on offense, the team is pretty much average, if not worse. As for the early season boost, i wouldn't be so sure. Go ask the Big Ducks or any team that promoted GHL in the East.
  8. Well sorry, you can now say that you've seen it work.
  9. flowbish1

    Season 8 Chat

    Here it goes! First GHL season for me, Good Luck to Everyone!
  10. It wasn't easy for the Duck!
  11. Did it! 5 seasons, 5 promotions!
  12. Different browsers, same results. What a shitty thing. The draft is so important in this game, and nothing is done to solve it. Shame!
  13. I sent a PM to Anders, he said he was going to look at it/ fix it. That was 5 days ago...... Getting pissed every time i see that it still doesn't work properly
  14. I've just cleared the cache on both my browsers. Nothing has changed. If this issue isn't resolved before the draft, i'll quit.
  15. I did empty my cache. I can now save, but the two-space-move is there. Please fix this up, i'm not the only one who as this problem.
  16. The player was signed after the trade deadline. He will only report to your team next season.
  17. There as been a problem with the Draft Preference tool. Whenever i try to move players up and down, they move 2 spaces at a time. Also, i cannot save my Draft Preference. I always get an error report. This as been going on since the last update or so. Please fix this up, since it happens on both my PC laptop and a Mac.
  18. I'm off to BHL next season and i have a bunch of IHL and lower CHL ready players. In search of picks mainly.
  19. After a quick look through at the 3rd line you played in our last match, i'd say (imo) that all players have the same role, and you had 2 centers on the same line. I wouldn't do that personnaly.
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    Advanced stats help

    Wrong topic, please delete the above post. Sorry
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    Advanced stats help

    After a quick look through at the 3rd line you played in our last match, i'd say (imo) that all players have the same role, and you had 2 centers on the same line. I wouldn't do that personnaly.
  22. I'm playing IHL and i need defensemens. I have a few draft picks to spare. Hideout