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    StevieY reacted to rainsilent in Why do you play this game? (aka A tale of two seasons)   
    Ok, I admit the title is click bait. At the same time, I want to encourage that kind of thinking from you. You don't have to answer it here as it is more rhetorical. Now to what I was am making this post about.
    My two teams just finished their respective seasons. My CHL team in Buzzer finished 1st in the conference and will be promoting to the BHL. My Cage team in the GHL made it to the conference finals in spectacular fashion winning 4 games in a shootout in the process on a playoff run that lasted way longer than it really should have. The absurdity of the team winning one, let alone four, shootout is ridiculous when you look at my team's record for winning shootouts. This team, statistically, wins around 1/3rd of all games that go to a shootout so to win four is just amazing.
    That said the two teams couldn't have been any more different relative. The team in Buzzer I am building from within as I climb the leagues. This meant that this prior offseason I had quite a bit of cap space thanks to using a number of players on entry-level deals. I had decided to use the cap space to get the best overall players I could. What resulted was a team that dominated to the tune of a 66-2-3-9 record. It is the first time I have broken 200 points with a team. However, it was the most boring season I can recall ever experiencing. Genuinely. I didn't care to see the result of each game because most were blowouts. There wasn't anything to really learn either. Signing the best players, especially the last 3, was honestly a mistake. Sure my team won and is moving up to the next league but the prior seasons were more fun where my team was fighting it out with the other teams.
    The Cage team spent most of the season jumping anywhere from 3rd to 8th in the standings with the position changing pretty much every other day. It was amazing and I was very interested in finding out the result of each and every game. With about 20 games to go in the season, the champs from last season were only about 12 points behind me with my team in 8th place. To boot, around that time I lost a 1st line defender and 2nd line winger to injury. I also shuffled my lines about throughout the season trying to balance the play of my forward group as my first line was carrying my team early on during the season. I then made some tactical changes going into the playoffs. I don't know how much of a difference those changes made as I had to play through the first two rounds of the playoffs without those two players. Overall though, the season was quite entertaining for me. This team was the 21st ranked team in the GHL talent-wise and I managed to get it to finish 10th overall.
    This contrasting feeling I got from my two very different seasons made me ponder about the question I put as the title. Why do you play? What makes this game fun and has you coming back for more? Again rhetorical but I thought that I would give my own view. For me, it is the fun of competition and the ever-going challenge of team building. Without the competition though the game just turns into a boring waiting game for the next offseason where you make the most changes to your team. I don't ever want to have a season as I did with the Buzzer team again for that reason. Be careful to avoid focusing too much on winning to the point where the game stops being fun.
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    StevieY reacted to Steve in Cage trade page   
    Yeah, I mostly resigned him because of his name!  Shank-Shink will shank a bitch!  
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    StevieY reacted to Paul T in Cage trade page   
    Center Ismail Shank-Shink signed a contract extension and will stay in Eldred Elite for 3 more years
    I love this guys name.
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in Blog Posts and other updates on our site   
    Important information regarding online payments.
    On September 14th new regulations regarding online payment comes into force within the EU. This means that banks may start to decline online card payments if they're not complying with what's called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
    Read the full post here:
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    StevieY reacted to rainsilent in Elite prospect development in SHL   
    On the main team in the SHL? No. So long as it doesn't say that they feel too good for the competition you are fine. If anything it is a great chance to get 2 top 4 GHL picks in a 3 season span that will ideally be a strong foundation that will keep your team in the GHL.
    On that note, this is why I don't get SHL teams trading their 1st round pick to GHL teams if they are on the cusp of getting to the GHL. Unless the GHL team is offering a minimum of 5 players over 85 overall the value just isn't there to be had. You would be significantly better off getting that top 4 pick yourself no matter if you go back down or not. Also if you go back down there is an increased chance of going back up and getting another top 4 pick the next year. If you are going to trade a 1st round pick trade the one you get when you are in the GHL.
