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    Tutankhamen reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    Thanks for all your feedback! It's most valuable as always!
    To answer the question regarding the release date, we're aiming to release in October. But it's not decided just yet. There is still so much to do so I'm not feeling confident enough to make any promises on a release date at this point.
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    Tutankhamen got a reaction from Paul T in Skinnier prospects and players   
    You can try this one for some fun on the PC: http://superbloodhockey.com/
    There's a free beta version and it's very much like that game
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    Tutankhamen got a reaction from koekefix in Games   
    Hearthstone since closed beta here
    A lot of the other Blizzard games (diablo, overwatch, heroes) as well, and some other games like Gems of War, Motorsport Manager, Northgard, Tooth and Tail (alpha).
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    Tutankhamen got a reaction from koekefix in NHL discussion   
    Here's the 50th anniversary documentary about the Pittsburgh Penguins:
    Worth watching for any hockey fan, but I'm biased
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    Tutankhamen got a reaction from canucks in More Detailed Assistant Reports Regarding Player Progression   
    I like it too.
    Especially considering the fact there seem to be a few bugs with the attribute graph meters. Sometimes a player improves and you won't get a message. Other times a player's overall rating goes up, but the graph doesn't show improvement.
    I've even had players improve in a season, but the player's history graph only went up to the previous season (improve in season 15, only show data up to season 14).
    So another look at this system won't hurt
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    Tutankhamen reacted to IneffableLeafs in More Detailed Assistant Reports Regarding Player Progression   
    Since everyone in clapper is talking about player progression, I'm going to suggest a minor upgrade to the emails you receive when a player improves/declines.
    A current example (my team's latest player to improve): 
    Your assistant is happy to let you know that your defender Remy Mercurio has really improved lately.
    This message left me happy, yet unsatisfied.
     This email is missing a crucial convenient touch: which attributes improved?
    So I went and checked. Defense went up from 79 to 80.
     Not only that, but about 20 days before, other stats also improved, but I had no indication of this because my assistant did not give me an email. PuckHandling went up from 68 to 69, and Physical went up from 72 to 73. So what I'm proposing is: Tell us right in the email what improved/declined. Here's an example using the same player on my team, with it being day 31 on the season:    ASSISTANT IMPRESSED BY REMY MERCURIOYour assistant is happy to let you know that your defender Remy Mercurio has really improved lately.
    The following attributes have shown growth:
    Defense: Improved from 79 to 80 on Day 31
    PuckHandling: Improved from 68 to 69 on Day 16
    Physical: Improved from 72 to 73 on Day 16
    Let me know what you guys think!
    - Peter T.
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    Tutankhamen got a reaction from TheWeekKnights in Lack of Improvements?   
    Something definitely changed (at least in gameworld Clapper). Been keeping a close track and player improvement has almost come to a full stop. This includes super talented youth players.
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    Tutankhamen reacted to GamePlanHockey in Game world paused (now activated)   
    Game World Clapper is once again activated. Yesterday's crash occurred when the games was played. Some of the games made it through while others didn't. The error has now been fixed and no restore was needed. All games of the current day (day 44) has been played but in order to get everyone a chance to get back in I've decided to postpone day 45 for a couple of hours. So don't be worried that no games will be played when the clock hits zero of day 44 since those games already been played.
     Also sorry for the lack of information during this crash.
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    Tutankhamen reacted to GamePlanHockey in v1.1.8   
    This one has now been fixed!
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    Tutankhamen reacted to GamePlanHockey in v1.1.8   
    New features
    Pending contracts
    A complete rework of player contracts extensions. An extension will no longer replace the current contract. Instead it will take effect after the player's current contract ends. This also means that you now have the possibility to manage both this and the next season's salary caps. Once it's clear that your team has promoted or relegated you'll have access to the new leagues salary cap for the upcoming season. You may now approach players in non playable leagues once the regular season ends, if the player accepts he will join your team next season. Players that you already own the rights to will be able to accept a contract offer during the complete season. But this feature also comes with a limitation where contract extensions will now only be allowed on the last year of the player's current contract. Also note that pending contracts will be accounted for when releasing a player. Pending contracts will also be included in trade offers just like a normal contract.
      General happiness
    The contract happiness has been removed and is replaced by General happiness. This will be extended further in future releases with more happiness factors, such as likes and dislikes within the team. But for now it will handle the contract happiness situation and will give more accurate detail regarding if the player wants to move to a bigger club or just is unhappy with his salary.
