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  1. KC confirms. Once I looked at my Spring Training roster I decided Paxton was expendable. He's not happy in KC and I've got a couple of rookies that could probably put up similar numbers for less money. Even with sending his salary for this season to SF I'll still save $14 million over three years. Olsen and Moreno both look like they have a chance at one day becoming MLB starters, and my goal is to have a top 10 system within 2 years, so this will hopefully help. Good luck to the Giants!
  2. Kansas City confirms. Needed more catchers and less salary. Even with the $ retained this frees up a million bucks and gives us a nice catching prospect. Thanks to Seattle for the negotiations.
  3. Confirm! He's way down my OF prospect line and I need him off the 40-man. Since I'm going to lose him, might as well get someone in return. Thanks!
  4. The Kansas City Royals send 3B/RF/DH James Darnell to Oakland. Kansas City will retain 50% of his salary. The Oakland A's send SS Tyler Donaldson (Beloit Snappers) to KC. The Royals have a couple of infield prospects we are anxious to see, and we are also trying to trim salary wherever we can. Donaldson looks to have an outside shot at making it to the bigs one day, but even if he doesn't, the move still makes sense because of the $5 million it frees up.
  5. The Kansas City Royals send 3B Travis Shaw and 50% of his salary to San Francisco The San Francisco Giants send SP Ramiro Rosado (International Complex) to KC We hate to lose our top run producer from last season, but this is another in a string of moves to get younger and faster and build up our once depleted minor league system. My scout is a big fan of Rosado, so we are looking forward to see him develop.
  6. The Kansas City Royals send OF Alberto Madrid (KC) and $1,248,900 cash to the Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto sends OF prospect Ben Leach (Van A-) to Kansas City We are looking to get younger and Leach looks like a younger version of Madrid to our scouts, so just makes sense to us. Good luck to the Jays!
  7. Confirmed. Childs and Leon were two of my top strikeout pitchers, but KC is going through some philosophical changes and felt they were expendable. We are currently collecting prospects and Sherman looks versatile and my scouts think Martin will be an MLB contributor someday. Bereda will compete with Wheeler for playing time at 1B.
  8. Confirmed looking forward to seeing what Casey Mike can do in the rotation, and this move paved the way. The SS prospect is nice, and Moser gives us inexpensive outfield depth
  9. KC sends - 1B Chris Fletcher LAD sends - SP Evan Smith (Tulsa - AA), OF Billy Rounds (Rancho Cucamonga - A+), SP Jaime Gonzalez (Rancho Cucamonga - A+) We really hate to lose a young player like Fletcher who was spoken so highly of by the GM of his former club John Heinz, but with the signing of Mark Trumbo this week made him expendable and we like what the three incoming prospects will add to our shallow farm system.
  10. KC confirms! I felt like we were able to get a couple of nice prospects for a minor downgrade at catcher and a struggling but talented pitcher. We have to take on some salary but I feel like the prospects make it worth it. Tough to lose McNeill but he wasn't producing in this environment. Curious to see what happens with Storen; my scouts seem to like him a lot but he's been bad in Boston. Thanks to Boston and good luck! Side note: So far through my trades I've gone from 26th to 19th in system rankings, and the team has played a little better as well. Still not sure why this group did not gel from the get go, feel like I started with a pretty talented group.
  11. Confirmed. Moved a couple of guys that couldn’t quite crack my rotation for some prospects.
  12. One correction (typo) - Jake Wasnik should be Jon Wassink
  13. Kansas City confirms. Let's face it, we're not going anywhere this year so it's time to start thinking about the future. Story and particulary McCully are very good players but niether are essentail for this organization, so it was time to send them on their way in order to work on this 26th ranked minor league system. Ruiz and O'Flaherty will take their spots on the big league club, but this deal was really about bringing good young players on board: excited about Blanchard and Neal, while a couple of the other players will hopefully pan out as well. Thanks Colorado for the patience!
  14. Confirmed. Rodgers was not performing well and needed a change of scenery. Our minor league system is ranked 26th and we like Lang and Ademan for the future.
  15. The Royals send: Hugh McClain, CF, Omaha (AAA) The Reds send: Brandon Short, LF, Cincinnati Sergio Pagan, RF, Daytona (A+) With not much in the system and a little room to take some $$, the Royals welcome prospect Sergio Pagan as well as Brandon Short's contract. With only one outfielder currently hitting over .215, Brandon should help out in the 'short' term as well, pun intended.