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    FreeBundy reacted to PointGuard in Tom “Whatever It Takes” Bradbury   
    Recruiting Ray and I went all out on recruiting. With just 2 scholarships to offer, we needed to sign 2 impact players. We both realized that it would be tough to compete for Top 10 players against the likes of Duke, Arizona, Syracuse, North Carolina, UCLA, and Michigan State. 

    So not only did we work our asses off and used every tool we had to our maximum advantage. We did “whatever it takes”...and that meant offering a bribe. Well, not a bribe...we offered bribeS with a capital S...lots of them. In total we made eleven “offers” to guys rated from #1 to #25 in the nation. 6 bribes of $10,000 each, 3 of $5,000 each, and 2 of $2,000 each. We made sure to offer to those players whose families weren’t well off. In fact, some of them were dirt poor. 5 liked the $10,000, 2 liked the $5,000, and 1 liked the $2,000. One player turned us down on the $10,000 offer (Mr. Goody Two Shoes), one was upset by how low our $2,000 offer was (Mr. I Want More), and one wasn’t too sure what to make of our $5,000 offer (Mr. Duhhhhh). 

    End result: 

    1. We signed the #10 player in the nation, a fantastic rebounder, defender and scorer. We didn’t offer a bribe to this guy since his family was pretty sound financially. We got him the old-fashioned way, phone calls (lots of ‘em), watching film, school visit by the player, scouting games, and finally multiple visits to his home). While this guy was too good to pass up, it was a lot of work. In the future, maybe a bribe will short-cut things on guys like this.

    2. We lost the #1 player in the nation (to whom we had offered a $10,000 bribe in which he was very interested) to Duke. Did Duke offer a bribe also? Probably not, since they likely didn’t have to. Note to self for the future...offer more to the #1 (and maybe the #2). Stick it to Duke.

    3. We signed the #8 player in the nation, a PG who not only distributes the ball like a magician, but is an outstanding scorer, a very strong rebounder, a talented defender who can block like a 12-foot wall, and steal like a thief. We offered him a $10,000 bribe and he went for it like a trout chasing morning Mayflies. He made sure to let us know that if he were to accept our offer, he damned well expected us to “show him the money”.

    I can’t wait to get these guys on our team.

