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  1. World: Biscuit League: BHL Team: Bermuda Sealions Promoted to BHL few season later than planned. KInda messed up few things (thought that contracts i made during playoff-time were already in BHL budget since it updated to show me having 4,5 million for contracts and 1 millions was supposed to be free after season changed, after promotions it was 100 000 - 200 000.. i think it already counted my players that i had last season right but reported new contracts [from foreign countries] in wrong league pricing). So i kinda gave bit more expensive contracts than planned and so didn't quite have money to run as effective team as i could had. (Would have opted to get less foreign league players and more cheaper free agents or run own youngsters or trade a bit more). Plan is to trade few players out for picks or players i could use (or are cheaper to keep as substitutes). And if possible stay in BHL, let IHL level players drop from contracts, renew young ones i can afford and try to get more effective team for next season (when prices meet with ice time and performance rating).
  2. I am not sure how game engine calculates faceoffs but i'm quite sure that FO skill isn't only factor. Maybe physique and size matters too? Or puckcontrol? All of those?
  3. Kummo

    Trades S9

    Hi. Season 10 starting and people will start (re-)building some teams. I just got promotion from Iron league to Bronze. Here are my main team players i got for offer (i will use season 10 ages): Main team players: Lund (Forward, 77 ovr 24 years, powerforward, purposeful, 78 rating on matches on IHL 1st line) - will ask high pick or pick + useful (1st liner) player Divila (Center, 71 ovr 28 years, playmaker, 73 rating on matches on IHL 4th line) Kovalchuck (67 ovr 28 years, Grinder but pretty much does any role "ok" and i used him as powerforward and 2way, 73 rating on matches on IHL 4th line, made 18 goals and 5 assists) Fojtik (Center, 63 ovr 29 years, playmaker, 70 rating on matches on IHL) And here are some juniors i could trade to IHL and BHL (i think non of them are worth in SHL but if you guys up there are interested, send some offers). Prospects: Felix Demko, 68, 19yo, center, ambitious 2way very (expensive (potential, nice skills) Racim Comtois, 66, 18yo, forward, ambitious sniper (very expensive potential, 80 shooting) Slavomír Licko, 65, 19yo, center, enthustiatic sniper (midprice 70 shooting) Friderik Kastelic, 65, 18yo, forward, lazy sniper (expensive 79 shooting) Konstantin Shapovalov, 64, 20yo, defender, lazy stayathome (cheap, lacks some skills, slow training) Francesco Scurto, 62, 18yo, forward, ambitious sniper (expensive, potential, 71 shooting) Yan Abramowicz 61, 20yo, defender, halfhearted stayathome (cheap, lacks some skills) Ed Fogarty, 61, 19yo, forward, enthustiatic sniper (midprice, 70 shooting) Dario Galli, 61, 20yo, forward, purposeful powerforward (midprice, performs well enough) Avery Aylward 57, 19yo, forward, ambitious sniper (cheap, 64 shooting) Basically my team is too full of young players and i can't take more to my team to train. Some of them are getting old (last season) and some i might be able to take next season or i know they will be wanted (those i rate expensive or very expensive). Cheap and Midprice ones i don't care that much - but i am not giving those out for free. --- I'm looking: - 1st line center with nice faceoff, endurance should be over 80, prefer playmaker but powerforward, 2way and sniper might do too - goalie (whose all stats should be over 70, endurance and spirit might be less, overall bigger than 72, should be at least mid-size [at least 174 and 5,7], i will look at his past performance, should have more than 89,5% on at least IHL, appreaciate some BHL level experience.. can be older one but can't have very long contract) - picks (any picks) - prospects (especially young goalies, any defenders and powerforwards) - cheap (probably old but with some skills and some endurance) 3rd and 4th line-players (centers and forwards) Link to my team: http://www.gameplanhockey.com/team?gpid=133
  4. IHL of biscuit has 29-0-1-0 (30 games played) So far they seem quite unstoppable altho they have had some close games (like against my team 4-5)
  5. I think only penalty is if it's "wrong hand side". Play left handed players on left wing or center. Right handed players on center or on right wing. I'm not 100 sure but i think "wrong hand" gives penalty to performance. At least few players that i had to put on wrong spot didn't perform well (i think it was left handed player on right wing.. also right handed defender on left side didn't do well but that might have been only because of his skills) - but i might need to see more numbers to actually prove this (i play on biscuit only.. so 1 game a day and i mostly have players to fill injured ones for both hands). To me only face off matters when i decide who plays on center and i build around them (also noting what type of line it is..). I only have tried forwards on defense on PP lines and i think it works. My pp % is usually among the top even when my forwards don't have best shooting skills nor they are in leading boards on scoring.
  6. Kummo

