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#19510 Signing

Posted by Kummo on February 16, 2016 - 07:58 AM

Singing contracts is confusing. Way too confusing.

I had (and still have) old goalie i wanted to get rid off. I offered him contract with 1 (or two years, don't remember). I thought it would replace the old (long) contract. But it actually added one more year to the last contract and changed the salary.

Now last night i made two new contract offers to 2 of my players.

The younger one had already some years left but was unhappy with salary so i offered bit more expensive contract for 5 years.

Older (but still developing) player was also unhappy with his contract but i liked how many years he had.. but i was also happy about that player and considered adding a few.. so i offered two years. 

I assumed that it would ADD those years to previous like it did few seasons back to my goalie.. instead those years were replaced.. so they got shorter.

I think you should either change the contract signing so that there would be either
A) you only could replace the years from previous contract, so the number you put would be the years that player will play on your team
B) you only could add contracts on contracts.. like if you input "1" to years, it would add another season, but you could change the salary
C) sigining new contract wouldn't change anything (years or salary) on current contracts but you could negotiate new contract that would start after the last one ends (so one player could play me for 1 year for 200 000, i sign new contract, he still plays this season for 200 000 but next 2 seasons he would get 310 000)

The problem with C is that only way to change bad contract situations would remove the contract (taking penalty).. unless you changed the happiness-factor including that player would become happy for future-years contract.. but i think that "greed" should factor this happiness-situation and also how willingly player would stay in same team (because it has types like "teamplayer" that would likely to stay.. "mercenary" would be more "opportunistic" and might want to change to bigger leagues). If you hired a player for 5 e├Żears and 3 years he is "unhappy".. it would just be stick in ass the whole time not playing fully..

(I think i have read something about that "C" making into game at some point.. atleast i think you considered it at some point)

(PS: Great game. I posted this only to point out that sometimes contract seasons add to previous and sometimes it replaces last numbers.. which is just confusing)

#17357 Introduce yourself

Posted by Kummo on November 21, 2015 - 12:44 PM



My team is Bermuda Sea Lions (because i like seals and Sea Lion was the closest i got.. also Bermuda was "funniest but still familiar" place i found)


Currently playing BHL. Last (2nd) season ended 10th and this (3rd) season i have much younger and less talented (but potential) team.. and my goal is to stay in BHL so i don't lose these potential players. I'll also try to re-sign my 1-way contracts to be 2-ways so in case of dropping i'd atleast keep my future stars. It also gives me some moving space in case farm-teams are introduced in a few months. I think it would take 2 seasons to either win league or progress in play-offs (assuming i won't relegate to ihl this season).


I started maybe 2 weeks before beta was released and i have played manager games for more than 10 years (with longest game lasting about 7 years in freekick.org until site was hacked and creators took it down forever). I like soccermanagers (because they tend to be better made) but i prefer hockeymanagers (because it has so much more potential and i feel like this game, this site would finally unleach it).

#17356 [Kickstarter] Official release of Game Plan Hockey Manager?

Posted by Kummo on November 21, 2015 - 12:27 PM

Ooh.. i hope i get some christmastgiftmoney.. if i do, i'll donate some.


Don't have any extra right now. I really want this to progress. So much potential in this game.

#17315 Trade offer

Posted by Kummo on November 18, 2015 - 10:33 AM

I have found 2 bugs/problems


Bug A ) 


I made a offer to one team from higher league. I offered 2 good players for 3 weaker. I succeed sending that trade. Now they counteres and took out one of my player and one of theirs (so it is 1 player for 2). Everything is balanced.. Trade shows how our salary cap spaces would change (my player would become 3 times more expencive for them to have.. and one their expencive player would  become cheap for my team.. the "extra player" would keep his low salary).


Then i try to accept.. "NOT SO FAST! SOMETHING IS WRONG... Salary cap reached".. how?? Why? The trade showed that we both would be within our salary caps but it calculates it somewhat funny way and wouldn't let me accept.


I'm Bermuda Sea Lions in Game Biscuit.


Bug B )


Many times i found that when making or countering to trade the "calculator" (that shows our salary caps) would go to "N/A".. 


I have found two most common ways this happen


1) When i'm making trade and either my or their salary cap reaches limit.. but when i delete one player it sometimes stucks with tht "N/A" and i have to try to make that trade again to see if we stay in numbers.


2) When i'm countering to a trade and i'm removing or adding new players.. it won't come back on even when i put the original players back. And it has nothing to do with caps this time.. sometimes i try to send my trade with that "N/A" text on and it might accept it (if i was within those limits and it was balanced) and ofcourse it won't let me sen my counter if salary cap is too high.


This "N/A" bothers me a lot.. i often have to open excel or take paper and calculator to make sure the trades are in limits.


Both bugs: I think that both of these have to do something with program calculating event the salaries of players that aren't in trade anymore.. maybe.. that's what i think might be happening. I hope that helps to fix it when u have time.


PS: This is still a great game. I have played over 10, maybe over 20 browser based manager games and id rank this in top 5 event at this current (beta) state.. after drafts and minor teams are done.. i think this deserves 1st or atleast 3rd place in any top 10 manager list :)


  • . Trade offer could not be accepted.