      Trade lock for newly signed free agents
    There is also a new feature introduced where newly signed free agents will be on a trade lock for 20 days before being able to include them in a trade offer.  
    Bug fixes and improvements
    Improved computer teams trading AI
    - Computer teams will be less likely to agree on trades involving a large number of players and picks. 
    - Computer teams will be less likely to agree on trades if already been involved in a large number of trades the current season. 
    - Computer teams will value incoming draft picks less Improved transactions loading speed on transfer page. Also includes extended filter for non playable leagues. Extended logging for future simulator crashes Fixed bug where trade offer could cause a simulator crash Fixed bug where junior teams could sign over aged players Fixed bug where teams weren't reserved to users on sign up Fixed bug where teams in non playable leagues missed to play games  
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    Tutankhamen reacted to GamePlanHockey in v1.1.6   
    Bug fixes and improvements
    Trades are no longer allowed with managers on holiday 5% raise of salary cap. Draft preference rounds are replaced with the possibility to choose what (of the current owned) draft pick to be used (as best) when drafting the player. Adjustment of team culture in playoffs (more impact) Adjustment of regression of older players (less) Adjustment of player rating levels when creating new players (higher) Adjustment of junior weight gain per season (more) Improved loading speed of world page and league history Improved performance on simulator Fixed minor bugs on team culture Fixed bug where players could be included in the same trade offer more than once Fixed bug where manager got duplicate messages on prospect signings Fixed bug where shortlist became unsync with player interest Fixed bug where draft pick team references wasn't updated with new name on edit team franchise (new team and manager) Fixed bug where team history displayed the wrong manager name Fixed bug where entry level salary demand was rounded down to even thousands in offer sheet causing a mismatch Fixed bug where game clock shifted forward (clocks have been reset to original times)
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    Tutankhamen reacted to Steve in Skinnier prospects and players   
    Hoping to build a line like NES Ice Hockey; two skinny guys, one fatty, and a medium!  
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    Tutankhamen reacted to TheWizard in Skinnier prospects and players   
    Ice Hockey for the NES was one of the best hockey games ever! 
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    Tutankhamen got a reaction from Steve in v1.1.5   
    Some very important bug fixes and nice change to scouting prospects.
    Can you explain the Team Spirit changes a bit more though? Captain influence bigger/smaller? Player development influenced more or less by Team Spirit?
    Keep up the good work!
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    Tutankhamen reacted to GamePlanHockey in v1.1.5   
    Bug fixes and improvements
    Added new nationalities available for managers Interest on junior players before the draft will no longer display the names of interested teams. Instead a popularity meter is shown to visualise how many teams that have shortlisted the prospect. Added new more authentic Slovakian names (Note that existing players will NOT change names) Fixed bug where prospects included in trades did not transfer properly Fixed issue where players wasn't included in lineup in non-playable leagues and non-playable teams Fixed bug where player salary could be decreased when traded or promoted to a higher league level. Promotion contracts now always guarantees a minimum of a 25% raise (even over the base salary of the new league) Adjusted captains impact on team spirit Adjusted impact of most reputable players on team spirit Adjusted transaction impact on team spirit Adjusted team spirit impact on player development
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    Tutankhamen reacted to EXXEO in My Goalie's a Piece!   
    If you're pissed off at your goalie, let it out! Here is the place to vent- pull up a bar stool, crack open that favorite carbonated bevey and have a therapy session!
    Ideas as to what makes a good goalie would probably be helpful for those in despair about their pile of poo between the crossbars!
    It's like Cheers for Goalie anxiety!
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    Tutankhamen got a reaction from TheWeekKnights in Season 10   
    So my season ends in the semi-finals once again, after I adjusted my tactics at the start of the season to try and counter some of the better teams.
    Did not pay off, and I'm really disappointed in the performance of my Goalie. I should have kept Reed at all costs it looks like
    Good luck to both teams in the Final!
