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Oklahoma City Bison (Deep Route)

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EDIT: I restarted this franchise with a different Deep Route League after taking a few months off. The first version is alright, though a lot of it gets bland and repetitive. The second version kicks back up approximately 50 years after the first, and I'm trying to put more work and effort into it. To skip ahead to  the 2nd Era, go to page 4, and scroll down.







Our story begins in the 2035 off-season, in a league struggling to retain owners. Oklahoma City was awarded its first franchise, a team that had seen temporary location in Kansas City as the Black Dynamite, after previously spending a good deal of time in Saskatchewan as the Droids. The Droids final season, 2033, saw a 1-15 season, with record-low fan attendance. During the one year stay in Kansas City, the Droids/Black Dynamite climbed into 3rd in the division, at 4-12. Years of mismanagement had doomed the franchise, however. The team's last playoff appearance was 2028. 2032 had been a 2-14 season, 2031 2-14, 2030 4-12, and 5-11 in 2029.


The Bison were salvaged by freebundy, new to Deep Route but committed. The 2034 and 2035 rosters were very different. 2034 QBs Dwayne Archie (1884 Yards, 8TD, 13INT) and Lucas Hales (775 Yards, 1TD, 9INT) were replaced by veteran QB Joseph Thomas and youngsters Douglas Stewart and David Lanum. RBs Jimmy Baker, Dennis Hamic, and Gerald Mccarthy remained, but Baker went from one rushing TD and 569 yards to 6 TDs and 535 yards, Hamic 2-280 to 0-229, and Mccarthy 3-475 to 3-217. For the most part, the receivers were retained, with Norman Bennett, Earnest Mckenzie, Billy Dunne, and Robert Ilalio returning, as well as TE Francisco Thomas. TEs Michael Imes and Norman Mcgunnis were added, as well as FB Jon Clement and WRs David Swenson and Robert Dyer.


Defensively, 2034 Dynamite sack leader DT Anthony Williams was retained, along with quite a few young-but average defensive ends, and some aging linebackers and defensivebacks. Kicker Terry Sheldon and Punter Eric Dame were replaced by K Joshua Comer and P Everett Helm. 


The 2035 Draft brought in Guard Oscar Yoshiyama of Mississippi State (Rd1-Pick 3), Offensive tackle Julian Schiaffino of Miami (2-3), DT Roy Greisiger of Michigan State (3-3), QB Dale Campbell of Mississippi (4-3), WR Al Dones of Fort Valley State (5-3), G Floyd Chappell of UCLA (6-3), and CB Bill Garratt of Penn State (7-3). As of the beginning of 2037, only Yoshiyama and Schiaffino still remain with the Bison, in reserve roles. Greisiger plays for the Goshen Blue Collars, and Chappell rosters the Chicago Governors. The other 3 are out of the league, having never appeared in games. (While their own picks haven't seemed to have worked out, a few other players from the 2035 Draft have at least made the 2037 off-season roster of the Bison. LB Nathaniel Fitch of Texas Tech (Toronto Tiger Cats, R6-P7) DT Daryl Hutchinson of Arkansas (Rimmington Redskins, 5-29) FB John Wiskowski of Northern Illinois (Graham Bullies, 7-20) C Kyle Mandel of USC (Ft. Lauderdale Fluties, 4-30) and C Glenn Okeefe of Wisconsin (Burthorpe Badiaks, 2-21).)


Before 2035, the Bison decided that all and only stats recorded as the Bison would count as franchise statistical marks. Even though players like Norman Bennett had been with the team since Saskatchewan, their franchise stats would reset with the move, though the league recognizes all stats recorded as career stats.


2035 was a rough season, as QB Joseph Thomas was 0-4 in the first four games. David Lanum's only start was a 0TD-4INT loss. Douglas Stewart went 6-5 in the rest of the season, passing for 3156 yards, 16TDs, and 17INTs. The trifecta backfield of Baker-Mccarthy-Hamic wasn't great. Dennis Hamic managed just 229 yards and a 2.54 average. Mccarthy had a 217-3.44 season, and Baker 535-3.66. Robert Dyer dominated the first half of the season with 40 receptions before injury, while Bennett finished with 80 grabs for 1065 yards. Linebacker Michael Bennett finished with 100 tackles despite not starting the first 6 games, reserve DT Jesus Anderson managed 10 sacks in a specific passing-down role, and CB Christopher Ross and SS David Rumbley both finished with 6 INTs. CB Timothy Franks played a good shut-down role opposite Ross, but failed to make interceptions. 


In the 2036 off-season, things were looking up. The Toronto Tiger Cats owned the 1st overall pick, and were definitely taking QB Brandon Gallaway of Penn State. The Cats had taken two QBs in the two prior 1st rounds, and placed both on the trade block. During the preseason, the Bison traded them CB Timothy Franks, who would no longer start based on personnel, for 3rd-year QB Bret Marquez. Also looking to make a splash defensively, RB Dennis Hamic was traded to the Goshen Blue Collars for 2035 Pro Bowl DE Tyler Gonzalea, who was coming off back-to-back 10 sack seasons. The Bison also looked to make a splash in free agency. In the first stage of free agency, they added FB John Wiskowski, QB Steven Dyson, DT Greg Rose, TE Roy Nersesian, DE Gene Nicholson, CB John Powell, CB Matthew Tores, WR Jeff Munoz, S Jason Jones, DE Dwight Young, LT Matthew Miller, C Thomas Kline, C Richard Owca, S Jason Spengler, DT Stevie Johnson, DT Gregory Thomson, DE James Cooksey, T/G Donald Solarski, G Jesus Miller, and K James Brewbaker. During stage 2, they added MLB Dale Martin and LB Christopher White. On Draft Day, P Bruce Clark was signed. During the preseason, QB Arthur Bidez, CB Neal Lozado, and RB David Dickson were added. Throughout the season, the Bison would add DE Robert Buseck (Week 4), LB Corey Sorenson (Week 7), DE James Nelson (Week 8), and QB Clayton Quinn (Week 15). Buseck went on to lead the Bison in sacks, with 13 in 13 games. 


The 2036 Draft started with three straight QBs selected; Gallaway (Tiger Cats), Eugene Oddo of Mississippi (Tampa Bay Sun Devils), and David Urban of Syracuse (New York Giants). CB Kenneth Miles of Georgia Tech went 7th overall to the Atlantis Tsunamis, and DE Willie Ramirez of Vanderbilt 14th to the Tijuana Bales.


The Bison came away with a great draft class. freebundy had officially taken over draft scouting and management, and grabbed TE Alan Isbell of Michigan State 13th overall, DT John Wyandt of Houston (2-13), SS Justin Mcdaniel of Pearl River CC (3-13), K Michael Camburn of Maryland (4-13), and LB Jesse Vanetta of Syracuse (6-13). 5th Rounder CB Jimmy Emberger of Texas Tech failed to make the team, and 7th rounder DE Max Juliusson of Nebraska rode the bench and played special teams for most of the 2036 season, but was released in the following off-season. They also signed undrafted TE Leonard Harvey, who played at Florida. Overall, all 7 selections were in the Top 100 of the Bison's draft board, with Juliusson coming in at #100. So far the highest player selected in the draft currently out of football is RB Kevin Hurm, a second round selection from Western Illinois by the Burthorpe Badiaks.


The 2036 season was full of promise. The Bison opened with a 17-14 win at the London Horde, lost 12-28 at Tampa Bay Sun Devils, won 28-21 over Atlantis, lost 15-34 at Alabama Slammers, won 30-7 over the Indiana Aces, won 20-17 at the Ferguson Chokers, won 27-10 over the New York Giants, lost 3-20 to the Philadelphia Eagles, won 28-21 over the Oakland Raiders, won 27-10 against the Sun Devils in a re-match, lost 28-45 to the Ft. Lauderdale Fluties, won 9-7 over the Graham Bullies, won 31-21 in a re-match with Alabama, lost 17-20 to the Goshen Blue Collars, lost 10-24 to the New Orleans Marauders, and finished the regular season with a 34-7 divisional win over the Giants. The Bison finished with a Southern Division Championship and a 10-6 record, narrowly outpacing the 9-7 Alabama Slammers. Tampa Bay finished 6-10, and the Giants finished 4-12.


