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[Dynasty] Building in the Desert! [FHM14]

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Being a huge fan of the YouTube series done by 2BCproductions, and having read some other Dynasty's done by others on this forum I have decided to go ahead and do an Arizona Coyotes.

Some things to start, I am starting in Blind Mode as I feel it makes the game a little more interesting and will force me to use my scouts a little bit more on the NHL side of things, focusing on first my own team so that I can get my starting rosters in full swing then going to the rest of the NHL. 

I have never done one of these things before but FHM14 is one of those games that I have picked up recently and put over 14 hours on it in the first 4-5 days of owning it.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I will start updating the posts today.

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First thing that I do when I take over the Yotes is to look over my General Manager home screen, Some things that I see that are going to be a tough to get around is 

A) we have the lowest budget in the league :( not much to work with when it comes to hires and such
B)having one of the lowest paid teams does not make me feel confident in the quality of players on this team!
C) Less then $200,000 to spend on free agents... I can't go out and get any players I may need to make any real changes to this team.

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My next stop is my teams personnel, Looking over my entire coaching squad I can see good in all of my coaches and besides Dave King none of them have very high salaries at all. 
I see as of now Sean Burke being my goalie coach with his 16 in goalie training, which is something I will need if I am going to have any real success in the NHL.
Newell Brown will be my dedicated Forward coach as it is his only real good coaching category with 15. As of right now N. Brown would be my most expendable coach on the team as he is very one sided with forwards and doesn't have much else to offer.
Next up is Dave King who I would call my main Assistant Coach with his very diverse skills in both coaching prospects (very much needed with this Arizona team), forwards, and defence. As of right now Dave King's job is pretty secure under the new management of the Yotes and would be the last of the coaching group to be kicked from his job.
The last of the coaching staff is Jim Playfair, being like Brown Playfair is a very one dimensional coach with all of his ability in coaching of the defense (15) and is very upgradable if someone else comes our way. He also has a very high salary price for a coach who doesn't seem to have a ton to bring to the table.


I would love to hear some opinions on what everyone else thinks about the coaching staff but as of right now I do not think a coaching change is needed. except maybe me not being a head coach :P but the game won't allow that!

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Simming ahead to the start of the next week I have some very interesting news coming in. The Montreal Canadians and New Jersey Devils have agreed to a trade!
I myself am confused by this trade as the Devils have traded for a player who is said to be on the Free Agents? Montreal in the games mind has come out ahead on this trade gaining a 7 value and losing a 6.


This does add some depth to the Canadians who could use some in the forward position. Other then this no new news to talk about.

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As september 9th arrives I find myself looking at two new trades in the NHL. they are as followed.
This trade here is what I believe to be Toronto trying to get a better Defence core (much needed) while giving up a decent offensive brute style player to the wild.
The two younger centres will most likely never play much in the NHL or be a 4th liner. 
The second trade is.


This trade here is a little more confusing to me on the end of Edmonton who is getting a very unproven potential player (something they have so much of already) and giving up a player who has proven to be able to put up decent numbers. I give this trade win to the Panthers and shake my head at the GM of the Edmonton Oilers!

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Just a day before preseason starts and another trade has materialized in the NHL. this time including a team that looks like it is trying to move around some pieces to win some more games this year. 


Toronto seems to be shipping out some of their depth forwards and looking to replace them with a more defence style of play and players. I am interested in this trade as the Leafs already have a decent goaltending pair but I am looking forward to seeing where this guy ends up in the NHL. as for buffalo any type of player will help them at all, even if it is a 15 point a season player.

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IT'S SEASON TIME! With October 1, rolling around the Yotes are gearing up for the start of what is hoped to be a good season. No changes were made this off season, but time is still remaining for that to happen. 
Since the last update two more trades have happened they are
I want to let some time go and get some feedback so before the season starts I would love to know what everyone thinks about the things I have done so far. I have tried to make a trade to get a better left winger on my second line but that failed so far. I am still looking around the league however for some possible upgrades as my left wing spot is in some dire need of help.


I hope everyone is enjoying my Dynasty so far and please let me know what you would like to see in the future to make it more entertaining to read.