    [NOTE: This dynasty has been created to test how cheating (in the form of bribes to recruits) works when employed by the human player in CB3. We know that AI teams occasionally get placed on probation in CB3 due to recruiting violation. But: (1) Does the offering of bribes significantly improve the signing of highly rated recruits by the human coach? and (2) Does CB3 levy penalties on the human coach for offering bribes? Since an occasional bribe offer might go under the radar (whether it be by the AI coached team or the human coached team), Coach Tom “Whatever It Takes” Bradbury will bribe egregiously. His aim in the future will be to get the highest rated recruits in each and every recruiting class. Since he’s not at an elite school, that means that bribes will flow like the water in the Nile.]
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    FreeBundy reacted to bhurst99 in Buffalo Bills Video Dynasty (Madden)   
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    FreeBundy got a reaction from Chris in Purple Reign Redeux: A Front Office Football 7 Story   
    In our last Purple Reign story, the Vikings had either been very dominant, or crippled by the injury bug. This injury bug must have carried over to my Xbox, and the old Purple Reign is no more. But this time, we're ready to re-write the script, with GM Bundy at the helm of the 2014 Vikings again, ready again to take on the NFL and bring the Vikings their first (of hopefully many) Lombardi trophy. 
    1st Pre-Season Game, 2014
    The Vikings absolutely dominated the Raiders, though at times the score board didn't show that. 
    Scoring Summary
    6:24 Q1: Raiders 3, Vikings 0 Janikowski 41 yard kick
    1:16 Q1: Vikings 7, Raiders 3 Ponder 6 yards to Patterson (Walsh kick)
    13:05 Q2: Vikings 14, Raiders 3 Munnerlyn 68 yard INT return (Walsh kick)
    7:08 Q2: Vikings 14, Raiders 6 Janikowski 38 yard kick
    2:14 Q2: Vikings 14, Raiders 13 Carr 11 yards to James Jones (Janikowski kick)
    6:21 Q4: Vikings 17, Raiders 13 Walsh 48 yard kick
    The Raiders had 22 first downs to the Vikings 14, but the Vikings rested Adrian Peterson and other key starters. The Vikings were outgained 391 to 186 in offensive yards, but they managed to go 20-28 for 105 yards passing, which coach Zimmer and GM Bundy considered to be a good showing. "We punted more than we wanted to, but it was a good game for being our first preseason game," noted coach Zimmer. "We saw a lot out of the young guys and new acquisitions, so we're just looking forward to how this preseason will go."
    Teddy Bridgewater led the Vikings with a 15/20 for 75 yards performance, with no TDs, no picks, and was sacked once. Jerick McKinnon also starred as a rookie, rushing for 82 yards on 18 carries, and hauling in 6 passes for 16 yards. Jerome Simpson also had a good day, with a 4 catch, 47 yard performance. 
    Punting for the Vikings was undraftee Dennis O'Field. O'Field punted 6 times, finishing with a 48.0 average and a 41.7 NET. Defensively, undraftee inside linebacker Jacob Reed led the Vikings with 9 tackles, while Tom Johnson and Linval Joseph each recorded a sack. 
    The last notable thing for the Vikings offense was that they were only truly successful running to the left, averaging 5.1 yards per carry there. The Vikings run defense needs work, as Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew combined for 130 yards on 21 carries (6.19 avg), but the pass defense only allowed 62% of passes to be completed, for just over 6 yards for attempt. 
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    FreeBundy got a reaction from Chris in Purple Reign: A Vikings Dynasty (Madden 15)   
    In 2014, Mike Zimmer took over as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. He inherited a team full of promising-but-undeveloped youth, in a tough division. A rookie quarterback was ready to shine, alongside a troubled runninback, underperformin receivers, an overpaid tight end, and a patchwork offensive line. A defense that had once been so dominant with stars known round the nation would have to rely on unknown and inexperienced youngsters.