In the playoffs, the Bison did okay. They won 23-20 in a revenge game against the New Orleans Marauders, but fell 16-24 at the Ft. Lauderdale Fluties. Injuries took their tole over the season, and QB Bret Marquez and RB Gerald Mccarthy missed the playoffs. 


Four players made the 2036 Pro Bowl; Rookie TE Alan Isbell, DE Robert Buseck, MLB Dale Martin, and SS David Rumbley. 

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2036 Stats Analysis

The Bison passing leaders were Bret Marquez, who went 7-3, passed for 2647 yards, 10TD, and 9INT, and Douglas Stewart, who went 3-2 (1-1 post-season), passed for 1546 yards, and 11TDs and just 6INTs.


With Dennis Hamic gone, the ground game relied more on Mccarthy and Baker. Mccarthy got inured, but had 718 yards, 5TDs, and a 4.60 average.  Baker posted 455 yards, a 4.09 average, and 2TDs. David Dickson managed just a 2.53 average and 76 yards.


Robert Dyer finished with 80 grabs for 1000 yards and 4TDs, Norman Bennett 77-1042-4, and Alan Isbell 68-769-3. Billy Dunne managed 5TDs on just 26 receptions, and Earnest Mckenzie 4 on 18.


Robert Buseck has 13 sacks, Anthony Williams 9, and Dale Martin 4.5. Martin led the team with 131 tackles, with CB John Kinabrew coming in at 84 and SS David Rumbley at 72. Rumbley also had 7 INTs, returning one for a touchdown.


Jimmy Baker returned both one kickoff and one punt for touchdowns. Rookie K Michael Camburn went 28/31 on FGs, with a 57 Long and 32 extra points. Bruce Clark had a disappointing punt average of 45.7, with a NET of 39.4.

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2037 League Year Begins

The 2037 League Year began with the Oklahoma City Bison releasing quite a few players to add cap room. 


Pos      Name                     Saved       CutDesignation         Notes                                                                      

C          Thomas Kline         $920k        Cap                          Kline is an old player who was a reserve. 

G          Jesus Miller            $1.59M      Decline/Cap             Declining right tackle who's age is catching up to him.

TE        Francicso Thomas  $730k        Decline/Cap              Aging TE who only played special teams in 2036.

DT         Greg Rose             $1.72M      Decline/Cap              Mediocre at best, time has passed him by.

DT         Peter Lambert        $1.97M      Decline/Cap             Produced in 2036, but would be a 4/5 DT on the Bison.

DT         Jesus Anderson     $1.045M    Decline/Cap             10 sacks in 2035, but had no role in 2036, and has aged.

DE         Max Juliusson        $495k     Decline/Unfit             Minor special teamer, who somehow regressed from his rookie season.

LB     Dale Martin                $885k        Decline/Cap           131 tackles and a Pro Bowl, but it appears to have been a "last hurrah." 


These moves opened up almost $40M in cap room. With the Bison picking 27th in the upcoming draft, they sit at about $35.5M of "available" funds to spend on free agents and roster moves.

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2037 Stage One Free Agency

Pos     Name                    Contract                               Former Team (Last Season/Preseason with)         

DT      Luis Spratte           4yrs/$6.74M/$120kGTD       Burthorpe Badiaks (2034 Pre)

DT      Daryl Hutchinson   4yrs/$3.315M/$120kGTD     The Marvels (2036 Reg.)

DT      Daniel Ballard        2yrs/$2.825M/$20kGTD        Kansas city Black Dynamite (2034 Reg.)

G        Charles Mazuo      4yrs/$5.61M/$240kGTD        N/A (No recorded playing time)

OT      Leonard Sarelas    4yrs/$3.65M/$120kGTD       N/A (No recorded playing time)

DE      Lonnie Zahourek    2yrs/$1.79M/$20kGTD         N/A (No recorded playing time)

DE      Daniel Ortiz             2yrs/$1.22M/$20kGTD        N/A (No recorded playing time)

DE      James Nelson         1yr/$955k                            Oklahoma City Bison (2036) Re-Signed

FS      Charles Atherton     1yr/$770k/$40kGTD            N/A (No recorded playing time)

QB      Arden Price             3yrs/$10.625M/$720kGTD  Brampton Steal Yo Girls (2036 Reg.)

CB      Billie Devor              3yrs/$4.74M/$60kGTD        Atlantis Tsunamis (2036 Pre.)

C        Kyle Mandel             2yrs/$1.455M/$20kGTD      N/A (No recorded playing time)

C        Glenn Okeefe          2yrs/$1.455M/$20kGTD       N/A (No recorded playing time)

P         Eddie Moore           1yr/$855k                             Graham Bullies (2033 Reg.)

K         William Moreno       1yr/$730k                             N/A (No recorded playing time)


Key Signings

QB Arden Price Price is in his 9th year. He's passed for over 21,000 yards and 106 TDs, but his best season was his rookie year. Price is expected to challenge QB Bret Marquez for the starting role, and could push Douglas Stewart for the #2 spot if he can't win the starting gig. Formerly a 1st round pick out of Georgia, Price has made the playoffs just once, in 2036, but lost to the eventual league champion Toronto Tiger Cats.


P Eddie Moore Following some poor punting by Bruce Clark, Moore has been brought in as a camp/preseason challenger. He hasn't punted in the league since 2033, but had a 48.1 average that season, and 48.3 average the season before. An 8th year pro undrafted out of Tennessee. 


CB Billie Devor Devor hasn't seen regular season action since the 2035 season while with Atlantis, but he played decently in those 14 games, recording a sack, an INT, 56 GCOV, and 9 passes defensed. He played in one preseason game in 2036 with Atlantis, but was released. Devor could be the #1 corner, and could push John Powell off of the roster. A 5th year pro out of Wisconsin, selected in the 4th round by the Munster Hodors.


DT Luis Spratte Spratte hasn't played in any games other than his rookie 2034 preseason, and he failed to record any stats. He is projected as the #3 DT, and could be great in rotation. A former 4th rounder out of Georgia Tech by the Burthorpe Badiaks. 


G Charles Mazuo Mazuo hasn't ever played in any games or preseasons, but could compete for the vacant guard position left by current free agent Frank Jones. A 3rd year pro out of Alabama State, Mazuo went undrafted.


OT Leonard Sarelas Sarelas is expected to take John Scherer's right tackle position, but will be challenged by in-house replacement Julian Schiaffino. Sarelas has never appeared in any games. He's a 4th year pro, and was undrafted from Missouri.


DE Lonnie Zahourek Zahourek, like many of the others signed, hasn't seen any action in season or regular season, but he's pushing to be the #3 DE. He could move former high-hoped acquisition DE Tyler Gonzalea to the 5DE spot, which would make Gonzalea a roster-bubble player. Zahourek is a 7th year pro undrafted from Nebraska.


Other notes: C Glenn Okeefe is a 2nd year pro out of Wisconsin originally drafted in the 2nd round. The Bison missed out on their top 3 targets: LB Thomas Meredith, signed to a 3yr/$20M deal, WR Charles Mclaurin, signed to a 4yr/$46M deal, and CB William Respers, signed to a 2yr/$3M deal, all signing with Atlantis. Atlantis signed players to deals worth $225,045,000 over the next few years, with $71.3M in guarantees. 