    Biscuit Abuse

    So all trades during this season was with humans then.. since every team i made trade this season had that blue dot in standings screen. Unless transfers/transactions doesn't show all. I see only 4 of my trades (plus free agent/prospect signings). So did i get lock from last seasons trades? Last season there might have been few cpu trades (i found one on transaction day 1 trade with nightcats and day 5 with Devil rays). But most of the important ones (like both bhl 1st round pick and 2nd round pick trades that were swapped to shl 1st and 2nd since they both got promoted and the one where i gave more than i received since the trade i made with the same guy before wasn't useful to him after he got promoted and we both were surprised on how picks will be swapped upon promotion/relegation). You can send me pm or point out in this topic the unfair trades with the bot.. Again, sorry for the huzze.. i feel like i've made mistake and am sorry about it. But at the same time i'm asking about this because i want to learn about my mistakes and i want to see where i went wrong. I'm not acting dumb (i honestly didn't find other cpu trades from transaction section) nor do i act like i didn't do anything wrong.. nor am i playing victim.
  7. Kummo

    Biscuit Abuse

    Have I? My trades this season have been with: Woodpeckers - I have pm'ed with Jon Carignan Wolves - Is he a bot? This guy i think i didn't have pm conversations with. But i see many others doing trades too (Groove, Admirals).. also in league page it shows that blue dot.. if i hower my mouse next to it says "user".. also i find coach name of that team in "new message" coach list.. Groove - i had long back and front talk with Mark Ziegler Black Flag - Xavier O'connor, i had talks with him last season so i know his trade preferences.. this time i didn't pm him.. is he cpu now? Why does same coach name show on his team then? Could you point out teams that are cpu.. i somehow don't see who is cpu or not. Is it best just to pm before every trade to make sure it's human? Sorry for the hustle..
  8. Kummo

    Biscuit Abuse

    I'm not 100% sure but i think all were green this time. And if that was the case, then i'd like to know it. How can we coaches learn to do the right thing if we are not told what was wrong in our actions?
  9. Kummo

    Biscuit Abuse

    Ok.. someone needs to shapeup a bit. Why can't we have "ask 1st and shoot then"-diplomacy here? I made some trades (with humans, i had talks about every trade but i think one.. but i had talks with him last season and knew that he prefers young players and prospects over picks, look at his team, look how many 21 or under he has, last season he didn't have any picks left). I made so many trades that i don't know WHICH one was the "trigger" for this report (that resulted to 2 day account locked this time). The one who does either these reports or mods these locks should at least PM both coaches and ask "why do you think this trade was fair" or "what did you get from this trade". Right now it feels bit like someone is jealous that they didn't get those players or those picks.. i wouldn't mind if this was because of CPU abusement or dual account cheating.. but this was between 2 coaches where BOTH GAINED something. I'm not qutting nor do i see that i suffer much from this lockdown.. i had my lines setup'ed and quite good players left on my team.. 1st games are agains best teams of my league so i might lose them, but at least it's not because of this lock-down.
  10. Kummo

    Biscuit Abuse

    Oh shiiiii. I was part of at least one of those trades i believe. Gonna agree, he made smart moves. Those players weren't useful in SHL so he had to trade some of them out asap.. and because of that he couldn't ask "full price".. AI doesn't take notice about what situation it is. Also BHL 3rd pick isn't bad. Yeah, maybe not worth 70+ player.. but then again i made some other trades before (with you) that were much more even and helped us both (i got awesome pick, you got players that helped you promote). Also it's weird that you get penaltized for it. You made the initiate.. and i believe you made all or most of the trades with human coaches.. so.. wtf? I know that computer trades can be abused.. but himan on human trades aren't that big of a deal unless some guy makes multiple accounts and tries to get benefits that way - but that seems not to be case here.. I hope that you'd get your account back asap. AI/report-thingy is way too strict on this case in my eyes. If i knew it would shut your account, i would not have accepted that trade
  11. Kummo