       2014 was not a good year for the Vikings. They started off with three losses, before finally defeating a team (their then-undefeated rival, the Green Bay Packers). The rest of the season was plagued with injury. Rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater finished with 15 starts, going 5-10, passing for 2649 yards, 15TD, and 12INT. All-Pro back Adrian Peterson missed the first month of the season with injury, and sat out a few more weeks, finishing with 170 carries for 922 yards (5.4 avg), and only 4 TDs, the first time in his career that he failed to reach 10 or more touchdowns. WR Wes Welker, an off-season pick-up, finished with 73 grabs for 800 yards and 5 scores. Tight end Kyle Rudolph finished with 50 grabs for 379 yards and 4TDs. Mike Wallace added 65 for 837 and 3TDs, Cordarrelle Patterson 18-119-1, Charles Johnson 66-592-2, and Stefon Diggs 1-11-0. The line struggled. Matt Kalil allowed 13 sacks, playing in 14 games. His reserve, TJ Clemmings, a rookie, allowed 4 sacks in 4 games. Rookie guards La'El Collins and David Yankey duked it out for the left guard spot; Yankey allowed 6 sacks in 16 games, while Yankey managed just 5 total downs. Center John Sullivan allowed just one sack, as did right guard Brandon Fusco. Right Tackle Phil Loadholt allowed 9 sacks. Defensively, acquired end Vinny Curry had 10 sacks. The rest of the defense missed too much time for any notable stats.
       The 2015 off-season brought change to the Vikings. They hammered free agency, grabbing 1st year running backs David Cobb (Titans) and Zach Zenner (Lions), retrieved fullback Jerome Felton from the Bills, and made a splash at receiver, signing Larry Fitzgerald and Vincent Jackson as starters. Two tight ends from free agency made the final roster, Jermaine Gresham and Virgil Green. Chris Myers was brought in to replace Joe Berger. At defensive end, Ryan Davis, who made 10 sacks in 2014, was signed, as was 1st year lineman Leonard Williams. The Vikings made a 1-year "wishful" offer to free agent defensive tackle Nick Fairley, and Fairley surprisingly accepted it. Free safeties Charles Woodson and Gerod Holliman were brought in as depth for All-Pro Harrison Smith, who enterred the last year of his rookie deal. Antrel Rolle was signed as insurace at strong safety, and punter Jon Ryan was brought in to replace Jeff Locke.
       The draft was also exciting. Adrian Peterson, troubled and wanting out, was traded in a risky move to the Indianapolis Colts for WR Philip Dorsett and a 4th round pick. TE Kyle Rudolph was dumped to the Falcons for picks. Everson Griffen was sent away for picks, as was Lance Briggs. Then, with 9 possible draft selections, the Vikings traded down from the 8th overall selection into 2016's draft.
    Round  Pick          Pos           Name                           College   
    2         25 (57)        G               Chad Fields                 Wisconsin
    3           8 (72)        OT             Lary Guy                     Memphis
    4           8 (104)      RB             Mike France                Wisconsin
    7           8 (200)      FB             Corey Redmon            Wisconsin
    7        32 (224)       FS             Marquiste Chapman    Delaware
       The Vikings turned their 9 selections into 5 slections, including Mr. Irrelevant (pick acquired from the Packers along with a 2016 7th for a 2015 5th) Marquiste Chapman, a project safety out of Delaware. Chad Fields, a 1st-team All-Big Ten player as a junior, was a 1st-round talent to the Vikings, and they couldn't believe it when he fell to them at 57. 15 picks later, they grabbed Lary Guy, a huge right tackle out of Memphis. Guy, a 20 year old redshirt sophomore who entered college a year early, was a 2nd-team AAC selection in '14. The Vikings plan on developing him to either take over for Loadholt at tackle, or kick inside to guard if Fields doesn't work out. Mike France is an athletic runner, with a running style very similar to Ahman Green. France put up big numbers behind Field and the rest of the Wisconsin line, but only received Honorable Mention Big Ten honors during his redshirt senior year. Completing the trifecta of Wisconsin selections was Corey Redmon, a big, receiving fullback. Redmon had to split time with a run-blocking specialist, Kasey Lucas (who spent time in Vikings camp as an undrafted free agent), at Wisconsin, so it was a schock to many that he was even drafted. The Vikings said that Redmon offered great skills as a potential developmental #2 tight end, and converted him to the position, though he's slightly undersized. 
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    FreeBundy got a reaction from Chris in Oklahoma City Bison (Deep Route)   
    2037 Playoff Race - Week 13 Update

