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  1. Kansas City sends OF Adam Hasley (ML) to the A's Oakland sends OF Ismael Mena (Mesa R) to the Royals Our outfield is overcrowded, so when Oakland inquired about an extra outfielder we were able to help. Hasley was great for us last year after coming over from Seattle, but he was going to be stuck on our bench this season, so we're flipping him for a player with almost the exact same potentials who is 5 years younger. Good luck to Hasley and the A's.
  2. KC sends P Johnny Corrigan (Idaho Falls - R) to the Blue Jays Toronto sends P Scott Clark and prospect Jeff Marshall (Bluefield - R) to the Royals In addition to taking a prospect for salary, KC feels like Kauffman Stadium is the perfect environment for Scott Clark to get his mojo back. We think he'll fit into the #2 or #3 spot in our rotation just fine, and if not, we'll buy him out. Good luck to the Jays.
  3. Royals send IF Juan Ruiz (ML) to Seattle, but will retain 100% of his salary. Mariners send OF Luis Antonio Rivera (Peoria - R) to KC The emergence of SS Tyler Donaldson has left Ruiz without meaningful playing time, so we're flipping him for a prospect. Luis fits the type of player we like, and we welcome him to our minor league system. Good luck to the Mariners.
  4. Outfielders Bernard Blanchard - .246-8-44 in 150 games with KC - .698 OPS – 2.8 WAR LF 75/CF 55/RF 55 - LHB – 25 years old – Acquired in a trade with Colorado on 07/06/2019 Originally drafted by the Tampa Rays with the 389th pick (29th round) in the 2015 amateur draft, Bernie was treated like a hot potato before landing in Kansas City. He was dealt from the Tampa organization to the NYY in July of 2017, went from the Yanks to the White Sox 3 weeks later, from the White Sox to the Rockies in the spring of 2018, and finally from the Rockies to the Royals in the summer of 2019. Blanchard made his big-league debut while with the Rockies in 2019, going 1 for 10 with 2 walks in 12 plate appearances. That same year, he had a cup of coffee with the Royals in which he hit .231 with a HR in 23 games. In 2020, Bernie appeared in 44 games with the Royals, cementing himself in the lineup late in the season. He was our regular LF in 2021 and will be again in 2022. Bernie should be an OBP machine with great speed and defense. He hit just .246 but posted an OBP of .350, 2nd best on the team behind batting champ Gus Lopez. He also finished 2nd to Lopez on the team in SB, stealing 35 bases on the season. While he did not win the Gold Glove in LF in 2021, it would have been justified if he had; as a left fielder, he had 13 assists and committed no errors in 1,095 innings. His 2.8 WAR was 2nd best among Royals batters, finishing (once again) behind Gus Lopez. Alex Kirilloff - .341-3-16 in 39 games with KC - .951 OPS – 1.6 WAR LF 55/CF 25/RF 50 - LHB – 24 years old – Drafted with the 53rd pick (2nd round) of the 2019 draft We are going to have to get Kirilloff more playing time this year. A lefthanded line-drive hitter who makes contact and finds the gaps and projects to be good at taking walks is destined for success in Kauffman Stadium. Alex also is above average on the basepaths. The only problem is getting him into the lineup with a very crowded pool of outfield talent. We were planning on getting him lots of plate appearances in the DH spot, but then Rizzo was brought in. Alex is one of three players from my first draft projected to be on the roster this year (the others being Clemens (6th round) and John Lee (3rd round). You can never be too deep, because you never know how injuries will play out, but it will be intriguing to see what kind of number Kirilloff is capable of if he can get 500 plate appearances. He’s a keeper. Billy Rounds - .257-18-60 in 131 games with KC - .720 OPS – 2.4 WAR LF 25/CF 55/RF 30 – LHB – 24 years old – Acquired in a trade with LA Dodgers on 07/18/2019 In 2018 the Dodgers drafted Rounds with the 86th overall pick (3rd round), and in the summer of 2019 Rounds was traded along with pitchers Evan Smith and Jaime Gonzalez to the Royals for 1B Chris Fletcher. Rounds