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    AY-BR reacted to jdavidbaker in MyFootballNow Version 0.3 has been released!   
    I am really excited to announce the latest update in the MyFootballNow game engine! We've been working hard to squash bugs and make improvements to the game, and today we are officially announcing the release of Version 0.3!  All leagues will transition to the new version at the end of their current seasons.  You can always see what version of the game engine a league is using by looking at the bottom of any page while you are in the league.
    Here are a few of the updates in this version:
    Pre-season games should see fewer players playing out of position; if you don't have a deep enough depth chart to rest your starters, they will play the whole game. Note that you can have all your players active during preseason and are encouraged to do so!
    Pressure on the QB by the defensive line has an increased effect on the QB's ability to throw the ball.
    The schedule algorithm now prevents intraconference pre-season games.
    The fumble probability has been reduced slightly.
    Drafts will now generate fewer kickers and punters, and the odds of a high rated QB being generated has increased. Also, there has been a slight increase to the probability for superior players to be created.  NOTE: Because the draft class is created when a league enters its postseason, the new player values will not take place until a full season has been completed in version 0.3.
    Several timeout bugs have been fixed.
    The box score for third and fourth down has been fixed.
    Your RB and QB will now wear down through the season if they are used at an unreasonable level. (To prevent this you simply need to maintain a sane game plan and fatigue settings)
    MyFootballNow.com is an online professionial football management simulator.  Take control of a team and manage everything from hiring coaches and drafting players to setting up your gameplan.  Compete with players from around the world for free!  If you haven't started playing the #1 online football management simulation, there's no better time than now to join! http://www.myfootballnow.com/
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    AY-BR reacted to nyy #23 in The Road to the Hall of Fame [OOTP]   
    Hi everyone.  After just starting to repost one of my dynasties here I've had a change of heart.  After going back and reposting several posts I feel like I'm doing double work.  Maybe if I started fresh it would work better, or maybe it's just what I'm used to.  I just know for me that if I keep doing that I'm going to abandon it here eventually.  So hopefully this will work out a little better for me, and I'll be doing this dynasty exclusively here. 
    I've had pretty good success in the past with a narrow focus for a dynasty.  About six years ago I did one of my first dynasties on the OOTP boards, maybe even my first, called The Home Run.
    I focused exclusively on the home run, was able to move through history pretty quickly, not get bogged down by anything else, and I had a lot of fun doing it.  With OOTP 16 one of my favorite new features is the Hall of Fame voting, although it takes a long time to see how the voting plays out.  Usually at least. 
    So what I'm going to do is focus exclusively on the Hall of Fame, the voting, the players elected, and the players on the ballot, and hopefully have fun doing it. 
    A few ground rules -
    I won't be taking control of any team I'll be moving forward one year at a time I won't be talking about any player until they retire I will be using OOTP's engine instead of recalc I'll be beginning in 1871 when simming through history, but 1886 will be the first year for the Hall of Fame  
    If you have any questions please let me know, and hopefully this will be a fun journey.  
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    AY-BR reacted to Chris in TV Shows   
    It's pretty damn good. It starts like a comedy but more things start to happen that make it a bit darker.
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    AY-BR got a reaction from Chris in [GM Games] Exclusive: Risto Remes (EHM) joins GM Games in conversation   
    Wow! I hope it will happen.
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    AY-BR got a reaction from GamePlanHockey in Perfomance   
    This is a great thing. It reminds of of the rating we had in EHM 2007. Because for example, you can't know if your grinder played  well, but with the performance you know. So that's great
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    AY-BR reacted to Chris in Our Review - GM Hockey Legacy 2012   
    Review of GM Hockey Legacy 2012
    A somewhat more cartoon-like take on the coolest sport on earth.
    November 5th, 2012
    It's November, and that means that (most) years, my nights would be filled up by flipping through various hockey games, checking box scores and fiddling around with whatever fantasy line-up I've put together for myself. Of course, the NHL's lockout of the NHLPA and subsequent cancellation of games throughout November have left a hole in my autumn routine. In it's place has been a myriad of games, including a new wave of hockey games perhaps aiming to take advantage of the momentum that hockey had built for itself over the last few years and the lack of availability of hockey for most of the country.
