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  1. Okay thanks, Did you get my message, I just think I sent to you? The screen quickly went back to your profile. I might have accidently hit the wrong key & skipped the screen
  2. World Sports Manager Careers means what exctly? Is it sports games that include franchises from around the world, not just in The USA? What exactly is meant by Manager Careers?
  3. Since, PNFL's Co-Commish Charlie Rogers has yet to reply to E-Mail I sent him with a version of this, which has changed (not a problem, sure he is busy, given is life, work-VPNFL & he might see the changes in one of the posts of these message boards) & While I am thankful for pfalvey95's one & only reply, to all my posts at VPNFL, so I have messaged him on this. I do not know (but hoping) he will reply back (especially since I took so long to reply to his reply; I had forgotten my password & had to reset the password) I posted it here (as I did at VPNFL forums) for whoever is still checking this forum out. Plus, having more than just one-person's replying answer is always best. Still the computer repair person does not have FBP '98 functioning without errors, so can be downloaded to my LT & backup Thumb Drive or old & unused computer console (still deciding- have even older printer, console might have Windows '95, have not used it for decades, but have no monitor & keyboard for it). What do you think should I stay with the thumb drive (plenty of space available & cheaper) or unused computer console & printer, & paying to get a old- keyboard, mouse & monitor? As I have told him, do not slow down, but do not worry about how long it is taking, I am still creating, in OpenOffice Apache, 288 or 240-higher educational programs level, 288 or 240-semi-pro franchises level & 288 or 240-pro franchises level. Which leads me to my questions that are not answered in the FBP '98 manual. I want to play in biggest possible organization of USA VS as much of The Rest of The World as possible, but will settle for just 144 or 120-teams/programs/franchises for each, having to use FBP '98 game makes it too much to go more, assume it is preferred by others & prefer with Online others (can be the commissioners. With FBP '98 leagues sizes limitations, I am having to choose between either using 12 or 30-teams/programs/franchises FBP '98's 24 or 8-leagues per level* & I am leaning towards siding with 30-programs/franchises (easiest for post FBP '98 Leagues' Championships to do only 8-programs/franchises playoff**), still deciding.. I assume after the 12 or 30-FBP '98 Leagues' Championships to do only 24-8-teams/programs/franchises playoff every year through creating a new FBP '98 league & only once ever using that new FBP '98 league*** As all knows there are going to be different scheduling for those leagues' sizes (12 or 30), but you know & I do not know what the differences are, since you have a working copy of FBP '98. What are the differences between 12 & 30-programs/franchises FBP '98 leagues? Especially questions about the 12-programs/franchises leagues: Is it a 6-programs/franchises playoffs or more? At least 14-R-S games schedules? Play the 3-programs/franchises divisional opponents twice? & The rest of the 12-programs/franchises leagues' 8-programs/franchises once? If I assume the above is true, then the Pro. to 24 of the 12-teams/programs/franchises FBP '98 leagues is that all teams/programs/franchises would play each other & in less then 16/17-R-S Games & the FBP '98 playoffs would be quick. & Con. would be the management of post 24-FBP '98 Leagues championships playoff would be very time & effort consuming. Am I right, in assuming there is not FBP '98 utility for larger sized leagues, like 30-programs/franchises leagues that: All 5-programs/franchises divisional opponents play each other twice? Each program/franchise plays 8-divisional opponents games? All 5-programs/franchises divisional opponents play all other non-divisional programs/franchises at least once? Each program/franchise plays 25-divisional opponents games? If I assume the above is false, then the Pro. to 8 of the 30-teams/programs/franchises FBP '98 leagues is that the management of post 8-FBP '98 Leagues championships playoff would be little time & effort consuming. & Con. would be not all teams/programs/franchises would play each other, in 16-R-S Games, let alone a 14-R-S Games, & the FBP '98 playoffs would be longer. *- Higher education/semi-pro/pro, **- Is it possible to complete FBP '98 custom & Online & Offline leagues' championships to use those exact (without new league's years additions to rosters & Etc.) participating in the championships' programs/franchises into new Online & Offline custom leagues? ***- Is it possible to have 50+-custom created FBP '98 leagues? If I create a Online FBP '98 Custom leagues with only one or not full of our-species ownerships, then: Can I switch those Computer ownership programs/franchises to our-species ownerships & verse? Can I create additional Online FBP '98 Custom leagues using programs/franchises from other Online custom leagues already created? What are the best websites' for FBP '98 forums/threads?
