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  1. Dodgers confirm. Just as for the Red Sox, this deal is a clear trade off for the Dodgers. Meija has great stuff as a lefty and was wonderful for me in 2020 in limited work. Though with what our scout sees in Fletcher, and he still being a young player, we feel this deal best for the organization. Pleasure doing business with you, Brett.
  2. Dodgers confirm. Plummer still could have a nice major league career, but with no starting role in sight for him in Los Angeles, we felt that he would best serve the organization by netting a return in trade. As to that return, Jackson has potential to be an average big league hitter with gold glove potential in the middle infield, and Garcia may become a back end starter while having the upside for a bullpen role if starting doesn't work out for him. Pleasure doing business with you, John.
  3. Dodgers confirm. Walden will hopefully serve as the elite closer that we had planned Sergio Romo to be last year before his season-ending injury. A down year last season for Walden didn't scare us away; after all, he still posted 1.1 WAR and a 120 ERA+ . All the while scout Jon Daniels has maintained his scouting outlook for him. Chris Gray is sent with him, though there was really no intention of that going in to talks. Despite this there should be role for him in Los Angeles in 2021 in the wake of Bowman's departure. Bowman was the big get for the Jays. I believe he was the first draft pick of mine to reach the big leagues with me, so there were some feelings there that had to be overcome to have this trade happen. He should have a nice big league career ahead of him. The other piece Tolleson has got dominant stuff but in a comparison to Walden he falls short and so was comfortable letting him go. Pleasure doing business with you, Mitch.
  4. Dodgers confirm. With Nick Plummer falling out of favor and Alberto Madrid more suited for a bench role, we were in need of looking outside the org to fill this spot in the lineup. After an initial assessment of the free agent market it was clear that the best talent would be found in trade. While J.D. will be playing his age 33 season next year, we don't feel he has begun his decline, especially in the light of one of his better career seasons in 2020. As such he should be a upgrade for an offense that has been lacking in power production. If not we can cut bait after just one year. He came at a steep price with top prospect Cole Wilcox going the other way as well as our first selection in the 2020 draft, catcher Drew Romo. Both should have major league futures, maybe even be stars, but we are more interested in fielding the best possible major league club in 2021 rather than hanging on to these guys who could contribute down the line. Despite the loss of these players we managed to stay away from dealing a few of the prospects that we particularly covet. Pleasure doing business with you, Jason.
  5. Los Angeles Receives: RP Bill Sheehan (A Fort Myers) Minnesota Receives: RP Marc Rzepczynski (MLB, DL) Dodgers confirm. Since we are not expecting to re-sign Marc, felt it best to deal him for some value here at the deadline. Sheehan has two plus pitches, with the curveball especially to our liking. Pleasure doing business with you, Rocky.
  6. Dodgers confirm. We hate to see Lester go, being one of the best arms in the game. But after weighing the costs and benefits of the proposal which would become this trade we decided it was in the best interest of the organization to go through with it. While we couldn't quite pry Brownell away from the Jays, Wilcox is a nice consolation price. Cedric Flowers, while older, now looks like a viable big league arm after a couple seasons in Toronto's org. Queener could be as well. Farrell was included to open up a spot for Lester in Toronto's rotation and will get a hard look in Los Angeles to see if he can revive his career. Pleasure doing business with you, Mitch.
  7. Dodgers confirm. We acquire Mulligan with an eye on next year, and as we both felt a one for one swap involving him and Urias wouldn't be equal value going both ways, Costello was added to the deal. Pleasure doing business with you, Jabs.
  8. Cleveland receives: SP Josh Tomlin, 100% of contract retained by Dodgers (MLB) Los Angeles receives: RP Dave Hughes (AAA) SP Garrett Stallings (AA) Dodgers confirm. Tomlin had a very nice run while in LA, but his time as a Dodger is through. Tomlin will be remembered fondly for leading baseball in K/BB ratio for much of 2020's first half. He is heading to a club with high hopes in the American League, the Indians. In return we got a young, major league ready bullpen arm in Hughes and a dude with a knuckleball who has an outside shot of reaching the show in Stallings. Pleasure doing business with you, Ayden.
  9. Los Angeles receives: RP Connor Sadzeck (MLB) 2B Mike Flynn (R Missoula) Arizona receives: RP Boomer Potts (DFA) Dodgers confirm. It didn't make sense for us to hang on to Potts given our deficit in the standings and that there was no plans to extend him before he hits free agency. He's been shipped off to a contender. Sadzeck will likely get a look with the big league club to see if he'll be a viable option for next year, and Flynn is a guy with some luck could reach the bigs as a bench player. Pleasure doing business with you, Vet.
  10. Baltimore Receives: SP Konnor Pilkington (AAA) RP Ryan Sims (AA) C Patrick Belfour (AAA) Los Angeles Receives: SP Steve White (MLB) Dodgers confirm. While this move does help our chances in 2020, we are not delusional in the fact that we have a large deficit to make up to get into a playoff spot. Thus this is more about 2021 and 2022, years that we intend to be competitive in and will have White under team control. White has proven himself to be a competent big league pitcher ever since he arrived in Baltimore, and we feel the knuckleballer's success will replicate itself in LA. All three players given up for him are well liked by the organization, and we wish them all the best in Baltimore. Pleasure doing business with you, Drew.
  11. Los Angeles Receives: SP Jake Thomas (A) Detroit Receives: RP Kenneth McDowell (MLB, DFA) Dodgers confirm. We like what our scout has to say about McDowell, but the results simply haven't matched for too long. Pleasure doing business with you, Jim.
  12. Los Angeles Receives: RP Javier Mejia (MLB) SP Rex Thiele (AAA) New York Receives: SP Jeffrey MacIntosh (AAA) Dodgers confirm. Yankees called and asked about the availability of MacIntosh. Given his struggles and resulting demotion to AAA, we were perfectly willing to discuss a deal. This is the agreement come to. Mejia, like MacIntosh, is a buy low piece, and at the very least we feel he could be a very solid reliever. As for Thiele, it was nice that he could be a part of this since we took him in the rule 5 draft back in December but couldn't work out a deal to keep in the org. The scouts love MacIntosh, and with a change of scenery he very well may return to 2018 form. Pleasure doing business with you, Rhett.
  13. Los Angeles Dodgers receive: 1B Zack Cox (MLB) Los Angeles Angels receive: C Ben Davis Jr (R) Dodgers confirm. Cox will hopefully inject some life into an offense that has been struggling mightily. He'll be given a starting role for the time being. Pleasure doing business with you, Matt.
  14. Cincinnati Receives: OF Luis Murillo (AAA) SP Joe Nixon (A) Los Angeles Receives: RP Michael Olmstead (MLB) Dodgers confirm. We have liked Olmstead for quite some time, and since the club is now in contention, it was appropriate to ask about him. We feel he'll serve as an upgrade in our bullpen, a unit that has struggled as a whole. He'll either be jettisoning Oberholtzer or Bowman off the active roster. As for what was given up, we think they both have a big league future of some kind ahead of them. Pleasure doing business with you, Scott.
  15. Dodgers confirm. Lopez doesn't have a future as a starter in Los Angeles given that we'd like to keep the OF core we have in place. We experimented with him as a bench player to start the year, but he was having none of it, and his attitude is probably affecting team chemistry. Since we are struggling, it would probably be best to let him go both for his sake and ours. As to the return, Siani is a player we are high on. We feel there is enough bat there to go along with his gold glove defense to make him a star player in this league. Pleasure doing business with you, John.