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  1. Los Angeles acquires: RP Joe Gray (MLB) Cincinnati acquires: OF Braden Montgomery (A Great Lakes) SP Ethan Garbers (AA) C Jose Costa (R) Dodgers confirm. The final piece to round out the club. It's not that we have a bad bullpen, but here we just saw an opportunity for an upgrade to an area of the roster, and so we decided to pursue it. Gray has thrived in Cincinnati even while being a flyball pitcher with low movement due to having some of the best stuff in MLB Pro. If it has worked in Cincy, that flyball tendency is not a concern for us. Braden Montgomery is the centerpiece of the deal. He's only 20 and is hitting well at the A level. He should reach the big leagues, and has star potential with just a little more development. Garbers and Costa are secondary pieces, though Garbers should be a contributor at the major league level soon. Thanks Jason for the talks.
  2. St. Louis acquires: SP Parker Johnson (A) SP Eli Sammons (A) Los Angeles acquires: 2B Andres Yanez (MLB) Dodgers confirm. Jeremiah Jackson has not produced as hoped after replacing Andrelton Simmons earlier this season. With this move, we acquire a steady and reliable MLB Pro veteran Andres Yanez. Jackson will be sent down in the corresponding move. In the exchange we give up two SP prospects who with some development could make an impact at the major league level. Thanks Ayden for the simple talks.
  3. Dodgers confirm. As we find ourselves in the hunt, we have been in the market for offensive upgrades. Having the DH gave us flexibility on the type of return we could get, and so even though there isn’t a clear positional fit for Skole on our roster, we are able to fit his bat into the lineup. We've been searching for more production and power and he certainly projects as someone who will provide that. Zach Frazier projects as a big leaguer, and could be a pretty good one at that. But he is so far off that we're comfortable giving him up here for a clear upgrade on the big league roster in the here and now. Thanks Chappy for the easy talks.
  4. Tampa Bay acquires: SP Irving Carter (A) Los Angeles acquires: OF Kyle Stowers (AAA) Dodgers confirm. We have had Stowers on our radar for a while. It however wasn't until he was publicly made available that we decided to inquire. We're big fans of the offensive profile and the fact that he offers some positional flexibility. Plus, he is major league ready. To acquire him we gave up an ascending young pitching prospect. Thanks Comey for the easy talks.
  5. Kansas City acquires: SP Mateo Rodriguez (A Great Lakes) Los Angeles acquires: OF Alex Kirilloff (MLB) Dodgers confirm. We have been on the hunt for a starting outfielder this offseason, as Jeffery Moore at this point in his career is no longer starting quality. Having allocated in free agency most of our funds for Danny Hultzen, a trade was necessary to acquire a quality outfielder. Kirilloff showed great promise in 2021 in a 100 PA sample with the Royals. Despite a down 2022, Dodgers scouts still love his potential, and with 5 years of club control remaining, Kirilloff was an attractive option. In the process we gave up our top prospect SP Mateo Rodriguez. He is only 19, and already a top 100 prospect in all of baseball. We think he'll continue to grow, and eventually become a star pitcher in MLB Pro. The immediacy of potential Kirilloff contributions made parting with him easier to swallow, as we are all in for 2023. Thanks Chappy for the very simple negotiation.
  6. San Diego receives: SP Xavier Adams (A Great Lakes) 2B Allen Metkovich (AA) C Luis Campusano (AA) Los Angeles receives: SP Joseph Musgrove (MLB) Dodgers confirm. After receiving word about the extent of the Steve White injury, we felt it necessary to acquire another starter. There were in house options, but we would have been just one injury away from being rather vulnerable every fifth day. So we have added depth in the form of Musgrove. We like his varied arsenal and ability to generate whiffs especially. He's also under club control for a few more years. In return, the Pads get three prospects I like, but they weren't our best prospects. Adams to me is the best of the group, and could develop into a good major league SP. Pleasure doing business with you, Sean.
  7. New York receives: SP Taylor Fawkes (AAA) Los Angeles receives: C Russell Martin (MLB) Dodgers confirm. While we do like Nick Meyer as a backup C, we couldn't stay silent when Martin became available. He is the ideal backup C as he possesses an amazing ability to work with pitchers. With Meyer having options remaining, this was a no brainer move. Fawkes is MLB ready, and profiles as a backend-mid SP, or an above average bullpen arm. Thanks for the quick and easy talks, Bruce. Pleasure doing business with you.