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2037 Pre-Draft Bison Positional Outlook



2036 trade-acquisition Bret Marquez will look to build on his solid 10 games of 2036, Douglas Stewart will try to keep his #2 role, Arden Price will look to challenge both for their jobs, and Steven Dyson is on the trade block. Once a position of doubt, the Bison seem to have three answers to the QB question.  



Gerald Mccarthy will look to start, with Jimmy Baker adding in supplemental duties and being the main special teamer. Expect a 3rd RB to be added in Stage 2 of free agency or sometime after the draft, as this is a weak RB draft class.



Currently a battle is brewing for the role of the FB. John Wiskowski played pretty averagely before being injured, while TE/FB Roy Nersesian could be a solid blocking back who can serve as a good #2TE on passing downs. 



After losing Billy Dunne to decline, this group lost some depth. Norman Bennett is still the #1, and Jeff Munoz is expected to take over as the #2. Robert Ilalio likely will be the 3, with Robert Dyer falling to 4, and Earnest Mckenzie remaining as a deep threat/special teams #5. There aren't any great free agent receivers out there, and the team could use a good addition as a true #4.



Alan Isbell is coming off of a Pro Bowl rookie season, but the key tight end could be Leonard Harvey. Harvey spent all of 2036 as a reserve/special teams player after going undrafted, but is a better blocking tight end than Isbell. The two could be key in the Bison's future. 



After sigining Sarelas, there's a great battle brewing for right tackle. Matthew Miller remains a top left tackle, and Geoffrey Mcalister remains a good reserve lineman.



Though a true tackle, Donald Solarski remains the best guard on the roster. Mazuo could be a good guy opposite him, but Oscar Yoshiyama will push to start for the first time since his rookie season. They could also add one is free agency.



The Bison picked up two project Cs behind Richard Owca, Kyle Mandel and Glenn Okeefe. Neither seems to be backup material quite yet, though both will likely see preseason action. Expect a veteran addition or promising rookie.



The Bison enter the draft with six defensive ends on the roster. Robert Buseck will look to pick up where he left off, the staple of the Bison pass rushers. Joseph Snyder enters his 11th season, but is poised to be the other starting end. Lonnie Zahourek will likely be the 3/rotational end, with 10th year pro James Nelson fighting for a roster spot with once-highly touted Pro Bowler Tyler Gonzalea. Daniel Ortiz is a young, developmental prospect who won't see any regular season action if he makes the team.



John Wyandt enters the year as the top DT on the roster, pairing with Anthony Williams as the league's best interior duo. Spratte could and would start if not for the other two, and Ballard is a quality reserve. Hutchinson might just be preseason depth, and his roster status depends on how many players are kept at other positions. 



Corey Sorenson returns as the only truly "capable" outside backer. Christopher White is a much better outside guy than an inside guy, but is nothing special. David Ferguson is about as good as White on the outside, but looks to be the starter on the inside.



David Ferguson will likely start on the inside, though Michael Bennet will look to regain what was once his 100-tackle role. (Bennet posted just one tackle in 2036.) Jesse Vanetta is good, young depth, and Nathaniel Fitch is a preseason body who could be kept/replaced based on need.



Devor could be just the newest corner to start for the Bison, but looks to be the best yet. Wilson Slinger and Neal Lozado will challenge each other for the other starting spot. Christopher Ross has finally rebounded from his 2035 injury, but he doesn't seem to be a starter on this defense, and will only play in dime packages if he's not traded. John Powell is a likely cut if Ross isn't traded, and even then could be released. John Kinabrew was a good pick up in 2035, played great as a starter in 2036, but he's regressed due to age and wear and tear. He could be cut, or kept based on depth need, though Powell would be kept before him. 



Christopher Silverman enters a contract year as the starter, though he's not top of the line. He'll have to post solid stats if he wants to stick around, though he's getting up there in age. Charles Atherton was signed to a one year "prove it" deal, and could take over for Silverman if needed as a temporary replacement. 



Justin Mcdaniel was drafted in the 3rd round last year to be groomed into David Rumbley's replacement, but he might be ready now. David Rumbley finally made a Pro Bowl, and has posted great stats the last two seasons, but age is catching up to him. Rumbley enters a contract year on the downswing of his career, and will either be traded or be a serviceable #2SS/#3FS.



Michael Camburn had a great rookie year, and will likely be the best option going forward. However, the team signed William Moreno as camp depth. 



Bruce Clark had a bad year, and he'll have to fight Eddie Moore for the spot. Moore seems to be the favorable player entering the draft.

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2037 Free Agency Stage 2 Bison Rumors

The Bison still have holes at HB3, TE3, WR3/4, C2, and OLB1/2. 

 At this point, it seems the Bison could be adding back players they cut to start free agency. After missing out on a few high-demand players, the Bison remain almost $29M under the cap. The Bison are likely to go after a few receivers and backs, and rumor is WR Billy Dunne would like to come back, though he has little to offer. Thomas Kline was cut because of pay, but could be brought back on a short term deal. The team is also looking to add any defensive backfield depth as competition, which could be bad news for John Powell and John Kinabrew.

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Why the Bison Were So Bad: A Draft and History Lesson

Way back in the year 2013, when the league was founded, the 29th franchise was awarded to San Francisco. The team chose the name "English Muffins." In the last 24 years, the team has moved 7 times, and changed its name just as many. By 2014, they'd become the San Francisco "ers", and adopted "bulldogs" for 2015. A move to Vegas the next season prompted a name change to "Bandits", and a 2017 move to "chatt" kept the name. In 2019, franchise 29 became the "La Marque StoneCutters." 2021 saw a move to become the "College Park Claws." In 2022, the franchise moved to Chicago, becoming the "Droids," though two other franchises were already operating there. They made the playoffs during their inaugural Chicago season, but fell apart after. In 2026, the team packed up, moving to Canada to become the "Saskatchewan Droids." The team saw its first stable "home," playing across the border for 8 seasons. Then came the one year pit stop in Kansas City as the Black Dynamite, and, finally, the ownership change to "freebundy" that brought the franchise to Oklahoma City, though other cities like Milwaukee, WI, Atlanta, Georgia, San Antonio, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee were considered. 


Before coming to Oklahoma City, "franchise 29" made 6 playoff appearances, or less than once every four seasons. From 2030-35, the team selected in the top 10 EVERY YEAR. Over a 5 year span in that timeframe, three 1st round running backs were selected. From 2018-20, SEVEN cornerbacks were selected. In 24 years, six first round picks have been spent on defensive ends. Zero currently have an OKC roster spot.


This might sound like cherry-picking, but this team was baaaad before coming to OKC. The 2034 Draft (the Kansas City year) was TERRIBLE. It was so bad, that RB Gerald Mccarthy is the only player from that draft selected by franchise 29 that ever played a game for the Bison... who became the Bison in 2035. 2033, the last year in Saskatchewan, saw only 2 players ever suit up for the Bison, DE Dwain Willy (1st round) and DE Ray Galpin (2nd round). Neither is currently with the franchise. 2032 yielded 5 players who made it to OKC, but only 3 remain, and they aren't the top two picks (RB Dennis Hamic, 1st Round, and OT Alberto Sorbera, 2nd Round). 2031 is a far more notable class, with stud DT Anthony Williams (1st Round), household name CB Christopher Ross (2nd) and DT Daniel Ballard (3rd, recently re-joined OKC but hasn't yet played here) on the current roster, along with mutual interest in adding LB Kenneth Green (5th), who has played in OKC but not in the last year. One of the better years of drafting came from the most unlikely draft position, though. In 2027, the team made it to the conference championship, a feat only done twice in franchise 29 history (2027 was followed by 2028). Picking 30th in the 2028 draft, the team selected OT John Scherer (1st), S David Rumbley (2nd), TE Francisco Thomas (3rd), G Robert Bousqute (4th), C Joseph Johnson (5th), and S John Phillips (7th), all who made it to Oklahoma City, which was 7 years later. 


