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    Mickg34 reacted to koekefix in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    I'm done as well. It's been a nice ride so far. I've lost interest the last 2 seasons. Its probably because the new game was announced way too early and it didn't matter anymore with the current team. We would lose everything and activity was decreasing week after week.
    Thanks to Anders, Glawing and the community. Best of luck.
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    Mickg34 reacted to PT101 in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    I'm done.

    Done everything possible, and was getting a little bored anyways.
    Who knows maybe I will revisit in a couple years.
    Been a blast. Thx for the work.
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    Mickg34 reacted to Smashvilles4Realz in Weird Standings   
    The whole game has a more euro theme to it, like the relegation/promotion system. I assume it stems from the games creators not being North American.
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    Mickg34 reacted to ET2018 in Goaltender cheese!   
    Just a quick update...this goalie has played 18 straight games and is just in the tired blue category! Zero impacts on performance or fatigue. This goalie also has a 99 endurance rating (along with 98+ in other ratings). I really can't wait for the reset, ridiculous nonsense like this will hopefully be FAR LESS common. It's quite sad a player would willling exploit a cheap loophole like this for his own gain, and just goes to show what types of people free management sim games sometimes attract...I wish that wasn't the case, but there's always a jerk that ruins the fun for everyone else.
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    Mickg34 reacted to MattBerserkers in Fishbowl Gold is stagnant   
    I've found that it's gotten a million times harder to make a move within the last couple seasons. I think it is due to the anticipation of the upcoming release as people have no reason to move their players for future potential as you should be in win now mode. But I do agree that Fishbowl has less human interaction than other worlds and it is making me consider a switch to Biscuit when the update is released.
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    Mickg34 reacted to Glawing in Goaltender cheese!   
    Thanks for all the input!
    We will take second look at this. We agree a tired goalie should perform worse.
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    Mickg34 reacted to ET2018 in Goaltender cheese!   
    I totally agree. Once a goalie hits "tired" there should be noticeable effects in performance on a consistent basis.
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    Mickg34 reacted to Glawing in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    EDIT by Anders August 7, 2018
    I have now finally finished a new blog post that will hopefully shed some light over the upcoming release this fall. 
    The blog post is divided into two parts:
    Part 1 - The features
    Part 2 - The business
    And here's a sneak peak of the new design (work in progress). (Also available in the blog post)
    ORIGINAL post by Tobias April 28, 2018
    Hi all of you!

    Right now we are a bit quiet here on the forums and in general.

    That’s because we working with a lot of things in the backgrounds. Not generally things you notice in game but performance and future plans are in the making.

    We recently received some new hardware so the game will run smoother/faster and more stable.

    We are reading as much reports and suggestions as possible. Because we want your opinion in developing.

    Keep enjoying the game and be fair and nice to eachother!

