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  1. Today is October 1st, 2014. Initially the start of the new NHL season and GM/Coach Wells second year at the helm of the Arizona Coyotes. Wells has plans to use more strategic timing for his goaltenders relying more heavily on Visentin then he ever did on Greiss, also the Coyotes have some very good young talent that they hope one days grows into a solid young team for the Coyotes. October 3, 2014The Coyotes are on the run to open up the new NHL season, visiting the Minnesota Wild. Projections early on see the Coyotes as having the edge on the Wild simply because of their new depth with added rookies Domi and Gormley.The stars to watch out for on the Minnesota team are Parise, Koivu and Suter. Beyond those guys GM Wells believes the Coyotes can handle anything thrown at them.The first period sees the Coyotes defence come out strong holding the Wild to no shots on net until the 10 minute mark of the first period. Unfortunately for the Coyotes they were unable to convert on the two PP opportunities and will go down into the second intermission because of a LaRose goal at 14:12. The Coyotes end up getting only 2 shots after the 10 minute mark and also head into the break trailing the Wild in shot totals 8-7.The second periods sees a new hero on the Arizona bench... the post! as five Minnesota shots ring off of it and this game would be a completely different story without it there. The Coyotes offence and defence look like they are still in the offseason as they muster up no game whatsoever for the Coyotes and see a pitiful 5 shots on net while giving up 16 of there own. The Coyotes are lucky to be going into the break down 3-0 to a team that could be destroying them.The third period is one that the Coyotes can be proud about as they finally showed they have some heart getting good on defence and showing life on offence. The Coyotes were also hit with the post bug as Lauri Korpikoski put one off of the post early into the period. The fun didn't stop there for the Coyotes however they outworked the Wild and ended up outshooting them 11-6. GM Wells said after the game that "I want each and ever game to be like the 3rd period was for the boys tonight. We worked really hard and we showed resilience in that period, take away the second period and this is a completely different hockey game!" The Coyotes were able to get on the board from a Michael Stone point shot assisted by OEL and Mike Ribeiro. The Coyotes can come away with a few good points from this game, they did out shot block, out face-off win, take away, hit and finished the game with less turnovers. On paper the Coyotes look like a team that should have won the game if it wasn't for the terrible mishaps in the second period.
  2. OffseasonThis is a big offseason for the Coyotes as they decide who they bring back, who they sign, what rookies they bring up ect. Draft:The Coyotes get the third overall pick, with Reinhart and Bennett gone before them the Coyotes picked up Jake Virtanen as he is a big strong player that the Coyotes think will become a huge success for the Coyotes in the future with presence in front of the net, hoping to be a PaHornquivt type of player.The Coyotes did not have their 2nd round pick this year but we were able to work around that as we got young 18 year old sniper/playmaker Nikolaj Ehlers (who was able to get a 24-50-74 in 65 games on the Mooseheads in the QMJHL) in the 3rd. In the Coyote organization we see Ehlers turning into a nice 2nd or 3rd liner who will put up 15-20 goals and 50 points a season. The one downside to Ehlers is his size, he only stands at 5'11” and only weighs in at 164.The Coyotes fourth round pick was Goaltender Andrej Kosaristan a twenty year old goaltender playing in the EXL. The Coyotes hope that Andrej will become a NHL backup goaltender to Visentin after Mike Smith contract runs out and his time as a NHL starter is over (his contract is 6M/5year deal which will take him to 37, which is something that the Coyotes are going to have to think about in the future if he starts to decline in production.The Coyotes fifth round pick was Ayrton Nikkel the defensemen of the Saskatoon Blades. Ayrton is one of the more talented players at the moment in the squad of draftees boasting a 6.0a overall already. Although Ayrton will most likely be starting the year on the AHL team and doesn’t look like he will ever be more then a NHL injury call up as he only has potential of 6.5a.The Coyotes sixth round pick is smaller Centre Alex Forsberg who currently plays for the Prince George Cougars in the in the WHL where he got 28-25-53 in 63 games played. The Coyotes are going to let Alex spend one more year in the WHL playing for Prince George to see if he improves at all as he has many skills where he lacks. If he doesn’t improve much in his last year of minor league hockey he can see a future of AHL hockey with the possibility to be called up in injury duty.In the seventh round the Coyotes have two back to back picks which they use on RD Andreas Radin who is playing over in the SA league who was able to go 5-15-20 in 35 games. Like most of the late picks in the draft Radin wont be sees as much in the way of becoming an NHL player but if he does improve he may be able to get into the bottom six defensemen on some NHL team.The second seventh round pick is RW Henrik Nyberg who plays on the Kelowna Rockets who went 15-16-31 in 55 GP. Henrik will be much like Alex Forsberg in he will most likely become a career AHL player who may have the chance to coming up to the NHL if he gets better and injury happens in the NHL team. Coyotes RosterGoaltenders:Louis Domingue (6.0a/6.0a) Playing last year on the Coyotes ECHL team Gwinnett Gladiators Louis is most likely going to be my AHL starting goaltender this year with his decent Goalie ratings. I don’t see Louis Domingue ever being an NHL goaltender but he should be a good AHL goaltender to put in our system.Mike Lee (5.5a/6.0a) Mike Lee spend last year as the starting goaltender on our AHL team but will most likely be the backup for Louis on the AHL team. I would be shocked if Mike really ever gets above 5.5 or 6 so I do not see him getting to an NHL level anytime soon.Mike Smith (8.0a/8.0a) Mike smith, who played 58 games last season before the Coyotes decided to try and tank the year, will be at the helm again this year. The Coyotes are looking for a bounce back year as