Oklahoma City fired their assistant GM after the 2035 season due to the 2035 Draft. Three players selected never saw game action, and five are no longer with the team. The two remaining have been backups who have still not yet cracked major time in the starting lineup, though Oscar Yoshiyama was selected 3rd overall and Julian Schiaffino was selected 35th. Owner freebundy took over all GM duties immediately, and selected 6 players who saw game action, and 5 who are still with the team. 


I'm going to leave you with some key stats. Players selected by franchise 29 that have played in Oklahoma City have come from 11 draft classes with DE Terry Pimental (who signed with Tijuana in the 2036 offseason) and DE Joseph Snyder (currently a starter for the Bison) being selected as far back as 2026. In the last 11 years, 77 players have been selected by the team. 35/77 (45.45%) have played at least one regular season or post season snap for the Bison. Only 18/77 (23.37%) are still with the team. Take away last year's class, and only 13/70 (18.57%) are still with the team. These are decent numbers for as long as we're going back. But let's look at the last 5 years. The team selected in the Top 5 for four seasons. Only 18/35 of these guys ever played for Oklahoma City, and 10 of them were drafted while based in OKC. Only 8/21 (38%) of other three drafts (2032-34) played in an OKC game.


Although the sample size is small, Oklahoma City appears headed in the right direction, going from the 3rd overall pick in 2035, to the 13th in '36, to the 27th in the upcoming draft.

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2037 Stage 2 Free Agency

Pos      Name                        Contract                             FormerTm/Last Played

FS       Michael Mcwhorter    1yr/$1.565M/$240kGTD      Manawa Allblack (2036 Reg.)

C         Thomas Kline             1yr/$975k/$20kGTD            Oklahoma City Bison (2036 Reg.) Re-signed

TE       Francisco Thomas      1yr/$995k/$40kGTD           Oklahoma City Bison (2036 Reg.) Re-signed

CB       Dale Corbett               1yr/$955k                            Atlantis Tsunamis (2035 Reg.)

WR      John Laliberte             2yrs/$1.89M/$20kGTD        Atlantis Tsunamis (2036 Reg.)

RB       David Dickson             1yr/$855k                             Oklahoma City Bison (2036 Reg.) Re-signed

G         Frank Jones                2yrs/$1.89M/$120kGTD      Oklahoma City Bison (2036 Reg.) Re-signed

CB       Larry Delacruz             1yr/$1.85M                          Chicago Governors (2036 Reg.)

WR      Willie Livingston           4yrs/$6.055M/$240kGTD    New Orleans Marauders (2036 Reg.)

LB        Kenneth Green            1yr/$855k                            Oklahoma City Bison (2035 Reg.)


Five players (Kline, Thomas, Dickson, Jones, and Green) have previously spent time with the Bison. Kline will probably be the #2 C in 2037, Dickson could have the 3HB role, though other free agents may be targeted, Jones could start at guard again, and Thomas could be a special teams player again. Green will have a chance to start at MLB after sitting out of football for a year.


Laliberte and Livingston will be battling with Robert Dyer for two WR spots. Delacruz and Corbett look to be battling for the 2/3CB roles with Wilson Slinger and Neal Lozado, and the losers of the battles may not see the 2037 regular season roster. Mcwhorter will compete for a safety spot, likely as the 3FS.

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2037 Oklahoma City Bison Pre-Draft Depth Chart


POS            1                        2                          3

QB         Marquez             Price               Stewart

RB         Mccarthy            Baker               Dickson

HB         Nersesian           Wiskowski

RTE       Isbell                   Harvey             Nersesian

BTE       Harvey                Isbell                Nersesian

WR1      Bennett               Ilalio                 Laliberte

WR2      Munoz                Ilalio                  Laliberte

LT         Miller                  Mcalister

LG        Solarski              Mazuo               Yoshiyama

C           Owca                 Kline                   Mandel

RG        Jones                 Mazuo               Yoshiyama

RT         Sarelas              Schiaffino          Mcalister


LE         Snyder               Zahourek          Nelson

LT         Wyandt              Spratte              Ballard

RT         Williams             Spratte              Ballard

RE          Buseck              Zahourek          Nelson

WLB       White                Ferguson

MLB       Green               Ferguson          Bennet

SLB        Sorenson         Ferguson

CB1        Devor              Corbett               Slinger

CB2        Delacruz         Corbett               Slinger

NKL        Corbett           Slinger                Lozado

FS          Silverman        Atherton             Mcwhorter

SS          Mcdaniel         Rumbley


K            Camburn         Moreno

P             Moore             Clark

HD          Moore              Dickson             Marquez

LS           Kline                Okeefe              Owca

KR1          Baker               Bennett           Dickson

KR2         Mccarthy          Bennett            Dickson

PR           Baker               Mccarthy          Bennett


Key: HB - H-Back, RTE - Receiving Tight End, BTE - Blocking Tight End, WLB - Will Linebacker, SLB - Sam Linebacker, NKL - Nickel back, HD - Holder, LS - Long snapper

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2037 Draft Day News

Buzz around the league is that Oklahoma City Bison starting QB Bret Marquez, currently on the last year of his rookie contract (owed just $910k this season), would like to renegotiate his contract, desiring a 4 year extension that would pay him $56.755M over the next five seasons. Marquez is coming off a 10 TD, 2647 Yard season in which he played just 10 games, due to injury. Bison owner/GM freebundy expressed that the Bison were not currently looking to re-sign any player before the regular season, and added that he hoped to not re-sign any players until after the Bison's 2037 season ends, hopefully with a championship. 


The Bison also seem to be willing to add a few players for the preseason who would have "special teams only" roles, such as kick and punt return specialists, and long snappers. Currently RB1 and RB2s Gerald Mccarthy and Jimmy Baker are the top returners, and the Bison would like to reduced their non-offensive roles in hopes of better preservation of health. Backup center Thomas Kline is the current long snapper, but he is in his 11th season, and there is no telling just how long he will hold up in terms of a long-term view. 

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2037 Draft

The 2037 Draft opened with the Kansas city Chiefs drafting DE Don Vanbruggen out of Western Carolina. Vanbruggen was the 30th rated player of the Oklahoma City Bison draft board. "He definitely would be more of a developmental prospect, though I'm sure he'll do nicely for them," Bison GM freebundy said. DT Eugene Blackwell (Kent State, Indiana Aces), RB Larry Lynn (New Mexico, New Orleans Gators), QB Matthew Whitacre (San Jose State, New York Giants), and RB Christopher Schneider (Auburn, The Marvels) rounded out the Top 5. "Lynn was #3 on our board, and they got a great player in him. What really shocked us about the Top 5, was the Giants. The took a QB 3rd overall last year, and while he threw 23 INTs, he threw 21 TDs on a struggling team. Whitacre is a good kid, and a great talent, but it was just hard to see why a team would grab two QBs with 1st round picks in consecutive years."


Oklahoma City Bison 2037 Draft Class

Round   Overall     Pos      Name                       College                         Draft Board Rank

      1          27          CB       Brian Mcconnell        Temple                                   1

      2          59          LB        Henry Ballesteros     California                                2

      3          91          DT        Eric Parmer              UCF                                       14

      4         123         DB        Bradley Vineyard      Notre Dame                           20

      5          155        OT        Daniel Doxie             Miami (FL)                             28

      6           187       DE        John Schweda          Southern Miss                       33

      7           219       OT        Raymond Johnson   Oklahoma                              38


    Mcconnell was the Bison's number one rated prospect in the draft. "Coming into the off-season, it appeared he was far above the rest of our corner talent. After a few signings, he should still be at least the nickel back, and could start over Delacruz. Ballesteros could battle Kenneth Green for the starting middle backer role. He was the #2 Bison prospect, and the GM was astonished he was still there. "Henry, he has the raw skills to be one of the most dominant linebackers in the league. He's big (6'4", 255) and strong, and while he offers very little on passing downs, he could be the best run stopper in the game in no time." Parmer looks to be a good future nose/rotational DT. "He might not get much work now, but as Anthony Williams is in the middle of his career, it wouldn't be bad to have Parmer around for awhile." Vineyard's best position is strong safety, though he declared as a corner. "With David Rumbley's career on the downswing, it's great to have two young guys, Justin Mcdaniel and Vineyard, that can be mentored to be the future of our defensive backfield." Doxie could battle Geoffrey Mcalister for the reserve left tackle spot, though he's less versatile than the veteran. Schweda good push Tyler Gonzalea even further down the depth chart, though neither are a lock to make the roster at defensive end. The best thing going for Schweda is age, as a majority of the DEs on the Bison roster are in the second half of their careers. Johnson is a right tackle, and looks to be the 3rd best option on the team there. Given a chance, he could develop into an average starter/capable reserve, but he doesn't offer much as a rookie, and with 24 cuts to make, it might not be in the best interest of the team to hang on to him. 