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    Mickg34 reacted to Matt Krumm in S27 General Chat   
    Big shout out to Jon Carignan (Deadwood Irishmen) who agreed to reverse a trade I accepted by mistake!
    Great sportsman!
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    Mickg34 reacted to granpubah in Can't call up players   
    get your signature up!!!  ugliest avatar ever.  love it!    I'm fishbowl bhl golden lions
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    Mickg34 reacted to Haradrim in Fishbowl Power Rankings Season 11   
    Congratulations on the Cup!
    It was well-deserved, although I had hopes I could sneak a win in Game 3. However I think I lost it in Game 1.
    Good luck next season, let's hope it will spectacular for all of us!
    This is a great game.
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    Mickg34 got a reaction from Haradrim in Fishbowl Power Rankings Season 11   
    Hey IneffableLeafs...that was remarkable how accurate you were with your predictions! We were very fortunate that your Finals prediction was just slightly off as it did come down to a game 3 that the Hooligans fell behind 2-0 early in the first period. Keep up the good work all! Great season, Hawkeye! Good luck with the draft, all!
    Mike G
    Horn Lake Hooligans
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    Mickg34 reacted to granpubah in Affiliate hoarding.   
    I just took a look at the top team in GHL Fishbowl  and Mike Grubb deserves a major shout out.   He has 6 players assigned to his affiliates and one of those is 35 yrs old.   I'm not suggesting that all GHL level teams should only carry 6 affiliate players but Mike's team shows that teams do not have to hoard to be successful.   A limit either in dollars or in number of players is fair and necessary.
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    Mickg34 reacted to IneffableLeafs in Fishbowl Power Rankings Season 11   
    My Predictions:
    1. Horn Lake
    2. Larson
    3. Hawkeye
    4. Wildwood
    5. Cuba City
    6. Sellwood
    7. Urbancrest
    8. Montmorency
    9. Pinewood
    10. Wolfe
    11. Cedar Rapids
    12. Wynyard
    13. Molson
    14. Blenheim
    15. Portland
    16. Jolly
    As for the playoffs, I think Hawkeye will take it over Horn Lake in the finals. No one will go down in the relegation playoffs.
    The top 5, as I've called them the past few seasons (Larson, Hawkeye, Horn Lake, Wildwood, and Cuba City) are all stacked, and experienced. They shouldn't be displaced at the top. If they are, they shouldn't miss the playoffs.
    Last season, Urbancrest was pretty much the 2016-17 Toronto Maple Leafs, unexpectedly finishing 2nd with Bonnier (Matthews) leading the team in goals, and some excellent goalkeeping from McCready (Andersen). I wouldn't expect them to miss the playoffs.
    Sellwood has a lot of tall, strong players, and they are very underrated. I have them finishing 6th.
    Me finishing 8th may be a stretch. I think 6th to 8th will be very close, with teams missing the postseason by 3-6 points.
    Pinewood and Wolfe are both good on paper, but time will tell if they can realize their potential.
    Cedar Rapids is regressing, and Wynyard shouldn't finish in the playoffs despite a high power ranking. A lack of veterans will be their Achilles heel. 
    Jolly should finish dead last, by far, while the remaining teams will likely be scrapping it out to avoid 15th.
    Top Goal Scorers
    Audrick Pipe (Cuba City)
    Espen William Renshaw (Wildwood)
    Carl Nadeau (Sellwood)
    Top Point Getters
    Oliver V-G (Larson)
    Zain Gracie (Horn Lake)
    Alexander Bodrov (Cedar Rapids)
    Top Goaltenders
    Bernardo Del Grosso (Horn Lake)
    Chris McCready (Urbancrest)
    Cornelius Chao (Montmorency)
    "Calder" Candids (Or Rookies to Watch)
    *** I didn't include rookies in the minors
    © Christopher Audette (Montmorency)
    © Sam Cardy (Wynyard)
    © Waltteri Anttila (Sellwood)
    (G) Bronson Brayford (Horn Lake)
    (F) Ivan Handlir (Pinewood)
    "Norris" Trophy Candids
    George Gales (Larson)
    Milan Frost (Larson)
    Harun Kucera (Horn Lake)
    Rory Grigg (Hawkeye)
    Luka Berger (Wolfe)
    Breakout Player of the Year Candidates (Guys I think will break out)
    Joen Jacobsen (Horn Lake) - I'm expecting 50-60 points
    Hanus Kubacky (Wynyard) - Probably 45+ points
    Espen William Renshaw (Wildwood) - Despite putting up 17 goals and 44 points, I think he can go 30-30 and 60 points.
    Emeric Dagneault-Laprise (Larson) - In his first full season, I won't consider him a rookie, but the sky's the limit on a stacked team.
    Please don't slam me over this, these are my honest predictions.
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    Mickg34 reacted to MattBerserkers in Fishbowl Power Rankings Season 11   
