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  1. To Atl: ss Brendan Rodgers (mlb) RF Matt Wallner (DL) SP Sam Bazley (DL) RP Pat Conway ( A Charleston) To NYY: SP Tyler Pill ( mlb) RP Anthony Zych (DL) LF Todd Jones (AAA) Atl retains Pill’s salary for remainder of year NYY confirms trade. Thanks for the negotiations Brenton!
  2. Yankees confirm trade. Brice and Davis hopefully will contribute to our efforts next year in the Bronx. Thanks John for the easy negotiations! Thanks again!
  3. Yankees confirm trade. We believe David still has value and Ayden was very generous in adding a prospect we really like in Fletcher. Thanks again Ayden! Always a lot of fun negotiating with ya!
  4. Yankees confirm trade. Guys aren’t getting the job done so Kirkland is going to an opportunity to get significant playing time. Thanks Justin for the easy dealings and best of luck the rest of the way!
  5. Yankees confirm trade. This deal took awhile to hammer out but are pleased with the end result. Lucio is a fantastic arm that was the hardest to part with and should be real solid in L.A. For sure Noonan and Bannetyne are the key pieces for us but Cruz is a player that has underachieved so hopefully a change of scenery will help him! Thanks again Sam for the negotiations and good luck the rest of the way!
  6. To Phil: CF Curt Turner ( AA) To NYY: LF Jeffery Walker ( AAA) Yankees confirm trade. Walker is again another player we had for a short period of time and liked his overall game and versatility. Thanks for the easy deal Philly and best of luck the rest of the year!
  7. To K.C. RF Luke Musgrave ( R Tampa 2) LF Grant Little ( R Pulaski) RP Rob Heppell (AAA) To NYY: SP Jose Ramirez (AAA) SP Javier Mejia (AAA) Yankees confirm trade. Jose and Javier are a couple arms we liked from our time in KC, on and off the field. We gave up 3 good young players for them so hopefully they can contribute to the cause in the Bronx as soon as possible! Thanks Chappy for the fun, easy negotiations and best of luck the rest of the way!!
  8. Yankees confirm trade. Robert is an elite closer in this league and will be sorely missed in our bullpen but the team is going in the wrong direction and moves need to be made toward the future. We really like the young pieces we are getting back and hopefully won’t be long before they are chipping in on the big league level. Thanks Ryan for the real fun and easy negotiations and Good luck the rest of the way!
  9. To Cincinnati: 1B Bryan Owen ( Tampa Yankees 2, R) To NYY: $1 dollar Yankees confirm trade. Bryan completes a deal Cincinnati and ourselves agreed to a few months ago. Thanks again Scott and best of luck with Bryan in your organization
  10. To Minnesota: SP Nathan Eovaldi (mlb) SP Matt Barnes (mlb) RP Wilmer Font Retain 50 percent of Eovaldi contract To NYY: SP James Tate ( AAA) SS Brendan Rodgers ( mlb) RP Anthony Fernandez (mlb) RP Kenneth McDowall (AAA) 3B Javier Baez (AAA) Yankees confirm trade. Year hasn’t gone the way we envisioned it and some key pieces have struggled this year so this Move leads us into a little different direction. We get a little younger and save some money along the way. Thanks Rocky for your patience in negotiations talks and wish you luck with your new acquisitions!
  11. Yankees confirm trade. Things have not gone as planned in the Bronx and Tommy requested to be moved so we accommodated him as best we could. Arellano is a player we think can be a major league player at some point and we save some money next year. Thanks Mitch for quick, easy deal and best of luck the rest of the way!
  12. Yankees confirm trade. This move helps us out as it gives more outfield depth and let’s us move Arai more to a full time DH role. Thanks Justin for the quick easy deal!
  13. To Colorado: SS Gustavo Lopez (AA) RP Edgmer Escalona (AAA) To NYY: SS Paul Arrington (DFA) 2B Rougned Odor (AA) Yankees agree to trade. We had Paul in KC and like his all round ability as well his attributes in the clubhouse so he should fit in nicely. Thanks again to the Rockies organization for the fun , easy trade negotiations and good luck in the Wild West!
  14. Yankees agree to trade. We were looking for another lefty starter and hopefully Moore can be a guy that can contribute. Altherr is a OF that hopefully will give us some depth at the major league level. Thanks Rocky for the fun trade talks and good luck this year!
  15. To Baltimore: Rf Yoan Alcantara (AAA) RF Freddie Hendrickson (A) Charleston To NYY: 1B Tyler Townsend (AAA) NYY confirms trade. Always been a fan of Tyler as his track record speaks for itself. Nice Defense and is adored by our fan base! Thanks Andy, always fun talking baseball with you!