Mike did finish the season with a 2.73 GAA and .913 Save% which are quite higher then his career averages.Mark Visentin (6.0a/6.5a) Mark Visentin who played ten games last year for Arizona and finished with a 3.19 GAA and .897 Save% will be backing up Smith this year on the Coyotes. The Coyotes are hoping for Mark to get higher then his 6.5 potential as they are hoping he is the net minder of the future for the team after Mike Smith retires/cant play starting goaltender anymore. Defensemen:Oliver Ekman Larsson (8.5a/8.5a) after a decent season 8-38-46 in 82 games last year OEL has very likely taken over the top defensemen role on the Coyotes team. He is considered a great player for any team in the league and with being under contract for another 5 years at 4M a year the Coyotes will get great work out of the 22 year old defender.Brandon Gornley (6.5a/7.5a) another young defensemen for the Coyotes Brandon put up 29 PTS in 61 GP for the Pirates last year and will most likely be taking over the 3rd line spot on the Coyotes depending on if the Coyotes can open up some playing space with a trade of David Schlemko.David Schlemko (6.5a/6.5a) Last year David Schlemko slightly under performed for the Coyotes only getting 19 points in the 77 games he played. The Coyotes will be openly shipping Schlemko for some future picks/prospects.Keith Yandle (A) (8.0a/8.0a) A great Assistant captain for the Coyotes who did finish last season a little bit lower then expected with only 28 points in 82 games. The Coyotes are going to be using Keith and OEL together this year much more then in the past and hopefully the two will be able to both be able to put up 40 point seasons.Rostislav Klesla (6.0a/6.0a) Klesla is a very underutilized player on the Coyotes making 2.975M this year and next while only getting 5 games last season. The Coyotes are also going to be shipping Klesla on the market this year for picks/prospects as they have the talent in the defensive end of the team.Mark Louis (5.5a/6.0a) Mark Louis will again be playing for the Pirates this year as he did last. Louis is someone who is a complete AHL player who probably wont ever see NHL time at all.James Melindy (5.5a/6.5a) 20 year old James is someone who could possibly come up to the NHL at some time but is highly unlikely if he doesn’t progress to his expected or exceed potential. The Coyotes will be playing James on the Pirates again this year and are hoping for a better year then last.Zbynek Michalek (7.0a/7.0a) A good prime player for the Coyotes Michalek will see most of his time on the second defensive pairing and PK. Michalek had a little bit of a small insurgence of his career last year with 20 points in a full season. The Coyotes are hoping that Michalek gets a few more points this year and gets his +/- under control this year.Connor Murphy (6.5a/7.5a) The young man player for the Coyotes are another young player that may be able to play up on the Coyotes main team of be a player to come up in case of injury and have one more year in the AHL.David Rundblad (6.5a/7.5a) Another young defensemen that was highly underutilized by the Coyotes last year but finished with 23 points in the 35 games played will most likely be getting more time this year for the Coyotes in what will be his first full season. The Coyotes are hoping for a huge bump this year in Rundblad's game that will send him over the top.Michael Stone (7.5a/7.5a) one last young defensemen for the Coyotes who had a good full season of play for 23 point in 82 games. Michael saw time on the PP and that helped him develop the way that he did this year. The Coyotes will again look to keep Michael on their top 6 and hope for another productive year for the young NHLer Left Wingers:Mikkel Boedker (7.5a/7.5a) Mikkel, even though he had some injuries was a good player for the Coyotes last year getting 43 points in 71 games. However I would have liked to see Boedker net more then 13 goals his season was respectable and showed a great improvement form his last full season where he only got 24 points in 82 games. Boedker will most likely see himself on the 2nd line this year for the Coyotes.Nikolaj Ehlers (5.5a/7.5a) Young draftee Nikolaj Ehlers who recently signed 920K/3YR deal with the Coyotes will most likely start the season in the AHL but if he promises and develops like he can will more likely see himself in the NHL as a great third round pick!Rob Klinkhammer (6.5a/6.5a) Klinkhammer was a great shinning point for the Coyotes last season getting a full 74 games and able to get 32 points for the Coyotes (8th in points for the Coyotes). Klinkhammer is in the final year of his contract with the Coyotes and his play this season can seal his future with the Coyotes or not.Lauri Korpikoski (6.5a/7.0a) Korpikoski is another player that they Coyotes need to make a decision about over the season. He is about to enter his prime at 27 years of age and does have a decent 2.5M/3YR deal with the Coyotes and does have some room for growth but it is something that has to be seen. Korpikoski is coming off of a decent season getting 39 points in 76 games which is one of the best seasons of his careers. Lucas Lessio (6.5a/7.0a) Lessio played his first full NHL season last year and was less then sensational for the Coyotes only getting 14 points in 74 games. Lessio still has 2 years on his contracts and the Coyotes are hoping that he grows into the player that they expected when he was drafted in 2011.Brandon McMillan (6.0a/6.5a) McMillan is in his 7th season and looking to get back into the NHL after being sent down to the AHL last season. Most likely McMillan will see himself back down into the AHL to start the season this year, but could play himself into the NHL if he plays well in the AHL again this season.Jake Virtanen (6.5a/8.5a) This years third overall draft pick will most likely see himself in the AHL for the start of the year but most likely will be in the NHL sometime soon. At only the age of 17 the Coyotes think a season or two of playing down in the lower league could really see his play develop. Centres:Chris Brown (6.0a/6.5a) Brown was a decent player for the Pirates last year and will see himself back down in the AHL to start the year for the Coyotes. Not much to say about Brown as he is most likely going to be an AHLer for life unless he can grow way beyond what he is projected.Kyle Chipchura (6.5a/6.5a) Kyle is the type of player that works amazingly