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  1. Thanks, I havent been successful yet. The Toronto trade is taking most of my time right now, I'm starting to believe GM Nonis (AI) might ACTUALLY do the salary dump on me and if that happens, then I will try to get Lee for the third line. I will probably be looking to dump some salary if the trade works, but I'm also not too optimistic on the Sharks trade...
  2. Game sixteen - At Boston Nov 7thThe usual routines are starting to settle in, and the players seem to be upbeat both on the morning flight and during afternoon practice. Bruins GM Peter Chiarulli pays a visit to Bonehead where he hands Bonehead the trade paperwork declining the trade. Bonehead simply asks "Is there any variation of the trade you would be interested in?" Chiarulli shakes his head no, they then shake hands and Chiarulli heads back to the elevators. The coaches have the players ready, and the lines are posted on the whiteboard. Bonehead simply reminds the team that they are going to have to beat teams like this if they have any hope of the playoffs, but concentrate on tonight and get these two points! Coach Ramsay announces the Bruins tendencies on special teams and the team heads out for the opening faceoff. The first period is a disaster... Five goals allowed on 14 shots, Tim Thomas doesn't even argue when Bonehead announces the goalie switch to Markstrom. Coach McCabe is irate - telling his defensemen to start finishing the checks and stop leaving bodies standing in front of the net. Coach Ramsay is more reserved but lectures his forwards to get back and help on defense. Bonehead simply says this is a test of the makeup of the team, if they want to make a game of it - now is the time! The line times are adjusted to 1-25/2-10/3-5/4-20. The second period is even in goals but the Panthers are still outshot 12 - 6 and Bruins Jarome Iginlia scores his third PP goal for a hat trick, and yes the hats rained down! The Panthers squad is demoralized, but Bonehead just tells them to grind it out and make a game of it. Bone head is unhappy with the six minor penalties taken and none for the Bruins, but he wont use that crutch since most of the penalties were justified. The third period slides backwards towards the disaster play like the first period, and the Bruins top line just has their way with our team. Iginlia (4G/2A), Krejci (2G/3A) and Lucic (0G/2A) all logged over 22 minutes of play. Bonehead just shakes his head and tells the team to shower up and let's get back to the airport and get home. The players air of confidence is definitely gone now, muttering and cursing and not even the stereo is playing as Bonehead heads back for the rink to think this over...
  3. Nov 6th 2013SCORES PIT - 2 NYR - 4 Rangers LW Benoit Pouliot (6.5c/7.5c) scored twice including the GWG to lead the Rangers past the visiting Penguins. Our beloved stats geek noted these two goals were the first points scored at home by Pouliot this season. ARZ - 4 ANA - 3 A third period PP goal by Radim Vrbata was the game winner, while an outstanding performance by Ducks D Bryan Allen (0G/3A, +3) (7.0b) fell just short of tying the game, ringing a slapshot off the post with 17 seconds left in regulation. WPG - 2 CHI - 3 An uncharacteristically sloppy game by the Blackhawks allowed the visiting Jets to escape with a point, but D Niklas Hjalmarsson (7.0c/7.5c) got the win with a wrist shot over the Jets G glove in the shootout. NAS - 5 COL - 4 There was a total of 5 lead changes in the game, and LW Nick Spaling scored the GWG with 2:36 remaining in the third period, to give the visitors the win.