    Edit: On this note, an SHL team offered a draft pick for my goalie Calcutt on my GHL team. I sent them a message asking if they were sure and they never got back to me so I never accepted it. The trade just wasn't fair for them in terms of what they could get with that pick if they promoted relative to what they got.
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    StevieY reacted to EXXEO in CPU “smart” Trade Offers   
    It would be nice to have the Computer GMs actually offer something in a trade that matches your transfer needs. For instance: I only have prospects up as my trade needs but I keep getting offers for really old guys that have bad contracts and are declining faster than a plane in a nose dive. I’m asking for prospects to circumvent some cap issues but am getting offers that put me in the red further. This also makes those offers pointless.
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    StevieY got a reaction from Deadwing in Scouting players   
    I think there should be a help file on how to scout players...unless that's already covered in one of the other ones.
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    StevieY reacted to Peekaboo in Season 2 General Chat   
    Here, I talked to assistant to clear some things.
    IP: Hi mate, lets talk about the game yesterday. And some other reports from last week.
    A: Ok.
    IP: We won 5-2 yesterday.
    A: Yes.
    IP: Lets discuss your report.
    A: Ok.
    IP: Team showed no signs of underestimating our opponent.
    A: No, they didn't. They went in the game fierce and furious.
    IP: But the team captains failed to prepare the team on our opponent?
    A: Well, yes...
    IP: How so?
    A: I don't know... maybe they didn't prepare... uhm... maybe they didn't motivate players enough.
    IP: Lets talk about Hoglund. 3 points for 6 minutes of ice time. Awesome.
    A: Yeah, but he wasn't quite happy with his performance. His confidence is dented and he is crying in locker room now.
    IP: How so?
    A: He had 0 hits and 0 takeaways.
    IP: But he scored a goal and had two assists.
    A: No hits, no takeaways...
    IP: Lets talk about Breton. He didn't have best of game, but you said that his bodychecks really boosted his confidence.
    A: Yeah, but he displayed some very weak bodychecks.
    IP: Ok?
    A: Well, he is a player who gets his cofidence boosted only if he does weak bodychecks.
    IP: Oh, ok. I didn't know that. Lets talk about game against Tomahawks, where our goalie got pulled out in first peried after allowing 4 goals from 7 shots. How did he feel after the game?
    A: Great, he was very happy with his performance and it took his game to whole another level.
    IP: I can see that. I see you mentioned that he didn't fit his role good? (Role 30)
    A: Ah, yes. Well, he is a goalie, but naturally he is soccer goalie and being on the ice really makes it hard for him.
    IP: Berthellete had a fine game. You mention that he protected the puck really well in the offensive zone.
    A: Yeah, he was awesome.
    IP: He also had great checking game.
    A: Yes, thats what he does. I gave him 80 for his physical performance.
    IP: But your report states that he failed in physical play getting past the opponent with the puck.
    A: Yeah, he can't handle the puck.
    IP: But he protected the puck really well?
    A: Yeah, when he got the puck he protected him along the boards great, but if he skates with it then he failed.
    IP: Ok. One more thing comes to mind.
    A: Yes?
    IP: You said that Arnesen wasn't affected by fatigue during the game at all.
    A: Nope, he is incredible.
    IP: But you said that he had problems with endurance and failed in recovery. Recovery of what?
    A: I don't know.
    IP: How he wasn't affected by fatigue if he had problems with endurance?
    A: Uhm, maybe he was saving himself for last period and then, I don't know, game finished and he realised that he isn't fatigued at all.
    IP: Ok. Cya tomorrow.
    A: Bye.
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in [SOLVED] Inbox message can't be deleted (MERGED TOPICS)   
    Thanks for the extra info
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in v2.0.5   
    Improvements and bug fixes
    League history now displays the correct and both conference champions Trade offers can now be canceled or rejected directly from the current trade offers list on the Transfer page*. List now also displays short info about the included players in a trade offer Assignments on team roster now also displays contract information Fixed bug for missing stats on newly added juniors Fixed bug for missing or wrong stats on traded or claimed players Fixed bug where pending trade offers wasn't removed when an included player was claimed on waivers Fixed bug where the wrong draft pick intervals was displayed in trade offers Fixed bug where new or unemployed managers could not access the game Fixed bug where a inbox message could not be deleted Fixed bug where window would not load when setting up first trial Replaced an invalid team mascot Various layout adjustments and fixes  
    * This option will also let a manager remove a corrupt trade offer that otherwise can't be opened.
