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  1. I had a blast playing Front Office Football 8. The graphics aren't super slick, but the simulation is more than enough to make up for that in my opinion.
  2. Draft day sports college basketball 2020. If you have any issues with the UI, check my videos on or message me directly and I'm happy to help.
  3. Have you tried Starters Orders 7? It's mostly breeding and racing, so the financial aspect of it isn't too difficult once you get rolling. But it does have some of those aspects like auctions. I have a lot of fun just trying to breed a horse that can compete and win one of the Triple Crown races. If I ever get there, then I can move on and try to win all 3. Also, there's a HIGHLY competitive online league associated with it.
  4. Absolutely. It's amazing. My wife doesn't care about basketball at all, and she's raving about it. Riveting. If you ever liked the NBA, this is the show you have to watch. Period.
  5. It only gets better from here. Check out our discord. Come play some multiplayer with us
  6. There's a lot of editing options, what in particular are you hoping to edit?
  7. Yeah, OOTP and FM are like gateway drugs.
  8. Awesome! Welcome to the forums. We have a lot of FM and OOTP information around here.
  9. Pro Football, FO8. College football or any basketball, Draft Day Sports. Baseball, OOTP.
  10. Draft Day Sports College Football 2020.
  11. If you're just looking for a realistic professional football sim, and can look past graphics, it's the best there is in my opinion.
  12. Injuries at 200%? That's going to be infuriating hahaha. Good luck!
  13. I made the raw video (my audio and the game visuals). Chris added in the cool graphics at the beginning and some music. I edit in Lightworks, I have no idea what he uses.