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  1. Cincinnati Receives: OF Luis Murillo (AAA) SP Joe Nixon (A) Los Angeles Receives: RP Michael Olmstead (MLB) Dodgers confirm. We have liked Olmstead for quite some time, and since the club is now in contention, it was appropriate to ask about him. We feel he'll serve as an upgrade in our bullpen, a unit that has struggled as a whole. He'll either be jettisoning Oberholtzer or Bowman off the active roster. As for what was given up, we think they both have a big league future of some kind ahead of them. Pleasure doing business with you, Scott.
  2. Dodgers confirm. Lopez doesn't have a future as a starter in Los Angeles given that we'd like to keep the OF core we have in place. We experimented with him as a bench player to start the year, but he was having none of it, and his attitude is probably affecting team chemistry. Since we are struggling, it would probably be best to let him go both for his sake and ours. As to the return, Siani is a player we are high on. We feel there is enough bat there to go along with his gold glove defense to make him a star player in this league. Pleasure doing business with you, John.
  3. Chicago receives: RP John Hellweg (MLB) $1M Los Angeles receives: OF Alberto Madrid (MLB) Dodgers confirm. We still like Hellweg as a bullpen arm, but feel as though without him we create the optimal arrangement out there. This is much better than cutting him loose at the end of the Spring for nothing, as a player with a history of success at the game's highest level is coming back in return. Madrid also is under cheap control for several more years and is still in his 20's, which we like given his skillset. Pleasure doing business with you, Jonathan.
  4. Dodgers confirm. Melancon had exactly a 0% shot of making our Opening Day roster being near the bottom of the depth chart. With this deal a $4 million payout is avoided that would have come with a release at the end of the Spring, and that was the main motivation for this deal. In essence here swapping out Larue for $4 million to play with during the season. Pleasure doing business with you, John.
  5. Toronto Receives: CF Shilo Sanders (R Ogden) Los Angeles Receives: SS Manuel Cardenas (A Lansing) A trade with about as little consequence as there possibly could be. We exchange a guy with a remote chance of making the bigs for a guy with a slightly less remote chance, at least in our eyes.
  6. Houston Receives: CF Maurice Hampton (R Ogden) Los Angeles Receives: C Patrick Belfour (AA) Dodgers confirm. Houston called and was interested in a prospect for prospect swap, and here was something that could be agreed upon. This deal amounts to trading upside for more certainty. Belfour is older and has a better shot at reaching the bigs, but Hampton probably has more upside. Still we feel Patrick will be a fine contributor at the game's highest level. Pleasure doing business with you, Matt.
  7. Dodgers confirm. Henry will become a member of a platoon in CF with Jeffrey Moore. As to Hill, he is a long way off, and as such comfortable dealing him here if it means filling a present roster hole.
  8. Los Angeles Receives: CF Ted Simpson (DFA) San Diego Receives: 2B Liam Ballard (AAA) Dodgers confirm. This is a deal to be able to have Simpson, the Rule 5 pick, in the org without restriction. In our eyes, Simpson has a better chance to reach the bigs and has the greater ceiling as compared to Ballard. Ballard himself may make a fine utility man in the future. A rare deal within division, thanks Sean.
  9. Dodgers confirm. I'll first say some words on what was given up to acquire DeLeon. Guerrero had a tremendous year in his first full year in the bigs in Los Angeles and is now returning home to Tampa Bay. Spieth and Wilson were 2019 draft picks, and each are highly regarded by the Dodgers front office. In particular, Spieth is viewed as a future star, and is forecasted to be like DeLeon in a lot of ways. Lastly, Orozco is being dealt for the second time by us, and while he is another player we are high on, Jerry MacDonal ahead of him allowed him to be a part of trade talks. We had looked far and wide to find a starting infielder in the wake of dealing Juan Hidalgo, looking at 2B, SS, 3B available in trade and in free agency. Our initial search did not include DeLeon, as we figured it was very likely the Rays would hang onto him. But with the news that Tampa Bay is embarking on a bit of a rebuild, we asked about him, and sure enough an agreement was able to be reached. It's obvious why he is an intriguing player: quality of the bat, age, positional flexibility, and length of team control over him all are attractive. Pleasure doing business with you, John.
  10. Dodgers confirm. We feel the risk in taking on an injury-prone Romo is worth the upside he could provide, especially with it being just a one year commitment. The other player acquired, reliever Jordan Norberto, will likely not last long with his new club. As Mitch said, his inclusion can be considered a salary dump. As far as what was given up, Chase Fieler is very far from reaching the bigs and while Hinton is likely to reach the majors soon, we don't see a long major league career there. The inclusion of Swihart is about freeing up some 40 man space and was the trade off for the Jays including Norberto in the deal. We hope Swihart can contribute next year in Toronto. Pleasure doing business with you, Mitch.
  11. Philadelphia Receives: 2B Juan Hidalgo (MLB) $2,000,000 Los Angeles Receives: SP Konnor Pilkington (MLB) RP Shawn Tolleson (MLB) C Logan Moore (MLB) RP Abraham Jones (MLB) RP Mark Melancon (MLB) LF Dave Sappelt (AAA) Dodgers confirm. With an unwillingness by the front office to extend Hidalgo, and with just two years of club control remaining, figured it was the right strategy to see what could be gotten in trade for him this offseason. We feel this is an appropriate return for a guy like Hidalgo, who is an elite 2B. Moore comes in and fills a hole at catcher. We like the upside of Konnor Pilkington going forward. Tolleson was an elite reliever last year, and has always gotten swing and miss. Jones is already a fine LOOGY, and further improvements could be had versus RHB. Sappelt has an opportunity to be a platoon bat next year. Melancon was included for salary relief, but we still like his skill set. All in all, we are happy with this return. Pleasure doing business with you, Jack!
  12. 2B/SS Juan Hidalgo One of the following: SP Gabriel Guerrero SP Yu Darvish SP Tom Robson Other names can be discussed, though it certain cases it will almost be impossible to strike a deal.
  13. Los Angeles Receives: RF Chase Fieler A Houston Receives: SS Logan Davidson A Dodgers confirm. Thanks to Matt for the deal.
  14. Dodgers confirm. OF depth was a concern for us, so this deal was made to address it. Lin also brings a bit of power to the organization, an aspect lacking a bit. Pleasure doing business with you, Jonathan!
  15. Los Angeles Receives: RP Casey Crosby (MLB) Chicago Receives: RP Martin Perez (DFA) SP Eric Wilson (R Glendale) Dodgers confirm. A swap out of Perez for Crosby is a marginal improvement of the second lefty roster spot for the rest of the way. Along with that we are now freed of the salary committed to Perez in 2020, a secondary consideration in the deal. Wilson was included as compensation. Pleasure doing business with you, Jonathan!