    We've already briefly discussed FHM, which will come out within the next few months, but being released to the public soon is a dark horse hockey simulator from French-Canadian developer Jean-Francois Cabana. GM Hockey Legacy is a lighter, more stream lined and fun-oriented text-based simulation engine of hockey for the consumer looking to get their hockey fix. While this game won't stand up to the rigid stability and demands of say Football Manager or Out of the Park, that isn't it's purpose: instead, its built to be a fun, simply and somewhat more cartoon-like take on the coolest sport on earth.
    After installing the game (which comes with a separate and somewhat amusing audio file), you're prompted to start a new game or continue with a previous game. The menu overlays are simple and efficient here, and that is a trend that continues throughout the user experience.
    After setting up a new game (in which you can choose your name, attributes, starting point, team and so on), you go through a myriad of pre-season necessities such as a player draft (featuring up-to-date 2012 draftees), signing coaches to any vacancies and other standard fare. Most of these menus require your attention to complete -- and because they are an early necessity, may frustrate some players who wish to click through their rosters and look around before making any franchise-altering decisions. But for the most part, management after the first few screens is very open ended.
    After the initial stages of setting up your game are complete, you're presented with a newspaper overlay as your main screen, from which you can read recent developments around the league and manage your team/league from various drop-down charts.
    The graphics and drop-down charts are different than most modern sports sims on the market, resembling something more from the turn-of-the-century or straight out of a Super Nintendo. Whether or not this is good or bad will basically depend on your preference. The player 'photos' are cartoon-like images that may-or-may-not resemble the actual player, and the newspaper overlay actually reminds me of the old overlay you'd see in the post game in Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball.
    Personally, I like the overlays and graphics because they engross you in a bit of a different world, but people who want Sidney Crosby to look like himself on every screen may have trouble finding the ultra-realism from the vanilla version of the game.
    GM Hockey Legacy Newspaper
    Pierre McGui.. I mean MacLeish shares his update
    Where the realism does come into play, however, is the game's stats and simulation engine, which does a fine job of representing hockey as we know it to be. After running through months and months of games, the stats engine holds up pretty well, even when accounting for wacky changes and the whims of a "general manager" who might not know what he's doing.
    There is very little 'gameplay' in terms of making decisions in the actual games. You simply select from some pre-game options, including lines, line-up, strategy and so on, and then click through a series of "Continue" prompts as the game stops in between periods and highlights. As long as you're not looking to watch a game like in Football Manager or be able to make multiple in-game decisions like in Out of the Park, the management and simulation experience in GM Hockey Legacy is strong.
    There is an entire list of Team management options, as well as things I've never seen before in a hockey sim. The World Championships and Olympics are represented, you can look through stats from a variety of different screens, the team management and GM options are nicely separated and so on. There's even some option called "BigDeal Ramon corner' under the newspaper which might have something to do with prospects or maybe not -- I'm still not sure.
    Overall, GM Hockey Legacy is a game that is going to greatly satisfy some and disappoint others, and the numbers for each side will basically be dependent on how many people are looking for a realistic simulation engine that really works, but may not necessarily be very pretty to look at or flashy in its presentation. If you're looking for something that is kind of a cross over between a text sim and a console game, this is not for you. If you're looking for something that has a lot of different simulation and scenario options and, for what it does, just works, then give this one a try.
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    AY-BR got a reaction from GamePlanHockey in Release 14   
    love the new Reputation system!