  4. ...When I use FB or FootBall or Football, I mean USA FB, FootBall or Football. ...FPS: FBP '98, if you want thinking man's realism of IRW FootBall. Context to why you should take my recommendation- After birth engulfed IRW of sports (from local FB- hey day of pro franchise, USA BasketBall & associations & leagues-Olympics) of family craziness & develop a kinship with similar lives of breed German Shepherds for selling their puppies, after 1980 (hey day of local Higher Educational F.ootB.allS.ubdivision program) engulfed more in family craziness & greater kinship with similar lives of breed German Shepherds for selling their puppies & slowly moving to more of IRW FootBall than rest, experiencing dad's Sports & Etc. Radio listening-calling-in. Late '80s played EAS' FB Games (dumbing down FootBall Fans-now, entire FB Industry with Fluff/graphics-yet, no quality plays-game plans <it is what IRW is referred to as play sheets>-profiles creating-customization games). Worked with the local new BasketBall franchises in passing out their original fans shirts, still have one; put former BasketBall franchise, I rooted for, on back burner. Kinship with breed German Sheppards moves onto many other animals' suffering. Formerly, I was a USA FB player & Ass. Coach, on even the two-different sports levels of Youth UFB & High School FB, I am a former HOF PWFBL/Youth FB & Youth FB Ass. Coach (I & my dad got started with first steps of creation/cleaning donated equipment & fixing logos to helmets & brother played on the team I coached at first) reach the Regional Championship Game, moved right into Failed High School FB Player & but stayed for a year+ of Failed Youth FB Ass. Coach, at teenage team. When F.ront P.age S.ports: F.ootB.all Series came about I jumped right on it, best thinking person's plays-game plans(it is what IRW is referred to as play sheets)-profiles creating-customization feature ever, at the time it was at least at the standard of the rest of the FB games industry of '98. FBP '98 was & still is, for previous reason, greatest FB Game ever created. After failing in playing high school FB & stopped Youth FB, with family problem with the PWFBL's organization getting us kicked out & lost my IRW Youth FB interest, my HS FB team, after I failed-out- family problems, ran a play I had never seen before & all of those years of my dad's telling me about past FB (especially, one before my time one-FBS program) & experiencing real world FB's defenses (especially, 3-4 during my time & one-FBS program) & most importantly thanks to being able to experiment with it in FPS:FBP series (instead of without seeing it failures/learning chances & successes played out) especially, '98, I became a very creative & experimental person when it comes to FB. I had created a revolutionary FB Offense & a unique FB Defense, it is legal in not just FPS: FBP '98, but it is even in IRW FB (NFL-Higher Educational FBS-PWFBL.). The NFL & High School FB has come close to creating the FB offense, but even to this day has never done so; but all levels have done used versions of my unique FB defense, many times to this day. I have never used revolutionary FB Offense, a unique FB Defense & Revoluntionary offensive & defensive sides of Special Teams IRW (never will now- boycotting IRW Sports, especially, the violent ones/concussions), but I believe they would work on all levels. & After 2000, F.ront P.age S.ports: F.ootB.all series canceled, with '99 & '2000 games failing, thus, went to other Video Games/PC FB Games, like EAS' Madden NFL & NCAA FB with my Cousin & Uncle & ESPN, but found the industry (includes serious graphics/visuals; to EAS' nothing new but graphics/visuals, & against to EAS' joystick cheating worked into their games- dumbing down the whole FB world, where FPS: FBP series was the opposite) had become copies of EAS' FB Games. Kinship with all other Beings' suffering. I tried using the revolutionary FB Offense & a unique FB Defense in those FB games, but they did not have plays-game plans(it is what IRW is referred to as play sheets)-profiles creating-customization or no way in BLANK good enough, thus, while I continued to suffer with joystickers beating me. Not only that but IRW I have had enough with competition IRW FB