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Schlitty's BBCF 2018 Mod (WIP) 0.5

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About This File

This is my take on the upcoming 2018 NCAA Football season. I consider this is still a work in progress but should be complete and fully playable/enjoyable.


!!!It is HIGHLY recommended to backup anything you have currently that you want to keep (graphic mods, pstats.dat changes/mods, saves). This mod will overwrite many things including other mods and vanilla/stock content.!!!

!!!It is HIGHLY recommended you install this on a fresh install OR delete your savegames, stats.dat, and setup.dat files. I changed school names to real ones and changed many abbreviations. If you have current seasons running there could be conflicts (mostly with school logos). Doing a fresh install just minimizes the chance of issues.!!!

1. Move files you want* into your Bowl Bound College Football install directory (often something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Bowl Bound College Football\ if using Steam) and overwrite anything you're prompted too (again, this will overwrite mods and stock files named the same, you can always reinstall if needed.
*Note: You don't have to use the logos I added, you can just use pstats.dat and psetup.dat to get all the non-graphical changes.
2. Launch games, start a new league, and hopefully enjoy!

Things I did:

Team changes:
-All real names
-Changed some abbreviations (creates a couple file name mismatches with the default helmet graphics but some of the default abbreviations were just too obstuse for me to ignore, there also wouldn't be a helmet for Liberty University obviously)
-Idaho removed (they're going to FCS in 2018)
-Liberty University added
-UAB added (was missing for some reason)
-Re-balanced all "prestige" ratings for all 130 schools (still finding the perfect balance but it seems to be alright for a release)

Conference changes:
-Added all the new conference championship games (they all have one this coming year)
-Added divisions to conferences that are adding them
-Moved teams to appropriate conferences/divisions/independents

-Renamed all bowls appropriately
-Removed defunct bowls

-Added Arlington, Texas (For games at AT&T Stadium, I used weather settings identical to those already there for Fort Worth)
-Added Lynchburg, Virginia (For Liberty University, I used weather settings identical to those already there for Charlottesville)

-Added logos in place of helmets for all 130 schools
-Added logos for all bowl games (unfortunately there is an issue where when playing in playoff mode they don't show, which kinda defeats the purpose of adding them since this is a 2018 mod. But, they do show up in BCS mode if you're doing a fantasy scenario.)**

Final Thoughts:
I didn't want to use anybody's graphic mods without permission so I just used school logos in place of the helmets for the times being. Graphic design isn't my specialty so they're kind of standard/ugly with solid white backgrounds at the moment. But they get the job done. I'd like to revisit them and do proper helmets and smoother backgrounds someday but its low priority. Endzones are on the eventual fantasy checklist as well.

Random but, Ole Miss (sanctions) and Liberty (transition rules) aren't eligible or bowls in real life this year, but I don't believe that feature is programmed into the game. So they will both be eligible. Not a big deal but I'm just noting it for the purists.

**If anybody knows how to rename the bowl files correctly so they show in a 4-Team Playoff League please let me know. It would be nice to have those working.

Like I mentioned from the get go, this is still a work in progress. I've only simmed a few seasons with the things the way they are but everything appears to be working correctly. This is meant to be a base for something a little more complete to inject some 2018-19 life into Bowl Bound. I'm obviously just renaming things here and changing a number or two there. The core game has its quirks that will always be there and I can't take blame for some of those. But please leave any comments, critiques, and suggestions.

To Do List (no promises!):
-Only current priority; Continue to find preferred "prestige" balance among the teams for expected near future results (and based on feedback if any).
-Dig deeper into rivalries/schedules and see what's possible there

-Bowl logo issue?
-Better team logo graphics/implementation (helmets?, better backgrounds?)
-Endzone art
-NCAA midfield logo
-Tweak color codes for some teams so their text/background colors in game match closer to real life colors (nitpicky)

What's New in Version 0.5


  • First upload. Fully functional but lacks polish.

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