  4. Trade TalkBonehead slept well last night, and even beat his assistant Jo to the office by 15 minutes. But he didn't beat everybody into the building... Coach Stewart and Coach McCabe are both in the "War Room" poring over computer printouts of the Bruins tendencies and Corsi numbers. Bonehead sits down with the file Jo left him last night, and discusses it;s contents with them. Coach McCabe is pretty well resigned that D Kulikov is getting shipped out to make room for Jovanovski, but wonders if we have enough defense depth for the season. Coach Ramsay is openly excited to see the possibility of all three Maple Leafs forwards added to the Panthers roster, and even offers that another trade could be made for a top 4 defenseman if the Maple Leaf trade goes through. Bonehead is wating them out and finally asks the million dollar question... "Who do we add to this Toronto deal to get it done?" Coach Ramsay immediately adds "the rights to C Pakarinen" since we are going to lose him after the season anyway"... McCabe agrees, and after some thoughts, stuns both men when he offers "we can restructure the Sharks deal too" Bonehead hasn't considered this and looks at McCabe... McCabe goes to the whiteboard and marks in the Toronto players and then moves the lines around leaving Kopecky as the odd forward out. "Salary wise it works and by removing Kulikov and adding Kopecky to the Sharks trade - we are definitely better off offensively..." Coach Ramsay laughs at the double meaning, and Bonehead tells McCabe to leave it up on the board for the rest of the coaches.
  5. Nov 5th 2013 - continuedSCORES continued. VAN - 1 ARZ - 0 A full sixty minutes of rough and tumble play between the teams couldn't decide a winner, neither could the five minute overtime period. Canucks RW Alex Burrows (7.5d) shootout winner in the third round barely went over the goal line over Yotes G Thomas Greiss (6.5c) who still got a shutout credit for an excellent performance. OTT - 2 CLB - 6 Backup G Jeremy Smith (5.5d/6.5d) did a fine job in net for his second win and the Blue Jackets stayed undefeated in the month of November by beating the Senators in front of the hometown fans at Nationwide Arena. PHI - 5 CAR - 3 Hurricanes G Cam Ward (8.0d) gave up an uncharacteristic 5 goals as his defense completely let him down, giving up 36 shots on the netminder. Five different Flyers scored and G Steve Mason 7.5a/8.0a) was able to get his third win of the season. BUF - 1 SJS - 2 The Sharks needed both goals scored by RW Tyler Kennedy (6.5c) to overcome the Sabres in a close fought contest.
  6. Nov 5th 2013DAL - 2 BOS - 1 The secondary role players shined in a very even match as Bruins RW Shawn Thornton (1G/0A) (6.5a) and the Stars D Stephane Robidas (1G/0A) (8.0b)each scored in regulation. After the scoreless OT, then it went 10 rounds before D Sergei Gonchar (6.5a) broke the deadlock by deking a backhander through the goalie's pads for the win. STL - 1 MON - 2 Canadiens RW Brendan Gallagher (2G/0A) (7.5b/8.0b) scored both goals and G Carey Price (9.0d/10.0d) stopped 32 of 33 shots for his seventh win of the season. CGY - 5 MIN - 4 It was a tale of two games and a bitter hard fought contest between that won't be soon forgotten, as the Flames allowed a 3 goal first period to the Wild, then used a 4 goal third period to beat the Wild on their home ice. Flames RW David Jones (2G/1A) (6.5c) was a +3 on the evening and brought his team back into the game with both goals scored in the third period. NYI - 2 WAS - 5 The Capitals used C Eric Fehr's (2G/0A) (6.5a) two goals to give the home team a comfortable lead and the outcome was never really in doubt in this sleeper.
  7. Trade Offer - RepliesThe phone messages have been piling up while Bonehead and the coaching staff have been quietly reviewing game film. The 4 - 0 win was a relief, but there were so many Panther weaknesses that could have been exploited. The SOG were way too many, although Bonehead has to admit the shots were kept above and outside the circles mostly and the crease was kept fairly clear for G Tim Thomas to see the shots. The Panthers offensive transition game was disrupted by the Oilers speedy forwards forecheck, however the Panthers made the most of their 22 shot attempts once in the offensive zone. Finally Bonehead calls it a night and heads upstairs as the coaches gather their gear and head out. Jo is surprisingly still in her office and has left a file folder open on Bonehead's desk with a lot of yellow message notes all over it. Jo asks if he wants to read them or just a get summary... He smiles at her and asks gratefully for the summary. Jo begins "Your Maple Leafs offer was turned down but GM Nonis says unoffically just offer him a little more", "The offer to the Sharks was also turned down but no commentary from the GM to a lowly employee like me" she adds grinning. Bonehead' first thought is screw San Jose if I can get Toronto to trade with me. Jo lastly picks up the scouting report on D Ian White and wrinkles her nose at it. "KHL?", "not physical? Didn't the scout tell you White was as physical as Robak???" Bonehead is momentarily lost as he then remembers Ryan Stewart's comments before he left on his scouting trip... How did she know what was said in here? Bonehead figures he's just tired and needs some sleep, so he closes the file and tells Jo to pack it in and he would see her tomorrow morning... With that he leaves the liquor bottles alone and escorts the pretty young lady out of the stadium offices and to her car. then jumps into his Land Rover and heads to his apartment.