being put aside for greater profits & powerful NCAA Presidents & NFL Owners, I am suffering like most aware Sports fans, starting to work out my own FB Game- combining what is good in then FB Game Industry, FBP series/through a Website, more & Etc.. Started my education on politics (started & I still am experiencing the independent political shows-same channel) & activism & developing activism for Living Earth & Living Beings Rights. Started working with local state's-cities' election department Went back to using non-video Game-Computer FB games to continuing to improve the revolutionary FB Offense & a unique FB Defense, which has never stopped. After '2010, who I was & who South Florida High School Education & FB was causing me failing as the ESE Facilitator/High School FB Coach (& career), with moving my no longer ever going to happen HOF & Record for Superbowls & Winning Percentage Head Coaching Career to Sports Radio Talk Show Host, starting me listening & calling-in to sports radio & '2005 started working towards FootBall Radio Talk Show career with two-local Higher Educational schools' student radio stations & one's media entertainment program, to earn the money (that kept me as a student taking non-degree courses, like Judo Self Defense), I did a I.ntraM.ural S.Ports Head-Regular Referee for a year. After being heavy censored by both "Higher Education" schools & thanks to listening-calling-in to sports radio station, discovering it is impossible to work as a Pro without being self-censoring to keep employment, I quit the dream of FB & then Sports Talk Show Host. After 2020, the improvement of my revolutionary FB Offense & a unique FB Defense took a huge leap, by adding the same principles that make the FB Offense revolutionary, never done before, & FB Defenses, unique, was added to both FB offense & FB defense sides of revolutionary, never done before, FB Special Teams, making the FB Offense & FB Special Teams even more revolutionary & that revolutionary FB Offense, a unique FB Defense & revolutionary FB Special Teams all the same exact appearance before the snap of the football, so besides down & distance no way to know what is coming next. The NFL & High School FB has come close to creating the FB Special Teams, but even to this day has never done so. This year, I have had a computer repair person trying to get FPS: FBP '98, Patch 1.08 & all the desired utilities onto my LT, & I back into the best plays-game plans(it is what IRW is referred to as play sheets)-profiles creating-customization. With the help of VPNFL & PNFL FBP '98 Communities (especially, Co-Comissioner Charlie Rogers, hates talking politics). Not yet, achieved, now just have to work out the bugs of getting it all working, Hopefully, when, all worked out will I have all the Programs-Franchises worked out to quickly/easily create the huge Pro, Semi-Pro leagues & Higher Educational programs. Best of all, if I can get as many FBP '98 diehard fans as I can to join in (become COOP commissioners, of what I have created) on a Online FBP '98 leagues & associations, see my thread on it.
  5. Not enough visuals quality & amount for me. Plus, it does not appear to have creating-customizing of plays-game plans & creating/custizing new franchises-programs-teams are not there.
  6. ...Higher Educational Programs (Feeder) Association, Semi-Pro Franchises (Allocation & Development) League & Pro Franchises League? I already have a lot of customization of Programs-Franchises worked out (for The GW'sSsAs I am working on making into real world, if interested in helping?) & working on a 3-leagues (of 20-FBP '98 leagues of 12-Programs/Franchises; 60-FBP '98 leagues) of 240-Higher Educational Programs/Semi-Pro (allocation & developmental) Franchises/Pro Franchises for my own playing, unless I can find other people wanting to particiapte (willing to either take over as commissioners, I have never played in an Online anything). I am not afraid of programs-franchises without people controlled, even a huge majority of them, because simply the whole people of association/leagues vote on participants' created/customization & most successful plays-game plans-profiles to make standardized throughout only the computer controlled programs/franchises & Etc..
