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  1. a bad prospect, a fith pick and my 7th defensemen. For a player that is right now playing on my first line and after 30 games has something like 25-30 points
  2. I think they do. It's been a part of the game in 07 and I think 05
  3. Will have to watch it once it's available on netflix (canada)
  4. Just starting a game with the Habs. Was able to get St-Louis for cheap. My objective is to make the playoff.
  5. Game of Thrones is great. My all time favorite are Lost and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. What's your opinion on Better Call Saul? Is it as good as Breaking Bad?
  6. didn't hear anything about this online mode. Any news?
  7. well the good news is your leading in faceoff with Goc hahah
  8. I never played a basketball simulation. I started watching intenslythe NBA last year so I'm not that great tactics and stuff. Anybody have suggestion for which basketball simulation I should play? I love playing NBA 2k in My GM mode.
  9. Pretty sure that it's on purpose, because I haven't seen any major cities. My team is in a village of Ohio of only 500 population...
  10. this would be nice, but it's probably something he has on his list of things he wants to do (if he has one), but let's not forget that the game is still new and in it's early stages