had a nice under-the-radar rookie campaign in 2021, finishing tied for 6th among AL rookies in HR with 18 (or is it tied for 5th because leader Kody Clemens did not actually qualify for the ROY?). Rounds should be our starting CF come opening day, and while he has low ratings at the corner outfield spots, that’s just due to lack of experience. He has the tools to shine in all three outfield spots. Rounds will hopefully be a .280/25/85 type of player this year with 20+ steals (was successful in 21 of 27 attempts as a rookie). He’s not a smart player, but he does anything you ask him to and leads others by example with his tremendous work ethic. Julio Estever - .316-4-15 in 36 games with KC - .931 OPS – 0.8 WAR 1B 20/LF 35/RF 35 – RHB - 26 years old - Acquired in a trade with Colorado on 07/06/2019 Originally drafted in the 3rd round (78th overall) by the Giants in 2013, Estever has taken a bumpy path to get to KC. After several fruitless years in the Giants system was taken by the Padres in the Rule 5 draft in 2017. The following spring, he was cut by the Padres who returned him to the Giants, who then released him outright. The Brewers signed him to a minor league contract a week later, and in the middle of 2018 traded him to the Rockies in a 9-player deal. He saw his first big league action that season, going 3-for-8 with the Rockies. The following summer Estever was included in the deal that brough Gus Lopez from Colorado to Kansas City. In 2021, Estever spent most of the season on the Royals 26-man roster but was not used much. He’s our only right-handed hitting outfielder and is a good contact hitter that won’t strike out a ton. He doesn’t draw many walks, but he has a knack for finding the gaps and is excellent on the base paths. This is where things get weird; although Julio is fleet-footed, he covers very little ground in the outfield. He has a below average glove as well. If anything is holding Estever back, it’s his clumsiness in the field. Still, as a pinch-hitter, pinch runner or DH he’s a good piece to carry, especially if we need a right-handed batter. Adam Hasley - .303-3-29 in 42 games with KC - .816 OPS – 1.0 WAR 1B 25/LF 70/CF 45/RF 60 – LHB – 24 years old – Acquired in a trade with Seattle on 07/30/2021 Hasley provided quite a spark after we acquired him last year for veteran Ryan Braun. As of right now, it looks like he will be sticking with the big-league club and battling Kirilloff and Estever for the starting RF job. And since defense matters to me, he’s just battling Kirilloff. Hasley bring patience to the table; his he posted an OBP of .369, which would have put him 1st on the team had he had enough plate appearances to qualify. Unfortunately, he also strikes out a lot. Hasley is one of two players (the other being 3B Nander De Sedas) who took a beating in the transition to OOTP 22. My scout saw him as a 65 contact actual and potential at the end of the 2021 season but dropped it to 55 actual and 60 potential after the transition. Hopefully he gets it back up, because he was really playing well for us in August and September. Other Options I’d would be 100% comfortable starting 5 of my 6 AAA outfielders in a big-league game. 24-year-old Jeremy Kinney did start 37 games for the Royals in 2021. Gunnar Nelson (23) could start. Brian Cooper (22) could start. Dan Bryant (22) could start (and hit .320 in 53 games with Oakland in 2021). Bob Collins (currently batting .355 with 7 doubles in 10 WDL games) could start. We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to 25-and-under outfielders. Garrett Mitchell (23) is the only one I wouldn’t want to play in the bigs yet. This will be his first season in AAA after hitting .263 in AA last season. And no, it’s no accident that all my AAA outfielders hit lefthanded. The Plan Well, let’s see… We’ll roll out Blanchard in LF, Rounds in CF, and someone in RF and see if they continue to develop. If they don’t, it’s next-man-up, and there are plenty of options. Perhaps we wind up in a pennant race and decide to package a few for an upgrade. I’m very pleased with my outfield situation.