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gearing up for the season here are the lines and tactics.
My goal for my lineup is to rely heavily on my top six and to put less pressure on my bottom six as they are not where I would like them to be stat wise. I hope that this doesn't over work my top six, however since S. Doan is the oldest player on that lineup I think I will be okay.


The tactics in FHM has always confused me and this is where I could use the most help. I have no real idea what the shoot/pass means but I would be open to any changes that anyone thinks would help!

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October 3, 2013


Home Opener!


The 'Yotes face the New York Rangers and King Henry on their first game of the season. This game, which looked like a blow out at one time turned into a solid, hard fought game in the end and the 'Yotes where able to finish the game on top of the Rangers for their first win and the first win for new GM Dean Wells



L. Korpikoski comes away with the game winner and the 'Yotes get production from a bunch of different sources.


If there is one thing to touch on in this game it would have to be the lack of ability for the 'Yotes to come away with more goals as they went 1-5 on the PP. If this is something that continues a new lineup may be needed or change in the Tactics!


October 5, 2013


The first game away from home for the 'Yotes sees them up against the San Jose Sharks. This game was a battle of the special teams and the Sharks came away with the win. The way that the 'Yotes played does not hold well if this becomes a common occurrence.



The downside to this game was the 3 PP goals given up by the 'Yotes. If the 'Yotes would have been a little more clean in their game they could have left with the W instead of the L.


To add insult to the lose the 'Yotes have lost RD Derek Morris for 3 weeks with a herniated disc! RD David Rundblad will be dressed and play in the meanwhile. The new lineups look as followed.



October 8, 2013


The 'Yotes are in New York to take on the 2-0-0 New York Islanders. The 'Yotes go into this game with the worst PK in the league at just 50% but are able to kill off the only penalty they took. They again were unable to capitalize fully on the PP and went 1-6. But all together the 'Yotes pulled together for the 5-2 win!



October 10,2013


The 'Yotes are on game 3 of a 5 game road trip taking on the very rested Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings are the worst offensive team so far this season with 3 goals in 3 games, while allowing 9 goals in 3 games. They also have one of the worst PP in the league at a mere 8%.



A strong 2 period by the 'Yotes brings them their third win of the season and two straight on the road trip!


October 11,2013


The 'Yotes are in Philly today to take on the Flyers on this back-to-back road trip game. Smith gets the night off with Thomas Greiss getting the start. The 'Yotes are looking to make it three straight with a W in this game and make sure they go back to Arizona with a winning road trip!



A breakout game for Thomas Greiss as he finishes with an incredible .971 save percentage! The 'Yotes make this three straight and are cruising through the road trip at the moment!


The one down side at the moment is M. Riberio is DtD with hip soreness and will miss the next 6 days and probably the next two games. in his absence the lineups will look like so.28qx8hg.png


October 13, 2013

The 'Yotes finish their road trip with a stop in Carolina! the Hurricanes are a top team in the league posting the same 4-1-0 record as the 'Yotes but are among the top teams in goals, PP, and PK! This will be a huge test for the 'Yotes to see if they can hang with the big boys!



Despite being outshot and outplayed most of the first the 'Yotes where able to crack the hurricanes and land their 4th straight win! going 2-4 on the PP and having a crazy game from Mike Smith with a 97.1 save%! The 'Yotes now take a 5-1-0 record home for their next game!


October 15, 2013

The 'Yotes play host to the Ottawa Senators tonight, the 'Yotes bring into this game the best record in the Western Conference as they take on the team tied for the best record in the Eastern Conference. Mike Riberio is still a few days away from returning but the 'Yotes are handling themselves even without their top centre.



after being up by two early the 'Yotes lost momentum and found themselves down by one going into the second. The Senators didn't give up and finished the 'Yotes off 5-3 to end their winning streak at four games. Mike Smith had a horrible game finishing with a 83.9 save%. Bobby Ryan got the best of the 'Yotes and goes home with a 5 point night.


October 18, 2013

The 'Yotes head to Anaheim to take on the Ducks who have had a subpar start to their season at 2-4-0. This game allows the 'Yotes to take it to their division rivals and put them back on top of the Western Conference. Mike Riberio is back in the lineup for this game and the lines return to how they were prior to injury.



After a evenly played and scoreless first period the 'Yotes get on the board with a SH goal by none other than Mike Riberio. The 'Yotes would go on to get 2 more goals before Anaheim was able to get one by Smith with 30 seconds to go. The 'Yotes now improve to 6-2-0!