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    AY-BR reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release 14   
    Release 14
     This release includes the new feature extended team and player reputation along with a lots of bug fixes and improvements New features * Extended team and player reputation. As I mentioned in the last hotfix I have been tracking team and player reputation since a while back. With this release all reputation is now visible on team and player pages. You can also view reputation leaders on world and league pages. Reputation is measured in both the league where the team or player currently plays in as well in the whole world. That means that the teams and players has two values of reputation. I want to point out that this is not perfected or finished to 100%. But many of the upcoming features depend of this reputation system and it’s therefore important to add this extra dimension early in the game. So what impact do the reputation of a team or player have today? Mostly, but not only, it will influence contract negotiations, salary demands, player interest to join teams. **Note that the world needs to simulate once before all reputation is displayed correctly*** Extended world view. The world view will now display the last seasons Golden Cup winner. It also includes new tabs for viewing top players, teams and managers in the game world.* Extended league view. The league view have merged the player and goalie stats into one new tab just called players. There you can browse player, goalie stats and biggest stars in the league. League view now also includes extended team stats leaders and top renowned teams in league. Finally you can browse league history to view past team winners and player leaders.* Lineup rule implemented. It might be obvious for all hockey lovers but there were never a rule that validated that you didn’t dress more than 18 players and 2 goalies. But now it does. Bug fixes and improvements * Fixed bug where injuries had negative values* Fixed bad link to blog in menu* League schedule now displays current league position of team* New managers will now start as reputation Rookie* Minor adjustment of player interest for mid and bottom positioned teams > Increased* Fixed label for playoff achievement to display correct playoff round* Fixed bug where messages in user inbox was hidden in responsive/mobile view* Sort order on player leaders now falls back on played games if equal values.* Fixed bug where minimum of games played on goalie league leaders included playoff games* Adjustment on home ice advantage. Players with great team spirit  (team players and loyalists) works harder for home fans and have bigger chance of receiving the home ice advantage bonus.* Fixed bug where golden league players wanted to move to bigger club when unhappy with contract.* Visual correction of white or yellow text on team jerseys* Errors in lineup validation now are displayed directly when save button is clicked instead of reloading page.
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    AY-BR got a reaction from moore4807 in Hello! [moore4807]   
    Welcome to the forums! I will read your Dynasty with the Panthers.
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    AY-BR reacted to GamePlanHockey in English Translation Thread   
    This thread is most welcome! Just let me know of every typo and bad grammar you'll find!
    Thanks AY-BR, that would be great. I'm looking into adding more languages in the near future and a french translation would be awesome. I let you know when the game has support for more languages.
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    AY-BR reacted to Chris in English Translation Thread   
    I'm not sure if it's easier to make things one word and without spaces in your DB or UI but here some examples.
    1) Ratings
    Puckhandling = Puck Handling
    Puckcontrol = Puck Control
    2) Penalties
    The penalty descriptions are one word not two.
    3) Countries are one word (Example CzechRepublic)
    4) In team rankings you have a space for Penalty Kill but not for Power Play
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    AY-BR got a reaction from interstellarshadow in Leah (Pronounced Lee) Jamison Dynasty Report [DDSPB3]   
    Congratulations on your championship!
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    AY-BR got a reaction from Chris in [GM Games] Update on the FHM2015 Dev Journey   
    It's great to see they are still positive after all the bad reviews the game got for the first few versions. The game has a lot of potentiel and I'm pretty sure that if they keep work on it for a few more years, this game will be able to reach - and maybe exceed - EHM 2007 level. 
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    AY-BR got a reaction from Chris in Leah (Pronounced Lee) Jamison Dynasty Report [DDSPB3]   
    Congratulations on your championship!
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    AY-BR got a reaction from Chris in Hockey Universe is out now   
    If anybody is thinking of buying it, but is not sure, there is a demo, so you can try it out! 
    From a personal stand point, I need to say that I love this game and it's great. 
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    AY-BR got a reaction from GamePlanHockey in Welcome topic   
    I signed up yesterday and love the game. I'm in ALFA world in the Bronze League, hoping to get this mediocre team out of the botom ranks. 
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    AY-BR reacted to wasserlasser in Hockey Universe is out now   
    Hello everyone,
    a lot happened over the last year. Hockey Universe was release a couple of weeks back and we could not be happier.
    The game itself is an homage to our previous endeavours and the start of Bionic Salmon.
    With Hockey Universe - German League and Hockey Universe 2015 we have two excellent games available for you.
