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  1. Los Angeles Receives: C Jeff Monken Jr (A Quad Cities) Houston Receives: RP Bill Sheehan (A Great Lakes) Dodgers confirm. Monken was a target of ours in another discussion that didn't amount to anything. We thought to ask about him separately, and here are the agreed to terms. Monken is an elite defensive catcher. While Sheehan may end up one day being a key piece in a bullpen, we feel the value Monken is sure to bring to the organization outweighed that consideration. Pleasure doing business with you, Matt.
  2. Los Angeles Receives: SP Jose Fierro (MLB) Chicago Receives: SP Tim Barnes (AAA) Dodgers confirm. In acquiring Fierro, we certainly don't have 2021 in mind. Instead we view him as a nice depth SP for next year and perhaps beyond. We are a bit right handed in the rotation, and probably will still be next year, so to acquire a lefty arm such as Fierro brings a bit of balance. Barnes is a big league ready arm whose command could lead him to be a back end SP or swingman type. Pleasure doing business with you, Jonathan.
  3. Dodgers confirm. We'll miss Fletcher, but we felt it best for the org to explore a trade involving him this season. The guy is a underrated hitter and hits good pitching so he should be of help to the Mariners when facing the great pitching they'll inevitably encounter in the playoffs. In return we get prospect Taylor Fawkes. Fawkes has the potential to be a two way player at the big league level. If that doesn't work out for him, he'll also have a route to success being a position player only. Pleasure doing business with you, Justin.
  4. Dodgers confirm. Mulligan has a long history of being an above average RP, and this season has been no different. He'll be particularly effective against RHB for the Mariners, with a career 3.13 FIP against them and 10.1 K/9. As for the return, we like Tapia as a strikeout artist who could potentially be resigned. Crum is a pitching prospect who has a very nice cutter to go along two other above average pitches. If he ever makes the big leagues, it will be as a reliever. Pleasure doing business with you, Justin.
  5. Dodgers confirm. J.D. was one our most attractive pieces to deal once we made the decision to sell this trade season. While he is under club control for next year, we were comfortable letting him go for the return received considering we could bring Jeffrey Moore back into the lineup in LF, where he is a gold glove defender. Deer is slated for the bullpen, where we like him quite a bit. Dixon will likely join the big league club as a bench bat, and the once again Dodger Hinojosa is likely to get the call at the latest in September. The main prize for us is Adams, a 20 year old SP prospect with the potential to throw 6 pitches, a majority of which above average. The Australian will join one our single A clubs and in so doing become one our better pitching prospects.
  6. Los Angeles receives: SP Shawn Neubauer (AA) Kansas City receives: SP Deivi Garcia (AAA) RP Ryan Feltner (AA) Dodgers confirm. We've had our eyes on Neubauer ever since the 2019 draft, and we finally got around to inquiring about him. As it turns out, he was available, and this was the return come to. Garcia is the main piece going back. He has three plus pitches, can start, and is still only 22. Feltner needs to work to reach the big leagues, but does have three above average pitches. As for Neubauer, his combination of command and stuff was what led us to pursuing him. His future could be as a starter, but we think he is most likely to become a great backend bullpen guy. Pleasure doing business with you, Rob.
  7. Los Angeles Receives: RP George Belew (AAA) SP Domingo Perez (INT) LF Enrique Gurule (INT) Pittsburgh Receives: OF Jeremy Reese (A) Dodgers confirm. Small deal, Dodgers get two teenagers and a reliever with big league experience in exchange for an outfield prospect.
  8. Dodgers confirm. This deal was actually initialized by the Dodgers, checking in on some of the bullpen arms made available by Colorado. Walden entered the picture soon after. The main pieces that drove the deal were Moore and Hall. We still feel Moore can be among the better closers in the game and think that Hall can really swing it. Thrilled to add them both to the major league roster. The other players were secondary. Walden will join a crowded Rockies bullpen, but with his groundball tendencies and great stuff the fit is there to maybe pitch better than some other pitchers would in Colorado. He'll be missed. Pleasure doing business with you, Eddie.