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October 19, 2013
The second back-to-back of the season comes against the Red Wings while the 'Yotes are home. Thomas Greiss will get his second start of the season as the 'Yotes go for win number 7 while the Red Wings look to get off the skid they started the year with going 2-6-0 to start. 2rzw8x3.png
After a disaster of a first period ending 4-0 for Detroit the 'Yotes are not able to pull back and end up losing their back-to-back against the high powered offence of the Red Wings. Thomas Greiss ends the game with a save percentage of 80%!
October 22, 2013
The 'Yotes are hosting the 5 game road tripping Calgary flames who are on the second game of a back-to-back and having won their last two games (only two wins of the season so far). Mike Smith is back in net as the 'Yotes hope to bounce back from their own lost against the wings!n5pnic.png
After a pretty bland start to the game the 'Yotes turn it on in the second half of the second period and never look back. The legs of the Flames didn't look to be working all that great after a hard fought win the night before. 
October 24, 2013
The 'Yotes head to LA to take on the Kings in what looks like it will be a hard fought game between some of the best teams in the league! with 21 saves tonight Mike Smith would have 7000 on his career!15znlly.png
With 34 saves Mike Smith gets over his 7000 saves and more importantly a 4-3 win! Mike Riberio almost single handily wins this games for the 'Yotes with a hat trick and first star!
October 26, 2013/U]
The 'Yotes invite the Edmonton Oilers to town! Edmonton who is having an average season to date will be matched up against a real tough Arizona team who is a single point out of first in the Western Conference!2hg76e8.png
Mike Smith has a killer game stopping all 35 shots the Oilers took on him and the 'Yotes figure a way past Martin Brodeur 4 times as the 'Yotes win again and keep right on rolling in the first month of the season!
October 29, 2013
Good news for the 'Yotes as Derek Morris is back in the lineups! the 'Yotes host LA for the first time and second meeting of the month! their starting lineups with the reintroduction of Derek Morris looks like this!2ikxv2s.png
Penalties end of killing the 'Yotes in the end as they give up 3 PP goals and drop this game 5-3 against the Kings. 
October 31, 2013
on a spooky last night of the month in Arizona the 'Yotes host rival Nashville Predators! the 'Yotes are hoping for a good end to the month of October and hopefully a bounce back game after the lost to LA.1z5i1io.png


despite being heavily outshot the Arizona Coyotes come out with a dominating 4-0 win against the Nashville Predators. Mike Smith had a busy night in net stopping all of the 35 shots he faced for his second shutout of the season and the coyotes finished off October in style!

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The start of November the 'Yotes enter in with a 10-4-0 record for 20 points and first in the Western Conference. The bright stars on the team in the past month has been Riberio and Vrabata who both have 16 points in 14 or less games. The upcoming month will be the true test as to if the 'Yotes can keep up with their amazing play!