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    StevieY reacted to Wick Schozen in Blog Posts and other updates on our site   
    Yeah and at the very least if there is no chemistry built into the game engine yet there are still ways to try and improve the output of your players. The game performance average is a good measurement of if roster tweeks have helped. If I have a guy who's performing in the low 70s but I think he should be performing better I will shuffle him around to try and improve that. 
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in [SOLVED] Team name not changing   
    This should now be resolved with the v2.0.4 patch.
    (Existing errors will eventually be fixed. If you have problems with your own team, please choose edit team from the action menu and re-save)
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in v2.0.4   
    Improvements and bug fixes
    Fixed bug where player rights wasn't released properly if a player retired in a very young age. Fixed bug where closing a playoff series could crash Fixed bug where junior players could be released from junior teams too early Fixed bug where a manager could get fired from team even if not absent. Fixed bug where a manager was not reinstated after returning from holiday Fixed bug where used draft picks could still be traded Fixed bug where entry level contracts didn't expire properly Fixed bug where wrong team names was displayed on team and player stats Fixed bug where the jersey editor caused an error Small adjustment of manager reputation Jersey builder now removes duplicate colors on load Database upgrade
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    StevieY got a reaction from granpubah in [SOLVED] Inbox message can't be deleted (MERGED TOPICS)   
    I have the same problem with both of my teams. Fairbanks Black Knights, LIHL, Buzzer and Hamilton Arcticwolves, LIHL, Cage.
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in Blog Posts and other updates on our site   
    The BIG release - a retrospective
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    StevieY reacted to Wick Schozen in Warman Aussies (Buzzer)   
    Aussies Training Camp Day 1 Report
    Season 3 for the Warman Aussies official commenced on day 4. In the Aussies first game of training camp they skated away to a 4-1 win against Valleyview Big Ducks. This was their fans first look at the new franchise. Sporting a roster that has only one player, Ricky Danielsson a prospect at the time, remaining after Wick Schozen acquired the team. 
    “We are happy with how todays game went.” Schozen told reporters after the game. “These three days in camp will allow us to find the right combinations around our line up. This is where the players start to build chemistry and find their footing on the team. For the kids this game was the first time they’ve had to compete against men. This season will be a good introduction to the professional game for them before they start playing on some more meaningful ice."
    Nine of the thirteen prospects taken in the season 2 draft made their debut in an Aussies uniform against the Big Ducks. Goaltender Robin Guilmaine was stellar in his camp debut, stopping 33 of 34 shots. How much he is leaned on this season will be of particular interest for fans. Veteran goalie Lennard Fransson, 39 years old, is speculated to be retiring after this season. Guilmaine will have this season to try and develop into a GHL caliber starter or else someone will be brought in above him on the depth chart to mind the net. 
    Leading the way for the Aussies today was the formation of the MBZ line. Centered by Nael Broadhurst with Aaron Mallard and Gotfrids Ziemelis on the wings. The MBZ line combined for 8 shots on net, over 20% of the Aussies shots on goal. Leading to Mallard scoring the game winner assisted by Broadhurst. 
    “Keep pushing that 'MBZ' tag. We’ve got that all trademarked and will be releasing merchandise soon. The SHL is going to be a bit of a financial sink hole for us. Right now the only thing keeping us afloat is the revenue from my bar. This line of 18 year olds together is poised to torch the SHL this season. It’s not out of the question that they could all find themselves in the leagues top 20 scorers, maybe even one of them setting pace for the SHL." 