well on the 4th line for the Coyotes, a position he played last year where he was able to get 20 points. The centre depth did get much better this year with the addition of Max Domi to the Coyotes and Kyle could see himself starting the season in the AHL or on the trade list as the Coyotes may not have a huge amount of need for him.Max Domi (7.0a/7.5a) Coming off of a great season in the OHL this 19 year old is looking to make waves with the Coyotes this season and to take advantage of the chances he is given. Most likely Domi will be seeing third line time behind Ribeiro and Hanzal but he is planning on making the most out of it and shooting the Coyotes what he is made out of.Martin Hanzal (7.5a/7.5a) After spending most of last year on the Trade List (TL) Hanzal turned around his season and showed the Coyotes why he should be on this team getting 55 points in 82 games and netting 25 goals. Hanzal is in the running to be on the first line centre and will be battling it out with Ribeiro for the position.Jordan Marinook (6.0a/6.5a) Marinook is more of an AHL defensive centre then anything. He most likely wont see the NHL this season but if he can continue to grown and shows improvements the Coyotes may want to watch out for this young kid as a guy to take over for the likes of Chipchura or Vermette.Mike Riberio (7.5a/7.5a) Mike was a shinning light for the Coyotes most of last season and if it wasn’t for the mixup at the end of the year which saw him on the fourth line for a majority of the end of the year could have finished the season with way more then 58 points. Riberio is expected to be the first line centre this season but no lines have been set just yet.Henrik Samuelsson (6.5a/7.5a) A big strong young centre Samuelsson is most likely going to be in the AHL this season but will be a great replacement if anything comes along the way of a trade of Vermette or Chipchura.Brendan Shinnimin (6.0a/6.0a) An AHLer for life Shinnimin puts up pretty good numbers for a guy in the AHL but just doesn’t have the skill to make it as a professional NHLer centre.Antoine Vermette (6.5a/6.5a) Vermette will be looking to reproduce the season he had last year where he got 29 points. This is his last season of his 3.75M contract and with young players like Samuelsson ready to take over his place is a great trading asset for the Coyotes this year or at the deadline. Right Wings:Paul Bissonnette (7.0a/7.0a) After a good year last year for Paul he is looking to reproduce the same results again this year. He still has 2 years left on his deal with the Coyotes but at the end will most likely look at the last two years as a way to get an upgrade in his paydays. Paul is fighting on the Coyotes for the third or fourth line RW.Shane Doan Β© (7.0a/7.0a) On the last track of his career Captain Shane Doan is looking to keep his season like he did last year. While he was able to slightly resurge his career late with a 38 point season last year, Doan will most likely be a second or third line winger on the Coyotes. The Coyotes are wanting to see him get his PIM down from last year which was almost double his prior seasons totals.Phil Lane (5.5a/6.5a) This AHLer is still looking to get into the NHL. After not playing last year he hopes that with time in the AHL and his size he may be able to get onto the Coyotes when the contracts of Doan and Bissonnette end or retire. Phil has a long way to go and the Coyotes expect that he will be a career AHLer.David Moss (7.0a/7.0a) This 32 year old showed the Coyotes last year that he was the real deal getting 37 points (his 2nd highest total but with a substantial fewer games). He has made his case for a 2nd line bid but his poor conditioning (7) could make him a liability with the amount of minutes he would get going from the 13:15 he got last year to around 16.Tobias Reider (6.0a/6.5a) Tobias is much in the same boat as Phil Lane only with a little more experience. Many do not see him making it to the NHL anytime soon and his lack of size does make it harder for him to be seen as an enforcer and his offence would have to carry him to the NHL. Many within the Coyote organization see Reider as a career AHLer. Nail Yakupov (7.5a/8.0a) This Russian sensation will be the biggest signing that the Coyotes need to make this year, as they hope to lock up this 20 year old for many seasons to come and hope for continued success like this past season where Nail split 53 points between the Coyotes and Oilers. The Coyotes expect that Nail will be wanting a lot more then his 925K/YR he is making at the moment to continue his career in Arizona. GM Wells has continued to show his love for the Edmonton Oilers getting their 3rd round pick in trade for Rostislav Klesla. The Coyotes now have the ability to bring up Connor Murphy, David Rundblad, or Brandon Gornley. Depending on the wishes of GM Wells The Coyotes have shopped another trade sending 27 year old defence man David Schlemko and 18 year old 5th round pick from this year Ayrton Nikkel in exchange for a 3rd round draft picks from the LA kings in the 2015 and 2016 draft. This trade again opens up another Defence spot for Connor Murphy, David Rundblad, or Brandon Gornley. The Coyotes have agreed to a contract extension with Russian Nail Yakupov at 3.2M/3YR. The Coyotes have now secured him for another few years and hope to continue to develop this young scoring talent. The Coyotes have recently signed Forward Rookie Henrik Nyberg (6.0a/6.5a) and Centre Rookie Laurent Dauphin (6.0a/6.5a) both of which are going to be used in the AHL or ECHL as backup injury reserves for the season. As september rolls around here are the tentative starting lineups for the Arizona Coyotes