    Season 1 through 10 performance:
    SEASON TEAM NAME MANAGER LEAGUE POSITION RECORD ACHIEVEMENT Season 10 Superb Dutchmen Peter Spenkelink GHL 2nd 40-2-4-14 Playoff 3 (semi) Season 9 Superb Dutchmen Peter Spenkelink GHL 5th 41-1-3-15 Playoff 3 (semi) Season 8 Superb Dutchmen Peter Spenkelink GHL 2nd 41-6-3-10 Playoff 4 (final) Season 7 Superb Dutchmen Peter Spenkelink GHL 2nd 45-4-2-9 Golden cup winner Season 6 Superb Dutchmen Peter Spenkelink GHL 1st 47-3-1-9 Golden cup winner Season 5 Tye Legions Peter Spenkelink GHL 1st 46-2-4-8 Playoff 4 (final) Season 4 Tye Legions Peter Spenkelink GHL 3rd 37-6-2-15 Golden cup winner Season 3 Tye Legions Peter Spenkelink GHL 3rd 36-3-6-15 Golden cup winner Season 2 Tye Legions Peter Spenkelink GHL 1st 47-8-0-5 Golden cup winner Season 1 Tye Legions Peter Spenkelink GHL 3rd 34-5-4-17 Playoff 2 (quarter)  
    P.S. Please change Playoff 2/3/4 into quarter/semi/final? Makes it easier to understand in my opinion.
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    Tutankhamen got a reaction from GamePlanHockey in v1.1.4   
    "In some cases"...more like in all cases! Thankfully this got fixed rather quickly after being reported.
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    Tutankhamen reacted to GamePlanHockey in Disappointed about how this community has evolved (I quit)   
    Really sorry to see you go Nicolas. You've done great things for this community and given me a lot of valuable feedback. I hope you reconsider and if you don't I hope that you find your way back to the game someday. I'll try my very best to keep developing the game to reach its full potential.
    When I first started creating this game I must honestly say that I hadn't put much thought into creating a community. At first it was just a way to let users ask me questions. That's why it seemed as a good idea to host it here on gmgames. It was also a great way to let others find and get to know the game. Without gmgames most of you probably wouldn't have found the game. But I understand it's not ideal to have to create multiple accounts. But creating my own community would take a lot of time.
    It's frustrating to have cheaters ruin the game for others. But I just don't have the time to look into every situation my self and hats why I created the automatically cheating system that bans users for me.
    I believe that I need to improve this automatically system further and improve trading AI more. The alternative would be to assign other users as moderators. But I'm afraid that it might be used the wrong way.
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    Tutankhamen reacted to Royalty in Disappointed about how this community has evolved (I quit)   
    Abusing the system is a problem. I'm all for preventing trades with CPU/users on holiday. It just creates a big mess where most managers are trying to improve their teams with obvious effortless work.
    Also there must be a zero-tolerance towards cheaters. I know that in our game world a cheater still plays the game, which i really don't understand. Ban them and their other teams permanently.
    About the community not evolving. Mostly that's because if you want to be part of this community you have to signup on a external site (a bit of a hassle) and there are different game worlds (community split up).
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    Tutankhamen reacted to jusatin in Disappointed about how this community has evolved (I quit)   
    Goes a bit off-topic but I strongly agree with the forums/community part. I feel like the separate account/platform is a major turn off for most users (was for me at first as well, still don't like it). If Anders doesn't get something really good out from the gmgames (substantial ad revenue etc.), I don't see a reason these should stay for too long.
    Although coding forums into the game engine will take time, I feel like it would be more beneficial to the community and the game than adding new features (such as human manager affiliate leagues etc.) and would help the game to grow more.
    Also there needs to be 100% concrete proof before banning someone accused of cheating, but if there is, I agree they should be 100% banned. (Hard due to proxys and people being able to create new email accounts.)
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    Tutankhamen reacted to rainsilent in Unofficial user guide (for newbies and others)   
    What trains between offense, general and defense is all the same. The difference is what skills will train faster. Up until this point I think you are right however what skills train faster within each of the 3 choices I think is strictly down to the systems that your team uses in offense and defense. If you set your team to use puck possession for example and have a player focused on offense training then they will train the skills that are most needed in the puck possession offensive system the fastest. However if you use a crash the net offense what trains the most changes based upon what skills are the most important in that system. So on and so forth with the different tactics. However with offensive training said player will train the skills required for the defensive system less in turn. With general the player balances the training between the defensive and offensive systems. With defensive they focus more on the skills required for the defensive system than the offensive system. I am pretty certain that some skills train the same no matter which of the three you choose. Endurance and faceoffs being the two there. However there is something that everyone has to keep in mind about this. Only Anders knows exactly what is going on in terms of training. This is what I think is going on based upon the info given to me when the help system was still available and would still pop up.
