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  1. I sent it again. Outlook is trippy sometimes. Ignore my signature btw. meant to leave it off. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your quick reply. I am currently using the latest version you put a a few days ago (7.4). Attached is the screenshot you requested. Also, thanks for implementing my suggestion about team strategies from June. I really appreciate the work you guys are doing and I will continue to support you all.
  3. Hi guys. I've downloaded the most recent version of the game. When i go to add the real team mod to the data folder, as stated in the help me doc, the game will not open. I tried opening without the mod and it worked perfectly fine. Am I doing something wrong or did the process of adding the mod change?
  4. Hello again and thanks for the new updates in 0.7.1. I have a suggestion to ensure that the different arch types for philosophies on offense and defense be added. For example; offense = smashmouth: 60% run 40% pass or spread: 60% pass 40% run. Defense = Runstop: 60% run coverage 40% pass coverage, etc. I have noticed that if I do set the current offense setting in the current system under strategies, they do not save for the entire season once set. They rever tback to 50/50 and I have to manually set them before each game, which is fine but I would like to have a set philosophy throughout the season. At least on defense anyway. Thanks for a great game and I will continue to donate and support you all.
  5. I recently downloaded the game after seeing the devs work on youtube and supporting them. I ran into the issue of opening up the application on my PC. I received help from the discord but I still can not open the application. P.S. Its not my anti-virus, or .net download issues. *Fixed with reinstall. Sorry for the forum clutter