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  1. Abusing the system is a problem. I'm all for preventing trades with CPU/users on holiday. It just creates a big mess where most managers are trying to improve their teams with obvious effortless work. Also there must be a zero-tolerance towards cheaters. I know that in our game world a cheater still plays the game, which i really don't understand. Ban them and their other teams permanently. About the community not evolving. Mostly that's because if you want to be part of this community you have to signup on a external site (a bit of a hassle) and there are different game worlds (community split up).
  2. Yeah, talked a bit with Anders about these management issues. A lot will be solved when new contracts are not signed immediately but at the start of next season. This creates the possibility of showing a salary cap overview for next season(s), projected to the teams future league. Anders agreed and is looking at remaking contracts to be year by year. Another issue related to this are draftees. Now, if you don't want to lose draftees, you'll need to sign them during silly season in their 3rd year. That means you can essentially develop them for only 2 full years instead of 3. Changing contracts into year by year will solve this aswell.
  3. Royalty

    Season 9

    I haven't been much around lately, but don't worry i'm still here :-) Anders, congratz with your first title!
  4. Royalty

    Season 6

    Missed out on the big players on day one. I offered one player 4.6m and he went to another team for 2.8m, same terms, my team reputation is better. So what is actually the point of offering that much?
  5. Royalty

    Season 5

    Argh, i missed out on the first round of FA. I was sleeping and never been able to offer any contract during that important first day. On the second day, i signed two players, but still a bit frustrated by the fact that i couldn't participate at day 1.
  6. Royalty

    Season 4

    You even let me pass you, i'm 6th I changed tactics at the start of the season, that really hurt me. Now that i am 100% familiar with it it pays off. Won 10 games in a row (4 of them in OT/shootout), including an away win against Wild Wings.
  7. Royalty

    Season 4

    I will probably be more patient with Clist than you did with Montminy, who played a full season. Clist will get some minutes, but i am happy if he grows from 75 to 78 during this season. Team must perform now, not off to a great start though with a 3-4 home loss against Steers.
  8. Royalty

    Season 4

    First pre-season game, 4-0 win against the champs, woohoo! Signed a 18 year old center during FA who will become a future first liner for sure. I heavily overpaid him, cause i was afraid to miss out on him. My team is settled for the coming seasons. I am curious how long the players can stick together salary cap space, that's the biggest question mark. Looking forward to the season.
  9. Royalty

    Season 4

    A fresh season, any thoughts can be posted here
  10. Hi all, i'm Roy. Living in the Netherlands and managing the team Rewey Rhino Chuckers. We were lucky to start in the GHL. Won the playoffs in season 1 and since then the team has been playing in the top. I'm playing the game since it's early prototype status.
  11. I don't know what has happened but suddenly my team has lost 4 in a row. One game left in regular season. My team is qualified as 2nd for the playoffs.
  12. I'm doing pretty ok I'm in game world clapper. TEAM HISTORY SEASON TEAM NAME MANAGER LEAGUE POSITION RECORD ACHIEVEMENT Season 3 Rewey Rhino Chuckers Royalty GHL 1st 40-6-1-8 Ongoing Season 2 Rewey Rhino Chuckers Royalty GHL 2nd 41-4-4-11 Playoff 4 Season 1 Rewey Rhino Chuckers Royalty GHL 4th 33-6-4-17 Golden cup winner TEAM STATS SEASON LEAGUE POS GP W OTW OTL L PTS GF GA SOW SOL PP% PK% HW HOTW HOTL HL Season 3 GHL 1st 55 40 6 1 8 133 244 126 5 1 25,7% 86,5% 23 3 0 2 Season 2 GHL 2nd 60 41 4 4 11 135 215 114 3 2 18,9% 88,4% 24 2 2 2 Season 1 GHL 4th 60 33 6 4 17 115 191 141 3 2 18,5% 85,4% 13 5 1 11
  13. I like this addition, cause it presents me a handy overview of the lineup at one place, without a lot of clicking involved. Personally i don't find it that disturbing but that's because i have assigned high numbers to my scratched players. What i do miss in the lineup assignments though is the distinction between the special lines PP1/PP2 and PK1/PK2 instead of PP/PK.
  14. Hi, those are forum ranks The more you post, the "higher" forum rank you get.