  3. April 1, 2014Today is April Fools but GM Wells says there is no time for games as they take on the how powered Winnipeg Jets (43-27-6) who sit as one of the NHL elite teams.The first period is a punch for punch kind of game as the Jets and Coyotes trade blows and end the period with the Jets up 2-1.The second period sees the Jets start to take the lead over the Coyotes as they add two more goals as the Coyotes are only able to get 1 on the board and head to the third down 4-2.The third period sees the Coyotes get another SH goal (they sit #1 in the NHL for them) but they are not able to get ahead of the Jets and lose the game 4-3. April 2, 2014The Coyotes head to LA tonight to take on the Kings (45-28-3) to take on another top team in the league. Young goalie stud Visentin will be in net for the Coyotes on the back end of this back-to-back.The first period sees a tight hitting game as the Coyotes and Kings are both not able to get any real good shot chances and the game goes into the second tied up at still at zero.The second period sees the Coyotes get on the board first from a shot from young gun Nail Yakupov, the glory is short lived as less then 4 minutes later Slava Voynov ties up the game for the Kings. both teams go into the third at the same way they started the game, tied.The third period comes to an end with a victor coming out of the game in the form of a Jeff Carter goal 7 minutes into the third period. April 4, 2014Tonight the Coyotes are at home to take on the Edmonton Oilers (36-33-8) and are looking to see the better of the season series as both teams are 2-1-1 in it.The first period sees young star Lauri Korpikoski get the goal that sets the Coyotes on the board and to take the lead of 1-0 into the second period. The Coyotes defence stands strong as the Oilers are only able to muster a pitiful 4 shots on net in the first period.The second period sees the Oilers offence start going as they get goals from young start Taylor Hall and old veteran Ryan Smyth. The Coyotes are unable to do much on the offensive side of the game and go into the third period down 2-1.The third finally sees a good offensive surge from the Oilers as they get 17 shots on the net and get 3 goals, one from old Coyote Radim Vrbata and the oilers win this on 5-2. April 8, 2014The Coyotes tonight head to Columbus to take on the Blue Jackets (42-30-7) as the Coyotes currently sit at 29 in the NHL 3 points ahead of the Calgary Flames, the Coyotes have done what they can to go for the 1st overall pick but the Flames seem to also have that pick in mind.The first period sees the net minder Visentin stand strong against 13 Blue Jackets shots not letting one through as the Coyotes offence struggles to go only getting 5 shots.The second period sees the Coyotes defence step up only giving up 4 shots which Visentin sends them all back at the Blue Jackets while D. David Rundblad gets the first goal for the Coyotes.The third period sees the Coyotes get 2 more goals and take the win over the Blue Jackets 3-1 on the back of Visentin who stopped 21 of 22 shots he faced.April 10, 2014Tonight the Coyotes take on the Predators (38-35-6) a team they have had great success against this year going 2-0-0 and outscoring the Predators 9-1 in the two games so far.The first period sees not a ton of action as both teams not being able to get a goal in the net and no team really dominating each other at all.The second period sees the games first goals as Mike Fisher for NSH and David Rundblad for ARZ getting goals. Both teams are still playing very evenly and no team is able to really break away from each other at the moment.The third period sees Jordan Szwarz get his first NHL goal less then 30 seconds into the game which looks to be the final goal of the game until Mike Fisher gets his second of the game with only 1 minute left to go forcing the game into OT.OT sees the Coyotes being on the defensive as they get a penalty only 24 seconds into the period but like they have done all season the Coyotes get a SH goal by Lucas Lessio to take the win and sweep the Predators season series. April 12, 2014Tonight the Coyotes are at home to take on the San Jose Sharks (41-34-6) as the Coyotes are still trying to get down for a great first round pick!The first period starts with the Sharks being able to outshot the Coyotes by almost double as they get up to a 2-0 lead going into the second.The second period sees the Coyotes get back into the game in a 3 minute span with goals from Nail Yakupov and Rob Kinkhammer. Thomas Greiss also is able to stop all the shots from the Sharks.The third period sees a pretty tough fought game as the Sharks and Coyotes fight to win the game but in the end it is a Marleau goal at 18:18 to take the win for the Sharks 3-2. April 13, 2014Tonight is a huge night for the Coyotes as they take on the Dallas Stars (33-42-6) who sit one point behind the Coyotes and both teams playing the final game of the season.The first period sees the Stars get off to a quick lead with a 1-0 goal by Cody Eakin about the midway through the first period. The Coyotes are not able to muster up much as they go into the second period down 1-0.The second period sees the Stars add another goal to get to a 2-0 lead while the Coyotes are looking tired playing their second game of a back-to-back.The third period sees the Coyotes come back in a 2 minute span with goals from Hanzal and Klinkhammer and the Coyotes head to OT where they must lose to get the lower draft pick.OT period does nothing for both teams and the game goes to a SO where the Stars are able to come away with the W and the 2 points making the Coyotes and Stars tie giving the Coyotes the better draft pick.
  4. March 25, 2014The back-to-back game comes for the Coyotes as they take on the Pittsburgh Penguins (35-30-6). The Coyotes got spanked by the Penguins earlier this year 8-2 on Feb. 1st!The first period sees a quick PP for the Penguins who take advantage of it and get the first goal of the game less then 2 minutes into the game. After a quick start the Coyotes seem to get their legs under them and go out and get two goals of their own and take the 2-1 lead heading into the second period.The second period sees the Penguins tie up the game around the ten minute mark but two quick goals by David Rundblad and Keith Yandle gives the Coyotes a 4-2 lead going into the third.The third period sees both teams trade goals and the Coyotes take away another win the second in two nights in a score of 5-3. March 27, 2014The Coyotes head to another must lose situation in New Jersey as they take on the Devils (29-39-4).The first period sees a ton of Goals by both teams with half of them being on the special teams as the Coyotes take a 5-3 lead going into the second period!The second period sees the Devils come back to tie it up at 5 before Antoine Vermette makes it a 6-5 game at the 18 minute mark of the second period.The third period sees the Devils again tie the game at 6 and the Coyotes are not able to come back and take the game into OT tied up at 6.The OT period solves nothing and the Coyotes and Devils go to a shootout which is won by a Patrik Elias goal! March 29, 2014Tonight the Coyotes are at home to take on the Wild (35-34-5) who have had the Coyotes number all season holding the 2-0-0 lead this season.The first period sees the Coyotes get out to the very quick lead with a goal by Hanzal within the first 30 seconds of the game. neither team does much after that as the teams go into the break 1-0.The second period sees Mikko Koivu get two PP goals and the Coyotes and Wild take the game to a 3-3 tie heading into the third period.The third period sees the Wild take the 4-3 lead and they never look back as they take the game from the Coyotes 4-3 an the road. End of Month Development Report