November 2, 2013
Tonight the Arizona Coyotes head into San Jose for their second meeting of the year. The 'Yotes will look to continue their hot start and bring the season series back even and get redemption for their 4-2 loss on October 5. The Sharks look to gain ground on the Coyotes who sit only 3 points ahead of them in the conference!
After what is a great first period by Mike Smith facing and rejecting all 11 shots he faced the 'Yotes take a 1-0 lead on only 5 shots with a goal from Vermette!
The second period sees the 'Yotes give up their one goal lead within a minute on a San Jose PP, and a second goal coming within the last 5 minutes of the period to send the 'Yotes down 2-1. Luckily for the 'Yotes Vermette gets his second goal of the game with less then 2 minutes to go in the period and the game goes into the 3rd period tied 2-2 and shots being 17-19 in favour of the Sharks
in the 3rd Vermette finishes off the hat trick with another goal giving the 'yotes the late 3rd period lead only to have the game tied up by the sharks with less then three minutes to go in the period sending the first game of November into overtime with the shots all tied up at 28!
within the first two minutes of overtime Vlasic gets one past Mike Smith and the San Jose sharks come away with the 4-3 OT victory over the 'Yotes. The 'yotes do get their first OT loss of the season and keep on rolling with only giving up a point on the lead they have over the Sharks.
In the game sadly for the 'Yotes they end up losing RD Derek Morris for the second time this season after he missed from October 5 - 27. Morris is only expected to miss the next 7 days and a few games, in the meanwhile RD David Rundblad will take over for the next few games as he did before.
November 5, 2013
The 'Yotes are at home tonight to take on the high powered first in the league offence of the Vancouver Canucks for the first time for the season!
The game starts out very even as both teams play very well defensively and keep each other off the score board until less then 3 minutes left in the first Vermette scores his 4th goal in the last two nights to give the coyotes the 1-0 lead heading into the 2nd period.
The second period plays much like the first with both teams not giving an inch to the other, Vancouver on the PowerPlay is able to tie up the game and Loungo stands tall in net not giving the Coyotes the opportunity to score and take the lead back. The shots are all tied up at 17 as the game goes into the 3rd a 1-1 tie.
In the third period the Vancouver Canucks take the lead on the Coyotes by a goal from Daniel Sedin at 8:34 in the period. The coyotes tries hard but Loungo never lets another shot through. The Coyotes loss again in the month of November and people are starting to wonder if their month of October was a fluke.
November 6, 2013
The Coyotes head to Anahiem for a back-to-back game after a devastating lost to the Vancouver Canucks the night before. The Coyotes look to shake off what has been a poor offensive output by everyone on the team besides Vermette who enters this game with 4 goals in the past 2 games. the Coyotes have the advantage in the series so far this year at 1-0-0 after a 3-1 win in Anahiem on October 18. They look to bounce back against a very poor 4-11-1 Ducks team.
The ducks come out shooting the lights out and get off to the early 3-1 lead against the Coyotes. Thomas Greiss started in net to let Mike Smith rest a little but after only stopping less then 75% of the shots he faced Mike Smith comes in to try and help the Coyotes get off a little slump.
In the second period the wheels fall off for the Coyotes as they are sent to the box 4 times and give up 3 PP goals! the Ducks add another one and the Coyotes get 2 for themselves as they head into the 3rd period a 7-3 game!
The third period doesn't get any easier for the Coyotes as Teemu Selanne scores his 4th goal of the game and the Ducks outplay the Coyotes for the third straight period finishing the game with 9 goals!!! the Coyotes do get a goal from Stone on the PP and get 4 goals themselves but the defence falls to sleep in this game and hands the Coyotes their third loss and they are without a win yet in the month of November!