  5. First Basemen Preview Kody Clemens - .252-30-86 in 127 games with KC - .796 OPS – 2.0 WAR RHB – 25 years old – Drafted with the 183rd pick (6th round) of the 2019 draft One of the first “Chappy-drafted” players to make an impact – or even play at all – at the major league level, Clemens started at third base for a better part of his “rookie” season. While service time kept him from being eligible for Rookie of the Year, he might have won it had he qualified. With 50 range and 60 arm ratings, we never felt he’d be a long-term 3B option and wanted to move him to 1B this spring. Well, Nander De Sedas pushed Clemens to 1B mid-season last year, and Clemens went from no defensive rating to a 40 while learning on the job. We anticipate a 55-65 rating by the end of spring. Clemens carries a big stick; his 30 HR last year were the 5th most by a Royal in the MLB-Pro era. He’s going to crush many more this season if things go well. Anthony Rizzo - .250-25-77 in 148 games with Oakland - .770 OPS -2.4 WAR LHB – 32 years old – Acquired in a trade with Oakland on 12/18/2021 In the surprise move of the offseason thus far, KC brings in a veteran first baseman with 4 career gold gloves. The Royals were shopping for a lefty to backup Clemens, as previous backup 1B Evan White was a righthanded hitter, but ended up bringing in someone who will demand more than a backup role. Rizzo will be an insurance policy in case Clemens does not develop in the field the way we think he will. It is expected that the two will also be used at DH quite a bit. So why did the Royals find Rizzo so appealing? Well, he gives us another batter who can go yard, a lefthanded option at 1B, and his discipline at the plate is above that of most of his teammates. KC finished dead last in the league in drawing walks; Rizzo should be able to get 60-70 free passes in 2022. Other Options 28-year-old Arnold Moser will be playing in AAA Omaha. He is a less talented version of Rizzo. Next up would be 23-year-old Jose Sanchez, but he’s not big-league material. He’s not really AAA material either, posting a .192 average in 64 games with Omaha in 2021. AAA outfielder Gunnar Nelson plays 1B decently and would probably get the call if injury issues arise. Of course, 1B holes can be plugged via free agency if needed. I hear Erik Hosmer is still waiting for a phone call. The Plan Look for Clemens to play 1B all spring with Rizzo DH-ing and starting at first when Clemens is tired. After we see how they stand come opening day, One of those two will be our starting 1B while the other DH’s. Clemens will also see action backing up at 3B from time to time. I seem to care more about 1B defense than most others in this league, so I’m curious to see how much Clemens progresses. I’ll rest easy knowing a 4-time gold glover is there in case he falters.
  6. Catchers Preview David Davies - .254-16-58 in 103 games with KC - .730 OPS – 1.9 WAR RHB – 27 years old - Signed as a minor league free agent 6/13/2018 Originally drafted by the Detroit Tigers with the 321st pick (11th round) in the 2016 draft, David Davies was released two years later. On June 13th, 2018 - after 3 days as a free agent – he was signed by Rhettzky’s Royals as a minor league depth piece. After opening the eyes of some scouts with 20 2B and 10 HR at AA NWA in 2019, Davies was given extra development time in the WDL. He hit .333 in 40 plate appearances there. In 2020 Davies hit .296 with 8 HR in 39 games at AA NWA, earning a promotion to AAA Omaha, where he hit 8 more HR to go along with a .283 average. That earned him a spot on the 2021 Royals, where he had a nice rookie season at the ripe age of 26. The plan for 2022 is for Davies to platoon with lefty Henry O’Day. Davies has good power but is below average defensively. Henry O’Day - .179-0-8 in 29 games with KC - .499 OPS - -0.4 WAR LHB – 27 years old – Signed as a free agent 7/14/2021 Hank O’Day was originally drafted with the 497th pick of the 2012 draft by the Toronto Blue Jays (17th Round). He worked his way through the Jays minor league system, eventually making his MLB debut at the age of 23, batting .273 with 2 HR in 31 games for the Blue Jays during the 2018 season. He was dealt to San Diego, where he started 171 games over the next two seasons. After the Padres chose not to offer arbitration, O’Day became a free agent and singed a minor league deal with the Dodgers on January 26th, 2021. He started at catcher of their AAA affiliate and was named to the PCL All-Star game but was released on July 10th. KC signed him 4 days later, and despite poor numbers in his 29 appearances with the club, offered him arbitration and brought him back to platoon with Davies. O’Day is a bit better defensively than Davies, and while he will not hit for power, he can find the gaps and hit for extra bases when he’s on. Other Options 20-year-old Francisco Alvarez is currently in the WDL and slated to catch for AAA Omaha in 2022. 