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  1. Angels Trade: AAA SP Albert Suarez Milwaukee Trades: A SP Lincoln Travis --------------------- After trading Jackson Holgorsen earlier in the day we were looking at who would replace him in the rotation. At first it felt like it would be Suarez, but ultimately with other options and then a fear of potentially losing Suarez to an AL contender on waivers if it came to that, instead we trade him to the NL to a contender in need of another SP while netting us a 21 y/o arm with a 6-pitch arsenal and some success in the low minors. Thanks to Cole for what can only be described as a very simple trade discussion.
  2. Angels Trade: MLB SP Jackson Holgorsen AAA RF Pete Beard Miami Trades: MLB RP Branden Kline --------------- No secret, we value our bullpen a lot. Ichikawa has given me heartburn in the 9th inning plenty of times. Knowing other contenders were hunting RP had us jump into the fold. Holgorsen's command 1 BB/9 is something we valued, especially at 24 y/o, but we are happy with our depth and will bring Lowry back up or consider a spot for Manoah/Morejon/Enlow.
  3. Trade not processed, Velazquez exercises his no-trade clause.