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November 9, 2013
With the resent slide going on in Arizona young coach and GM Dean Wells has decided to give his third line a boost in their playing time from an average of 12-15 minutes of play a game as they have been producing points in the last few games at a much higher rate then any other line on the team. Coach Dean has also told reporters that he is disappointed in the lack of offence his team has been showing and wants more intensity to be out there from the start of the game!
On the 9th the Coyotes will host 5-9-2 Washington Capitals. The Coyotes will look to bounce back and get their first win in the month of November!
before the start of the 1st period word has broke that coach Dean Wells has made a lineup switch sending A. Vermette up to the second line while moving M. Hanzal down to the 3rd. Coach Wells was quoted saying "Hanzal is on a slump and Vermette is really hot right now, I want my best guys playing together and either Vermette will keep streaking or Hanzal will start playing harder!"
The first period starts and ends with the Capitals scoring, one from Ovechkin and the other a PP goal from Ward. The Coyotes offence (ranked 5th in the NHL) has yet to show up in the game but Coach Dean has belief that his team will come out on top!
The Second period starts out with a PP goal for Vrbata getting the Arizona offence back on track unfortunately late in the period Ovechkin pockets his second goal of the night leading the Capitals to a 3-1 lead heading into the third period.
The Third period becomes a goal fest in the first 7 minutes of play with a combined 5 goals on 8 shots! the Coyotes opened the period with a second goal by Vrbata and then less then a minute later a goal by third line rightwing D.Moss (assisted by Hanzal). the Capitals respond with a third goal by the great 8 but Vrbata answers right back 1:12 seconds later with his third goal of the night as well! with the game tied Moss is able to net his second of the night at 6:52 and then Mike Smith shuts the game down leading to the first win of the month for the Coyotes!
Coach Dean is quoted as saying "This is the type of game that I knew my guys were capable of playing, We came out and shot the lights out with a team not known for their scoring ability! We would love to see the defence intensity step it up and not allow 4 goals in the game but at the end of the day a W is a W and we are leaving the game with 2 points and end out slump!"
November 12, 2013
Good news for the Coyotes as Top RD D. Morris is back from injury giving the Coyotes a defensive boost that they have been missing over the past 3-4 games. The Coyotes are in St. Louis to take on Conference rivals the Blues who have had a slow start to the season going 6-7-2. The Coyotes look to win 2 straight games for the first time in a while and build on the game they had against the Capitals.
After peppering the goal the Coyotes finish the period with giving up two goals in two seconds (A little bit unrealistic I would say but whatever!) to Steen and Roy. Coach Dean and the intermission says "This is not new to us, we have been in a place like this before. We are going to play our game and come out with the W again!"
The second period sees both teams play great defence and ends the same way that it started a 2-0 lead for the Blues!
In the third period the Coyotes are able to come back with goals from Schlemko and Moss to tie the game up! Unfortunately with less then 5 minutes to go in the game Backes scores and the blues never give up the lead.
The coyotes drop this game 3-2 in St. Louis, after the game Coach Wells says "I was proud of my boys for going out there and fighting all they could in the 3rd period. Sometimes you can do everything and still not come away with the W. We will regroup and get out there again and the Coyotes will keep on doing what we have been doing all season long!"
November 14, 2013
The Coyotes take on a huge test tonight going into first place Chicago and looking to come out with the win. There has also been rumours going around the locker and news rooms that GM and Coach Dean Wells has placed Hanzal on the Trading Block! while Dean Wells has not made a public comment about it Hanzal has already lost his second line job this season and his playing time is going down as time moves on. 
The first period is a goalie matchup with both teams peppering the goalies but neither letting anything through. The shots on goal are 15-14 in favour of the Coyotes heading into the second.
in the second the Blackhawks get on the board first with a goal by Shaw but that is responded with by a goal from Moss about 5 minutes later. It looks like the game will be going into the third tied 1-1 until Sharp puts one in with 28 seconds remaining in the period. The coyotes go into the third period down again against what is a very good Blackhawks team!
The third period belongs to the Blackhawks who star the period off with two goals by Shaw in less then 20 seconds. Korpikoski tries to bring life back to Arizona with a goal at 1:42 mark but it won't do much as the Blackhawks go on to score a 5th time with Leddy scoring at 5:32 in the third.



