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FB Pro 98 Essential Mod (Fix Stats) VPNFL99 99-10

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About This File

An essential mod for Front Page Sports: Pro Football 98 (FB Pro 98) courtesy of http://www.pnfl.biz/ named VPNFL99 or VPNFL99-10

There is an OFFICIAL FB PRO 98 COMMUNITY on DISCORD here (#FBPro98)https://discordapp.com/invite/832cUXx


To maximize FBPro98, you MUST download and install the VPNFL mod.  Out of the box, the ratings for the players are out of wack as well as stock plays not working very well.  The VPNFL mod adjusts the player ratings to work with the VPNFL plays to provide a very close approximation to the NFL statistically.

Note (From the author):

VPNFL99 is the most comprehensive and authentic NFL simulation yet for FB Pro users. That's our way of saying it contains a lot of files. And they need to go in different subfolders to work. Consequently, we saved all files with the necessary path information.

To use the VPNFL, set your unzipping program to USE FOLDER NAMES and UNZIP TO C:\ -- that is, to the root directory. WINZIP USERS -- YOU CAN _NOT_ USE THE "WIZARD" INTERFACE TO UNZIP vpnfl99.zip. YOU MUST USE THE "CLASSIC" INTERFACE. The proper directory structure is


This will be created if you only follow instructions . . . 

See _VPNFL.doc for instructions on using and maintaining the league. For the quickest possible start, unzip the files, read the "Roster Management" section of the .doc file and go.

VPNFL99 is a product of the FBPro Dark Side:

Jim Henley - Honcho
Isamu Maruhashi - Henchman
Charlie Rogers - Rover Back
Ken Parker - Bill Walsh
Jim Hansen - Minister of Defense
John Frisby - Scheduler
Nick Cowie - Hacker

VPNFL99 is dedicated to Sorin "Sly" Stana, whose own contribution to FBPro fandom is legendary.

FOR ALL ADVANCED HELP, see http://www.pnfl.biz/vpnfl/Vfaq.html or come to the Discord Server. https://discordapp.com/invite/832cUXx

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