  8. Game fifteen - Nov 5th vs Edmonton OilersFLA- "The high flying Oilers are in town for tonight's contest against the struggling Panthers" is how "Doc" Emrick began the pregame lead in show. Bonehead is watching it although he knows he should quit before he gets interested... The coaches have the Panthers prepped and ready for the game, leaving him just a few moments before they hit the ice. "Gent's" Bonehead begins, "three games ago we beat the best team in the NHL and we did it convincingly". This opponent was just called high-flying by the pre-game announcers while we were described as struggling and I'm damned if I'm standing around while they hand the game to them before the puck is dropped, ARE YOU HEARING ME???" The team roars YES!!! "Play Hard, Play Smart, and Play to win! Now lets go!!! The team has a noticeable jump in their skates as they hit the ice and Bonehead and Coach Ramsay nod at each other as they take their positions behind the bench. The first period starts out with an early goal by LW Thomas Fleischmann (2G/0A) (7.0a) at the 17:30 mark. The rest of the period is pretty even until the last 6 minutes when the Oilers suddenly start shooting pucks at the Panthers goal like 3 for $1 at the County fair... But Tim Thomas (7-5-2 2.17GAA .927 Sv) is rock solid and keeps the lead intact going into the second period. The 1st period shot totals are 14 - 7 and a cause of concern for Bonehead and the staff. No changes are planned for the second period. This second period is exciting if your a Panthers fan as the team opens up a three to nothing lead on the visitors, and the shot totals are more modest at 9 - 8 Oilers. Bonehead and Coach Pauwelyn are discussing what he is seeing from the press box and Coach Ramsay advises he thinks we should be very defensive for the third period. Bonehead agrees and the tactics are changed to V Def for the bottom two lines and they are given 20 mins skating time over the first two lines who are given 10 mins. The Defense is unchanged as per Coach McCabe. The tactics are mostly successful as the Oilers don't score and the Panthers tack on a fourth goal to seal the deal. The Oilers manage a 11 - 7 shots advantage in the third period and dominate the game in that category 34 - 22, but the game is a solid win for the Panthers over a quality opponent on a nationally televised network game and sets the team back on track after a rough three game losing streak. The brash young reporter that tried baiting Bonehead earlier this season is tonight making the three stars of the game choices and Coach Pauwelyn has a beef with him outside the locker room that isn't discovered until later. Coach Pauwelyn felt that Jonathan Huberdeau had a statictically better game than either D Gudbranson or LW Winchester and wanted to know the reporters reasonings for not picking him over the others. It apparently started a scuffle and was quickly broken up by security staff and Coach Pauwelyn was escorted upstairs to the "War Room" by the time Bonehead found out about it. Bonehead vows to talk to the beat reporter and find out what his beef with the organization is before it gets out of hand.
  9. Nov 4th 2013 SCORES ANA - 3 NYR - 2 A pretty even game was won in the third period after the Rangers clawed their way back from a 2 - 0 deficit, only to see C Ryan Getzlaf (1G/1A) (9.0c) score with 40 seconds left in regulation to deny the Rangers at home. DET - 2 WPG - 5 The Jets overwhelmed the Red Wings at home with C Bryan Little (2G/1A) (8.0c) and C Olli Jokinen (2G/0A) (7.5c) each scoring twice and D Zach Bogosian (1G/1A) (7.5c/8.0c) providing the final nail in the coffin.