    Democratic Conference

    1. Toronto Tiger Cats (12-1) South

    2. Pennsylvania Posse (10-3) North

    3. Kansas city Chiefs (8-5) West

    4. Graham Bullies (8-5) East

    WC5 New Orleans Gators (9-4) South

    WC6 Trenton Revolution (7-6) East

    Playoff Contenders:

    7. Long Island Lunatics (6-6-1) West

    8. Los Angeles Rams (6-7) West

    9. Chicago Governors (6-7) North

    10. Rimmington Redskins (5-8) North

    13. Munster Hodors (4-8-1) West

    11. Brampton Steal Yo Girls (4-9) South

    12. Oakland Raiders (4-9) East

    14. Cincinnati Shrugging Atlases (4-9) North


    15. Harrisburg Cougars (3-10) South

    16. Atlantis Tsunamis (3-10) East

    Republican Conference

    1. Ft. Lauderdale Fluties (10-3) West

    2. Alabama Slammers (10-3) South

    3. Tijuana Bales (10-3) East

    4. Chicago Coyotes (8-5) North

    WC5 New Orleans Marauders (10-3) West

    WC6. Philadelphia Eagles (7-6) East

    Playoff Contenders:

    7. Goshen Blue Collars (7-6) North

    8. Burthorpe Badiaks (7-6) North

    9. Oklahoma City Bison (7-6) South

    10. New York Giants (6-7) South

    11. Compton Calzones (5-8) North

    12. London Horde (5-8) West

    13. Tampa Bay Sun Devils (6-7) South

    14. Manawa Allblack (4-9) East


    15. Indiana Aces (3-10) West

    16. The Marvels (3-10) East


    Key: clinched playoffs, clinched division, clinched first round bye

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    FreeBundy reacted to CatKnight in The Yawkey Way (1974) [OOTP]   
    March 1974
    Boston, Massachusetts

    United Flight 169 from Cleveland dropped out of clouds at 12,000 feet into a warm (for March), brilliant morning. She was a Boeing 737-200, almost brand new with less than 1,000 hours wear, and her red, white and blue hull arced gracefully through the sky as she banked into the traffic pattern at Logan International.

    She was a full flight with some 120 people on board including crew, mostly businessmen with a handful of revelers in the back rows determined to paint the city green well in advance of St. Patrick's Day. Of the former, there were two situated in first class near the cockpit. The elder was in his forties, a thick, heavy shouldered man with receding brown hair. His companion was some ten years younger, shorter and smaller: A man more used to the office than the playing field. That would be me.

    "You will love Boston, I'm sure," Haywood Sullivan said. "There is no other city quite like it in the world, and no team quite like the Red Sox." He lifted his champagne glass in salute and drained it before giving it to the passing stewardess.

    Perhaps that should have been my first warning - or my sixth: Boston's Director of Player Operations, for all intents and purposes their Assistant GM, practically inviting me to supersede him. When I hit my thirtieth birthday I thought myself a man of the world. It turned out I didn't have a clue. Ambition drove out all other thought: I could play second fiddle to Phil Seghi in Cleveland, a team that hadn't won the pennant since '54, or I could run the Red Sox, who needed just one tiny nudge to turn into a dynasty.

    "I look forward to meeting Mr. Yawkey," I replied, which was true enough. Boston's patriarch bought the team before I was even alive. I imagined he knew more about baseball than I ever would. If they were sincere about offering me the GM position, and all signs pointed to 'yes', I looked forward to learning from the best.

    "Please, call him Tom. Oh, and his wife, Jean. We are all family here."


    The Yawkeys' inner sanctum was a suite at the Ritz-Carlton: Bedroom (which I never saw), dining room, living room, pantry and library, all with marble floors, scones on the walls intricately detailed arches, paintings, wood furniture. The living room alone displayed more wealth than I'd seen in my lifetime.

    A Ritz-Carlton employee opened the door to let us in: Pandemonium. Boxes everywhere. Another harrassed employee putting decorations on a shelf. The Yawkeys wintered in South Carolina, and coming 'home' was always an adventure. In the middle of the living room, directing traffic like a police officer, was a woman in her sixties or seventies. Haywood paced over to her and she smiled. He whispered, and sharp eyes focused on me. Then she nodded at him and pat his arm. Sullivan indicated a set of double doors and I followed him through.

    "Was that Mrs. Yawkey?" I asked.

    "Jean. Yes," he confirmed. "Let her get the house in order and I'll introduce you."

    The library, really a small nook with two empty shelves and a desk, held two men. The younger, leaning over the desk and pointing something out on one of the papers, looked up and smiled politely. Smaller man, wide and intent eyes. "Tom, Haywood's here."

    "I can see that," rasped the older man. Tom Yawkey was once a broad shouldered, strong man but I could see where age had stolen some of that strength with hollows around his throat and temples. He could still smile though, and his eyes, though perhaps a bit tired, were clear enough. Yawkey lumbered to his feet. "Mister Grey? It's a pleasure." He shook my hand. "John, perhaps you and Haywood can wait outside? This should only take a few minutes."