Also generating buzz on Draft Day were four signings for the Bison.

   First, TE Stephen Mayen, a 5th year pro out of South Carolina, who went undrafted. He's never recorded any playing time, but could end up as the 3TE and a special teams contributor, challenging Francisco Thomas.

   Kick returners Sean Thurby and George Colon will battle for the lead return roles, and a potential roster spot. Thurby (an 8th year pro, former 1st rounder out of Akron) has seen action with three teams in his career, racking up only 968 rushing yards despite having such a high draft position. He most recently played in 2036 for Atlantis, rushing for just 32 yards and a 2.5 average in 11 games. George Colon, a 5th year, former 7th rounder out of Minnesota, last played in 2034 for Burthorpe, and has a career total of 69 rushing yards in 13 games. Neither Thurby nor Colon have returned kicks or punts before, but they have the skills to do it. 

   The final signing before the draft saw 1st year center Edmond Zych, and undrafted center out of Notre Dame, sign as a long snapper. Zych didn't play for any team last season. He'll compete with Thomas Kline for the long snapping duties.

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2037 OTAs

    The Bison left OTAs with 6 less faces. Reserve corner John Powell, who recorded just one tackle and one GCOV last season, was the first player released. He would've face an uphill battle, trying to make the team with 8 other cornerbacks ahead of him on the depth chart. Former fullback John Wiskowski had a below-average season for a fullback last season, and with the team's transition to employing an H-back instead of a true fullback, he no longer was a fit. His release now prevents delaying the inevitable. TE Francisco Thomas, already released once this off-season by the Bison, was brought back on a cheaper deal, but the Stephen Mayen signing, he became expendable once again. Kicker William Moreno was just going to be a camp leg, but his unimpressive kicking strength led to immediate release.

    The last two releases were slightly shocking as they were fan favorites, but diehards would understand the moves. CB John Kinabrew, who put up an impressive performance last season as a starter, was released, as he seemed to be the #8 corner, and the team is going to have a hard time choosing five or six. Kinabrew thanked the organization for the last season and a half, and may consider a future role as an assistant coach with the team.

    The other surprising release was of receiver Robert Dyer. Dyer posted an 80 reception, 1000 yard season in 2036, but a minor off-season surgery left him as a shell of his former self. He played in 21 games with the Bison after spending 7 seasons in Chicago. Dyer gave a heartfelt, tearful goodbye, but he has an offer to join the new Bison Media team, which will include analysts at Bison preseason games, hosts of a mini-show about the Bison which will air on the Bison official website and the local news network, and local radio hosts to talk about Bison and Oklahoma sports; his offer can be accepted anytime after his playing career.

     The six cuts leave the Bison 18 over the 53 man maximum.

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2037 Pre-June 1st Cuts

Pos     Name                         Designation              Cap Hit            Saved               

QB      Steven Dyson             Depth/Salary               $1.11M             $2.165M

LB       Michael Bennet          Depth/Regression       $60k                  $945k

CB      Neal Lozado               Depth/Regression       $90k                  $900k     


The purpose of Pre-June 1st cuts is to take on an entire cap hit for releasing a player during the present season, rather than spreading it out over the next two seasons. These three cuts bring the Bison up to $19.71M in dead money, though a good chunk is from the Dennis Hamic trade last season. The cuts leave the Bison with $16.04M in available salary, much of which is expected to cover a potential extension for QB Bret Marquez either during or at the end of the 2037 season. 15 more cuts must be made over the next three months.


Dyson was on the trade block, but it made more sense to swallow all of his cap hit now than to wait to see if a team would bite, or if he would have to be released later. Bennet registered 100 tackles in 2035, but saw a reduced role behind Dale Martin last season. Bennet came into 2037 looking to compete with David Ferguson for the inside backer position, but lost out once Kenny Green re-signed with the Bison, and lost a chance at being a reserve once Henry Ballesteros was drafted. Neal Lozado played seven games last season before being injured, and was #6 on the corner depth chart coming in to the year. Christopher Ross appears to be running away with the last potential defensive back roster spot, as he's looked great on special teams. Ross remains on the trade block. 


Former Bison punter Everett Helm appears to be quite popular, reportedly drawing interest from multiple teams. Helm last played with the Bison in 2035.

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2037 Pre-Season Notes


Week 1 vs Compton Calzones

Week 2 at London Horde

Week 3 vs Compton Calzones

Week 4 at Indiana Aces


Position Battles


Arden Price and incumbent Bret Marquez will square off for at least the first three weeks, in an intense battle. Marquez, in a contract year, is hoping to prove to the Bison that he's at least a $15M QB, and Price is looking for one last stint as a starter. Both are neck and neck, and it will be interesting to see what happens.


Matthew Miller is secure as the starting left tackle, but rookie Daniel Doxie will battle longtime reserve Geoffrey Mcalister for the reserve duties. Miller will likely see action in the first couple games, with Doxie and Mcalister probably making starts the last two weeks. 


Reserves Oscar Yoshiyama and Charles Mazuo will fight for the #2 spot. Many believe that if Yoshiyama can't find playing time this season, the team will be looking at other options in the future. Mazuo will likely make the roster no matter what, as he's a durable reserve guard. Both Yoshiyama and Mazuo are also competing with Right Guard Frank Jones, who isn't very far above either in terms of play. Jones enters as the starter, though.


Reserves Glenn Okeefe and Kyle Mandel are competing for the #3 C position, though there is no guarantee  of a roster spot. LS Edmond Zych could try to compete with both, as well, though he's expected to make the roster based on long snapping duties alone. Expect a majority of playing time from the 3 to come in the final two games.


Julian Schiaffino and Geoffrey Mcalister will battle with rookie Raymond Johnson for reserve duties. There is no guarantee of a roster spot for any of them if they can't win the #2 job. All three could see extensive time beginning in the second game.


Tyler Gonzalea, rookie John Schweda, and Daniel Ortiz will battle for the final end spot. Schweda appears to be the frontrunner, while Ortiz seems to be a signing they hope can develop for next season. Gonzalea seems to be a failed experiment post-trade of Dennis Hamic. Schweda will likely see time in every game, Ortiz one or two, and Gonzalea at least two.


Daryl Hutchinson will fight to be carried as a 5DT, though he sits behind Daniel Ballard and rookie Eric Parmer, who are both locks to make the roster. Hutchinson's battle appears to be more with other "bubble" players for a final spot, rather than with individuals at his position.


Rookie Henry Ballesteros and reserve David Ferguson will compete for the #2 duties, while Jesse Vanetta and Nathaniel Fitch will fight for a roster spot. Vanetta could develop some more into a solid reserve outside backer, while Fitch is one of the best special teams players on the roster. It might be hard to see either get regular work with the #2 defense.


