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  1. Angels Trade: RP Ben Richardson AA Arkansas Pirates Trade RP Andrew Larson A West Virginia ------------------------ Would Ben Richardson have been kept by a team as a Rule 5 player all season long? Maybe, maybe not. Instead of playing that waiting game, acquire Andrew Larson who appears to be a hard worker who added a pitch to his arsenal back in August. Going to hope his dedication and talent can grow being given more than the 25 innings he saw this past season.
  2. Wild Card Round Best of Three: Orioles Mariners Braves Dodgers LDS Best of Five: Mariners Twins Braves D-Backs LCS Best of Seven: Mariners DBacks World Series Best of Seven Mariners
  3. Playoff Pick'Em, get your picks in below! Prize TBD for a perfect bracket. Wild Card Round Best of Three: Blue Jays @ Orioles Mariners @ Astros Braves @ Phillies Rockies @ Dodgers LDS Best of Five: Mariners OR Astros vs. Angels Blue Jays OR Orioles vs. Twins Braves OR Phillies vs. Cardinals Rockies OR Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks LCS Best of Seven: ALCS NLCS World Series Best of Seven