  5. March 13, 2014 Tonight the Coyotes are headed to Boston to take on the Bruins (37-25-3). The Coyotes young goaltender Mark Visentin is starting tonight and the Coyotes are looking to see what the Bruins are like in this first match together this season. The Coyotes get off to a terrible start giving you a goal 12 seconds into the game to Patrice Bergeron, but they are able to bounce back before the end of the period and head into the break down 2-1. The second period sees the Coyotes get the game tied up for a few minutes but two Jarome Iginla goals takes the game to 4-2. The third period sees the Bruins get another one past Visentin and the Bruins go on to win 5-2. March 15, 2014 Today is a must lose game for the Coyotes as they take on the Flames (25-35-7) who are 4 points behind the Coyotes in the number one draft location. The first period sees a Keith Yandle PP goal at only 1:50 seconds into the game. Coyotes tender Thomas Greiss has been having a good game stopping all of the 11 shots he faced in the first period. The second period again sees a quick Coyote goal as Mikkel Boedker gets one in at only 4 seconds into the period to take the 2-0 lead. However Joe Colborne ruins the Coyotes shutout at 18:14 when he gets on past the Greiss. The third period sees the Flames come alive as they put 3 past Greiss and take the game 4-2. March 17, 2014 Tonight the Coyotes take on the Kings (41-24-3) in a game most people are suspecting to be an easy win for the Kings. The Coyotes send tender Greiss back out instead of Visentin. The first period sees the Coyotes not taking the game the way that many thought it would go as they get up on the kings 2-0 before 10 minutes into the first! Tender Greiss also stops all 11 shots he faced but the real surprise is the Coyotes 17 shots on net in the first! The second period sees the offences come out as 6 goals where put in the net, evenly 3-3 for both teams. The Kings go into the third period trailing 5-3 and are fighting hard to get back into the game. The third period sees a crazy turn of events as Tyler Toffoli scores at 0:00 ( haha that is so funny) and the Kings tie the game up at 5 less then 5 minutes into the third. The teams end up going to Overtime tied up at 6. OT sees Defensemen Drew Doughty score at the 1 minute mark as the Kings take this game from the Coyotes in OT. March 20, 2014 Tonight the Coyotes are playing the decent Florida Panther (35-29-5) who last kicked the Coyotes 8-3 on March 11th. The Coyotes put back in young tender Visentin. The first period is a defensive game as neither team is able to get a goal nor get over 10 shots on net. The second period is much like the first with both teams playing a good defensive game with only 27 shots on net total between both teams. The third period sees the Coyotes get the first goals as they get a goal within the first minute of play. The Coyotes then continue to go and get 2 more goals and end the game winning 3-0 against the Panthers. Visentin gets his first NHL shutout in this game as the Coyotes get two more points in their totals. March 22, 2014 Tonight the Coyotes take on the Bruins (42-25-3) for the second time and look to get a more even game then the last time they played the Bruins. The first period sees the Bruins get on the board first but the Coyotes return the favour netting two of their own before the end of the period to take the 2-1 lead into the intermission. The second period sees the Bruins come back fighting hard as they net three goals on the Coyotes and take a 4-2 lead into the third. The third sees neither team being able to get a goal and the game ends at a 4-2 final. March 24, 2014 Tonight the Coyotes are in New York to take on the Rangers (44-26-2) who they beat early in the year 3-2. The first period sees a quick goal by Rick Nash less then two minutes into the game, after that the teams get into a defensive game as neither are able to get one past the other teams net minder and the game goes into the second period 1-0. The second period sees the goals start coming as each team is able to get multiple goals past the tenders and the teams head into the third tied up at 3. The third period sees the teams play a tough game and it is at 16:46 when Marc Staal takes an Unsportmanlike Conduct penalty that the Coyotes get the opportunity to get the game winning PP goal!
  6. March 6, 2014The Coyotes get some bad news after practice on the 5th as LW Rob Klinkhammer goes out with a mild Shoulder Strain. The Coyotes are out of luck as they have to put Klinkhammer on the IR (losing him for an addition 9 days more then needed) but call up young RW Jordan Szwarz from Portland who is a fast moving puck moving forward.Tonight the Coyotes face a different challenge as they play the Montreal Canadiens (37-22-5). Thomas Greiss will take the net tonight against star goaltender Carey Price (32-18)!The first period sees a crazy turn of events as on a singly PP the Coyotes Shane Doan is able to score at 12:08 but only TWO SECONDS LATER Montreal's Brendan Gallagher gets a PP goal to tie it back up at 1-1. The score stays the same as the Coyotes and Canadiens head to the break.The second period opens with the Canadiens on the PP and sees Gallagher net his second PP goal of the night. This is followed by a Jaromir Jagr goal at 6:38 to give the Canadiens a commanding 3-1 lead. It looks as if this is going to be the way the period ends but at 19:30 young stud Marin Hanzal gets the PP goal to get the Coyotes back into the game with 20 minutes of play left.The third period sees Price and Greiss play amazing as neither team is able to get one past the opposing net minder and the game ends in a 3-2 victory for the Canadiens.Notes- The special teams was the big difference in this game as the Canadiens go 2/3 on their PP while the Coyotes