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  1. Just an observation that I think Fishbowl Gold has become complacent and boring. People don't respond or counter to trade requests and most requests that I've declined have been unbalanced. What owners have to realize is that trades have to make sense to BOTH teams, not that the AI evaluation thinks it's even. Not sure that I'm sticking around after the reset, but if this is how it's going to be, creating a flashy uniform, again in my opinion, won't make the game play or interaction any better. Even if we all just responded, sent messages or declined offers, it would at least be a little better. Good luck all the rest of the way!
  2. I've asked this several times from many including admin. It's probably my biggest peeve with this game. I haven't noticed ANY negative impact on players or goalies based on the fatigue ratings. I've been shutout numerous times by goalies who have been tired or even exhausted. Just doesn't make any sense to me, and worse, no viable explanation.
  3. Mickg34

    Manager interaction

    It is extremely annoying. It takes very little effort to simply reject a trade offer. Seems by this thread that it happens in most game worlds. I have found that sending messages does seem to work a little better.
  4. Thank you! I think you're right about game 1, but you truly never know. Especially since statistically we're pretty much even. Good luck to you next season. Already looking forward to it.
  5. Hey IneffableLeafs...that was remarkable how accurate you were with your predictions! We were very fortunate that your Finals prediction was just slightly off as it did come down to a game 3 that the Hooligans fell behind 2-0 early in the first period. Keep up the good work all! Great season, Hawkeye! Good luck with the draft, all! Mike G Horn Lake Hooligans
  6. It becomes tricky because I would say call up all of your players that you can before the playoffs, but seemingly that would then effect the re-signing of your own players as your salaries total would now be closer to the cap number for the following season. Ugh!
  7. I was trying to call up players for a playoff game 3 to rest players, but when I did I got a message that I would be over the salary cap. I am 3.5 Million UNDER the cap in Fishbowl Gold. It was suggested that if it exceeds NEXT season's cap the moves wouldn't be allowed. That would make sense as to the reason why, but why if I'm UNDER the cap for this season can't I make moves for this season? And as fate would have it I incurred an injury to a player and without the ability to call up a player I now must double shift a player. Anyone else experience this? Mike G Horn Lake Hooligans
  8. But why would next year's cap have an effect on this year? Figures that I would now incur an injury and will have to double shift a player. This is nuts!
  9. Yes, definitely putting me over next season's cap.
  10. When I try to call up players from my affiliate team I get a message saying that I can't because I'd be over the salary cap. But I'm 3.5 million UNDER the cap and the players I want to bring up are nowhere near that. Any ideas?
  11. Let him develop in the minors. Playing an 18 yo goalie in the GHL could actually do more harm than good. You might even let him "dominate" the AAHL2 for about 20-30 games then reassign to the AAHL and play the rest of the season there. You really have no need for him on your GHL roster this season.
  12. Wow...OUTSTANDING work gentlemen! Now I feel the pressure to produce! Now if we can just get BDG back to form between the pipes we should be fine. Especially if Gracie maintains his 150 point pace! Good Luck all!
  13. Mickg34

    Player Fatigue

    So first I read that there will be "increased penalty" for exhausted goalies. I then proceed to get SHUTOUT by a tired goalie. A very good goalie, but tired. Just doesn't make sense that one of the TOP OFFENSES in the league gets shut out by a tired goalie. Or is it because he's not yet "exhausted"? I don't really get it.
  14. Just putting this out there to Fishbowl Gold...if someone wants to accuse me of cheating please feel free to contact me directly instead of going right to Admin. You don't have to like the trades that I make. Fact is, according to the balance of the trades I usually give up MORE than I should. In addition there are MANY teams who employ the same trading strategies as I do. Most only trade with CPU teams. I have received very fair trade offers from some of the top tier Fishbowl Gold teams and simply chose not to make them. Usually because I would like to keep a little cap flexibility. I only manage this one team, in this one league. Again, substantiate your claim, or learn how to accept your losses. I've lost MANY times as a higher seed. It happens! Not everybody gets a trophy...at least not in the REAL world! Mike Grubb Horn Lake Hooligans
  15. A trade was just completed involving my team. My offered players have been moved to the other team, but my team did not receive players. And now due to the glitch my team signs a "last minute" goalie replacement and proceeds to lose in a shootout to the 16th place team in the league. This is a real mess! How can this be resolved?