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  1. Lol maybe coach benched him for attitude problems lol \^/
  2. Lil update... Mocha's new Red Empire jerseys are pretty fire too
  3. Ya I complained about this before. I don't get how playoff 2 is a round 1 loss lol
  4. I think for drafting, straight up listing the total overall should not be added. Part of drafting irl or in games is supposed to be kinda iffy cause not every player will work out. What I would suggest, is either add a scout option like other games where it gives you a rough idea but you only know for sure if your scout scouts them more. Idk if that would be hard to program or not. If that would be difficult, then my alternative is to list individual attribute overalls, but leave their total overall completely hidden. I agree that sorting through them takes a lot of time, but if everyone already knows the player overall, then it will be the best players going first, and you get shafted lower down. I still think that kinda having hidden gems makes the draft fun, as well as the uncertainty of if there was a better option if you didn't do your homework.
  5. Well figured since it is now season 9, I'd give my 2 cents considering that half of the managers in the GHL in season 1 either quit or are relegated. Jezze's cougars' team is still untouched jersey wise since he left, but if we are doing a managers only, this is my current picks: Pelee Island Hornets Wildwood Wolverines Simmersport Saints Kinda surprised that Dave got shafted during season 1 but I really like the Hornet's jersey. It is simple but looks good, and matches the logo. I also liked Mauri's wolverines' jersey. Not many managers strayed off of the regular designs. This may or may not be an unpopular pick, but I like the Saint's jersey too. I feel as though the light blue chest, with white sleeves is original but looks good too with the logo. Just my 2 cents, though there were a few other honourable mentions!
  6. Lol they aren't expiring. I'd explore a depth trade of Rasmussen for lawson with your team though!
  7. Even though no one on attack goes here apparently, I'm looking at shipping out expiring contracts for this season. Make me a fair offer!
  8. Kyle44


    Looking to move Morin-Valcourt, Knudsen, and Short. Looking for younger options as well as players with term on their deals. Mid 80's players only unless it is a package!
  9. Try emailing them directly. It usually works for me and anders one time said to do that for urgent things
  10. It also gives you a reason to resign players earlier in the year if you know that their demand could change like that
  11. It may still be a bug but I don't personally see an issue with it. I don't think it is cheap since you'd already be resigning them. I find it is more useful for low 80 players in the GHL, since some of them will reject any 2way deal offered to them. This gives them an extra year of growth in the minors and makes it so you don't have to waste a roster spot on a kid who will sit for almost the entire season on the main squad.
  12. This has been around for a while and I actually like this feature. Also 20 year old will only sign an elc contract for about half the season, then it goes to full-on extension. Some people may not like it, but as a cap team it offers me an extra year of flexibility. Plus you have to catch it early
  13. Trade me Lumsden lol
  14. Oh I don't disagree with anything you said except for the part about low salary. As a promoting team you have the luxury of spending more money than other teams, at least in the first season. I completely think it's stupid to see 3 mid 80s vets traded for a 1st, but if you are gonna trade it there is still a possible nice return. For instance, 18 to 21 year olds (20 if you don't sign them at the right time) are locked into elc's. If a GHL team wants 1-4 overall and you trade it for 2 85-90 overall 18-21 year olds and some garbage, that's addition by subtraction. If you have a shit team to back up 1 elite player, you will fail. You may still fail if you don't know how to manage properly but in theory there is a time and place to move the 1st. Also if it is a garbage draft class. I still don't advise it so we are on the same page. Just making a point that there is instances where it can be beneficial
  15. I think trading SHL picks is a bad idea, however, it depends on how you want to build your team. As Rain said, if you want to rush to GHL you can trade the 1st for quality 85-88 overall guys on 2way deals that can still be useful in the GHL. I still am on the side of don't trade it but I think if it is for a few established mid 80's 18-23 year-olds it can be better if it is a weak draft. That way you have a core when you promote. It is all preference-based at the end of the day