  9. Pittsburgh Receives: SP Brent Frazier (MLB) OF Aaron Swafford (R Odgen) SS Casey Martin (R Odgen) RP Noah Greene (R Glendale) Los Angeles Receives: OF Curt Franklin (MLB) SP Tyler Glasnow (MLB) SP Tim Barnes (AAA) OF Albert Hernandez (AA) Dodgers confirm. When Franklin was made available by the Pirates, we had to inquire. After a bit of back and forth this is what we arrived to. Franklin, still only 25, is unquestionably an upgrade over Jeffrey Moore in CF. Besides the bat and defense, he'll bring an element to the roster that we have lacked (speed). He is under club control for four more years. We were insistent on getting a younger SP back if Brent Frazier had to be a part of the deal. Glasnow is that guy. He'll slot in the spot vacated by Frazier. Barnes and Hernandez were supplemental pieces. We'll especially miss Frazier and Swafford here. Frazier is a solid young SP with years of control remaining and Swafford a CF prospect that I think will soon be on the top 100 prospect list. Martin should also become a major league contributor. Pleasure doing business with you, Greg.
  10. Dodgers confirm. Just as for the Red Sox, this deal is a clear trade off for the Dodgers. Meija has great stuff as a lefty and was wonderful for me in 2020 in limited work. Though with what our scout sees in Fletcher, and he still being a young player, we feel this deal best for the organization. Pleasure doing business with you, Brett.
  11. Dodgers confirm. Plummer still could have a nice major league career, but with no starting role in sight for him in Los Angeles, we felt that he would best serve the organization by netting a return in trade. As to that return, Jackson has potential to be an average big league hitter with gold glove potential in the middle infield, and Garcia may become a back end starter while having the upside for a bullpen role if starting doesn't work out for him. Pleasure doing business with you, John.
  12. Dodgers confirm. Walden will hopefully serve as the elite closer that we had planned Sergio Romo to be last year before his season-ending injury. A down year last season for Walden didn't scare us away; after all, he still posted 1.1 WAR and a 120 ERA+ . All the while scout Jon Daniels has maintained his scouting outlook for him. Chris Gray is sent with him, though there was really no intention of that going in to talks. Despite this there should be role for him in Los Angeles in 2021 in the wake of Bowman's departure. Bowman was the big get for the Jays. I believe he was the first draft pick of mine to reach the big leagues with me, so there were some feelings there that had to be overcome to have this trade happen. He should have a nice big league career ahead of him. The other piece Tolleson has got dominant stuff but in a comparison to Walden he falls short and so was comfortable letting him go. Pleasure doing business with you, Mitch.
  13. Dodgers confirm. With Nick Plummer falling out of favor and Alberto Madrid more suited for a bench role, we were in need of looking outside the org to fill this spot in the lineup. After an initial assessment of the free agent market it was clear that the best talent would be found in trade. While J.D. will be playing his age 33 season next year, we don't feel he has begun his decline, especially in the light of one of his better career seasons in 2020. As such he should be a upgrade for an offense that has been lacking in power production. If not we can cut bait after just one year. He came at a steep price with top prospect Cole Wilcox going the other way as well as our first selection in the 2020 draft, catcher Drew Romo. Both should have major league futures, maybe even be stars, but we are more interested in fielding the best possible major league club in 2021 rather than hanging on to these guys who could contribute down the line. Despite the loss of these players we managed to stay away from dealing a few of the prospects that we particularly covet. Pleasure doing business with you, Jason.
  14. Los Angeles Receives: RP Bill Sheehan (A Fort Myers) Minnesota Receives: RP Marc Rzepczynski (MLB, DL) Dodgers confirm. Since we are not expecting to re-sign Marc, felt it best to deal him for some value here at the deadline. Sheehan has two plus pitches, with the curveball especially to our liking. Pleasure doing business with you, Rocky.
  15. Dodgers confirm. We hate to see Lester go, being one of the best arms in the game. But after weighing the costs and benefits of the proposal which would become this trade we decided it was in the best interest of the organization to go through with it. While we couldn't quite pry Brownell away from the Jays, Wilcox is a nice consolation price. Cedric Flowers, while older, now looks like a viable big league arm after a couple seasons in Toronto's org. Queener could be as well. Farrell was included to open up a spot for Lester in Toronto's rotation and will get a hard look in Los Angeles to see if he can revive his career. Pleasure doing business with you, Mitch.