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  1. Thanks to all. I'm really happy and can't believe it - last two rounds were incredibly close and I guess I was lucky. I really like my team... 2nd and 3rd line can always step in when top line struggles. Peekaboo - your offense is scary, I was lucky your goalie was not any help, otherwise you would smash me
  2. Ah, the 4-5 loss in the second game of the finals sucks! But so far, pretty close games in the finals... exciting!
  3. Prairie Stars vs. Hawks is becoming a true rivalry. We have faced in the same situation in S1, but both teams were not so dominant in the previous series, especially Hawks after 2 exhausting 3-2 wins were simply tired to take out the best team in the league, considering talent. This is going to be nail-bitter, I hope. I know i'm capable of blanking Prairie Stars, but they start home and are incredibly strong. At least I hope there will be SC champion from West for once :-P
  4. bouncer

    Buzzer Trade Talk

    Once I'm out of the playoffs, Hazard Blizzard (GHL) would like to trade away following players: 21yo 80 OVR D - 28yo 85 OVR D - 35yo 85 OVR D - 36yo 83 OVR D - and some SHL caliber players: Looking for skilled 2nd/3rd pair D under reasonable contract or for young AAHLers
  5. bouncer

    Season 6 Chat

    He Wick, so far very interesting playoff for us - we are 2-0, but first one was so tight and in second game, I was lucky to get points from my top players and my goalie performed like a Vezina candidate as you overshoot me quite by a margin. Your young team is really impressive. So far the acquisition of Keller paid off. His numbers with my team are insane (not just points, but also corsi etc.)
  6. Great job, rainsilent!
  7. The SHL-GHL transition is so hard. I haven't touched the team I got from the GHL scratch as I didn't have to and there was not si many options for interesting trades... and I'm always second in West. So I get the frustration from Kim. This is the biggest issue on this release I think. In Buzzer I managed to get to GHL from CHL and stick there, but it was extremely hard and there was more FA option there than what is here...
  8. bouncer

    Buzzer Trade Talk

    A goalie, a goalie, my kingdom for a goalie. And a horse, if it's decent GHL goalie ;-)
  9. bouncer

    Buzzer Trade Talk

    Thanks, Wick! I wasn't sure about my team - it looked good compared to most of the SHL teams, but I just promoted from BHL and the FA signings were not going exactly as I was planning. My top6 forwards weren't so good as I wanted and my 4th line was performing really bad. And my streaks were insane... 5 wins in a row, including against high rank teams followed by 5 losses in a row including bottom rank teams... I was out of the Playoff spot after round 70, when I lost 4 in a row and 8 out of last 11 games. Then with some magic turnover my players started to over-perform and I won 10 last games and the streak continued into PO. I was quite confident against Lake Viking River Hawks, but I saw almost no chance to beat Mount Airy Bald Eagles. But my team was still on fire and my players overshoot them badly in every game even with 2 injuries to my top6 offensive players. But I think the transition from SHL to GHL is the most difficult one (honestly impossible without preparing for it the whole season), so I think I have really difficult task in front of me...
  10. bouncer

    Buzzer Trade Talk

    Hey guys, Hazard Blizzard managed to advance to GHL, kind of unexpected. So pretty much everything from my SHL roster is on trade block. Please have a look and send me offer/message.
  11. bouncer

    Season 2 General Chat

    And again against my Hawks... Haywood and your defense are insane.
  12. I love to playing with you as well, rainsilent. Always impressed to see what you can do with your team. And always happy if I manage to beat you I think in this new release no one is mighty anymore. Kegashka has great team, but Erzac have beaten them and he is now at the bottom of the league, so anything is possible. I especially liked my last game with Union yesterday - 82 saves made by both goalie before it went to SO. 1-0 for Union, but still happy with my defense work there!
  13. I guess everyone in lower leagues has the issue, so at least it's fair. On the other hand, this needs some balancing. Pros in the GHL should have better endurance, but not twice as semipros in lower leagues.
  14. This was also in Buzzer - I actually traded for 1st round pick at the end of the season. My bad, I didn't notice this was S2 and this draft was already done in all leagues. With the new timing of the draft, this is pretty stupid mistake. I lost something with this and I'm pretty surprised this wasn't already discovered and fixed.