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  1. KC sends OF Jonathan Garcia (KC) to NYY with KC retaining 100% of Garcia's salary NYY sends P Luis Martinez (AAA SCR) and IF Ulisses Mafra (A+ TAM) to KC Garcia is not in our plans and will be a free agent at the end of the season, so we'll take a chance on a reliever who is almost good enough for our bullpen immediately and a versatile infielder. Good luck to New York!
  2. Confirmed. Still just trying to increase numbers in the minor league bullpens and Adams is not of much use to me. Thanks Soze and good luck!
  3. AKA former Royals GM and current Royals GM swap former Braves The Kansas City Royals send IF John Ballard to the Yankees The New York Yankees send IF Antonio Morales to the Royals With this trade, K.C. knocks a few more bucks off their payroll and gets a little younger. Morales is not really the type of player we like at 1B, but we'll probably move him to one of the other infield positions next season. I hope the loss of a popular player like Ballard doesn't negatively affect our fan interest too much, but I know it will some. Good luck to NYY!
  4. C - Andres Esparza - Great contact hitter, decent pop, average defense. Was hitting .334-11-33 as of 7/8/20. OF - Jonathan Garcia - Nice pop, elite outfield arm, good character guy, sparkplug personality class. Was hitting .224-17-43 as of 7/8/20. IF - John Ballard - Smart player, plays all 4 infield positions. More RBI than K's in his career. Was hitting .272-3-32 as of 7/8/20. OF - Brandon Short - Hard working, intelligent player. Plays all 3 OF sports. Should be better than he has been playing in KC, needs a change of scenery. Hitting .232-1-10 in limited playing time as of 7/8/20. Looking for prospects. Will cover large amount of salary on Garcia, Ballard or Short.
  5. Confirmed! I was really surprised Heyward didn't receive more interest as he's been on my block all season. As we reached the halfway point, I decided we were in that 'something is better than nothing' phase, considering we were not planning on re-signing him in the off-season. Jack White should give us bullpen depth, and even with retaining 80% of his salary, getting rid of Heyward gets up closer to a balanced budget. Good luck to Arizona!
  6. KC sends 1B Sergio Bereda to Colorado Colorado sends P Bob Thomas (Modesto A+), P John Crow (Modesto A+) and Riley Gates (New Britain AA) to KC This trade was in the works before the earlier deal, but took a bit longer because I'm a big Bereda fan. But in the end, a rebuild is a rebuild, and our system is short on good relievers, and these three guys fit the criteria I look for in relievers pretty strongly. Even though Bereda is arbitration eligible, he's still going to be an inexpensive player next season, so I was not sure I wanted to let him go just yet. Gonna be a little extra pressure on David Moyne to finish strong in Omaha this year. Good luck to Eddie and the Rockies!
  7. Confirmed! I picked up Avila in the off-season as a defensive specialist at AAA, but David Davies's development has made him expendable, so flipping him for a younger C makes sense for me. Thanks, Eddie!
  8. Kansas City sends closer Jesus Torres to Arizona. Arizona sends RP Henry Lockwood (Kane County A) to Kansas City KC is looking to get younger, and we feel that Lockwood has a good chance to be what Torres is now in a few years. Good luck to Arizona.
  9. The Royals send Teo Ottenhof (RP - Omaha - AAA) to New York The Yankees send Sean Parks (SP - Charleston Riverdogs - A) and Dana Stivetts (SP - Charleston Riverdogs - A) to Kansas City We are very deep in ML level relief pitching but very short on low minors pitching, so getting a 2-for-1 makes a lot of sense for us. Good luck to NY, and thanks Rhettzky for the easy negotiations.
  10. KC confirms. Once I looked at my Spring Training roster I decided Paxton was expendable. He's not happy in KC and I've got a couple of rookies that could probably put up similar numbers for less money. Even with sending his salary for this season to SF I'll still save $14 million over three years. Olsen and Moreno both look like they have a chance at one day becoming MLB starters, and my goal is to have a top 10 system within 2 years, so this will hopefully help. Good luck to the Giants!
  11. Kansas City confirms. Needed more catchers and less salary. Even with the $ retained this frees up a million bucks and gives us a nice catching prospect. Thanks to Seattle for the negotiations.
  12. Confirm! He's way down my OF prospect line and I need him off the 40-man. Since I'm going to lose him, might as well get someone in return. Thanks!
  13. The Kansas City Royals send 3B/RF/DH James Darnell to Oakland. Kansas City will retain 50% of his salary. The Oakland A's send SS Tyler Donaldson (Beloit Snappers) to KC. The Royals have a couple of infield prospects we are anxious to see, and we are also trying to trim salary wherever we can. Donaldson looks to have an outside shot at making it to the bigs one day, but even if he doesn't, the move still makes sense because of the $5 million it frees up.
  14. The Kansas City Royals send 3B Travis Shaw and 50% of his salary to San Francisco The San Francisco Giants send SP Ramiro Rosado (International Complex) to KC We hate to lose our top run producer from last season, but this is another in a string of moves to get younger and faster and build up our once depleted minor league system. My scout is a big fan of Rosado, so we are looking forward to see him develop.
  15. The Kansas City Royals send OF Alberto Madrid (KC) and $1,248,900 cash to the Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto sends OF prospect Ben Leach (Van A-) to Kansas City We are looking to get younger and Leach looks like a younger version of Madrid to our scouts, so just makes sense to us. Good luck to the Jays!