1st round pick Brian Mcconnell will battle Larry Delacruz for the #2 corner spot, with the loser of the battle playing in nickle situations. Starting corners have gone down in each of the last two seasons, so there's a chance whoever ends up at nickelback will end up starting games, too. Wilson Slinger, a starter for most of last year after Neal Lozado went down, will have to show he's worthy of a roster spot, and Christopher Ross will try to make the roster based on special teams alone, though he could start for other teams at corner.


Former SS David Rumbley will compete with Charles Atherton and Michael Mcwhorter for the #2/3 free safety spots. The Bison said they'll keep at least 4 safeties, so Rumbley could make the roster as the #2 SS even if he ends up as the 4th free safety. Atherton and Mcwhorter haven't shown capability of playing SS.


Rumbley and rookie Bradley Vineyard will compete for the #2 duties. Rumbley could mentor Vineyard and Justin Mcdaniel, a 2036 draft selection likely to start this year. Vineyard will hopefully develop from any 2037 playing time, and could take Rumbley's spot as #2 or push Justin Mcdaniel next season.


Bruce Clark loses his job more and more every day. Eddie Moore has looked like the better punter through camp, and has demonstrated that he's the best holder for kicks on the team, replacing free agent WR Billy Dunne. Both will have a shot at the punting job, but it's tight.


Returners Sean Thurby and George Colon will battle for the return job, though neither is guaranteed roster spots, even if they win. 

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Two Former Bison Players Land New Homes

   2035 Bison Punter Everett Helm has signed a three year, $3.195M deal with the Tijuana Bales. Helm was an interesting free agent, receiving multiple offers. 

   Receiver Robert Dyer signed a two year, $2.24M contract with the Atlantis Tsunamis. Dyer, released this off-season, was a fan favorite, and had an offer to join the Bison Media Team. He's posted quite a few 1,000 yard seasons, but is in the twilight of his career.

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Preseason Week 1 Recap

  The league noticed their mistake of scheduling the Compton Calzones at the Bison twice, and decided to have the Burthorpe Badiaks play at Oklahoma City Week 1 instead. 


   The Badiaks dominated this game. In limited action, Bret Marquez went 8-14 for 94 yards and a touchdown. David Dickson managed 3.66 yards per carry on 6 attempts, while Sean Thurby managed only 11 yards on 5 carries. Gerald Mccarthy snuck his way into the statline though he was not scheduled to play, getting only 7 yards on 3 attempts. Marquez and Dickson both coughed up the ball once, but both times the Bison managed to recover.

   The passing game was really limited for the Bison due to an unimpressive performance by Douglas Stewart. Relegated to a 3rd string role, playing with most of the #2s during the preseason, Stewart went just 5-12 for 43 yards and a pick, adding a two yard carry on the ground. Roy Nersesian was less than impressive at H-back, dropping a pass and failing to make his other target a reception. Leonard Harvey, expected to be a contributor as a blocking tight end, couldn't manage a reception either. Norman Bennett led the way with 4/6 for 55 and a TD, Jeff Munoz went 2/4-20, and John Liliberte went 2-4-25. Four other players went 5/6 for 34. 

   Defensively, the Bison were led by Kenneth Green (9 tackles), David Rumbley (6 tackles), Brian Mcconnell (6 tackles), and Nathaniel Fitch (5 tackles). John Wyandt added a sack. Mcconnell and Billie Devor played great as defensivebacks, totalling 9 GCOV between themselves. 

   Special teams play was highlighted by punter Eddie Moore, who averaged 47.57 yards (45.00 NET) on 7 punts. Sean Thurby averaged 21.5 yards per kick return, which just managed to be an acceptable amount. He also had one punt return for 0 yards, which could be disastrous for his hopes of making the roster. 

   The Badiaks played QB Robert West the entire game, and he had a decent outing, going 19-33 for 268. Back Kevin Brown carried 28 times for 103 and a TD, and reserves Mike Belanger and Gary Krumvieda combined 11 carries for 74 yards and 3TDs. Kevin Schuelke added 7 grabs for 89 yards, Hugh Luc had 4-51, and Joseph Chilson was 3-43. One-time Bison LB Robert Gordon dropped a pass, and forced a fumble. Gordon also had 9 tackles, and a sack for 11 yards, while Robert Pederson and Grant Sharkey both added a sack. Tracy Deglanville missed a field goal, and averaged 45.2 yards per punt. 


Final: Burthorpe Badiaks 30, Oklahoma City Bison 7


Position Grades

QB: C-

Bret Marquez had a very average game, though he was missing one of his favorite weapons, Alan Isbell. Douglas Stewart had a very bad game, but had no supporting cast around him.  

RB: C-

David Dickson was the lone bright spot, and he was average at best. Sean Thurby had a terrible game, but we'll see how he can do next week with the #1s. Mccarthy didn't seem his normal self, but was playing with a patchwork line.


Leonard Harvey had a disappointing game (though his run blocking was phenomenal), Roy Nersesian dropped a pass, and Stephen Mayen carried once for no yards. It'll be interesting to see what Alan Isbell can do. 

WR: C-

Norman Bennet showed why he's the 1, and John Laliberte and Robert Ilalio played up to what was expected of them. Willie Livingston was less than impressive, while Jeff Munoz was very disappointing as the #2.

OL: D+

Guards Oscar Yoshiyama and Donald Solarski each allowed a sack. Yoshiyama received a 3.0 run grade (on a scale of 10), easily the worst blocking performance in Bison history. Rookie tackle Raymond Johnson and rookie center Kyle Mandel each received 5.0s, both struggling. The unit grade was raised due to guard Frank Jones, who all but secured his starting role with a 10.0 grade. Geoffrey Mcalister had a 9.5, and Matthew Miller had an 8.5. Center Richard Owca had 4 RBLKs through the first half, also impressive.


A less than stellar pass rush paired with allowing a 4.53 rush average over 39 carries to the top three Badiak backs, and four rushing TDs, was only saved by average games from DTs John Wyandt, Lewis Spratte, and Eric Parmer. Joseph Snyder failed to record any stats at DE.


Jesse Vanetta struggled, failing to record any stats through 21 defensive snaps. Corey Sorenson and David Ferguson each added tackles, but Christopher White was nowhere to be found. The outside backer letdown was a key failure for the Bison in stopping the ground game.


Kenny Green and Nathaniel Fitch were dominant and explosive, recording 14 stops. Henry Ballesteros recorded one tackle on one defensive snap.

CB: B+

Brian Mcconnell and Billie Devor had solid games, while Dale Corbett played decently on 1st-half Dime snaps and 2nd-half 2 snaps. Larry Delacruz was very average.


Neither Silverman nor Atherton were really challenged in the pass game, and both recorded tackles. Not much to say about this one. 

SS: B-

Justin Mcdaniel recorded three tackles and a pass deflection, but David Rumbley went off for six tackles. Mcdaniel might not be the starting strong safety after this one, despite doing nothing wrong.

K: C+

Camburn hit his extra point, but the team didn't attempt any extra points. Not much to say.

P: A-

Moore was already looking miles ahead in this competition, and he only added to his distance. 

KR: B-

Two solid returns, but Thurby needs more data to support keeping him on the roster.


A return that went nowhere helped Thurby not at all. 


Bison Media Player of the Game: Punter Eddie Moore



The team travels to London next week, and Arden Price will suit up for the first time as a Bison QB. Sean Thurby was written in as the Week 2 starter, but he'll play second fiddle to George Colon after his terrible outing. The Bison are reportedly seeking addition help at outside backer after their non-existent showing in OKC.

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Preseason Week 2 Recap

   The London Horde dominated the first half, as the Bison starters came out slow. QB Arden Price went just 6-14 for only 59 yards, and took a sack. RB George Colon carried 6 times for 23 yards, Robert Ilalio failed to make a reception on 3 targets, and other starting receiver John Laliberte had just one reception for 13 yards. 