were not able to get better then 1/4 on their chances. March 8, 2014Tonight the Coyotes head to Washington to take on the Capitals (25-32-7) who are in the same boat as the Coyotes when it comes to the bottom feeding teams in the league.The first period sees the Coyotes get off to a quick start as they are able to get a goal by Antoine Vermette less then 4 minutes into the game. Around the 10 minute mark of the first the Coyotes add another one on in the form of a PP goal by defensemen Oliver Ekman Larsson. Just before the end of the first the Capitals are able to get a goal of their own as Troy Brouwer nets one at 18:32. The Coyotes take the lead into the intermission sharing the shot totals with the Capitals at 17 shots a piece!The second period sees Troy Brouwer get his second of the night around the 15 minutes mark to tie up the game. The Coyotes won't have any of that and get the go ahead goal at the 17 minute mark by a Kyle Chipchura goal.The third period sees Troy Brouwer complete his hat trick on a PP goal while Paul Bissonnette was in the box. The Coyotes are not able to respond and this game heads to OT.OT solves nothing and the teams head to the shootout where first shooter for the Coyotes Shane Doan gets it past Holtby to take the 1-0 lead. The Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin is stopped by Thomas Greiss to keep it at 1-0. The Capitals stop the next one by Mike Ribeiro and get one past Greiss with the Jason Chimera shot. Antoine Vermette is not able to get one past the tender but the Capitals Martin Erat is and the Capitals take a 2-1 lead over the Coyotes. It is up to Keith Yandle to score to keep the shootout going but he is stopped by Holtby and the Capitals leave the game with two more points![img[/img] March 10, 2014Tonight the Coyotes head to Tampa Bay to take on the Lightning (31-27-6) with Thomas Greiss in net as Mark Visentin will take tomorrows back-to-back against Florida.The first period sees the Coyotes offence struggle and the Lightning get out to a 1-0 lead midway though the first. The Coyotes are not able to do much against the tight Tampa defence and they head to the break down 1-0.The second period sees the Coyotes only get 3 shots on net but it doesn't matter as one of them goes in from the stick of Paul Bissonnette! The Coyote defence also steps up and they limit Tampa to only 6 shots that Thomas Greiss handles easily.The third period sees the offence comes to life as the Lightning get it started with a Teddy Purcell PP goal around the 4 minute mark. The Coyotes won't go down without a fight and show it as they net a SH goal by Antoine Vermette only 3 minutes later. Both teams fight hard and it sees Marin Hanzal get the go ahead goal in with only 2:30 minutes remaining. But Tampa won't go away easily as they get a goal by sniper Steven Stamkos with less then a minute remaining to take the game to OT.OT again solves nothing for the Coyotes and in the Shootout they best the Lightning to take the 2 points. March 11, 2014Tonights back-to-back sees the Coyotes head to take on the Florida Panthers (32-28-4). The Coyotes send out Mark Visentin to take net as he looks to improve his rookie year to 2-1-0.The first period sees the Coyotes fatigue show as they allow 11 shots and Visentin allows 3 goals. The Coyotes are not able to get any real offence started and go to the break down 3-0.The second period sees the Panthers take it out on the rookie net minder getting another 12 shots and getting another 3 past him! The Coyotes are gassed and cannot do much in the way of defence or offence and still have no goals to boast about.The third sees some life from the Coyotes as they get 3 goals past Tim Thomas but the Panthers add 2 more and take the commanding 8-3 win against the Coyotes at home.
  7. Team Development March 2, 2014 Tonight the new look Coyotes take on the St. Louis Blues (29-25-5) in Arizona. The Coyotes are looking to see what their young guns are made out of and start rookie goaltender Mark Visentin in net tonight. The first period sees the Coyotes and Blues play a tight game together as both teams are pretty even in shots (9-11 favouring STL) but its Russian sensation Vladimir Tarasenko who nets one at 10:26 to give the Blues the 1-0 lead heading into the second period. The second period sees the Blues start to pull away in the shot category as they outshot the Coyotes 13-8 but it is the Coyotes who net a PP goal by Lauri Korpikoski at 4:12 and the go ahead goal by Marin Hanzal at 6:34. Mark Visentin stands tall in net and the Coyotes head to the third period up by 1. The third period sees Lauri Korpikoski get his second of the night at 13:58 as the get a little better defensively only getting outshot by one. The night belongs to Mike Visentin though who gets his first NHL win in the 3-1 Coyotes victory of the Blues. Notes - The Blues played backup goaltender Jaroslav Halak. - The Coyotes 1/6 on the PP while the Blues go 0/3 March 4, 2014 The Canucks (26-29-8) are in town tonight to face the Coyotes tonight and both teams look to improve their standings as the Canucks are 2 points ahead of the Coyotes in the West but have 2 games in hand. This could be a big win for the Coyotes who send rookie tender Mark Visentin out again to face Roberto Loungo. The first period sees Arizona take it to the Canucks and out shoot them 14-8 while staying out of the box! The young gun Martin Hanzal is able to get on the board very early in the game for the Coyotes scoring at 1:58 into the match and young goalie Mark Visentin is standing strong in net stopping all shots he faced. The Coyotes head into the break up 1-0. The second period sees the Canucks come back out harder then the first getting 13 shots on the net but Visentin stands strong, helping kill off 3 Coyote penalties but letting one go in at 19:38 to Daniel Sedin. The Coyotes and Canucks head into the third tied up at 1, which has been much like the rest of the season series so far. The third period sees the Coyotes get beaten down by the Canucks defence as they only get off a pitiful 6 shots. The Canucks are able to get one past young net minder Mark Visentin on the PP and Henrik Sedin gets a goal. The Coyotes drop this hard fought game but their spirits are still in the season! Notes - The Coyotes PK unit was able to go 75% in this game and kill off almost 6 straight minutes of penalty time, while the Canucks killed their only penalty of the night.
