Has anyone heard of any excellent football simulations?

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On 12/30/2022 at 2:31 PM, BenDover696969 said:

I found this one a couple of years ago it is call football gm it a a website game it has ads but not the ads that take up the screen, and the games free with no catch if you want to give them money you can, try it out and they made other games like basketball gm, baseball gm, and hockey gm.

zen gm with football gm

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Hello everyone,

I recently got into American Football for the first time. I decided to play some GM sims,  and i tried Draft Pro Football 2023. I also tried the football mogul series.

The Pro Football game was better, but had no ability to change font size/no full screen.


Are there any other contenders i should try?


Thank you for reading.

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