  7. If one or all of you are still looking a FBP '98 league to play in, then maybe, we can help each other, when I finally get The FBP '98 game, patch & some utilities downloads onto my LT; computer repair person still working out the bugs & then will download it to my LT. I already have a lot of customization of Programs-Franchises worked out (for The GW'sSsAs I am working on making into real world, if interested in helping?) & working on a 3-leagues (of 20-FBP '98 leagues of 12-Programs/Franchises; 60-FBP '98 leagues) of 240-Higher Educational Programs/Semi-Pro (allocation & developmental) Franchises/Pro Franchises for my own playing, unless I can find other people wanting to particiapte (willing to either take over as commissioners, I have never played in an Online anything). PFBL's Co-Commish Charles Rogers is good person & plays creation/customization is very flexible (told me if FBP '98 is okay with it, then we are okay with it), but only 18-total-franchises. You guys still available & interested?
  8. I just, mins. a ago ,got back in contact with the computer repair person & he had to go to a friend that is so seriously a games collector that 3 (of four)-bedrooms (of his family home) are so full of video games, that he uses spider tunnels to get to games. Now, the repair person is just trying to get all the bugs out that he is experiencing, even with the 1.08 Patch, before installing/downloading it onto my LT. Thanks to PNFL's Co-Commish Charles Rogers recommending using Windows 11's ability to change into Windows '95 mode to run the game, I will not need the DOS Box that the repair person mistakenly thought was needed. Sorry, to the other VPNFL Forum replier (a gentleman) that also posted some help, I cannot remember his name & must have deleted the E-Mail. Given I think the forum is a ghost forum (just as VPNFL FBP '98 league is deleted league), only reply I have received from a lot of thread I created there. Finally, in no time at all I will be back owning & playing a FB Game with closest to real world coaching's ability to create/customize (to use computer world's term) plays-game plans(which again, IRW of seriously Organized FB is Play Sheets & their Game Plans are lot more complex)-profiles!!!!! Now, I got to hurry-up & finish the setup before doing the creation of the 20-leagues/associations Times 12-Worldwide franchises/programs & Repeat 2 more times = 240-Professional franchises, 240-Semi-Pro franchises (Allocated & Develop the Pro & FA Pro Players back to The Pro League) & 240-Higher Educational programs. Man, I do have a lot to finish*, I also have to finish my work (my first hand watching & Youtube archiving of last season-draft results & Etc.) so I can attempt to predict The SimulationFL's Season 22/Winter '24 results (includes their playoffs) & next week I am doing the protesting campaign against the local city's rodeo & all the events around the rodeo (thank goodness took out the city's huge deal, until our <I am the organizer & usually sole protester for all the rodeo's hrs.+ hrs. of protesting the other surrounding events> decade+ protests campaign got started, rodeo parade). I was thinking once I get done with critical thinking (so, everything is not just slaps on the wrists critiques) evaluations-predictions of The SimulationFL's Season 22/Winter '24 results (includes their playoffs) maybe, I should post it here & broadcast (with brandnew equipment Christmas presents from my brother) it on a video sharing website. What do you all think about that? *- Outside of real world stuff- the most usual are stuff like cleaning the house-landscape work (crazy 'Global Warming' affected dry season weather had me spending days <yesterday, had to have my professional landscaping expert uncle, & his chain saw-pole saw, on large branches other trees>, then I by myself cutting up & with my roommate, dumped at the dump a non-indigenous 30-Ft. tree <taking my hate [& roommates still love or I would remove them all; along with the grass] these non-indigenous plants to a new level; no matter how beautiful they are> that had fallen & the rest that was threatened to fall finished mere hrs. ago) in our property & Etc.; like everyone else. So, see you all, off to finish all of that; have time to work on FBP '98 leagues/associations creations, because after the dump it has been raining, yet agin, during our dry season. Not sure when I will be back posting, since I have posted a lot & NOT A SINGLE REPLY, will check for replies.