    Once the two left, Yawkey's gaze following them, he sat back with a sigh. "How do you like Boston, Mister Grey?"

    "I like it fine, sir." I sat across from him. "'s a beautiful city." Not that I'd seen any of it.

    "I love Boston," he answered. "And I love the Red Sox. So long as you feel the same, we can do business. All this..." He indicated the papers on his desk, " a labor of love for me, and I want my employees to feel the same."

    He hadn't asked a question, so I nodded politely.

    "When Dick let me know his heart wasn't in it anymore, I brought him to South Carolina for a talk." Dick O'Connell was the former Red Sox general manager, who'd stepped aside only days before pitchers and catchers reported to Winter Haven. "I tried to reason with him, and to be honest I don't think he said whatever needed to be said. Perhaps it's my fault. It's true I didn't cordially like him, and my wife would barely speak with him, but he was good at his job. I respected his decisions."

    "Yes, sir."

    "Tom," he corrected. "This left an opening, and your name came up. I'd like to know, in general, what you'd do with my team if I offered you the position."

    "Well, sir...Tom, your team is in a strong position to win the division or pennant already. I'd perhaps seek out a reliever or two to bolster the bullpen, and I'm worried about your depth and staying power. The team's young and lacks coherent leadership from the..."

    He leaned forward. "You don't think Yastrzemski will do?"

    "He might." 1B/OF Carl Yastrzemski had been with the team since 1961. 10 time All Star, 6 Gold Gloves, one MVP and a fan favorite in the bargain. If he could keep healthy for another five years or so it was hard to imagine him not getting into Cooperstown. "I've never met him."

    Yawkey nodded. "That's fair enough. Anyway that's more Darrell's territory." Darrell was the team's new manager. "I agree with your assessment, but would add the need for a stronger second baseman. Catcher and center field are set, and if (Rick) Burleson does what I expect than shortstop should be fine as well. You'd agree that a solid center core is vital to success?"

    "Of course." Personally I leaned towards pitching: Visions of Bob Gibson and Denny McLain absolutely dominating 1968 flashed through my mind, but perhaps this was my first lesson at Yawkey's knee.

    "Good." Yawkey inhaled and suddenly looked tired. As if on cue, his wife strode in with pills and a glass of water. Tom took both and waved at her. "My wife..."

    "Jean? It's a pleasure to meet you." I stood up and offered my hand, mine turned so as to take hers.

    The beginning of a polite smile died when I said her name, and her brow arched. "Mister Grey," she replied distantly. She clasped my fingertips for a fraction of a second before turning back. "Dear, if you're finished with the gentlemanyou should come rest. I've already sent Haywood and John away."