  10. Trade rumorsThe Boston Bruins staff keep contacting us about a trade, they apparently are still shopping LW Loui Eriksson (7.5a) and LW Daniel Paille (6.5b). After a quick conference call with the coaches, Bonehead combines the past offers into one package. LW Sean Bergenheim (6.5a), youngster C Drew Shore (6.0a/7.0a), D Matt Gilroy (6.0a) and unsigned prospect 22 y/o C Iiro Pakarinen (6.5e/7.0e) for the two Bruin LW's. The consensus does not expect GM Chiarulli to accept this deal either, but such is the NHL business as Bonehead is learning. Just to make the phone lines burn up and create some waves, Bonehead makes an unsolicited offer to Toronto GM Dave Nonis to take the horrible contract of RW David Clarkson (6.5b), C Dave Bolland (7.5c) and just to make it totally unworkable he added in RW Phil Kessel (8.5c). The rumor mill has the Leafs looking for LD help so D Dimitry Kulikov (6.5a/7.5a) along with C Drew Shore (6.0a/7.0a) and D Matt Gilroy (6.0a) is the Maple leafs haul. Again there is a slight but very remote chance that Nonis will dump the salary, but at the cost of his offensive star?
  11. Apologies for being sick this past week - nasty bug has come back twice and I just cant completely get rid of it. Yes my Dr. has seen me and given me my drugs, and obviously I'm back in the saddle again. Let's see how the Panthers are doing now...
  12. Monday Nov 4th 2013FLA - Bonehead made the call to the owner and surprisingly Mr Viner was ready and waiting for it. This time the discussion went much better and the short story is the owner wants approximately $10M left in cap space, and he wants the offense improved. He has some reservations about the defensive scheme, since Bonehead advocated 8 shots per period and we are HUGELY above that number right now. Bonehead gets it and promises results that will be evident by the months end. and the call is terminated. Jo is waiting by the office door and she obviously was listening in, which Bonehead doesn't mind but clues him in how the owner might be getting his information. Coach Pauwelyn calls up from the practice area to see if I'm ready for the stats reports. I tell him to cut the morning practice short and bring the coaches up to the "War Room" and we will go over the updates.
  13. Nov 3rd 2013SCORES DAL - 3 OTT - 4 30 y/o Senator backup goalie Nathan Lawson (6.0c) made his first NHL appearance since the 2010/2011 season with the NY Islanders and his teammates pulled out the victory for him on a late 3rd period goal from C Kyle Turris (2G/1A) (8.0c). CGY - 5 CHI - 4 The Blackhawks flew back from Winnipeg this morning for the home game against the upstart Calgary Flames, and the Flames prevailed, scoring late in the third period on a SH goal by Matt Stajan (2G/0A) (6.5d) stunning the raucous crowd at the United Center. The Blackhawks last loss was back on Oct 17th against the rival Blues. NJD -2 MIN - 4 Ageless G Marty Brodeur (8.0c) turned away 37 of 41 shots, but it was not enough as three Wild goals in the first period would be enough to defeat the tired Devils. Wild C Mikko Koivu (2G/0A) (8.0d) had both a PP and a SH goal to pace the winning squad. In other NHL news; WPG - G Ondrej Pavelec (7.0d/7.5d) suffered an undisclosed "Upper Body Injury" and will miss a couple games per the Jets press release. One beat writer wrote that "Pavelec certainly got hurt from whiplash and sunburn as the red light kept going off behind him all night." The Jets angrily denounced the report and called for an apology from the paper. FLA - The first trade reply came into the "War Room" shortly after 9 am, as expected the Islanders turned down the trade offer, but what was surprising was the Islander's GM Garth Snow made no counter offer instead citing salary as the reason for not taking on the trade... Just to tweak him Bonehead sends back a counteroffer for C Franz Nielsen and his $2.5M salary in the trade. No word on the offer from San Jose yet and Bonehead turns his thoughts to new possibilities in the trade arena.