  9. I know Computer-Video Gaming Industry-World could do a ton more to give their participants something that valuable, because they value it, in their real world lives. Part of my making the type of COOP *_GW's_* Sports Associations will be about this, but never sacrifice (SP?) the serious competitive nature of computer sports games- Sports Associations. For me it is not very deep & Etc., because it would require a member of the industry/world to be revoluntionary in it's facilitate a deeper benefit. Thanks to discovering-life long die hard supporter of FPS: FBP series, especially, '98 version, not so much series killing '99 version (BLANK!!!!!), I took the opportunity to try to make a career out of Coaching IRW FB, that wanting to be a Public School Facilitator for ESE Students provided me; then when good enough of a Youth-HS/bores me to watch both (sure contributed to my failure in coaching career) Coach to move on up to be Univ. of M.iami H.urricanes' FB Coach/priovides me the ability to be a Public Higher Educational Facilitator for ESE Students (just not at UMH- private school) & so on to The NFL coach & dropping being a facilitator, would be just impossible with NFL coaching demands. & along those lines, I used my FBP series years to start creating the revoluntary offense, never done before, & unique (the 2-main principles were only know done in two-separate occasions/programs, deaceds apart, in only Higher Educational FB) defense, but obviously both able to be done in FBP series & '98 version & completely legal in all organized FB levels & even from what PNFL (FBP '98, of course) Co-Commish Charles Rogers said, legal in PNFL. I have expanded & believe improved (with even more revolutionary features to the plays) the offense & defense over the decades that I have not been able to use FBP '98. I also believe both the offense & defense would work in The NFL, let alone any level of Real World FB. *- Trying to find a better words to use, than nickname/less about me- so far only person trying to get *GW's*Ss.As. in existence,
  10. It occurred to me, while typing my last thread- Somethings I Cannot Understand about Computer Sports Games Users. that I have NEVER seen a post that brought this up or a computer sports league/association (SimulationFL does not, correctly if I am wrong, but I watched long enough & I would shocked if I am wrong) that requires All People Controlled Sports Teams/Programs/Franchises to have The Exact Same Amount of People, so there is no advantage for having more people to do more work. I know I have worked it into the revolutionary Sports Associations I am trying to bring to life. It really is a common sensical thing, especially, when so many computer sports games & Internet leagues/associations have salary caps for the same reason. What are you all opinions?
  11. 1st. Why, when they watch real world sports/FB game (that has 15-Minutes Quarters & Overtime), do some of the same fans, then only want to play or watch sports/FB that have quarters that last only 5:00-minutes or 10-Minutes????? This makes no senses to me, you would think people would want to play computer sports/FB games would want the 15:00- Minutes quarters. More the FB the better is my philosphy (SP?). 2nd. Why when they play real world sports with their friends, one of the cool parts is drawing up the custome plays with their friends & playing them out, yet when they play computer sports games they want to: SIM the games????? &/Or When they play computer sports games they choose games that offer either insufficient or no plays-game plans-profiles creating/customization at all????? 3rd. Why when they play real world sports with their friends, choose the plays to call in each down, yet when they play computer sports games they want to: Setup the offenses/defenses playbooks & have the computer to fast SIM the games for them or the computer to call the plays (with their recommedations) for them & watch the results????? &/Or When they could easily just choose to setup the offenses/defenses playbooks (hopefully, able to create/customize all the plays-game plans-profiles) & only call the plays themselves/Coaches Mode & watch the results????? Coaches Modes is my favorite way to play, when I am the only person (never been good at using the joysticks, thus why I have grown to love Coaches Modes) involved in a team-program-franchise. If I had other people involved in the same team/program/franchise, then I would have no problem with at least one person being assigned to positions coaching 1st & then the joystick control of as many positions as possible or if enough people then one person for each position coaching 1st & then controling those positions' players during games. I know & hate that modern games have catered so much to dumbed down joysticks jockeys that they actually cheat for them/create advantages (cheats-superhero like abilities when players are controlled) for them to take advantage of, but if you are playing in a league/association where other teams/programs/franchises also have multiple people involved, there are going to have at least one-person on the joystick, controlling the players.