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November 16, 2013
The month of November has been very tough for the Coyotes and they have slowly slipped down to 4th in the conference. Today they take on the 8-8-3 Lightening. No major news has come out of Arizona lately and it seems like the trade rumours have died down a little bit, coach Wells says "I want the members of this team to focus on winning games not on who is going to stay or go."
The first period starts much like the first period of the Chicago game where both teams are shooting out the lights but goalies are staying on guard. The Coyotes have been graced with 2 PP situations and have yet to tally on them.
The second period ends much like the first with the Coyotes being given more opportunities to score on what is now a 0-5 PP for the night! Bishop is standing tall with 23 saves and Mike Smith is getting tons of help form his defence who has blocked 10 shots!
The third period was all Tampa as they outshot the Coyotes 16-6 but neither team was able to get onto the board taking this game into OT. The Coyotes are able to at least get a point this game which is something that will help them stay up in the Western Conference!
The OT doesn't solve anything and the game goes to a SO. The Coyotes are not able to win and leave the game with only 1 point, but with confidence after playing a very tough and hard-nosed game!
November 21, 2013
The Coyotes have the Avalanche in town tonight which could be a huge game for both teams! Colorado is only 4 points out of a playoff position in the West and the Coyotes are trying their hardest in this month to keep within the top 8 and are only 2 points from dropping out!
The first period ends up being a flat period on the end of the Coyotes who do not look like they are fighting as hard as they should be and they go into the intermission down 1-0 from a Stastny goal only 6 minutes into the period.
The second period sees nothing change, The Coyotes are getting a little more into the game and starting to show a little more fight but they have not been able to get onto the scoreboard yet, and the Avalanche dont seem to be letting up defensively.
The third period sees the Coyotes get a pitiful 3 shots on goal and the Coyotes get an insurance marker at 10 minutes into the period to win the game 2-0. Coach Wells says in the post game press conference that "changes are on its way if the team keeps playing flat like this!"
November 23, 2013
The Coyotes are handed the chance to not only get redemption from a horrible loss to the Ducks earlier this month but to get back into the winning mind set with this game against the still terrible Ducks! Coach Wells has done nothing to the lineups but has told his top lines if they do not show up changes are coming!
The coyotes get on the board first, in what has become a rarity this month, with a PP goal by Hanzal! in net Mike Smith has played strong and is not letting anything though as the Coyotes double the Ducks shots 14-7! and start the game 1-3 on the PP.
The second period is much of the same as the Coyotes and Ducks continue to battle hard. The Coyotes are not as hot on the shot aspect as they only get off 9 shots this period but do get one in on Ekman Larsson shot. The Ducks who get another 7 shots are still held without a goal so far this game heading into the third.
The third period sees the Ducks come out flying getting off 13 shots but none making there way past Mike Smith as he gets a shutout! the Coyote offence gets one more insurance marker goal by Vrbata and the Coyotes get two points and the lead in the season series 2-1-0.
November 25, 2013
Tonight the Coyotes have the opportunity to regain 3rd in the Western Conference as they travel to Nashville to take on the 9th placed Predators. The Coyotes, who had a great game offensively and defensively against the ducks, have make no major changes to the lineups going into this game.
The first period plays pretty evenly and sees the Predators get a 1-0 lead against the Coyotes late in the period on a Fisher PP goal. Rinne is standing tall in net looking to bounce back from the 5-0 pounding the Coyotes laid on him October 31.
The Second period sees the Coyotes come back to tie and eventually take the 3-1 lead on a PP goal from Boedker, and two even strength goals from Moss and Stone. Coach Wells says in an intermission interview that "I am proud of my boys, whenever we go down we seem to find a way to get back into games and we are on the way back up from what was a hard start to this month."
The third period starts with a quick goal from Vermette less then 4 minutes in and the Coyotes go on to stop the offensive push from the Predators to take a 4-1 win and their first 2 game win streak in a very long time. After the game the sounds of excitement came from the Coyote locker room as they felt the upswing in effect.
November 27, 2013
The Coyotes head to Minnesota to continue their short road trip to take on the Wild for the first time this season. The Wild and Coyotes both have 28 points on the season and are both looking to keep up their big play and keep on getting better as the season progresses.
The first period is about as even as a hockey game can get with both teams going 0-1 on PP and getting 9 shots each! Harding and Smith are both hanging in the game as the offences of both teams are starting to gear up!
The second period sees both teams playing very well but the Coyotes end up getting one more shot on goal which leads to the 1-0 lead off of Moss' shot!
The third period sees the Wild come to life and get three unanswered goals while the Coyotes spend 12 minutes on the PK! Keith Yandle does get one back for the Coyotes but the Wild end this game with the W and the Coyotes are unable to send their win streak to 3.
November 30, 2013
November ends with the Coyotes hosting the first placed Blackhawks. The Coyotes are looking to get a W tonight so that they can have at least a 10 point month in November and bounce back from their now 6th placed seed. 
The first period sees both teams offences get going as the Blackhawks take the 3-2 lead heading into the second period. 
The second period is a defensive affair with both teams unable to crack the other one and the 3-2 game continues into the third!
The third period ends the same way it began as the Coyotes are unable to beat the Blackhawks and end the month of November in a very bad 8 point month! 



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As November ends the Coyotes stats have come down to earth! Looking at the difference in the players on pace numbers after October and after November we see just how bad of a month some of our players had,



