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  1. Where do Martin Brodeur and Patrick Roy rank on that list, they have to be pretty high on it.
  2. If I were Tuukka Rask, I'd work a lot more on my Spirit.
  3. I spent the first 4 seasons in Lower Iron but since then I've only spent one season in each higher level and even achieved auto-promotion to Silver this season.
  4. I'm hoping the Wings new GM will turn the team around and return them to the team they used to be. He should be able to do it
  5. Well, you do have a goalie who occasionally plays like a cross between Limburger and Swiss cheese
  6. StevieY

    Buzzer Trade Talk

    Dusan Klima going on the trade block soon. 22 y.o. Dman, 72 ovr. Looking for BHL/SHL quality two-way/stay at home dman who plays Possesion and/or Rushes offensive tactics in return.
  7. I'll take a guess at it...the Alligators.
  8. I sent an email to support about this same occurrence about two weeks ago.
  9. I don't know if it was a bug and Anders fixed it without informing us or a delay in the system but I now a summary report on 2 of my players in Buzzer.
  10. Ok, so I scouted my first player and got an in-game mail that the report was finished but when I went to view the report I got a bug report screen with 500 Internal server error. Game World--Buzzer Team--Fairbanks Black Knights League--Bronze Player--Valter Janez Report Type--Summary(Extensive)
  11. Try editing your jerseys now, I was able to edit mine in Buzzer last night.
  12. StevieY

    Season 6 Chat

    My Black Knights finished in 6th place, first season in CHL.
  13. I have a good one for you all...imagine the defensive pairing of Zdeno Chara(6 ft. 9 in. 250 lbs.) and John Scott(6 ft. 8 in. 260 lbs.)
  14. StevieY

    Season 6 Chat

    When your team isn't good enough to beat cpu teams...
  15. StevieY

    Season 6 Chat

    My center started the season at 69 ovr and just recently popped to 70 ovr but on the graph it doesn't look that way...
  16. StevieY

    Season 6 Chat

    Has anyone else noticed that players' skills are improving but the increase isn't showing on their development graph.
  17. I don't have a team in Attack but there's currently 86 human managers in Buzzer.
  18. Something that I'd like to see added is...if a player is on waivers then he can't be included in a trade offer unless he's taken off of waivers beforehand.
  19. I have the same problem with one of my players and I just sent a pm to Anders about it...
  20. StevieY

    Season 2 General Chat

    Well, I guess my timing is off. I thought Season 3 started today.
  21. Well, after 4 seasons in the LIHL, I'm happy to announce that the Fairbanks Black Knights have been promoted to the IHL after a thorough thrashing of the mostly cpu team league by finishing first in the Western Conference with a record of 73-3-0-4. Bring on the IHL, my team of young kids is ready!!!
  22. StevieY

    Season 2 General Chat

    Season 1--33-4-1-42 9th place finish* Season 2--49-6-4-21 4th place finish I'm quite happy with the performance of my Hamilton Arcticwolves this season and there's still work to be done on how I want my team to look. *Pullman T-Birds
  23. StevieY

    Season 2 General Chat

    I recently had a defender on my Buzzer team that 'Looked like a perfect fit in his current defense focus' but in the same game 'Looked totally lost in his current defense focus'...well, which is it, he can't be both...
  24. My team was great last season or so I thought, ran into a better team in the playoffs and missed promoting. I'm hoping that this is the season my team finally promotes.
  25. I actually have two Grinders and a power forward winger on the 4th line of my Buzzer team, the line is working great together but so is my whole team. Undefeated so far and only given up 9 goals in 6 games, of course it helps that there's only 5 human managers in LIHL this season lol.