  12. While watching for a long time, I have noticed there are not enough people creating/customizing enough OL positions players. Which creates the situation where there are only around 3-OL players in the drafts, every draft. Lead to SFL's franchieses' GM drafting either a lot skills players, before them or never drafting OL positional players. The SFL's Denver NightWings (not the only SFL franchise that has ever done this & probably, even now while it is rare, few & most successful franchisess have 5-OL players that were created by people, the average is probably 2 to 3, which is an increase) has not a single OL player, created/maintaned & increaese in the players' ratings, by people. What are Your Recommendations to Get People Interested in FB Playing & Etc. Games' Internet Leagues/Associations to Create, Customize & increase Attributes of Not As Popular Positions, Even in The Real World? Like OL positions. I have ideas myself & already submitted them to SFL, who dislike my ways to improve the SFL & Etc.. Since they are unique, as some might know me, I am an extremely creative person,.& will be using them in when I get the Sports Associations up & running, I really cannot talk about them.
  13. I want to see, first hand, where the industry is now, compared to FPS: FBP '98 & it's plays-game plans-profiles creating/customizing. I already exchanged many E-Mails with AXIS FB department's President & know, I will be using AXIS FB '24 to do so. I figured there might be one or more other modern FB Game that might be worth doing so with. Recommend to me, what you think is the best modern FB Game (with plays-game plans-profiles creating/customizing as close to as good as FBP '98) to compare to FBP '98? If you can also provide me with a URL to the demo for the FB Game, then more the better. I already had someone recommend to me- Pro Strategy Football 2024, but not a URL for a demo of the game. If you know a demo it would awesome.
  14. I need to download FPS: FBP '98 game, onto my LT, but I cannot find it anywhere. I even have a computer repair person also searching for it & he cannot find it, but he also told me no one should be selling downloads of abandonware (SP?), so he might only be looking for free downloads or have to participate a certain amount of times on a website to download abandonware games, like GM Games does for FPS: FBP '98 1.08 Patch. Does Anyone Know URLs to Download The FBP '98 Game?
  15. Could not agree more, Cool, another Utility tool for FPS: FBP '98 game. Only question I have is with FBP series having a ton of stats (maybe, more than any other FB <maybe other sports) games> why is there a need for that?
  16. I contacted the company & it avoided answering the following question (I asked them with more words)- Does their FB games have plays-game plans-profiles creating/customizing that is at the same level of FPS: FBP '98? I really hate companies that aviod people, with interest in their products, questions. I really hate YouTube (like it does not do the bad-evil stuff that Google does, sarcasm, Google of online Videos)!
  17. I would assume this is quickly becoming an industry standard, with at least 1 or 2-International Teams/Programs/Franchises? Even SFL has two-Franchise Vancouver Legion & Mexico City Aztecs (SP?). I love International feel & participant people from other countries, even farther than countries dominated by Dominate language is English-a EU countries' language & White/Caucasian (SP?) people. What is The FB Game with the best & most International Teams/Programs/Franchises? Which is great start, but encourages more International participants in Internet leagues of those games.
  18. I was watching Season 21/Spring '23 when in Youtube comments a person who found the game & Simulation Football League for the 1st time, was thinking it was awesome, but asked them to switch to AXIS FB game. So, I had to check out their official website & had a long exchange of E-Mails with the president (WOW!!!!! How awesomely refreshing that is/was) & had to brush up on sports (especially, Soccer) Tier System. Ever since then, I am sold this should be done in every real & Computer & Computer/Internet world sports league/asscoiation there is. But with one-must include feature, only the owners are promoted or demoted to other leagues/associations, within the same sports levels (Pro league/association to & from another Pro league/association), until reach the last/top league/association left, then either demoted to a lower sports level or raised to a higher sports level (until there are no lower or higher sports levels). Example: owners Demoted from High School to Youth or owners Promoted from Higher Educational/Semi Pro to Pro or in Computer & Computer/Internet world- owners Promoted from Higher Educational/Semi Pro to Pro OR Promoted from Pro to Hall Of Fame/Greatest Of All Time leagues/Associations. I think it unfair & kills competition to change out entire teams/programs/franchises. Plus, I do not know why any players, coaching-management staffs members would sign contracts making it legal to move their employment, outside of trades & cuts & FA. Keeps teams-programs-franchises that are not competitive from tanking & keeps competition at highest possible level, with infusion of better teams/programs/franchises. What do the rest of you think?
  19. But that did even come close to the actual coaching feature of play-game plan-profile creating/customization that FBP '98 did.