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December 3, 2013

The first game of December sees the Coyotes in Edmonton to take on the Oilers (15-12-1). The Coyotes took game one of the series 4-0 on October 26th in Arizona and the Oilers will be looking to get back into the series and keep up there winning record.
The Oilers jumped out to the early lead in this game and by the middle of the second period had a 4-1 lead on the Coyotes. The Coyotes didn't lose due to lack of trying as they did end up scoring 4 goals in the game but the oilers offence was too much for the Coyote defence and they walk away with the 6-4 win.
December 4, 2013
The Second game of December is a back-to-back game in Calgary (6-19-1) to take on the leagues worst team. The Coyotes really need a win in this game as they only hold onto the 7th seed spot by a small 3 point margin. Arizona did beat the Flames 5-2 on October 22 in Arizona.
The Coyotes have a HUGE bounce back game. This win goes to the offence but Backup goaltender Thomas Griess had a great game as well to get the Coyotes first win of December. The Coyotes offence exploded in the first period netting 4 goals on only 9 shots! the Coyotes also played great defence and even though they took a hideous 7 penalties they were able to go 4-7 on the PK while going 2-3 on the PP. 
December 6, 2013
Continuing on their road trip the Coyotes take on the team a spot ahead of them on the standings, the Vancouver Canucks (14-13-3). The Canucks beat the Coyotes earlier this season 2-1 in Arizona and the Coyotes would like nothing more then to go into Vancouver and draw even on the season series, as well as pass them for the 6th seed in the West.
The Coyotes came out firing on all cylinders in this game and opened up a huge 4-1 lead heading into the second period. However they were unable to keep up the intensity and by the end of the second they had that 4-1 lead into a 6-4 lead. The Canucks came out in the third firing away and were able to tie the game with less then 5 minutes to go! The game went all the way to a SO where the Canucks Daniel Sedin was the only player to score and gave the win to the Canucks. The coyotes will have to settle with the 1 point and take the silver lining where they can.
December 10, 2013
The Coyotes continue their road trip (1-1-1) into Colorado (13-12-3) a team that shut them out last month in a sad 2-0 loss. The Coyotes are looking to take back a few spots in the Western conference as well as show others that they are still a team to be feared! the Ave's are on the other spectrum as they have been battling to get into the Western Conferences top 8 for over a month now and a win against they Coyotes would put them right on track!
After a pretty boring first period the Coyotes start the scoring out with a goal from Vrbata. The Coyotes go on to tally 3 more goals coming from Hanzal, Moss, and then again Vrbata. The Ave's are able to tally once on the PP from Duchene but it isn't enough to take out the Coyotes who get their second win and get point 5 of possible 8 on this road trip.
December 12, 2013
The Coyotes are back from their short road trip (2-1-1) Where they nabbed 5 of 8 points on the road and has put them in the position to make strides up the Western Conference as they hold games on every team above them and if they can capitalize could move as high as 3rd place! Tonight they take on the Eastern New York Islanders (17-11-4) who sit 7th in the East. The Coyotes hope to continue their strong play over the past week and to take out a powerful Eastern team while the Islanders are looking to just keep up and not get pushed out of the tough Eastern Conference playoff run. The Coyotes did take the game they had against the Islanders 5-2 on October 8th.
The Islanders came to play and capitalized on what has become a very rare occurrence of a bad game by Mike Smith. The Islanders opened the game by going up 3-0 within the first 5 minutes of the game and they never looked back trading goals with the Coyotes twice and finishing the game 5-2.
December 14, 2013
Todays home game comes against the Carolina Hurricanes (16-15-2) who are looking to get even with the Coyotes who beat them 3-1 in Carolina on October 13th. The Coyotes are looking for a huge win tonight that would move them up the standings and give them some room for error later down the stretch of the season.
With what turned out to be a very boring game the Hurricanes take away the 1-0 win and the Coyotes loss two straight at home. The Coyotes have been blowing the chance to move up the Western Conference order and have not capitalized on the games that matter against Eastern teams that are out of the playoff run! Some wonder if a change is afoot in the Coyote locker room.
December 17, 2013
After a short 3 day break the Coyotes head to Montreal to take on the Canadians (21-13-1) who are a powerhouse Eastern team. If the Coyotes could take out a team like the Canadians it would boost not other their confidence but also the confidence of the fans and management. The Canadians are a power team who has lost very few games and who are on the hunt to win the cup this year.
The Canadians jumped out to the lead with a PP goal in the first and held the lead heading into the second. The Second was the time when the Coyotes were able to fight their way back into the game as they tied up the game with a goal from Yandle. But the Canadians would put a final goal up in the third and the Coyote offence was unable to tie it up again and the Coyotes drop another very winnable game. To add another down side to this game the Coyotes hot hand third line winger David Moss (10G-11A in 33GP) is out for 17 days with an elbow injury.