   The Bison turned it around in the second half, scoring all of their 24 points. Douglas Stewart went 17-23 for 221 yards, taking one sack. Sean Thurby carried 12 times for 53 yards and a TD, Willie Livingston grabbed 7 of 9 passes for 106 yards, Earnest Mckenzie grabbed 6 of 8 for 90 (with one drop), and Jeff Munoz caught 4 of 5 for 51. Gerald Mccarthy returned a kick 102 yards for a touchdown.

   Defensively, the Bison had a very average game, allowing 4.37 yards per carry on 40 carries, and allowing a 72.41 completion percentage to the Horde. London QB Henry Ranmar played most of the game, going 20-28 for 241 and a touchdown. RB Leon Fields was held to 84 yards on 25 carries, but he scored a touchdown. RB Darryl Alvirez added 63 yards on 7 carries, and John Vega 28 on 5. Both rushed for TDs. Jorge Miller caught 5 for 62 yards, James Betancourt went 5-45 and a TD, Richard Coffey 4-60, and James Torrez 3-53. Joel Vess returned an Earnest Mckenzie fumble 23 yards for a TD. 

   Jesse Vanetta led the way for the Bison with 9 tackles (2 for loss), while Henry Ballesteros and Christopher Ross each added 7. Luis Spratte and Daryl Hutchinson each added a sack. Dale Corbett and Larry Delacruz both had 3GCOV, while Justin Mcdaniel deflected two passes. 

   Bruce Clark punted 3 times for 148  yards (49.33 AVG), but a touchback set him back to just a 40.33 NET. Michael Camburn went 3-3 on FGs.


Final: London Horde 38, Oklahoma City Bison 24


Position Grades

QB: B-

RB: C+



OL: B-

DL: D+



CB: C-

FS: C-

SS: C-

K: A

P: B-


PR: incomplete


Bison Media Player of the Game: QB Douglas Stewart

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Preseason Signing

Pos   Name                           YrsPro        Contract

OLB   Matthew Edwards           9               2yr/$17.9M/$1.27MGTD

DE     Craig Paul                    Rookie         1yr/$420k               

S        Aaron Delpozo            Rookie          1yr/$420k


Preseason Week 3 Recap

   The Oklahoma City Bison won a game based on defensive play. QB Arden Price went 11-26 for 115 and a pick, George Colon carried 9 for 36 and a TD, and no Bison receiver had more than 43 yards. Robert Ilalio has been ineffective, hauling in just 4/13 passes over the last two weeks. Douglas Stewart had an average second half, going 10/18 for 123.

    Defensively, Henry Ballesteros had a great game yet again, leading the Bison with 6 tackles and 2 sacks. Jesse Vanetta and Justin Mcdaniel both had 5 tackles, and Wilson Slinger and Daryl Hutchinson both added sacks. Mcdaniel also had 3 interceptions, and Larry Delacruz also added one. Wilson Slinger and Christopher Ross both added 6 GCOV, while Mcdaniel deflected 3 passes.

   Jimmy Baker had two punt returns totaling 45 yards, Michael Camburn went 3-4 on FGs, and Bruce Clark  had a 46.33 punt average (44.33 NET). 


Position Grades












K: C

P: C

KR: incomplete



Bison Media Player of the Game: SS Justin Mcdaniel

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Preseason Week 4 "Dress Rehearsal" Preview

   The Bison head to Indiana during Week 4 of the preseason, and, according to team sources, for the most part the 1st half will be a "dress rehearsal" of sorts. QB Bret Marquez will start with expected WR1 and WR2 Norman Bennet and Jeff Munoz, starting left tackle Matthew Miller, presumed starting left guard Donald Solarski, starting center Richard Owca, presumed starting right guard Frank Jones, and starting right tackle Leonard Sarelas. A patchwork crew of FB David Dickson, H-B Stephen Mayen, and TE Roy Nersesian will join the #1s.

   Defensively, Joseph Snyder will join DTs John Wyandt and Anthony Williams on the 1 line, though all defensive end positions are currently up for grabs. Kenny Green will start in the middle, and Corey Sorenson will start at Will. Bille Devor and Brian Mcconnell are written in at the starting corners. Recent signees Craig Paul, Aaron Delpozo, and Matthew Edwards will play the entire game at defensive end, strong safety, and Sam, so that there's more film on them. Michael Mcwhorter will start at free safety, also hoping to add more game film.

   Eddie Moore will have one more chance to show what he can do, though it appears he is still ahead of Bruce Clark at punter. Sean Thurby and George Colon will get one more shot to prove they're worth roster spots.

   The Week One starting depth chart is unofficially listed below, with incumbent players who saw the most time on the field in 2036 listed alongside 2037 projected starters.


Position                   2036 Incumbent                          2037 Projected Starter

QB                            Bret Marquez                               Bret Marquez

RB                            Gerald Mccarthy                            Gerald Mccarthy

HB                            John Wiskowski                              Roy Nersesian

TE                            Alan Isbell*                                      Alan Isbell

WR1                         Norman Bennett                             Norman Bennett

WR2                         Robert Dyer                                   Jeff Munoz

LT                             Matthew Miller                             Matthew Miller

LG                             Donald Solarski                           Donald Solarski

C                               Richard Owca                               Richard Owca

RG                            Frank Jones                                   Frank Jones

RT                            John Scherer                                  Leonard Sarelas


LE                            Joseph Snyder                               Joseph Snyder

LDT                          John Wyandt                                  John Wyandt

NT                            John Wyandt                                  Eric Parmer

RDT                          Anthony Williams                            Anthony Williams

RE                            Robert Buseck*                             Robert Buseck

WLB                         David Ferguson                               Corey Sorenson

MLB                         Dale Martin*                                    Henry Ballesteros

SLB                          Corey Sorenson                             Matthew Edwards

CB                            John Kinabrew                                 Billie Devor

CB                            Neal Lozado                                     Brian Mcconnell

FS                            Christopher Silverman                      Christopher Silverman

SS                            David Rumbley*                                Justin Mcdaniel


K                              Michael Camburn                              Michael Camburn

P                              Bruce Clark                                      Eddie Moore

LS                            Richard Owca                                  Edmond Zych

KR                           Jimmy Baker                                      Gerald Mccarthy

KR                           Earnest Mckenzie                              Sean Thurby

PR                           Jimmy Baker                                      Jimmy Baker


KEY: * indicates 2036 Pro Bowl, slash indicates player no longer with team, italics indicates rookie, bold indicates new acquisition 



Though the preseason, this game means a lot to the Bison. 31 players are competing for the final 14 roster spots, and neither guard spots, defensive end spots, or outside backer spots have guaranteed starters yet. 

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Preseason Week 4 Recap

   The Bison dominated the Aces on all fronts. Bret Marquez went 15-22 for 154 and 2 TDs, the team rushed for a 7.03 average over thirty one carries, and the team had a healthy spread of receivers, with 10 different players making at least one reception. Douglas Stewart finished 12-18 for 104 yards, 2 TDs, and a pick. Gerald Mccarthy had 11 carries for 123 yards, George Colon had 61 yards on 9 carries, and Marquez scampered for 13 yards on 2 carries. Willie Livingston finished with 6 receptions for 73 yards and a TD, solidifying a roster spot and potentially moving himself up to 3rd or even 2nd on the depth chart. Jeff Munoz finished with 4 receptions for 56 yards and a TD, Stephen Mayen dominated at tight end with a 3 reception, 33 yard, 1 TD performance, and Robert Ilalio also scored a touchdown. 

   Defensively, Nathaniel Fitch finished with 5 tackles and a sack, Larry Delacruz hauled down 6 ball carriers, and Aaron Delpozo had a solid outing with 4 tackles. Delpozo, Christopher Ross, and Michael Mcwhorter all finished with interceptions. Billie Devor had 7 GCOV, and Larry Delacruz and Wilson Slinger both had 5. Delpozo knocked away 3 passes, and Brian Mcconnell, Slinger, and Ross all knocked away 2. 

