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  1. Bringing this one back from the dead because I think it is a real problem with an easy solution. There are a couple of teams in my LIHL league that have top 2 lines filled with 65+ players. No way this is by design but rather “lucky” as others have posted. Problem being there are so few owners that the early birds get REALLY lucky and it is frustrating being a new owner and seeing there are stacked teams that you can’t compete with. The solution in my mind is to make contracts scale closer with overall instead of however they are scaling now. Remove the “won’t sign with you right now” or at least loosen it up. One guy has a 68 overall forward he signed this year for 33k which is INSANE. That player is firmly in the copper league skill wise and is playing for peanuts in the LIHL. He should be requesting 100-150k based on his skill alone (5-7% of CHL cap). 70 overall should be looking closer to 10% (215k) of CHL cap. This way, you can grab one or two players outside of your league skill, but will break the bank if you sign too many. You have to be more STRATEGIC and less “lucky”. New owners can target one or two great players to build around or go for depth with proper league skill levels.
  2. Oh, guess I didn’t read the manual well enough. I thought that was just for trades and not for free agent acquisitions. Thanks. Edit: it even says it right on the notification saying he is signed. Oof. Sorry.
  3. Game World: Buzzer League: LIHL Team: Ripon Victors Description: I have a player that accepted my contract offer on day 69 but is still not reporting to the team on day 70. Player page says contract pending. This is not normal in my experience and I think may be a bug. Player Name: Matus Duris.
  4. It should remove the 1W designation if he moves up a league. Same way that when you promote your 1W players lose the designation.
  5. What is everyone’s opinion on important skills for defenders playing in the different offensive tactics? Also, how does it impacts how you set the line focus? For example: Natural Offensive Defenseman with poor skating and spirit. Would you still play him in an offensive line focus when running dumpandchase or would he be ineffective? What about a natural defensive player with limited offensive skills but great skating, physical, and spirit? Will he focus on winning the puck if you set him offensive or sit back to receive the pass and fail? Thanks in advance for any response. Trying to learn this game again.
  6. Managing goalie fatigue is tedious, has there ever been a suggestion to automate it? For instance, if goalie #1 is tired, then goalie #2 starts the game? It could be a user setting so you turn it on or off and set the rules (NEVER, FIT-1, TIR, EXH) since some people just like to ride with #1 goalie. Separate from the original question, but seems like an opportune time to mention.
  7. My two cents on this topic: I think you want to differentiate skill level and success by tactics, strategy, and planning as opposed to who has the most free time. And above all else, I think you want to make this game FUN by removing or limiting tediousness. It takes roughly 60 seconds to manually copy a player from game on one screen to spreadsheet on a second screen. And that is with decent typing skills not to mention two screens available. It takes roughly 4 hours to transcribe all available draftees using this calculation. That is great and all, but it takes no tactics, skill, or planning to do. And further, it is not fun but rather tedious. Unless you're a masochist, and you should probably go transcribe the dictionary or something more up your alley. If skills and traits are made available to everyone, I think they need to be easily exportable. This goes for draft list as well as a world player list (biscuit for example). I think making junior players less visible is a decent alternative so you can't see every single skill/trait. They should probably stay that way as prospects until they are signed. But if world list players are available for all to see then they should be exportable still. Super tedious to go through every team looking at prospects, minor leaguers, and starters to see who may be worth trading for. Again, just my two cents, but the focus should be on increasing FUN activities and removing or at least limiting TEDIOUS activities.
  8. So there is plenty out there for what skills are best for certain tactics. But I have a clarifying question. How much does it matter for defenders to match the offense tactic and forwards to match defense tactic? I am running dump and chase for example. Do my defenders need to be good skaters? I see a lot of teams running this strategy with poor skating defenders. Are they losing something or am I wasting my time trading slow defenders for less skilled fast ones? Maybe defenders just need pass and shoot since they don’t really chase the puck as much?