  8. Alright guys so I thought I would take this time to sit down and talk about what I see Arizona being in the final months of this season. We have 22 games remaining and a serious shot at getting the #1 Draft pick this year as we sit only 5 points out of last place in the NHL. I know we are also only a few points out of 8th in the West (Seriously it makes absolutely no sense how we can be so close to both) but I think the best way to the Coyotes to improv is to do the following: 1) Rest Mike Smith - The man has almost 5 games on the next goalie behind him on GP and has been in net for all but 2 of our games! he needs a break! so we will be playing him sparingly. Thomas Greiss will start 3 games and then Mike will start 1. This will give Greiss 17 Games to finish off the Season and Mike only 5. I want to do this so that we can A) not have a serious injury to Mike and maybe raise our chances at the #1 pick. 2) Play our Young Stars more - Obviously the best way to improve our young guys is to give them time on the ice! That doesn't mean all my young guys are going to be first liners but I want to even out the playing time much more for the guys and give them experience on the Ice. I think this may also help my older players who at this time of the season are starting to fatigue. 3) Go defensive - I have decided that our offence just isn't good enough to go against others in the league and will be becoming a much more defensive club. I know this will lead to some more boring games but that is okay, I want my guys to gain valuable experience and the only way I see that happening is through teaching great defensive skills to lead to offence. Please let me know if you will agree to stick around for the rest of the season as we go through a tough last 22 games but look forward to getting a great off season going! Thank You, GM Dean Wells
  9. Development February 1, 2014The coyotes first game of the new month sees them take on the Pittsburgh Penguins (28-21-5). This game was more or less a practice for the Coyotes as the penguins come into town and destroy them 8-2! The coyotes definitely are missing the likes of Goaltender Mike Smith and Korpikowski! February 4, 2014As luck would have it the Coyotes get back Mike Smith in time for the game against the Dallas Stars (23-28-4) as rookie backup Mark Visentin, who came up for Smith gets injured in practice. The Coyotes simply send him back down to portland to heal up and continue in the AHL for the remainder of the season. The Coyotes are looking to take it to the poor defensive team of the Stars and get back on track to getting into the top 8 spot in the Western Conference.The first period is a decent evenly played game with the Stars and Coyotes getting near even in shots on goals however it is the Stars that get on the board first with a ES goal by Colton Sceviour. The Coyotes go and kill off 2 penalties this period while not getting a single PP chance at all.The second period sees a breakdown of Mike Smith as he allows 3 goals on just 10 shots. The Coyotes do get one back on the PP by Mike Riberio as Mike Smith heads to the bench and Thomas Greiss comes in to finish up the game.The third period sees two more Dallas goals and the Coyotes get their second massive kick in the butt game losing to the stars 6-1. The Coyotes did get a good amount of shots on the net but goalie Kari Lehtonen was the better player tonight. February 7, 2014Some surprising news out of Edmonton as the Oilers are able to do what the Coyotes could not and sign Radim Vrbata to a top heavy 6.9 Million/4 year deal that sees Vrbata paid 7.9, 7.5, 6.4, 5.9 Million respectfully. This deal will see Vrbata in a oilers jersey until he is 36 and most likely the end of his career. More importantly the Coyotes welcome the Chicago Blackhawks (36-18-5) to the arena and look to get a win out of them as they have dropped each of the previous two meetings this year.The first period is a clean, fast game and sees the Coyotes get out to the 1-0 lead on a blistering 15 shots. The Blackhawks are just as strong on the offensive side being able to get off 10 shots of their own.The Second period sees the second goal by a Coyote as Nail Yakupov is able to get the PP goal as the Coyotes convert on the only PP opportunity of the game so far. The Coyotes and Blackhawks still are even in shots as they have 25-22 respectfully and the third period will most likely be a duel to the end.The 3rd period sees the Coyotes defence show up as Mike Smith and the Coyotes get the hard earned win against a huge Western Conference rival in a 2-0 game! The Coyotes also bring themselves within 1 point of the coveted 8th spot in the Western Conference. February 8, 2014The Coyotes head off to Dallas to revisit the Stars (25-28-4) who just recently smacked down the Coyotes in a 6-1 victory. The Coyotes will be starting the game with backup Thomas Greiss in net and hope to get revenge on the Stars for the previous game.The first period sees the Coyotes take advantage of the PP netting 1 of the two possible opportunities. The Stars are able to tie it back up late in the period and the teams head into the break tied up at 1. Thomas Greiss has played a solid game so far to this point and Coach Wells seems pleased with his game so far.The Second period sees the stars get down 2-1 early on Shane Doan second goal of the night but respond with 3 straight of their own. the Coyotes are able to get back into the game with a second PP goal of the night and go into the third only down by 1 with a chance to win the game.The third period sees the Coyotes and Stars both pepper the goalies with shots but both are not able to go ahead and score as the game ends the same way the third started with the Stars getting the 4-3 win and the Coyotes handing them their second loss of the season series. February 27, 2014As the NHL takes a break for the Olympics the Coyotes and many teams use the down time to get a great break for their players! The Coyotes are back at it in Winnipeg to take on the Jets (32-23-5) and look to get even in the season series.The first period sees the Coyotes get man handled in the Offensive zone and outshot 13-6 while the Jets get the first goal of the Game on the PP.The second period sees the Coyotes catch up a little in the shots on goals but also spend another 4 minutes killing penalties but Mike Smith stands tall the the Coyotes keep the game at 1-0 and look to go into the third and get the game tied back up!The third period sees Bryan Little get his second and third goal as the Coyotes go into Winnipeg and lose 3-1. the Coyotes were unable to convert on any of the 6 PP chances that they had in the game! February 28, 2014The trade deadline saw a lot of action but no major deals go down an tonight the Coyotes have different things on their minds as they take on the Colorado Avalanche (26-26-7) in the Mile High city!The Coyotes come out firing away but it is Colorado who leaves the first period with the 1-0 lead.The second period sees both teams goalies stand in their strong as neither is willing to budge at all!The third period sees a few more goals go on the board as the Avalanche are able to get goal number 2 and 3 and look to be taking the 3-0 victory home but it is Kyle Chipchura who ruins the day with less then 30 seconds to go as the Coyotes lose to the Avalanche 3-1.