   Special teams struggled again, as Michael Camburn missed both of his field goals, Eddie Moore managed only a 43 average per punt (43.00 NET), and George Colon finished with just 1 punt return for 1 yard. Sean Thurby had a solid kick return for 25 yards, though.

   As a unit, the Bison only allowed 3.47 yards per rush on 19 carries, and only 4.58 yards per play (284 yards allowed/62 defensive snaps). Offensively, they managed 6.38 yards per play on 73 plays (466 total yards). 


Final: Oklahoma City Bison 28, Indiana Aces 13


Position Grades












K: D

P: C




Bison Media Player of the Game: SS Aaron Delpozo


The Bison will now begin two rounds of cuts, needing to downsize 31 players into 14 roster spots.

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2037 Oklahoma City Bison Cut to 53

Pos       Name                     YrsPro  

QB        Arden Price                9

RB        David Dickson            8

RB/KR  George Colon             5

WR       Robert Ilalio                5

WR       John Laliberte            8

C          Glenn Okeefe             2

RG       Charles Mazuo           3

RT       Raymond Johnson      R

DE       Tyler Gonzalea            8

DE        Craig Paul                  R

DE        Lonnie Zahourek        7

DE        John Schweda           R

DT        Daniel Ballard            6

LB        Christopher White      7

CB        Wilson Slinger           4

FS        Charles Atherton       4

SS        Bradley Vineyard       R

P          Bruce Clark                4


   There were a few surprising cuts, and some not-so-surprising cuts. The Bison are only carrying four receivers after releasing John Laliberte and Robert Ilalio. Ilalio was expected to be the WR3, and Laliberte WR4, but Willie Livingston beat both out for the 3 spot, and Earnest Mckenzie offers much more special teams wise. The release of Tyler Gonzalea officially ends the failed trade that was Dennis Hamic. Gonzalea finished with just one tackle and no sacks in his year with the Bison. Lonnie Zahourek was expected to be the DE2, but failed to make anything out of extensive preseason playing time. Wilson Slinger made a strong push for a roster spot in week 4 of the preseason, but Christopher Ross beat him by solid defensive back play and special teams capability. Releasing Arden Price was also surprising, as the Bison have had three QBs per season see the last two seasons.

   Three 2037 Bison draft picks were released. 4th rounder Bradley Vineyard played as was expected, but the Bison saw no need to carry 4 strong safeties after Aaron Delpozo excelled in his preseason game. Raymond Johnson made a solid push against Julian Schiaffino at right tackle, but Johnson played in less snaps, and the Bison felt it would be best to keep the player they knew more about. DE John Schweda struggled as did all the Bison ends.

   The Bison are officially at 53 players, but a few moves could be made, depending on who other teams release. Though there are no "official" practice squads, the Bison have told a few younger players to keep their living accommodations near Oklahoma: center Glenn Okeefe, who had a solid outing in week 4, but would have been the 4th or 5th center (due to Edmond Zych pulling double duty as a center/long snapper); RT Raymond Johnson; SS Bradley Vineyard; DE John Schweda; and DE Craig Paul.

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2037 Oklahoma City Bison "Opening Day" Roster*

#     Pos    Name                         College               Acquired             YrsPro

3     QB     Douglas Stewart         Michigan              2035 UFA                 5

9     K        Michael Camburn       Maryland             2036 Draft                1

10   P        Eddie Moore               Tennessee          2037 UFA                 8

11   WR     Earnest Mckenzie       Indiana               2032 Draft                 5

12   QB      Bret Marquez             Tiffin                   2036 Trade                3

13   TE      Leonard Harvey          Florida               2036 UDFA                1

20   RB      Sean Thurby               Akron                 2037 UFA                  8

24   CB      Christopher Ross        Beth-Cookman   2031 Draft                 6

25   CB      Billie Devor                  Wisconsin          2037 UFA                  5

26   FS      Christopher Silverman Iowa                  2035 UFA                  7

28   CB      Dale Corbett                Arkansas           2037 UFA                  9

29   RB      Gerald Mccarthy          Texas Tech      2034 Draft                  3

31   RB      Jimmy Baker                Arkansas          2030 Draft                  7

33   CB      Larry Delacruz             LSU                  2037 UFA                   7

35   CB      Brian Mcconnell           Temple             2037 Draft             Rookie

41   SS      David Rumbley             USC                 2028 Draft                   9

42   SS      Aaron Delpozo             UCF                 2037 UFA               Rookie

43   SS      Justin Mcdaniel            Pearl River CC 2036 Draft                   1

44   FS      Michael Mcwhorter      Akron                2037 UFA                    5

50   C        Thomas Kline              Purdue              2036 UFA                    11

52   LB       James Perez              Georgia Tech    2037 UFA                     8

53   LB       David Ferguson          Houston            2035 UFA                     5

57   LB       Jesse Vanetta            Syracuse            2036 Draft                   1

58   LB       Kenneth Green           Boise State        2037 UFA                    6

59   C         Richard Owca             Purdue              2036 UFA                    5 

61   OT      Geoffrey Mcalister       Connecticut      2032 Draft                    5

62   DT      John Wyandt                Houston           2036 Draft                    1

63   DE      James Nelson              Arizona State   2035 UFA                     10

64   OT      Leonard Sarelas          Missouri           2037 UFA                     4

65   LS       Edmond Zych              Notre Dame     2037 UFA                     1

66   OT      Matthew Miller             Texas Tech      2036 UFA                     4

67   G        Oscar Yoshiyama         Mississippi St.  2035 Draft                    2

68   DE      Joseph Snyder             Villanova           2026 Draft                   11

69   G        Frank Jones                  Penn State       2035 UFA                    7

71   OT      Julian Schiaffino            Miami              2035 Draft                    2

72   C         Kyle Mandel                  USC                2037 UFA                    2

73   DE       Robert Buseck              Illinois              2036 UFA                   8

75   DE       Daniel Ortiz                   Tulane            2037 UFA                    1

77   OT       Daniel Doxie                  Miami             2037 Draft               Rookie

78   G         Donald Solarski             Arizona State  2036 UFA                    7

79   DT       Luis Spratte                  Georgia Tech  2037 UFA                     3

81   WR      Jeff Munoz                    Georgetown    2037 UFA                     3

84   HB       Roy Nersesian              Clemson          2036 UFA                     8

85   TE        Alan Isbell                   Michigan State  2036 Draft                    1

88   TE        Stephen Mayen          South Carolina  2037 UFA                     5

89   WR       Norman Bennett         Boise State        2029 Draft                    8

91   LB         Henry Ballesteros      California            2037 Draft               Rookie

92   DT         Anthony Williams       Hawaii                2031 Draft                    6

94   LB         Nathaniel Fitch           Texas Tech       2035 UFA                     2

95   DT        Eric Parmer                 UCF                  2037 Draft                Rookie

98   LB        Matthew Edwards        Wisconsin         2037 UFA                     9

99   LB        Corey Sorenson           Mississippi       2036 UFA                     6


*roster will be updated as/if any final changes are made

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Bison Announce Major Re-signing

   The Bison, who have $26M in remaining salary cap for 2037, have announced a 4 year extension to Bret Marquez's deal. Marquez will remain on his $910k salary for this season, will have a $7.06M base in 2038, $8.325M in 2039, $9.97M in 2040, and $11.79M in 2041. His bonus in each year from 2038-41 will be $1.945M. The extension seems to be affordable for the long term, as cutting Marquez would be most expensive in 2038, at just $7.78M in dead money but would be able to save $1.225M in 2038 in the worst year of the deal. Of course, the Bison don't plan on releasing Marquez for the foreseeable future. The Bison are left with $40M in salary funds in 2038, $75M in 2039, and almost $95M in 2040.

   The move diminishes players in contract years to just 15 players. 

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