    Here, I had some free time so I decided to once again do the Fishbowl Power Rankings for this new season.The formula is the same for total overall average as past season (offensive players + 2 * defensive players + best goaltender)/25. Rather than just chose the top players from each team, I selected players in order as your regular lineup or a swap of players if there is a stronger injured player and then filled any remaining holes with the top scratched/affiliated players. I've also done an average for height (in cm as it's easier) excluding goalies as I was curious.
    1. Larson Knights - Kelvin.
    off: 89.58 def: 92.17 goal: 93 ovr: 90.96
    Average height:
    off: 187.58 def:186.83 avg: 187.93
    Previous position: 4th, Golden Cup
    2. Horn Lake Hooligans - Mike Grubb
    off:88.75 def: 90.83 goal: 98 ovr: 90.12
    Average height:
    off: 187.25 def:187.12 avg: 187.22
    Previous Position: 3rd
    3. Hawkeyes Revolution - MProust
    off: 88.67 def: 90.83 goal: 91 ovr: 89.8
    Average height:
    off: 187.5 def: 183.5 avg: 186.17
    Previous position: 1st
    4. Cuba City Eagles - Mare Maro
    off: 88.42 def: 89.33 goal: 89 ovr: 88.88
    Average height:
    off: 185.17 def: 185.83 avg: 185.39
    Previous position: 6th
    5. Montmorency Vortex - ineffableleafs
    off: 87.33 def: 89.17 goal: 94 ovr: 88.48
    Average Height:
    off: 185.67 def: 181.5 avg: 184.28
    Previous position: 8th
    6.Wynward Wildfire - Matthew Bernsten
    off: 87.58 def: 89 goal: 88 ovr: 88.28
    Average height:
    off: 185.5 def: 192 avg: 187.67
    Previous position: SHL 1st
    7. Pinewood Lumberjacks - MattLumberjacks
    off: 87.67 def: 88.5 goal: 90 ovr: 88.16
    Average height: 
    off: 189.58 def: 186.17 avg: 188.44
    Previous position: 12th
    8. Wolfe Wolves - Marcel Cloutier
    off: 87.33 def: 88.67 goal: 91 ovr: 88.12
    Average height: 
    off: 182.42 def: 184.83 avg: 183.22
    Previous position: 12th
    9. Wildwood Violent Rush - Keskustankeisari
    off: 86.92 def: 89 goal: 91 ovr: 88.08
    Average height:
    off: 190.42 def: 180.33 avg: 187.06
    Previous position: 5th 
    10. Urbancrest Comets - Noah High
    off:  87.58 def: 87.33 goal: 96 ovr: 87.8
    Average height:
    off: 186.58 def: 187 avg: 186.72
    Previous position: 2nd
    11/12. Cedar Rapid Panthers - Mauri Nieminen
    off: 88.92 def: 85.17 goal: 90 ovr: 87.16
    Average height: 
    off: 187.75 def: 187.83 avg: 187.78
    Previous position: 12th
    11/12. Sellwood Spirit - Misco Grossi
    off: 87.58 def: 87.33 goal: 89 ovr: 87.16
    Average height:
    off: 191.75 def: 192.17 avg: 191.89
    Previous position: 10th
    13. Molson Monkeys - Nathan Macdonald
    off: 86.17 def: 87.83 goal: 90 ovr: 87.12
    Average height: 
    off: 181.17 def: 180 avg: 180.78
    Previous position: SHL 2nd
    14. Portland Cyclones - Zach Furness
    off: 85.83 def: 87 goal: 91 ovr: 86.6
    Average height: 
    off: 179.67 def: 175.67 avg: 178.33
    Previous position: 14th
    15. Bleinheim Pirates - Martin J.
    off: 85.92 def: 85.67 goal: 92 ovr: 86.04
    Average height: 
    off: 188.92 def: 179.17 avg: 185.67
    Previous position: 7th
    16. Jolly Rattlers - computer
    off: 85.83 def: 85.67 goal: 88 ovr: 85.54
    Average height: 
    off: 186.83 def: 192.17 avg: 188.61
    Previous position: 13th
    League average team overall: 88.025
    Leave average team height: 186.03
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    Mickg34 reacted to bhandsome08 in Player Fatigue   
    I've stopped putting in the backup, because I've seen teams dominate leagues with only one goaltender.
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    Mickg34 reacted to IneffableLeafs in Player Fatigue   
    Based on the goalie mechanics of this game, my goalie would have been fit (in the blue though not green) before the game.
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    Mickg34 got a reaction from Walter Donaldson in Player Fatigue   
    How is it that players who's status shows them as "Exhausted" still produce at an acceptable level? I've seen this especially with goalies as they continue to post shutouts with over 30 saves. Does this even affect performance?
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    Mickg34 reacted to TheWizard in Player Fatigue   
    I've heard of octopuses on the ice but not crickets.
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    Mickg34 reacted to Renegades in Goalie energy level   
    Just wanted to provide an update and say that this is still a ridiculously annoying issue. I just lost 5-0 against an exhausted goalie that performed at a 92 in the BHL. I guess taking a nap in front of the goal is a more effective strategy than rotating goalies and making sure they're active and healthy. Below is a link to an image to show this.

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    Mickg34 got a reaction from RolandLarocque in Player Fatigue   
    How is it that players who's status shows them as "Exhausted" still produce at an acceptable level? I've seen this especially with goalies as they continue to post shutouts with over 30 saves. Does this even affect performance?