    This first game also provided a showcase of the Aussies foursome of 18 year olds that will hold down the teams top 4 of their defensive core. Listing three defenseman taken inside the top 20 picks in the GHL first round with Adolfo Kapp taken high in the second round. Together this group is an imposing foundation for the Aussies to establish their blue line upon. 
    With majority of the Aussies core listed on entry level deals, GM Wick Schozen was able to surround his young core with big ticket free agents. Under $3M is allocated to their abundance of high octane rookies. With the remaining cap space, Schozen was able to fill out the Aussies forward depth with elite veterans. While some come at a price higher than market rate, the cap space allowed Schozen to sign everyone to one year deals, so not to infringe on later roster construction. 
    “Look some of these guys were chasing their final big ticket pay day. But we’re dangling a championship in front of them. For a lot of them it was pretty simple, get $4.5M over three years and play in the minors for a GHL team or take $2M for one season and travel into every away game like Germany arriving in Poland in the 1940s. And for those that took those GHL deals just know that if you have a child that breaks into professional hockey I’m going to ruin them. I’ll trade for extra picks, draft their rights and destroy their career trajectory. Those we can’t draft we’ll wait until they’re signed longterm, trade for them and they can enjoy the remainder of their contract in the press box. I’m talking to you Mark Dallaire, put little Bobby in soccer because he has no future in this sport outside of the Ukrainian league."
    Day 1 of training camp concluded with the announcement that 19 year old defenseman Theo Carruth and 21 year old forward Market Mc-Phail were told to leave their gear and report down the hall to the Big Ducks dressing room. They had been traded to acquire the rights to Iisakki Mäntylä who Schozen said he intends to sign to an entry level deal by the end of the day. 
    “We hopped for a one for one swap. Similar players, just trying to sure up the left handed dominance in our defensive core. Big Ducks decided to push their chest a bit so they squeezed us for a prospect. I don’t like getting big dicked in my own arena, I’ll remember this. But we’re happy to get Mäntylä. He’s going to need some time in the minors but ideally he’ll be with us late in the season.”
    The Aussies face the Big Ducks again on day 6 for their final day of camp. This evening they’ll be taking on the Stockton Vortex to finish off day 2.  
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    StevieY got a reaction from Deadwing in Cage trash talk   
    The Pullman T-Birds in LIHL is in the process of being rebranded. As of next season they will be the Hamilton Arcticwolves, the rebranding will also include a new jersey which I think will look pretty cool.
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    StevieY reacted to Wick Schozen in Warman Aussies (Buzzer)   
    There were definitely some snide remarks from other tables on the GHL draft floor after Wick Schozen went up for his fifth and final pick of the first round. The jarring began after his third pick in the top fifteen. 
    “Leave some good ones for the rest of us!” Was heard from the Wintersville Lancers table who own only a 2nd round pick, the 40th selection, after their first round pick was used by Schozen to select defenseman Jachym Pauliak. 
    With the 25th selection on the clock, Wick took the podium again to select forward Jason Mellor with their final selection of the first round. By now many managers were besides themselves at the lunacy of this. With five more selections to follow through to the conclusion of the second round, the notion that one team can make nearly 20% of the picks on the first day of the draft was not favorable on the draft floor. 
    The Northdale Whales table, run by a former rival Matti Suominen from their Howitzer days, made sure to share their positive outlook on the situation.
    “It’s good to see you finally getting some exercise in!” 
    Their implication of Schozen’s clear degraded physique after years of exile running the drinking hole of small town Warman while ‘tongue-in-cheek’ had some merit. When Schozen met with the media following the draft it was clear that the ten trips to the podium had fatigued the veteran GM. Not helping the situation was the Warman Aussies table being placed at the very back of the room. Upon demotion Warman relinquished all of their GHL draft selections, so regardless of their arsenal of picks, they were banished to the back reaches of the conference hall. 
    Nonetheless Schozen sat with the media for a good duration, possibly for the lack of will to get up and leave, regardless a good picture was painted of the Warman general managers perception of their first day on the draft floor. 