    As for older player vs younger regarding training, adding to what Senet said above, 2 things come into play predominantly. Yes younger players will train faster but that is reliant on both the players potential and ambition being the same or the younger player being better in one (in this instance of one being better the other has to be the same) or both. Potential is hidden. It used to be visible. Anyone who paid attention to league or even multi league wide player development would have noticed that not all players with the same potential and ambition trained the same. That is because potential was never a 100% solid thing. This was done to ensure that some randomness still came into play regarding player development. Thus if you see an older player developing faster than a younger player it means at least one of two things if not both. The older player has more potential and/or has more ambition.
    As for when a player starts to decline that is based around 2 things mostly, potential and ambition. When potential was visible the worst potential was described as more brawn than brains. I think it was called hard headed. It wasn't unusual to see such players with the worst potential start to decline before they even reached 30. Heck I saw some players that weren't even 25 yet with the worst potential and ambition ratings starting to decline right when they were created. At the same time players with the highest potential and ambition were actually still getting better 35 and beyond. Yes age has an impact here but potential and ambition have the biggest say. Also so does the training level that you set the player to. Putting a player on hard training will keep their skills from dropping a little bit longer than with normal.
    In terms of your prospects if they will not be getting regular playing time on your team don't sign them until they are about to turn 21 or until they can get regular playing time. Let them get regular playing time on another team as they can only be signed by an uncontrollable AI team. Beyond that don't bother worrying about them. Just make sure to check on them on occasion over the course of the season to keep an eye on how they are developing.
    Finally this is pretty bad if I may say. Choose player roles based upon player skills and what players they are playing with on the line that the player is on, not based upon line tactics or training options. You change the line tactics to suit the player types on the line. Players will get better on their own regardless of what role you set them to be. They will essentially dictate what roles fit them as their skills increase based upon how they train.
    When it comes to individual forward line tactics in theory you want to try to avoid 3 of the same player on the same line. Yes lines with all players being the same can be successful however it is a somewhat mute thing because player skill is more relevant than actual player role given. That being said you want to "give" the player a role that they are good at and having 3 players with different roles on the same line in theory provides more to the line. Again skill is the more relevant factor. Also the player skills should largely dictate which of the 4 individual line tactics you choose for the line. The same thing applies to line tactics as it does in having players of the same type on the same line. You want to try to avoid having more than 2 lines using the same line tactics. Having more than 2 lines using the same line tactics makes your team more predicable and thus easier to shut down.
    These are the player roles and the skills relevant to them.
    Sniper is about scoring. The only relevant skill here is scoring.
    Playmaker is about making plays happen for your offense. The relevant skill is passing with puck handling a relevant 2nd skill.
    Powerforward is a player who has a mix of offensive skills from the 2 types above but has a very high physical rating as well. They are offensively natured players that also provide a physical presence. The primary skill here is physical however they also must have some mix of offensive skills as well.
    Two way forward really is a misnamed class being two types of players in one. A defensive forward and a two way forward. Yes there is a difference. A two way forward is a player that is good at both ends of the ice. A defensive forward is a forward with a lot more defensive skill than offensive skill. Either way the predominant skill here is defense.
    Grinder is a player that is there just to bring some energy to the game. The only relevant skill here is spirit.
    Enforcer is there to fight. The only relevant skill here is physical.
    An offensive line is about scoring goals. Snipers, playmakers and powerforwards are great on this line. Two way forwards can be great as well but they must have the offensive skills to make an impact. A two way line is about playing responsibly at both ends of the ice. Providing offense while playing good defensively as well. Everybody but an enforcer and grinder is good on this line. Checking is a line about shutting down the opposing teams offensive lines. Anyone is good here so long as they have high defensive skill ratings. Finally energy lines are all about providing your team some energy through physical play. Grinders, enforcers and powerforwards are ideal here with a two way forward being a good option as well dependent upon the players physical rating.
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    Tutankhamen reacted to GamePlanHockey in v1.1.3   
    Bug fixes and improvements
    Fixed bug where league name was not displayed correct in prospect messages Fixes issue where team name in league standings was not updated on new franchise Fixed bug where draft preference prio was ignored when drafting shortlisted prospects Fixed bug where new manager was unable to start as unemployed Fixed various typos
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    Tutankhamen got a reaction from Doggit in GM Mail   
    Related, it would be nice if you could message a manager from their Team Page (under Action) instead of filtering through all managers
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    Tutankhamen got a reaction from Wick Schozen in GM Mail   
    Related, it would be nice if you could message a manager from their Team Page (under Action) instead of filtering through all managers