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    Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA reacted to OtisSmall in I cannot take this site seriously   
    I'm sure many of the people on here are like me. There's old games that I love and they're here.  That means many of the people rating the games have most likely played them before. The fact that they have fond memories of them are going to skew the ratings.
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    Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA reacted to drummerJ99 in I cannot take this site seriously   
    But again..those are user votes. That's not the site deciding the score, that's people (me, you, average forum user) voting for that score. Do I believe those are high? Yes. Would I rate most the games as high as they are? No. But You can't dictate what users rate games at, unless you turn off all user ratings.
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    Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA reacted to psucolonel in I cannot take this site seriously   
    Why not just have a scale that is relative to the genre?  On a 1-10 scale if Football Manager is a 9 (should be next to impossible to garner a 10…or at least extremely difficult) then games such as Out of the Park Baseball should be an 8, and a game like Front Office Football would be a 7.  
    there’s nothing wrong with scores like that for the better games in the genre.  Having everything an 8.5 or above (most are above 9) doesn’t help people.  If  it’s users who are voting I get it, but they really are NOT being objective, and the problem is these scores get published in a lot of different places.  
    it’s just my opinion that you may want to consider bringing some credibility to the review system here on this site.  It’s hard to take the current system seriously.
    again, I love the concept of this site, as I’m an avid fan of the genre.  I’m just trying to shed a little light on an aspect I think could be improved upon.  
    and yes, cheers to all of the hard working developers who strive to grow this genre !(especially stateside) 
    I’d even be good with using the real scale baseball scouts use.  In the 2-8 scale I’d give FM an 8, OOTP a 7 and FOF a 6.  
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    Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA reacted to DrCyber in FBPro Fan   
    I stumbled across this site while looking for something similar to Front Page Sports FB Pro. I was pleased to see that there are so many people interested in that old game. I have never found any other FB game that I liked as much.
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    Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA reacted to DrCyber in Sierra Football Pro Games   
    I used to play FBPro all the time. Unfortunately, I have never found another FB game I enjoyed as much. I would create my own leagues. I even had my own stats program that I developed that would read in exports from FBPro stats. 
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    Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA reacted to Chris in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    Let me start..

    I thought this would be an interesting thread to start here at GM Games. I am really curious to know about how you found out about playing these types of games. We've had several blog entries from our feature contributors telling us their story about how they got started playing sim sports.


    I don't consider myself someone with a great memory lol but here is how I think it all got started and how it evolved. For a long time I have always been fascinated with the statistics in sports. Being a fan, playing sports my whole life, I was always interested in box scores. My grandparents would always have a daily paper and I would grab the sports section and be really interested in reading the box scores that tell a little bit of a story of how the game went. From then on I knew stats and sports, athlete performance had a lasting effect on me.

    But it evolved further to wondering why teams won, why teams lost, and understand the aspects of a manager or franchise.

    I think it all started on NES. I owned a copy of Baseball Simulator and my friends in the neighbourhood and I just played the crap out of Baseball Stars. I think my mom at one point had a 40 dollar late charge with Blockbuster on a copy of Baseball Stars being a few weeks late. Man did I ever love that game from the team building perspective, money, salary caps etc.

    Later on Baseball Simulator was pretty fun, but I think I ended up playing Baseball Simulator 1.000 on SNES more, minus the dumbass magic part of that game lol.

    Baseball was my sport growing up but I loved all sports and my background being Lithuanian, I have been bred to love Basketball. Along the journey at blockbuster I rented my first copy of Tecmo Super Bowl. I would play out full seasons with my friend during sleepovers and we would almost get a whole season done from early afternoon till about 3-4 am. Losing in the playoffs with eyes barely open was an empty feeling when it was all over, lol! But was simulating it ever fun as well. Stats were realistic, player personnel moves had significance etc. Loved this game.

    I found some joy in basketball from copies of NCAA Basketball (which didn't simulate well but played well), and played a lot of Tecmo Super NBA Basketball. Tons of fun and loved my mid-range jumpers from the elbows (which normally was a low percentage shot) but loved seeing Michael Jordan hitting those while growing up.

    From a hockey perspective my first simulation game was Wayne Gretzky Hockey, which I believe was way ahead of its time. As time progressed Baseball Mogul showed up on the scene. It instantly was a hit to me, it took what I wanted these games to become to the level where it made me feel wrapped up in this world. I helped run a league named BMIL that lasted for years until we switched to OOTP .. I have been a user on the OOTP forums since 2002 and I have an interesting private message with Markus from 2002 that makes me smile to this day.

    As the modern games came out I pretty much played about everything. Countless hours of Championship Manager (CM) even though I wasn't a huge European Football / Soccer fan but the game was just THAT good. Eastside Hockey Manager was developing and the games got more sophisticated.

    I still firmly believe this genre made some of the most addictive games ever made. If you really believe and are intrigued with a great simulator algorithm and AI world, these games will keep you playing through all hours of the night. "Just sim one more day"..

    Hey, share with us your story. I would love to hear it personally. I helped create this site so these games, the developers get the attention they deserve, but also, we get a chance to mold the games with the dev's in our desired fantasy world's.

    What's your story??
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    Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA reacted to KevHes in Sierra Football Pro Games   
    Yes I used to play seasons of FBPro98 as well. I had a league made up of the best historical players for each franchise. was a lot of fun. When a friend would visit from Pennsylvania we would have the Colts and Jets face off with Unitas and Namath as the QB's. I still have the leagues on a Flash drive.
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    Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA reacted to Sigonellapc3 in Sierra Football Pro Games   
    I've been looking for this as well - unfortunately, Sierra Online had exactly the type of sim I enjoyed, and it went out of business in '99....
    Imagine all the fun of FPS games but with a Windows 11, modern skin. I'd buy it.
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    Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA reacted to Mr. Scot in Sierra Football Pro Games   
    My friends and I used to get together to play Sierra's Football Pro games (miss those friends, honestly).
    I still like playing them but I'm also wondering if there are similar games that are more, for lack of a better term, modern.
    Granted, everything these days is Madden type stuff but what about Sim type games?
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    Help_GW_PC/InternetSportsA reacted to Alex11 in NFL Head Coach 09   
    Anyone remember NFL Head Coach 09, miss those type of games.