    “With our first pick at fourth overall we were able to take a player that we believe in a couple seasons down the line will emerge as the best player from this draft class. The development Aaron Mallard showed down their in the tire fire that was Forest Park in the U.S league, it speaks volumes of what he’ll be able to achieve.”
    The taking of Mallard with the fourth overall pick after he finished with a final draft ranking of 18 was viewed as a very off the board pick. 
    “We looked into the potential of trading down a couple picks. But at the end of the day if we felt we were taking a player that could be the best player in the draft why let the schmucks that compile the rankings influence our selection process. I’m sure there are other smart teams in the league that recognized his talent and he might not have been available at the 9th spot where we were picking next.”
    With their next selection they took defenseman Pauliak. Another player that was taken ahead of his ranking, a trend of the day for not only Warman but many of the teams on draft day. The top goaltender Simon Holmer was taken 2nd overall after being ranked outside of the top 15 and Franscisco McPake shot up the draft board almost as much as Mallard to fourth. 
    “With Pauliak we are taking who we know to be the best defenseman in the draft at this moment. I’ve seen enough other worldly talented 17 year olds have their career trajectory fall on its face because of arrogance. We’ll see with this kid if he has the sack to stay above his peers. His offensive game where it stands is a non factor in the GHL. If he can take the proper strides next year in the SHL he’ll be a good player. If he doesn’t, well I just used a top ten pick on a 5’9 shutdown defender. If that’s the case I’m not sure I want to come to work every day to be reminded of my wife in the bedroom. I’ll find better accommodations for him.”
    The next three picks of the Aussies saw them select defenseman Danial Swilley, who fell from being ranked in the top 10 to the 13th selection. Followed by defenseman  Petro Kovalchuk at 20 and forward Jason Mellor at 25, both of whom were originally ranked outside of the first round. 
    “Well Swilley falling to us at 13 was a pleasant surprise. We think he has the potential to be a really good defenseman. The selection of Petro was on the persistence of one of our scouts who backed the selection with the wellbeing of his family. I’d never seen the kid play but I’m more curious about how a kid with a name like that is an America? I swear if we lose a player to ICE operatives deporting an immigrant I don’t care what kind of player he turns into, that scouts family is ..”
                                  What about Mellor, a reporter interjected?
    “Mellor from what I understand is a 5’6 midget on the ice, great all round game but a p***y when it counts. Let’s hope this runt can do enough in the first period to earn his pay.”
    Outside of the first round the Aussies selected forward, Gotfrids Ziemelis (30th), defenseman, Adolfo Kapp (36th), two goaltenders, Robin Guilmaine (42nd) and Thomas Whyte (48th) and centerman Nael Broadhurst (43rd). During the remainder of the press conference Schozen didn’t go into much detail about each player, but gave special attention to Guilmaine and Broadhurst. 
    “Well Guily probably would have been the top rated goalie if he didn’t miss half of his 16 year old season to a skiing accident. I swear these rich Canadian families don’t have the capitalistic asset management of their children like American families do. This kid could’ve been starting for a GHL team next season. Instead they take a family vacation to Banff and next thing you know their meal ticket child is falling to the second round because he can't avoid stagnant trees on the slopes and is now being seized by a team headed to the SHL. And that Broadhurst kid. I like him, he reminds me of my own son before he disappointed all of us and said he wanted to join the peace corps. This kid is full of talent and just needs some direction. He’ll get a chance on the first line as Mallard’s centerman. For a 6’6 kid he’s weaker than a starved mutt, but we’ll feed him some steak from Warman’s number one slaughter house restaurant, Gutter Jims. Our loyal sponsor and the best feed you can get in town for a measly $10. Head on down to Gutter Jims for a family dining experience like no other. With a complete open glass panorama view of the slaughter house, Jims is the only place you can see the guts spilt from the animals that will soon fill yours.”
    With that Schozen got up from the podium without any announcement and resigned to the convention center bar. Through some investigative sports journalism it was relayed to us from someone close to the bartender that Wick will not be in attendance to make the three selections his Aussies hold in the SHL draft held on day 100. The reasons for such absence are of the sorts that he refuses to sit in the same room as “the mouth breathers who run the teams coming up from the BHL.”