  14. Nov 2nd 2013 - continuedSCORES - continued ANA - 4 BUF -0 The Anaheim Ducks had a plan and did they ever execute it on the Sabres ice tonight! RW Andrew Cogliano (3G/0A) (7.5d) and RW Teemu Selanne 1G/0A) (7.5c) provided all the scoring and Ducks G Jonas Hiller (7W/4L 2.34 GAA .918 Sv) (8.0c) shut the door on only 21 Buffalo shots. Sabres coach Ron Rolston offered no excuses in the post game press conference. "We got our butts handed to us and need to go back to what won us eleven games, and stop this skating in circles nonsense" he said before leaving the podium quickly. BOS - 3 NYI -1 The Bruins are the latest team to skate into Nassau Co. Veterans Coliseum and manhandle the home team there. The Isles, who have now lost three straight by a combined score of 13 - 7, weren't afraid to mix it up with the visitors to the tune of two fights, a 10 min misconduct penalty, and several fouls of the minor variety for a total of 42 minutes in penalties for both teams. The ageless RW Shawn Thornton (1G/0A) (6.5a) just missed a Gordie Howe hat trick by not getting an assist in the game, but got the Third Star of the game for his performance. PIT - 2 CLB - 7 "Blowout from start to finish" was the post game comment from Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma after the Blue Jackets used a three goal first period to dominate the Penguins and the game by a 47 - 26 shot margin. C Brandon Dubinsky (2G/3A) (7.5d) got his first two goals on the season and a +4 +/- on the evening. The Blue Jackets Matt Calvert (2G/2A) (6.5c/7.0c) also was +4 +/- and was selected as the Second Star for his efforts. DET - 3 EDM - 5 The Oilers slowly took control of the contest in the second and third periods and Detroit never stood a chance of getting back in it in the third as the shot totals kept piling up for the Oilers for a 39 - 31 advantage. RW Nail Yakupov (2G/0A) (7.0b/8.0b) got First Star for his efforts and Gustav Nyqvist (2G/0A) (7.5b/8.0b) scored twice in a fine performance for Detroit. In other NHL news; DET - C Pavel Datsyuk (9.5c) left the morning skate with what one observer stated was almost certainly a hammy issue (hamstring). He was able to skate to the bench but then had to be assisted from the bench area to the dressing room. There has been no announcement from the team about the injury, but experts say this type of injury is usually a multi week recovery. NYI - Promising youngster RW Ryan Strome (6.5d/8.0d) has been sidelined with a shoulder injury according to the Islanders post game press conference. There are no plans to place Ryan on I.R. at this point per the coach.
  15. Nov 2nd 2013 - continuedSCORES - continued ARZ - 3 SJS - 5 The San Jose franchise has now won two of the past three games after dropping their last five in a row. RW Tommy Wingels (3G/1A) (7.0c/7.5c) had a natural hat trick in the third period and C Logan Couture (2G/2A) (8.0d/8.5d) also had a 4 point night to lead the Sharks, who scored four times in the third period after falling behind early in the third 2 - 1. NAS - 3 LAK - 1 The Predators Pekka Rinne (3W/5L 3.02GAA .904Sv)(8.5c/9.0c) turned away 28 shots and was widely acknowledged to be the big difference as Nashville shut down the Kings vaunted offensive machine. Pred's D Kevin Kline (1G/1A) (7.0d) got the GWG in the first period and the Predator's 6'5" goalie did the rest. PHI - 3 NJD - 1 The Flyers used a pair of goals from RW Jakub Voracek (2G/1a) (8.0b) and the solid goaltending of backup Ray Emery (3W/1L 2.20GAA .927Sv) (6.5b) in the victory over the Devils MON - 5 COL -4 The Canadiens may have some "D" work to do on the PP, after 2 SH Avalanche goals, however after storming to a 4 - 1 lead in the first period on RW Brendan Gallagher (2G/2A) (7.5b/8.0b) and LW Max Pacioretty (2G/0A) (8.0c) PP goals its not the PP offense that's sputtering.