60/50/55/60/45 potentials but he’s not there yet. 23-year-old Hagen Danner is also at Omaha and seems like an MLB prospect with 50/55/55/60/45 potentials and good defense. Switch-hitting veteran Blake Swihart is also available and slated to play at AAA Omaha, though he’s taken some talent hits and may not be there come spring. The Plan Originally, I felt pretty content at catcher with Davies developing, O’Day backing up, and Alvarez and Danner as prospects for the future. But while writing this report, I feel quite unsatisfied with our catching situation this year. If we played in a more neutral field, I’d be okay. But Davies is not a good fit for Kauffman. So, you may see a trade or free agent pickup between now and opening day. Or perhaps O’Day become our home-game catcher and Davies starts on the road. Hmmm. (edited)
  7. Just posting these here so they don't get lost in Slack
  8. The Royals send P Thomas Zachary (on loan to the WDL AL Central squad) and 1B Evan White (KC) to Oakland. The A's send 1B Anthony Rizzo to Kansas City With RHB Kody Clemens taking over at 1B in 2022, we wanted his backup to be a LHB. Rizzo is better than what we were shopping for, so we will have to give him extra playing time at DH (or run Clemens out at DH a bit until his 1B skills are up to speed). Whatever the case, Rizzo is also good at drawing walks, something we did not do well last year. Good luck to the A's!
  9. The Royals send SP Ron Tillman (DFA) & OF Luke Musgrave (DFA) to Oakland. The A's send SP Kevin Aylward & OF Dan Bryant to Kansas City. Kansas City hates to see these two players go, but for whatever reason, Tillman just hasn't pitched to his potentials here. Luke Musgrave is a top prospect, but I'm not sure if there's room for him in our outfield for several years. We like Dan Bryant's makeup - he's a lefty who puts the ball in play and can swipe some bases, which we think fits the KC culture I'm trying to create. We like what Aylward and think he can contribute right away in KC. Thanks to Oakland for the long negotiations and good luck this season!
  10. KC confirms. Ryan Braun served his purpose; put a few butts in the seats and bring in a prospect at the trade deadline. Adam Halsey is probably big-league ready and fills a need as a lefthanded hitting outfielder who can draw a few walks. Should be a great fit for Kauffman Stadium - which is something that could not really be said about Braun. I expect to see him hit even better in a ballpark that doesn't handicap right handed hitters as much as our park did.
  11. Confirmed. We liked Neubauer okay, but saw this an opportunity to turn him into two prospects. Garcia as mentioned by Sam was the main piece coming back, but we Feltner also has potential as a power pitcher out of the pen. We'll see. Thanks Sam!
  12. Confirmed Migueal Angel Alvarez for Alex Monslave We were hoping that Alvarez could sneak through waivers after bringing in FA Henry O'Day. Alvarez has hit really well for us, but was not going to get much playing time with O'Day and Davies ahead of him on the depth chart. Rather than lose him for nothing, we'll happily in Monslave, who seems to be a capable backup big league catcher.
  13. The Kansas City Royals send AAA Catcher Ryan Casteel to Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Pirates send AAA RP Mario Andres to KC. Casteel hasn't cracked into the KC 26-man roster, and with Hagen Danner nearly ready, it's unlikely he'll ever stick with the Royals. In Mario Andres, we have an arm that could potentially help add depth to our struggling bullpen. Thanks to Greg for the shortest negotiations ever.
  14. KC sends 3B Brandon Gill (AA) to Oakland Oakland sends P Kevin Knaust (AAA) to KC My prospects are heavily slanted towards position players and my scout is a big fan of Knaust. Gill looks to be a future stud, but with DeChambreau, Donaldson, De Sedas and Flores we don't need him. So, just flipping an infielder for a pitching prospect here. Good luck to the A's!