  20. No, because unlike FBP '98 industry setting standard, back in '98, EAS' sports games does not believe in quality plays-game plans-profiles creating/customization features & believes in dumbing down with Fluff features, like let us make the graphics out brighten our serious flaws. That is why I gave up on EAS' sports games years ago & few years after that, discovered the entire industry's biggest sports games do not also, & gave up on the industry. I decided to just continue focusing on creating **my own version of COOP sports associtaions of sports games, starting with FB** & watching FB. Then years later found Simulation FootBall league, to watch as a fan only, because it is lost in ESPN FB games, I would even accept such a league using FBP '98 & it's outdated limitations. While The SFL switched to a better version of ESPN at least two-years earliet, in Spring '2023/Season 21 SFL was exposed for not having the ESPN Game graphics to put downing the ball into their games, so franchise losing at end of games had to have enough time outs, go out of bounds or just move as quick as possible to score or lose. Hopingly they have it for Winter '2024/Season 22 (reduced franchises from 27 to 25), I have yet to watch a game, setting my predictions for the season. After taking the last slap in face of NOT having a competitive SFL, for the selling of the SFL online (broadcasted YouTube, exchanged about Discord & Etc. & owners & staff & leagues participants are required to meet a amount of participation on social media & *pay higher & higher costs to join*). They threw out I think 11-seasons, 4-championship game appearances & high winning percentage (both in the top of those years in The SFL), *but high turn over of players* the Souis Falls Sparrows for not enough activity with The SFL, participants/people controlling custome players & Etc. & fans (like myself, though I do not do social media) through social media. *- People who created players started dropping like flies, with last raise of costs, even top draft picks, after their rookies seasons, when the latest raise first took effect. It is hard enough keeping people participating, The SFL YouTube viewership of people (not already participating in The SFL <like myself, just fans>) is a joke, at best, double digits. So, now after Spring '2024/Season 23, I will be quiting The SFL & leaving me with PFBL- FBP '98 league, broadcast their games only, but right on their website, no need to go to Youtube- not a fan- privacy & data collection, the Google for online videos. I am trying finalize FBP '98 on my LT & start creating a large (only by majority of Sports Playing Video Games/Computer Industry's proudcts) 20-leagues/associations Times 12-Worldwide franchises/programs & Repeat 2 more times = 240-Professional franchises, 240-Semi-Pro franchises (Allocated & Develop the Pro & FA Pro Players back to The Pro League) & 240-Higher Educational programs set of FBP '98 leagues & association, using the information from **_Great White's_** Sports Associations & starting with **_Great White's_** FootBall Associations to customizing Programs-Franchises & ideas. **- Trying to find a better/less me/my nickname part of the name. Hoping maybe I can find FBP '98 fans/unlike me experienced in Internet League playing using FBP '98 who would join me.
  21. I DuckDuckGo searched it & found official website, talk about a crapy information, way, way & way too little given. Does it allow for see live action of games, for lack of better terms, or just slow or fast simming of games & watch a scoreboard? Can you coach select plays & Etc. or coach &/or just control players or is it just watch a scorebaord give you results? Modern league's/franchises'/players' creating/customization? How many possible franchises? How many possible players on each franchise? FBP '98 quality Plays-Game Plans-Profiles creating/customizations? Off Season events (like drafts, training camps & Etc. (do not like salary Caps so that I do not care if not there) possible to make plans for, participate in & watch?