    Yawkey nodded agreement and rose. "Mister Grey, I've arranged rooms for you here over night. I need to make a few to a few people, but you will have my answer in the morning.
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    FreeBundy got a reaction from Chris in Oklahoma City Bison (Deep Route)   
    2037 Pre-Season Notes
    Week 1 vs Compton Calzones
    Week 2 at London Horde
    Week 3 vs Compton Calzones
    Week 4 at Indiana Aces
    Position Battles
    Arden Price and incumbent Bret Marquez will square off for at least the first three weeks, in an intense battle. Marquez, in a contract year, is hoping to prove to the Bison that he's at least a $15M QB, and Price is looking for one last stint as a starter. Both are neck and neck, and it will be interesting to see what happens.
    Matthew Miller is secure as the starting left tackle, but rookie Daniel Doxie will battle longtime reserve Geoffrey Mcalister for the reserve duties. Miller will likely see action in the first couple games, with Doxie and Mcalister probably making starts the last two weeks. 
    Reserves Oscar Yoshiyama and Charles Mazuo will fight for the #2 spot. Many believe that if Yoshiyama can't find playing time this season, the team will be looking at other options in the future. Mazuo will likely make the roster no matter what, as he's a durable reserve guard. Both Yoshiyama and Mazuo are also competing with Right Guard Frank Jones, who isn't very far above either in terms of play. Jones enters as the starter, though.
    Reserves Glenn Okeefe and Kyle Mandel are competing for the #3 C position, though there is no guarantee  of a roster spot. LS Edmond Zych could try to compete with both, as well, though he's expected to make the roster based on long snapping duties alone. Expect a majority of playing time from the 3 to come in the final two games.
    Julian Schiaffino and Geoffrey Mcalister will battle with rookie Raymond Johnson for reserve duties. There is no guarantee of a roster spot for any of them if they can't win the #2 job. All three could see extensive time beginning in the second game.
    Tyler Gonzalea, rookie John Schweda, and Daniel Ortiz will battle for the final end spot. Schweda appears to be the frontrunner, while Ortiz seems to be a signing they hope can develop for next season. Gonzalea seems to be a failed experiment post-trade of Dennis Hamic. Schweda will likely see time in every game, Ortiz one or two, and Gonzalea at least two.
    Daryl Hutchinson will fight to be carried as a 5DT, though he sits behind Daniel Ballard and rookie Eric Parmer, who are both locks to make the roster. Hutchinson's battle appears to be more with other "bubble" players for a final spot, rather than with individuals at his position.
    Rookie Henry Ballesteros and reserve David Ferguson will compete for the #2 duties, while Jesse Vanetta and Nathaniel Fitch will fight for a roster spot. Vanetta could develop some more into a solid reserve outside backer, while Fitch is one of the best special teams players on the roster. It might be hard to see either get regular work with the #2 defense.
    1st round pick Brian Mcconnell will battle Larry Delacruz for the #2 corner spot, with the loser of the battle playing in nickle situations. Starting corners have gone down in each of the last two seasons, so there's a chance whoever ends up at nickelback will end up starting games, too. Wilson Slinger, a starter for most of last year after Neal Lozado went down, will have to show he's worthy of a roster spot, and Christopher Ross will try to make the roster based on special teams alone, though he could start for other teams at corner.
    Former SS David Rumbley will compete with Charles Atherton and Michael Mcwhorter for the #2/3 free safety spots. The Bison said they'll keep at least 4 safeties, so Rumbley could make the roster as the #2 SS even if he ends up as the 4th free safety. Atherton and Mcwhorter haven't shown capability of playing SS.
    Rumbley and rookie Bradley Vineyard will compete for the #2 duties. Rumbley could mentor Vineyard and Justin Mcdaniel, a 2036 draft selection likely to start this year. Vineyard will hopefully develop from any 2037 playing time, and could take Rumbley's spot as #2 or push Justin Mcdaniel next season.