    Trader S8

    Bermuda Lions, IHL (So BHL, IHL and LIHL, listen) Available: Centers: Simon Malmström, right handed, 69 overall, sniper (shooting 73), performs around 73. Works well in 1st and 2nd line in IHL Svend Henriksen, left, 69 ovr playmaker (pass 80), performs around 70, could be better with more fitting line-setup, lacks endurance (63) so more of a 3rd or 4th line either in IHL or BHL Forwards: Igor Kashirsky, right handed 69 overall, 2way but could be a sniper or playmaker too, i play him on defensive lines, performs between 68 and 74, great for IHL level. Not too keen to trade him out since i would then need to find someone to replace him. But i can use him to fill some gaps in bigger trades. Sem Cole, left 70 overall 2way, 74 performance in defensive line. Even when he lacks size, he has good stats to negate the effects. I don't have space for him since i'm gonna field developing powerforward in my only defensive line. Would work even in 3rd or 4th BHL line. Cheap-ish (around 40k in IHL). Worth his price! Defenders: Adamo O'Hanlon, developing 22 years old right handed offensive defender with 69 overall. LIHL 1st line defender or IHL 3rd liner. At the end of the season might be better. Ambitious nature so should develop quite fast. Defensive skills around 66-68 (except spirit which is 82) and shooting 71 & passing 72. Galen Crouch, 71 overall right defender. Great 2nd or 3rd line stand home type player. Lacks endure a bit (65) but skills are great (70-80 all defensive stats, 77 passing but i wouldn't recommend for offensive defender unless you don't have any better to do the job). Larry Overbey, left side 70 ovr stay home defender. Def stats 71-79. Performance is 75-76!!! I played him usually in my 2nd line. Eric jr Reyes, right side 68 ovr stay at home defender. I'd say that he is more of a reserve than 3rd line IHL defender. Since he is 2-way, i'd recommend some LIHL team to pick him up. Endurance 61 and def stats 66-79. With 73 passing and 61 shooting he could be used in offensive def-line and as a defender in powerplay line. Goalie: Jonathan Södergren, 20 years old goalie with 65 overall. Almost every trait is blue (only "tough" is red, dunno if that trait matters with goalie since they don't have penalty minutes in their stats). Could be ok 2nd goalie for IHL or 1st goalie for LIHL team. I'm looking for: - BHL and IHL draft picks - Prospects with over 60 endurance and blue/green motivation (enthustiatic/ambitious.. etc). - Cheap 3rd, 4th and reserve offensive players (forwards and centers), so 40k or less would be fine. Still would prefer over 60 endurance
  12. (Still hate how i have to update forums now up to 20 times just to read everything and to reply.. i believe it's because forums are somewhat java-based.. don't like this at all). World Bisquit Bermuda Sea Lions Originally i made team in BHL on season 1. It all started well but i didn't know what i was doing. I thought my signings were good.. at first they actually were but soon i had way too many way too expensive underperforming players. After few seasons i was relegated to IHL. In IHL i have performed well even though i still made same mistake with signing too expensive players (couldn't keep everyone happy so they underperdormed). One thing i did right was to give new players shorter contracts. My team has been 7th-4th for multiple seasons in a row. It really seems like BHL is close. At the beginning of this season i made choise: to move as many badly performed players to other teams (usually to BHL, they wanted to move to bigger clubs). So actually even when signing expensive players did cost me promotion on season 6, it gave me hell of a good picks for season 7. I was IHL team that had 1st round BHL pick, 2nd round BHL pick and 3rd round BHL pick and really good prospects for defense, Actually, heck, at the end of the season BOTH 1st round BHL and 2nd round BHL were whapped into 1st round SHL and 2nd round SHL picks!!! For IHL team that was awesome! (May i mind you, these were HUMAN coaches that did trading. Had talks with the one that gave me 1st round pick, he was really happy at the end of the season about early season trades because he thinks that my players were in key positions in his team.. dunno what the other guy thinks tho). I did do shortlist on seasons 6 and 7 picks. I got good players for my last seasons picks and i'm sure i will get super picks this time! My team is super on defense. My goalies and scoring lines suck a bit. I still almost was accidentally promoted to BHL in playoffs. "Accidentally?" Yeah, i didn't want to promote this season. It's my goal on next one for sure. I already have signed players from foreign leagues. My defense got already better than last season, especially with new award winning goalie. He is among top 3 best goalies in my league.. but he is expensive, over 200 000!!! He is way too expensive for his rating in BHL (promotion contract would have multiplied his price and i would have needed way better one instead). If i would have been promoted, i would not have much space in salary cap to take good FA's on my top lines. But because i got 2 SHL picks, because i got top goalie, because i have maybe best defense overall in my league and because my scoring lines will be better (not by much, but i believe enough for places 1-3, and if i'm gonna get 3rd place, it must be because of though and even season, i'm sure i'm gonna promote via playoffs in that case). I have already plans that i want to fill during sillyseason and during season. I already have plans for both: underperforming again and not filling goals of promotion AND for the case of me finally getting back to BHL. SHL might be harder to get, but with my increasing knowledge of the game, it seems more than plausible. We shall see what Sea Lions will achieve. For now, it's road back to BHL baby!.
  13. Kummo