  22. Thank you, 4 your time & patience in reading my communications, fromer: athlete & coach, sports media & referee, EAS & ESPN PC Gaming & Educator. Returning to FBP '98 in days, creating The pc internet gaming Sports Associations- 1st. FB & invented a sport Former Diehard organized real world sports Fan (achieve records & later dreams failure), their goals ahead of stopping COVID 19 & It's Variants, always Diehard FB, BasketBall & Etc. Sports fan. Family never given me what I needed Diehard A. MDs, UMHS & B. LALS, MH & sport media Fan Identified some challenges as lifelong Learning Challenges Neighborhood sports, then PWFBL record setting DE (& OG) & DE Coach & HS FB BUST (year-born with both feet surgeries & still pain- new damage & pain) DE & coaching PWFBL, Started playing Dumbing Down & Fluff EAS' NCAA & Madden NFL FB Series FBP created, dominating, even super smart followers- father & younger/HS brother, with invented new offense & unique defense To this day making better without Plays-Profiles customizations; return in 01//2024 days Played EAS' & ESPN dumbing down & fluff FB Games (with cousin & uncle) Inspired by my love & frustration (evil-sick-bad things) with Capitalism of Sports & FB Games & not enough international programs & ESPN & SI/sports media lack of holding sports accountable (later with worsening pushed me to continue with creating The pc internet gaming Sports Associations) . Dream towards HOF career as MDs HC, & before that same for UMHs, ESE degreed (courses for certifications in faciliting areas- PE & Sports Philosophy & Administration) facilitator, doing the most good as I can, Failed the dreams, not good enough & my growing up trauma & later, education & FootBall were not able to do my level of good. Good at Media Entertainment courses; paid for non-degree courses, did any radio role & worked as a IMS Referee, so I could host my own 'The Sports Fans' Show'- a fan to cohost each broadcast & cohost, then host, another. Around '2018 added best available to my Sports world (in only 1-year it would radically be forced to be widdled away to what is least Capitalist supporting), outrages push to forever quit, before the start of Season 24/Winter '2025. Internet Sports Assocs. & Games, along with many other inventions, as I slowly became a ton more political, activist & educated on politics. ESPN's 'OTL' & HBO's 'Real Sports' & independent Sports/Politics Talker. Started being a Poll Deputy for home area, nearby city, county & state. 8th. COVID-19 & It's Variants Pandemic happened , yet all sports decided media contracts were more important than other people, contributing to duration as a Pandemic. So, in '2020 I started boycotting the watching & paying for anything sports related, expect PC/Internet Sports- devoted more time to watching SimulationFL- until I find better & put my version in reality. Currently, I am still trying to get: Downloaded copy of FPS: FBP '98, Patch 1.08 & The Utilities (obviously no interest in using former NFL,NFLPA & NCAA Names, Likeness & Etc.) onto my LT & see if I even need DOS Box to play it (one of the Commishes at PNFL says is not needed for most of The PNFL participants). Creating a large (only by majority of Sports Playing Video Games/Computer Industry's proudcts) 20-leagues/associations Times 12-Worldwide franchises/programs & Repeat 2 more times = 240-Professional franchises, 240-Semi-Pro franchises (Allocated & Develop the Pro & FA Pro Players back to The Pro League) & 240-Higher Educational programs set of FBP '98 leagues & association , using the information from **_Great White's_** Sports Associations & starting with **_Great White's_** FootBall Associations to customizing Programs-Franchises & ideas. Would love to make it where other participants join me (I do not want want to be Commish- never done this before), but doubtful anyone else wants to (I do not mind have a ton of computer controlled Franchises & programs, better than full people run 18 or less-franchises leagues) as I have posted on other forms about this & echos back. I am also trying to choose a modern FB Game, with what FBP '98 offers, but better: graphics, customization of teams- since there is now a high school FB game, programs-franchises & players & Etc. to use & while I am using FBP '98 & see differences first hand (been years since played any FB game, even decades longer since I played FBP '98- best all time, simply because best ever existed plays-game plans (as a former real world Ass. FB Coach & upto '2020 lifelong addict like dedicated fan of NFL-NCAA, I can tell you they are really just Play Sheets & this industry should have made the correction decades ago, even FPS: FBP series should have in their versions)-Profiles creation/customization abilities. If you have a suggestion, then please reply to me with it & if you can, then a URL to a demo I could use. & As Username says, help in creating The _GW's_(trying to think of something better here, stands for my long time nickname 'G.reat W.hite' <Shark- my favorite Being; not racist use of it>)SportsAscociations- creating a lot better & revolutionary (for both what I call real & computer world sports- even in computer sports world's FBP '98 game's play-game plans-profiles creating/customization need some improvements) computer sports world. All people, with all skills are encouraged to make contact.