  10. January 16, 2014Today the Coyotes invite the Canucks (20-23-5) and are looking for their first ever win this season against Vancouver!The first period ends with the Coyotes getting outshot 10-5 but able to keep the game 0-0. not much happened in the first at all and the Coyotes are hoping to get some points out of this game.In the Second the Coyotes give up the first goal on the PP and are still outshot 24-14!In the third the Canucks get on the board again on a PP goal but that is then sent to a 2-2 game by Riberio and Doan! This game is heading to OT and the Coyotes pick up at least 1 point.less then 1 minute into the overtime period the new guy who was brought in Yakupov puts on in and the Coyotes get the W and 2 points! January 18, 2014The Coyotes take on the Devils (19-21-1) and look to get a little win streak going on. This game is a good one as the Devils are also one of the bottom feeders in the league.The first period is a good one for the Coyotes as they out shoot (9-7) the devils and control the pace of the game. Unfortunately neither teams are able to get one on the board.The second period continues to show Coyote dominance as they continue to out shoot (21-11) but are still unable to get a goal past the Devils and the game is still 0-0The third period still has the Coyotes taking it to the devils with a 31-15 outshooting performance but the Devils are held strong by their goaltender and the game goes into overtime tied at 0.Again less then 1 minute into overtime young gun Yakupov puts on in and the Coyotes win their second straight OT win! January 20, 2014The Coyotes come into tonights game against the Maple Leafs (30-16-4) for their second game of the season. The Coyotes do get some help at Cody Franson was just recently injured.The first period plays out evenly in the end and the Coyotes and Maple Leafs head into the second period tied up at 1-1 with both teams getting 8 shots on net.In the second period of the game the Maple Leafs took control of the shots aspect of the game but it is the Coyotes that get on the board again and head into the third up 2-1!in the third within 2 minutes of the middle of the period 3 goals are put into the net and the Coyotes and Maple Leafs both head into overtime tied up at 3-3. This is the third straight game that the Coyotes have taken to OT and are looking for their 3rd win!the OT period does not solve anything but the Coyotes take the game in the Shootout by a 2-1 score! this is the third straight win for the Coyotes and their third straight OT win! January 22, 2014Tonight the Coyotes head to Calgary to take on the Flames (21-26-3) and get revenge for the 3-2 loss that the Flames handed to them earlier this month. The Coyotes are on a nice little three game winning streak and hope to turn that into four.The first period doesn't start the way the Coyotes would like it as the Flames score within the first minute of the game. The Coyotes do regroup but aren't able to get anything else on the board and go into the second down 1-0.The second period sees the Coyotes get 2 goals and take the lead from the Flames. The Coyotes are playing great hockey and are stoping the Flames from getting many shots (14).The third period sees the Flames score and tie up the game at 2. The score doesn't change and the Coyotes go to overtime for the 4th straight game and look to capitalize once again!Once again for the third time in the last four games young stud Yakupov scores within the first minute of overtime and the Coyotes win their 4th straight OT game and have turned on a night little streak as of late! January 24, 2014Tonight the Coyotes head up to Edmonton from Calgary to take on the Oilers (22-27-3). The Coyotes who have been on a nice 4 game winning streak which has put them into 9th place in the Western Conference and only 3 points out of the last playoff position.The first period sees the Oilers take a 1-0 lead in what is a very even game, the Coyotes who were able to put a good offensive battle but unable to get a goal by good old Marty. of course as luck would have it the Coyotes were scored on by old sharp shooter Radim Vrbata!The second period saw the Coyotes take it to the Oilers outshooting them 14-7 and getting on the board by a Boedker even strength goal.The third period sees the Oilers and Coyotes take it to the opposing teams but neither are able to get one past the opposition on their 13 (ARZ)- 10 (EDM) shots. The Coyotes now head to their 5th straight OT!Once again in the OT period young gun Nail Yakupov comes through and scores against his old team! The Coyotes now have won 5 straight games but in the process given up 5 points to their opponents. January 26, 2014Tonight the Coyotes continue their Western Canada swing as they head to Vancouver to take on the Canucks (22-23-7) who sit 1 point ahead of the Coyotes and with a win tonight the Coyotes could take themselves into the 8th seed position in the West! The Coyotes do have an advantage tonight as recently Roberto Loungo went down with Bicep Tendinitis after getting into a fight in a game against Nashville!The first period starts out with some difficulty in net for both teams as both teams are able to get goals within 5 minutes and the Coyotes able to get a second at just 5:04 into the game! After a bad start to the game for both goalies the teams get it together and take it into the second period 2-1.The second period sees the Coyotes and Canucks both get goals in the last 4 minutes of the period and the game heads into the third being 3-2! both teams are getting goals in a very efficient manner manner as Vancouver is outshooting the Coyotes 16-14 after 2.The third period sees the Canucks tie the game around the mid mark and it looks as if the game will be going into another OT game for the Coyotes 6th straight game but Captain Shane Doan is able to net a PP goal at 18:40 which leads the Coyotes to their 6th straight win and puts them back into the playoff position. January 28, 2014Tonight the Coyotes are back at home taking on the LA Kings (31-22-1). The Coyotes enter this game without 3rd line LW Lauri Korpikoski who gets a lot of time on the PP for the Coyotes. The Coyotes also bring into this game a 6 game winning streak while the Kings come into tonights game very streaky winning and losing games in a sporadic manner.The Coyotes and Kings enter the first firing hard and both teams getting a goal in the last 4 minutes of the game. The Coyotes are getting outshot hard in this game by the Kings ending the first period outshot 15-8.The second period sees the Kings score two more times and continue to outshot and outscore the Coyotes 29-15. Going into the third period the Coyotes are looking to get more shots and play a harder defensive game.The third period is not much better for the Coyotes who get scored on one more time with a PP goal by Carter and the Coyotes drop the game 4-1 to the Kings. January 30, 2014The Coyotes hold host to the Buffalo Sabres (23-26-4), something they will have to do without their number one goalie Mike Smith who is out for the next few days with a sprained ankle. Tonight we see Thomas Greiss in net for the Coyotes and looks to get a winning record for the season.the first period sees the Coyotes and Sabres playing a good defensive game only allowing 7-4 shots on net.The second period sees the Coyotes score twice and get the shots even again at 12-11. The Coyotes have picked up the game a little since the first and backup goalie Thomas Greiss looks to be holding down the net quite well.The third period sees the Coyotes add one more PP goal and Thomas Greiss gets a SO on a third period push by the Sabres.This win puts the Coyotes back at a "winning" record at 24-24-6 The Coyotes end January on a (7-3-0) record which has moved them into a tie with Colorado for 8th place in the Western Conference.