    Biscuit Abuse

    I am being accused of cheating. Don't know which trade caused some manager to think that. Here are reasons for some of the biggest moves i've made: 1) How i got BHL 1st and 2nd round picks: I actually gave some future or current stars (that are useful or will be useful after few seasons of training in BHL) that were too expencive for me. They didn't perform well because i had too many too good players that i just couldn't afford this season. So i pulled some moves and tried to get nice prospects. Instead i got really good draft picks. Nothing scetchy here i suppose. Most of them didn't want to renegotiate contracts so i had to get rid of them some way. Trading fitted me best. It was better for me to get rid of underperforming "stars" that had ratings of 70-77 but performed as well as 66-71 rated players. 2) Why i gave some good players and took some "shittier" ones back: Last season i did one trade with another coach. We had long talks and we countered our offers back and front. We finally got to resolution: i gave ILH-level future promise to him and i had IHL-level pick. Then he was promoted to BHL. What happened? a) My IHL pick was turned to BHL pick The player he though he could use for seasons wasn't competitive enough in BHL so he didn't negotiate contract with that player. I'm good hearted coach and i want to keep good negotiating relations with dudes i like to trade. We had good talks. So because i got SO GOOD PICK (look who i got for him.. heck.. the defender is 18 and i COULD USE HIM ALREADY IN MY TEAM..) for NOTHING. We didn't know that in case of promotion my pick would become better - we agreen on IHL - level pick, not BHL - level one. We agreed upon usable defender, not one to disgerard. So i offered him some good players (that i couldn't afford anyways) for some players i could use and 3rd rounder pick (the pick was for compensation so the trade would bee fair or at least fairer). But i already did some tradings so my offer became invalid. Instead he gave me almost similar offer but now i had to give one pick to him, less good players and i got some players back. The thing is: The players i got are more useful for the team i gave to him. Because these new players are happy and i CAN AFFORD TO KEEP THEM HAPPY. I afford to keep them overall. I see that this one trade was kinda unbalanced but so was the trade we did last season. Together these unbalanced trades are in balance. Also look at my team now. All my defenders have over 70 stat in DEF, PHY, SPI and END. So they will perform well. 2 of my defenders are young and developing players and i still could sneak 3rd developing player in if i wanted to! I'm also happy that i have full 4 lines of players that are decent. Only one star-type that is developing. But it can be enough in IHL. Last season my 77 rated goalie did as well as my now 70 rated one (69 during most of the season). Now i have 18 yo goalie that i'll try to give around same amount of playtime than my 1st goalie gets. I didn't give too much away nor i received too much. I hope that the one who accused of me cheating will read this. Also i hope that because of my reasoning i won't get new accusements. Peace, bye
  14. I was wondering about that name generator too. Not just this site but on other sites (or games) too. Nice to know. I'm also right handed when i write and do most other stuff. But gimme a hockey stick, i'm a "leftie". Gimme guitar and i'll hold the strings with my left hand. I have talked about this with my friend and we came to conclusion that it's not about which is dominant hand - it's mostly about on your early years which side you start to play (or do any other thing). My cousin writes with left hand but throws ball with right.. and he is mostly split to hand or another depending what he is doing.. i think it's because his mom is right handed and father was leftie i think. So when his parent's taught him things he adopted his "teachers" hand-side. (PS: I hate the fact that i have to refresh page like 15 times before i can write a comment because this forum doesn't load page fully)