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December 19, 2013
The Coyotes see themselves for the first time this season outside the top 8 spot in the Western Conference and slowly dipping into the lower parts of the League. Today they find themselves up against the Toronto Maple Leafs (21-12-3) in what has become a must win game for the Coyotes.
The Coyotes and Maple Leafs play tough in this game however it is the leafs who get the win in the final few minutes of the game on a Lupul PP goal! The Coyotes drop another winnable game and GM Wells has gone on record stating that the Coyotes have become complacent and okay with losing but it isn't okay with him and he wouldn't allow it!
December 21, 2013
The Coyotes take on the #1 team in the East tonight in Ottawa (25-9-3). The Coyotes who have been slumping since the start of November are looking for a way to get up and start winning some games again as the environment seems to be getting very sour in the locker room. A win tonight against the powerhouse Ottawa Senators would do wonders to help uplift the spirits of the broken Coyote players.
After a hard fought 60 minutes that saw the Coyotes losing and winning by 1 at any given time the Ottawa Senators stud forward Bobby Ryan gives the Senators the win midway through the OT period. The Coyotes do leave this game with the win and that is something that has given some hope to followers of the team as they are hoping for a turnaround with the way the Coyotes have played against some tough Eastern teams as of late. Over the wire it is heard that powerhouse player Radim Vrbata has Substained a Mid body injury and will be out for at least 4 weeks of play! this is a huge hit to the Coyotes and Vrbata who is in his last year of contract and has made it known he is testing the Free Agency waters. In his absence the Coyotes bring up Jordan Szwarz from the Portland Pirates who has 14 points in 25 games.
December 23, 2013
The Coyotes are in Buffalo to take on the Sabres (18-15-3) in what is a very winnable game for the Coyotes and one that they need to win to stop their slide deeper into the bottom of the league. 
After a good first and second period the Coyotes lose the game in the third and continue the drop from top to one of the leagues bottom feeders. Nothing really positive can be said about this game as the Coyotes have continued to lose very winnable games.
December 25, 2013
HUGE NEWS coming out of Arizona as they have sent 32 year old Radim  Vrbata and 2014 second round pick to the Edmonton Oilers for 20 year old Nail Yakapov! 
GM Wells said "We here at Arizona would like to thank Vrbata for his service that he has done as a Coyote but felt that since he refused to talk about a contract extension we as an organization needed to get something in return for the investment we have put into him."
December 27, 2013
Tonight the Arizona Coyotes will host the second placed San Jose Sharks (20-14-3) and look to add to the great performances they have had this season against the Coyotes! The Coyotes are looking for anything this game to maybe light a spark under their asses and GM Wells is hoping that the addition of young Russian stud Nail Yakapov will help!
The Coyotes come out and DOMINATE the San Jose Sharks in a 6-0 route! A bit of a surprise in the way that the Coyotes have been playing of late but a great boast for the players and a great Christmas present for GM Wells!
December 28, 2013
Tonight is another huge game for the Coyotes as they head to Anahiem to take on the Ducks (17-19-3). A win here would take the Coyotes and put them back into the 8th seed, a position currently held by the Ducks themselves! Arizona is 2-1-0 against the Ducks however they are going to be going into this game as a back-to-back and starting backup tender Thomas Greiss.
After a pretty slow start that left the Ducks leading 2-1 the Coyotes bounced back in the 2nd to take the 3-2 lead. All looked really good for the Coyotes but backup Greiss couldn't withstand the onslaught from the Ducks and they tied it up 3-3. OT wasn't enough and the Ducks and Coyotes went to a shootout that went 8 rounds deep! but they Ducks took it and the Coyotes drop once again a very winnable game!
December 31, 2013
New Years eve and the Coyotes play host to the Edmonton Oilers (19-21-1) and with a win tonight the Coyotes could take themselves from 11 to 7th in the Western Conference. The Coyotes have had a roller coaster of a past few months and are looking for a way to settle into a more stable routine.


And the Coyotes fail to win a game in regulation again! the Coyotes take another game to OT and once again fail to capitalize and lose to the Edmonton Oilers. GM Wells does not know what to do and says that nothing is out of the question going forward!

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Again lots of development happens to the young guns in the Arizona Coyotes organization and GM Wells assures everyone that he believes that the Coyotes will become a power house team soon enough.



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