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  1. It's been an on going problem for a while. It is more a rock-paper-scissors game at that point.
  2. My starting goalie. Curious who he was checking. Players coming into the crease?
  3. the game will only look at this season's cap space. Take a look at the players actual salary. You could be mistakenly looking at his reduced salary due to being in the affiliate.
  4. Wow... you even spent %55 in the offensive zone too.
  5. I had one of my top 6 dmen on the parent team get injured. So I played my 82 & 79 backups, they played badly and got injured too. No choice to put in the 71 overall player and performed phenomenally.
  6. It's odd and funny when my 82 & 79 overall backup dmen are severly outplayed by a 71 dman who shouldn't ever see the ice on a GHL team. Maybe he just fits in with the team tactically better somehow.
  7. 35 roster limit, decrease salary cap and one affiliate team is what I would like to see. And maybe adding a main roster limit similar to the nhl's main roster limit of 23 players, and exclude IR'd players from the main roster count and salary cap.
  8. 40 I think is still too high. Realistically you only need 2 centers, 3-4 wingers, 2-3 defenseman and 1 goalie in the farm. 35 would probably be a good limit, even AHL teams sign some players of their own instead of just using what their parent teams give em
  9. I'm not bashing or accusing of any cheating. Just wish their was a roster limit to make building a roster life like. It would make managers decide if they want to keep or release the "lower league contract" players to make room. Have you seen the one team with 40 players in their affiliate? O_o
  10. I made a mistake. Best info is in the help files. no clauses or two way clause. moving down will gain 1way and promotion clauses with no salary changes. going up will remove any clauses and give "lower league contract" with no salary change. 1 way going up will remove the 1way clause, no salary change and give "lower league contract". A *promotion contract* clause will increase the player’s salary if his team is promoted to a higher league. The new salary is calculated so that the player will keep the same percentage salary cap impact. E.g. if the player’s salary was 10% of the cap limit in the previous league his new salary will be 10% of the new league’s salary cap. However, if the new salary exceeds the base salary of the new league level the raise will instead become a 25% raise." Promotion clause will disappear on promotion/ traded up a league.
  11. I've noticed some teams with a large amount of players in their affiliates. This one team has 29 players in the affiliate and 22 players on his main roster with 33mil in cap space still. This is pretty ridiculous. That's 51 players on the team. NHL teams are only allowed 50 pro-contracts on their teams.
  12. 2-way contract players will stay 2-way if they move down one league. If they were to move another league down their contract switches to 1-way. If they didn't have any contract clauses the contract switches to 1-way if moved one league down. 1-way contracts moving up will have no contracts clauses on them. Promotion clauses I believe stays on through the entirety of the contract whether they move up or down.
  13. That's what I do too. Almost never look at the assistants report. Not as accurate as I would like it to be. I will always switch the team focus tactics to find the right balance. Right now in Dangles my team focus is Defensive. First ten games the team went 1-2-0-7 with a 21 GF/ 33 GA which is terrible. Team Focus tactic switch: Next 31 games team goes 24-1-1-5 with a 100 GF/ 51 GA. Now I lead the lead in GAA