    Bruce Clark loses his job more and more every day. Eddie Moore has looked like the better punter through camp, and has demonstrated that he's the best holder for kicks on the team, replacing free agent WR Billy Dunne. Both will have a shot at the punting job, but it's tight.
    Returners Sean Thurby and George Colon will battle for the return job, though neither is guaranteed roster spots, even if they win. 
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    FreeBundy got a reaction from Chris in Oklahoma City Bison (Deep Route)   
    EDIT: I restarted this franchise with a different Deep Route League after taking a few months off. The first version is alright, though a lot of it gets bland and repetitive. The second version kicks back up approximately 50 years after the first, and I'm trying to put more work and effort into it. To skip ahead to  the 2nd Era, go to page 4, and scroll down.
    Our story begins in the 2035 off-season, in a league struggling to retain owners. Oklahoma City was awarded its first franchise, a team that had seen temporary location in Kansas City as the Black Dynamite, after previously spending a good deal of time in Saskatchewan as the Droids. The Droids final season, 2033, saw a 1-15 season, with record-low fan attendance. During the one year stay in Kansas City, the Droids/Black Dynamite climbed into 3rd in the division, at 4-12. Years of mismanagement had doomed the franchise, however. The team's last playoff appearance was 2028. 2032 had been a 2-14 season, 2031 2-14, 2030 4-12, and 5-11 in 2029.
    The Bison were salvaged by freebundy, new to Deep Route but committed. The 2034 and 2035 rosters were very different. 2034 QBs Dwayne Archie (1884 Yards, 8TD, 13INT) and Lucas Hales (775 Yards, 1TD, 9INT) were replaced by veteran QB Joseph Thomas and youngsters Douglas Stewart and David Lanum. RBs Jimmy Baker, Dennis Hamic, and Gerald Mccarthy remained, but Baker went from one rushing TD and 569 yards to 6 TDs and 535 yards, Hamic 2-280 to 0-229, and Mccarthy 3-475 to 3-217. For the most part, the receivers were retained, with Norman Bennett, Earnest Mckenzie, Billy Dunne, and Robert Ilalio returning, as well as TE Francisco Thomas. TEs Michael Imes and Norman Mcgunnis were added, as well as FB Jon Clement and WRs David Swenson and Robert Dyer.
    Defensively, 2034 Dynamite sack leader DT Anthony Williams was retained, along with quite a few young-but average defensive ends, and some aging linebackers and defensivebacks. Kicker Terry Sheldon and Punter Eric Dame were replaced by K Joshua Comer and P Everett Helm. 
    The 2035 Draft brought in Guard Oscar Yoshiyama of Mississippi State (Rd1-Pick 3), Offensive tackle Julian Schiaffino of Miami (2-3), DT Roy Greisiger of Michigan State (3-3), QB Dale Campbell of Mississippi (4-3), WR Al Dones of Fort Valley State (5-3), G Floyd Chappell of UCLA (6-3), and CB Bill Garratt of Penn State (7-3). As of the beginning of 2037, only Yoshiyama and Schiaffino still remain with the Bison, in reserve roles. Greisiger plays for the Goshen Blue Collars, and Chappell rosters the Chicago Governors. The other 3 are out of the league, having never appeared in games. (While their own picks haven't seemed to have worked out, a few other players from the 2035 Draft have at least made the 2037 off-season roster of the Bison. LB Nathaniel Fitch of Texas Tech (Toronto Tiger Cats, R6-P7) DT Daryl Hutchinson of Arkansas (Rimmington Redskins, 5-29) FB John Wiskowski of Northern Illinois (Graham Bullies, 7-20) C Kyle Mandel of USC (Ft. Lauderdale Fluties, 4-30) and C Glenn Okeefe of Wisconsin (Burthorpe Badiaks, 2-21).)
    Before 2035, the Bison decided that all and only stats recorded as the Bison would count as franchise statistical marks. Even though players like Norman Bennett had been with the team since Saskatchewan, their franchise stats would reset with the move, though the league recognizes all stats recorded as career stats.