  9. Hey now, I resent that. We are clearly lower middle. I was just as surprised as you about the 7-1 game, though. I can only attribute it to 12 mins on PP against 2 mins on PK. My PP is #1 in the league and has bailed me out a few times already. Maybe that swung momentum early and you guys couldn't get it back? Or maybe it was just dumb luck. I did notice something about your roster. Pointing it out as a learning tool to see if it is correct or maybe I'm missing something. Your roster is stacked with Centers and Forwards who can play Puck Possession, but you don't have any defenders who excel in that system (you certainly have ones who can shoot). You also have no mobile defenders or defensive centers for Moderate Forecheck. Talent wise your team is leaps and bounds better than mine, but I wonder how much the tactical fit factors into it. Speaking of talent, I have a few guys on the trade block because I am trying to switch to a dump and chase tactic. Seems like an easy one to run with my first attempt at this game. I have two beast defenders who don't fit into this mold. Lonroth and Clouthier if anyone is interested, neither are mobile enough for my liking. I could use some young gritty mobile guys in return.
  10. Have just found this game, want to start off by saying this game is fantastic and has a lot of potential. I've played a TON of browser based sports simulations as it is my favorite genre, and this one has so many things that are missing in some of the other popular titles that you could only find in platform alternatives. I tried to hold off posting some ideas before absorbing everything, but I see that there are some changes in the works so maybe posting sooner would provide food for thought before too much work is done in an opposite direction? First, and already hinted at elsewhere, is the average skill level should come down at least 5 points per league. By the time you get to GHL, you are averaging 90 overall. In lower leagues, there is roughly a 20 point swing in +/- of skills to the weighted average which gives rise to specialists and diverse players. Having the average player at 90 only gives you a possible swing of +9, and to balance it out -9, which leads to more cookie cutter players. Even if the arbitrary minimum of 40 has to be dropped to 35 or 30, so be it. This will have a tertiary benefit of reducing the number of 99 skills present organically. Second, top leagues should assign their players to lower leagues instead of made up computer run leagues. This is already in the works, but here are my ideas. After the player clears applicable waivers, this should be done similar to free agents. No direct links with teams as that unfairly boosts certain teams. You bid a % of the salary so no 90/10 guarantee OR you do it before free agency starts draft style with option to not pick anyone and then add remainders to free agency or next lower league draft. The benefit to the lower team is two-fold outside of better players; first they are able to offer the player a ONE WAY, NO TRADE CLAUSE contract upon promotion (which the home team has the right to match). Second, they have first right of refusal if the home team cuts them due to roster restrictions (hopefully coming soon) or lets their contract expire. The lowest league should only have juniors OR have fake made up leagues (juniors only is better). 2.5, free agents shouldn't refuse to talk to you unless they have better offers already made. They won't accept poor offers until the final day of preseason or a set amount of time (whichever is greater) and it ties up your funds in the mean time. Having a minimum salary request should take care of lower leagues stealing top level talent. And remember, if you can't auto-assign players someone has to WANT to pay 90% of their salary or you are stuck with them. Third, LIHL and IHL should be renamed and made into "sister" leagues with increased promotion/demotion to/from BHL. This can be done multiple times with additional sister leagues feeding bronze to adapt to a growing userbase. If you need to add another level, it can be done underneath in the same format with a pyramid style. I personally feel that the multiple worlds concept works, but it can end up with dead worlds eating processing power, contraction with deleted user controlled teams and history, and a split and disconnected userbase. Having different worlds for different game speeds is a fine concept and that should continue but they need to be able to accommodate different amounts of leagues/users per demand. Fourth, is a simple one. Get rid of "Center" and "Forward". It is confusing and unnecessary, a center IS a forward. Change only position options to Forward, Defense, Goalie. Make a user selected drop down box with LW, C, RW, LD, RD similar to what you did for roles. I can make a C a RW if his faceoff sucks, or move a LW to RW if he is an offside sniper. I really hope you can make this game profitable as I am very excited to see the growth and realization of potential.