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    Baseball Mogul 2023 (Windows PC)

    NEW FEATURES: Historical Schedules added for all seasons from 1901-2023 New League Builder New "Exhibition Game" Mode Improved Replay Mode Improved Interface and League Options New Database Built for Opening Day of the 2023 Season More than 2,200 active major league and minor league players. Real 162-game schedule for 2023 season (including scheduled double-headers). ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Expanded Statistical Database Postseason stats for all players from the first World Series (1903) through 2022. More than 7,300 player-seasons of NCAA data from 126 different collegiate leagues. More than 3,100 player-seasons of summer league data (Cape Code League etc.). More accurate stadium factors for all seasons (1901-2023). Improved catching stats & ratings (pickoffs, bunts fielded, 2-6-3 DPs, pitcher framing, etc.). 76,000+ historical major and minor league players Draft data for 37,000+ players going back to first Amateur Draft in 1965. Updated major and minor-league stats through the 2022 season. Includes international winter league stats through 2022-2023. --- To see full details, head to: https://gmgames.org/baseball-mogul-2023/
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    Detailed GM Games to Recommend?

    I still play PureSim Baseball even though its like 8 years old.