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Hi everyone


I am currently looking for more people to try out the prototype of Game Plan Hockey Manager.


The game is an online hockey manager game that "simulates" x times per day at specific times depending on the speed of the chosen game world. That means that you have plenty of time to make your tactical changes, sign players and so on before the next simulation.


Just enter your email address in the signup form and wait for an invite. It's free, and I will invite more users continuously.


More information about the game is available on the site, but I'm happy to answer any question or suggestion you might have here as well.




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1. The official forums for Game Plan Hockey Manager are found here:


2. The game creator (Anders Granberg) now has a new username and goes by GamePlanHockey .. see here:

General Manager (GM) Games

email [email protected]
website | discord | youtube | reddit | twitch

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