    More games will come and you can check it out in our Forum - http://bionic-salmon.com/forum/
    To purchase the game please follow this link - http://bionic-salmon.com/forum/shop/index.php/Category/
    We hope to see you soon
    Bionic Salmon
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    AY-BR reacted to wasserlasser in Update to Hockey Universe Version 2.2 is online   
    Hello everyone,
    we are pleased to announce that our Update to Version 2.2 is online now.
    This update is of course free for all existing customers and new customers will receive the new version right away.
    What is corrected/added in version 2.2:

    Bug/Layout: When moving a team in the past, team logo would change without warning during the offseason.
    Bug/Data: About 75 players that were considered rookies but shouldn't when creating a game in 2010-11 or 2011-12 fixed.
    Bug/Crash: When the user reached the 2012 season, the game would crash due to the shortened season. Now, this season has 82 games.
    Bug/Engine: When a user was playing with Buffalo or Ottawa, he was invited to build his starting lineup two turns in a row.
    Bug/Crash: When the user reached the 1994 season with a created or moved team, the game would crash due to the shortened season. Now, this season has 82 games.
    Bug/Engine: President/Friend challenge frequency modification in the options was not functionning properly.
    Bug/Crash: Random crash MaxLockFile that was affecting 5% of the customers fixed.
    Bug/Crash: The "Overview" section was crashing during the 93-94 training camp, because the conference changed names.
    Bug/Crash (MAJOR): Protection added to avoid the game to crash at the beginning of the playoffs in some of the past season with an expansion team.
    Bug/Crash (MAJOR): The free agents hunt could crash when there were not enough available free agents (mainly in the 80's).
    Bug/Data: The newspaper article title related to second round prediction was not displayed properly.

    Data: Some players positions changed.
    Data: Rosters adjusted
    Data: C.McDavid attributes lowered a bit.

    Engine: Potential for top 20 draft prospects for 2012 and up lowered a bit.

    Feature/Layout: Now possible to change team logo when moving it.

    Translation: "Was borned" corrected.
    Translation: "Non classé" was not translated to "Not ranked" in the team leaders window.
    Translation: "Salaire" was not translated to "Salary" in the players of the week/month window.
    Translation: "Profil de joueur" was not translated in some newspaper articles.
    Translation: "Niveau actuel" was not translated in the milestones window.
    Translation: Button "Quitter" was not translated in the Sprinkler Cup window.
    If you have any questions about getting the update or purchase the product, please contact us on our Website at www.bionic-salmon.com
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    AY-BR reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release 13   
    The latest release contains a new home view for league and extended roster view on team pages.
    NEW FEATURESLeague home view. League pages now has a home view where the most important information is summarised. You can view latest game results, next rounds match-ups and league leaders. The headlines tabs is also moved to the home view, showing only the latest 10 headlines. Player roles. There have been some rework on how player roles was calculated. Honestly, there were far to many good offensive players that was classed as grinders. This means that you might need to check your lineup and focus assignments. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Many have also noted that player roles are eligible for change. This is by design, but I know it may not be obvious. So don’t be surprised if your players change their preferred roles when they develop or your team move up or down league levels. Player roles are now also displayed on player cards (on click). Expended roster view. You can now toggle the roster view to show either basic, profile, contract or rating information. BUG FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTSFixed sorting of goalie stats on league page. Also only showing goalies that have played a minimum of 20% of total games on league leaders. Your own players are highlighted on league leaders. Adjustment of salary demands for top players. Adjustment of health loss (more) of hard training. Adjustment of health loss (more) during games. Fixed issue where resigned managers still were displayed as active on world view. Free agents will now base their role on the viewing managers team. Adjustment of offensive morale (boost) when scoring a lot of goals. Adjustment of defensive morale (boost) when not conceding a lot of goals. Tell me what you think of the update!
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    AY-BR got a reaction from Chris in Nominate a Game for the Hall of Fame   
    For me it has to be EHM 2007. Such a classic that I still play today.
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    AY-BR got a reaction from Chris in Game Plan Hockey Manager   
    I will try it out.