    2035 was a rough season, as QB Joseph Thomas was 0-4 in the first four games. David Lanum's only start was a 0TD-4INT loss. Douglas Stewart went 6-5 in the rest of the season, passing for 3156 yards, 16TDs, and 17INTs. The trifecta backfield of Baker-Mccarthy-Hamic wasn't great. Dennis Hamic managed just 229 yards and a 2.54 average. Mccarthy had a 217-3.44 season, and Baker 535-3.66. Robert Dyer dominated the first half of the season with 40 receptions before injury, while Bennett finished with 80 grabs for 1065 yards. Linebacker Michael Bennett finished with 100 tackles despite not starting the first 6 games, reserve DT Jesus Anderson managed 10 sacks in a specific passing-down role, and CB Christopher Ross and SS David Rumbley both finished with 6 INTs. CB Timothy Franks played a good shut-down role opposite Ross, but failed to make interceptions. 
    In the 2036 off-season, things were looking up. The Toronto Tiger Cats owned the 1st overall pick, and were definitely taking QB Brandon Gallaway of Penn State. The Cats had taken two QBs in the two prior 1st rounds, and placed both on the trade block. During the preseason, the Bison traded them CB Timothy Franks, who would no longer start based on personnel, for 3rd-year QB Bret Marquez. Also looking to make a splash defensively, RB Dennis Hamic was traded to the Goshen Blue Collars for 2035 Pro Bowl DE Tyler Gonzalea, who was coming off back-to-back 10 sack seasons. The Bison also looked to make a splash in free agency. In the first stage of free agency, they added FB John Wiskowski, QB Steven Dyson, DT Greg Rose, TE Roy Nersesian, DE Gene Nicholson, CB John Powell, CB Matthew Tores, WR Jeff Munoz, S Jason Jones, DE Dwight Young, LT Matthew Miller, C Thomas Kline, C Richard Owca, S Jason Spengler, DT Stevie Johnson, DT Gregory Thomson, DE James Cooksey, T/G Donald Solarski, G Jesus Miller, and K James Brewbaker. During stage 2, they added MLB Dale Martin and LB Christopher White. On Draft Day, P Bruce Clark was signed. During the preseason, QB Arthur Bidez, CB Neal Lozado, and RB David Dickson were added. Throughout the season, the Bison would add DE Robert Buseck (Week 4), LB Corey Sorenson (Week 7), DE James Nelson (Week 8), and QB Clayton Quinn (Week 15). Buseck went on to lead the Bison in sacks, with 13 in 13 games. 
    The 2036 Draft started with three straight QBs selected; Gallaway (Tiger Cats), Eugene Oddo of Mississippi (Tampa Bay Sun Devils), and David Urban of Syracuse (New York Giants). CB Kenneth Miles of Georgia Tech went 7th overall to the Atlantis Tsunamis, and DE Willie Ramirez of Vanderbilt 14th to the Tijuana Bales.
    The Bison came away with a great draft class. freebundy had officially taken over draft scouting and management, and grabbed TE Alan Isbell of Michigan State 13th overall, DT John Wyandt of Houston (2-13), SS Justin Mcdaniel of Pearl River CC (3-13), K Michael Camburn of Maryland (4-13), and LB Jesse Vanetta of Syracuse (6-13). 5th Rounder CB Jimmy Emberger of Texas Tech failed to make the team, and 7th rounder DE Max Juliusson of Nebraska rode the bench and played special teams for most of the 2036 season, but was released in the following off-season. They also signed undrafted TE Leonard Harvey, who played at Florida. Overall, all 7 selections were in the Top 100 of the Bison's draft board, with Juliusson coming in at #100. So far the highest player selected in the draft currently out of football is RB Kevin Hurm, a second round selection from Western Illinois by the Burthorpe Badiaks.
    The 2036 season was full of promise. The Bison opened with a 17-14 win at the London Horde, lost 12-28 at Tampa Bay Sun Devils, won 28-21 over Atlantis, lost 15-34 at Alabama Slammers, won 30-7 over the Indiana Aces, won 20-17 at the Ferguson Chokers, won 27-10 over the New York Giants, lost 3-20 to the Philadelphia Eagles, won 28-21 over the Oakland Raiders, won 27-10 against the Sun Devils in a re-match, lost 28-45 to the Ft. Lauderdale Fluties, won 9-7 over the Graham Bullies, won 31-21 in a re-match with Alabama, lost 17-20 to the Goshen Blue Collars, lost 10-24 to the New Orleans Marauders, and finished the regular season with a 34-7 divisional win over the Giants. The Bison finished with a Southern Division Championship and a 10-6 record, narrowly outpacing the 9-7 Alabama Slammers. Tampa Bay finished 6-10, and the Giants finished 4-12.
    In the playoffs, the Bison did okay. They won 23-20 in a revenge game against the New Orleans Marauders, but fell 16-24 at the Ft. Lauderdale Fluties. Injuries took their tole over the season, and QB Bret Marquez and RB Gerald Mccarthy missed the playoffs. 
    Four players made the 2036 Pro Bowl; Rookie TE Alan Isbell, DE Robert Buseck, MLB Dale Martin, and SS David Rumbley.