    Wick Schozen’s reemergence to the professional hockey scene appears to be continuing in the same capacity that it was before his absence. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on his exploits as he tries to navigate this fresh team of 18 year olds out of the SHL. 
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    StevieY got a reaction from AlexanderRasputin in Cage trash talk   
    If I'm lucky I might make it to IHL by season 10.
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    StevieY got a reaction from Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    If I'm lucky I might make it to IHL by season 10.
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in Current road map   
    Just a quick status update.
    The release is taking a little longer since we had a new baby in the family.
    Hopefully things will settle down the upcoming week.
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    StevieY reacted to Wick Schozen in Warman Aussies (Buzzer)   
    When the league headquarters announced the sale of the Altona Dragons to an unnamed bar owner in the small town of Warman most around the league didn’t bat an eye. That was until it was leaked who had made the purchase.
    “Wasn’t he banned from the league from his days in Howitzer?” One anonymous executive sent via text message “Heard he called the commissioner's wife a sex worker after being suspended for putting a fresh coat of lead paint in the visitors dressing room before every home game."
    It was day 54 of season 2 that Wick Schozen returned to the business of professional hockey. Successfully finding a loophole in the bylaws of Buzzer, Schozen is now the owner, general manager and coach of the Warman Aussies. A mere eight days after the announcement Schozen has stripped any remnants of the teams Altona past and left no confusion in the direction the Aussies are headed in. 
    “I’m not in the business of telling grown men to divorce their wives. I sleep better at night with a team of 20 year olds who have no idea they just signed their life to me in the fine print of their contracts.” Schozen said at his first press conference in front of the media. "To do that we’re on our way down to the SHL, anyone too undesirable to other teams to be traded will have their contract voided at the end of the season and their stink of mediocrity out of my locker room.”
    This team of 20 year olds is already well into actualization. Through seven trades in as many days the Aussies have almost more draft picks for the season 2 draft as players on the active roster. As forecast, everyone over the age of 20 is going to see their one-way clause release them from the team. 
    “We’re building this program from the ground up. To do that I need kids I can mold into competence. It’s the Nike sweatshop model. Children are employed to make shoes before they can wipe their ass. The ones that survive into adulthood are mercenaries on a sewing machine. Look how well Nike is doing as a company, the same model is coming to the Aussies. If these boys can tuck goals at half the efficiency that a nine year old can churn out sweatpants we’re going to have one hell of a hockey team in Warman.”
    It was his ruthlessness as a general manager that led the Newcastle Fighters to a GHL Championship back Howitzer. But the seasons that followed were tainted by the Fighters failing to live up to expectations. Schozen’s reputation around the league worsening as his antics continued to get more elaborate in search of success. Without notice Schozen was out of the spotlight and Newcastle bought out and relocated. “I thought the guy was dead.” Another anonymous exec said to me, “honestly I preferred believing that than to know he’s back in the league.”
    What Schozen manages to do at this seasons draft is going to be crucial for the long term success of the new franchise. With 11 draft picks in the bank he can afford to miss on a few, but Schozen is adamant that isn’t an option.
    “I took my entire scouting staff with me when I left Newcastle. They’ve been following this draft class since they were 12 years old and have been accruing a bar tab with me the entire time. If any of these picks don’t turn out I’m making the scout that backed the player pay back everything they owe on their tab. With that amount of debt I’ll own not only their children but their children’s children. They know what’s at stake.” 
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    StevieY got a reaction from Steve in Trade Deadline   
    I think it was day 66 in game world Buzzer.
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    StevieY reacted to Ana (Natives) in Matching opponents line/player   
    Maybe option to home team match lines when possible and/or both team could give extra protection to opponents player with some downside?
    Linechemistry? Maybe even after long break players that have played together will benefit from it?
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    StevieY reacted to Glawing in Playoffs   
    We are aware of the issue. We hope to have a soultion really soon about this.
    Thanks for reporting all of you!