  8. San Francisco acquires: SP Nathan Longshore (A Great Lakes) RP Tyson Grady (A Rancho Cucamonga) Los Angeles acquires: RP Carson Fulmer (MLB) Dodgers confirm. Even after the Fung addition, we were still looking for right handed bullpen help. That comes in the form of Fulmer. He's been injured all year, but is set to be able to pitch again in under a week. He'll be sent on a rehab assignment first, and then the hope is he'll be a contributor the last two months of the season and (hopefully) into the playoffs. We feel he could be quite excellent versus righties, and still good versus lefties. Longshore is the main piece going to back to the Giants, and we'll wish that he doesn't pitch any shutouts against us here in about 3 years. We feel he could be a major league SP. Grady with some a bit more development could pass as a middle reliever in a few years. Pleasure doing business with you, Heinz.
  9. Los Angeles acquires: RP Shao-qi Fung (MLB) with 75% retention SS Andrelton Simmons (MLB) SS Tanner Morris (AA) $4M cash Pittsburgh acquires: SP Lenny Torres (A Rancho Cucamonga) 2B Chad Scott (MLB) RP Mike Montgomery (MLB) Dodgers confirm. We have been on the hunt for bullpen help, and in particular right handed arms. We acquire one here in Fung, who should provide some quality innings as we look to win as many games we can. Torres is a former first round pick who possesses great stuff as a SP. If the Pirates org can unlock something a little extra with him, he'll be on the road to becoming a major league SP. We also swap here Chad Scott out for Andrelton Simmons. Pairing Profar with Simmons has our pitchers rejoicing, as that pairing up the middle is going to swallow up more groundballs for them. We are betting that Simmons' bat bounces back, which makes parting with Scott tolerable. Morris was acquired for the fact that the Dodgers will be taking on in full Simmons' salaries in 2023-24. Montgomery was included for financial purposes. Pleasure doing business with you, Jonathan.
  10. Dodgers confirm. We saw Eovaldi come available and pounced. The reason for the swift action was that he is most certainly an upgrade over the pitcher he is replacing in the rotation, Tyler Pill. In a year we intend to compete, upgrading a position of such importance only makes sense. As for the return, Painter was our first round pick in 2021, and we remain high on his upside. Costello showed promise in a cup of coffee in 2021 and Neubauer is a pitcher that was deliberately targeted in trade last July. All three should be contributors at the major league level, two immediately. In our pursuit of contending in 2022 we however felt it worthwhile to part with the talent. Pleasure doing business with you, Jonathan.
  11. Los Angeles Receives: OF Aaron Swafford (S A) Pittsburgh Receives: RP Abraham Jones (MLB) Dodgers confirm. While Jones is nasty versus LHB, he was expendable, especially in light of the return. Swafford was a 2020 Dodgers 3rd round draft pick, and we're glad to have him back in the organization. He is not a top prospect, but at only 20 years of age, we feel he could grow into a starting caliber CF. Pleasure doing business with you, Greg.
  12. Oakland Receives: SS Jake Boone (AA) RP Robert Crum (A+) RP Yadier Alvarez (AAA) Los Angeles Receives: 2B Chad Scott (MLB) Dodgers confirm. We have been in search of a middle infielder since the beginning of the offseason after deeming internal options not good enough there. Among the options remaining, we feel Scott is the best value among them. There is no long term contractional obligation and we didn't have to give up any top prospects to get him. Sure, we think all three prospects given up can be big leaguers, but only as middle relievers or as a bench player. While Scott did have a down 2021, we think he'll rebound to around the 3 WAR player that he has been, and this will be a significant upgrade over Enrico DeLeon and his production at the position over the past two seasons. Pleasure doing business with you, Scott.
  13. Oakland Receives: 2B Enrico DeLeon (MLB) (Dodgers retaining 50% of salary) C Jeff Monken Jr (AA) Los Angeles Receives: $50,000 Dodgers confirm. This move is about ridding the roster of DeLeon. He is no longer worth rostering, especially since he still has the expectation of being a starter. With the two years in Los Angeles he has put up, that certainly will not be happening. We not only free up the roster spot but also save nearly $8 million, which will certainly be better spent with it not going to DeLeon. This all of course came at a price, and that was packaging with DeLeon catcher Jeff Monken. Monken is the conversation for best defensive catcher in baseball, and that stings to lose, though in Los Angeles he was never going to be a starter with Jerry MacDonal's presence. Pleasure doing business with you, Scott.
  14. Los Angeles Receives: C Jeff Monken Jr (A Quad Cities) Houston Receives: RP Bill Sheehan (A Great Lakes) Dodgers confirm. Monken was a target of ours in another discussion that didn't amount to anything. We thought to ask about him separately, and here are the agreed to terms. Monken is an elite defensive catcher. While Sheehan may end up one day being a key piece in a bullpen, we feel the value Monken is sure to bring to the organization outweighed that consideration. Pleasure doing business with you, Matt.
  15. Los Angeles Receives: SP Jose Fierro (MLB) Chicago Receives: SP Tim Barnes (AAA) Dodgers confirm. In acquiring Fierro, we certainly don't have 2021 in mind. Instead we view him as a nice depth SP for next year and perhaps beyond. We are a bit right handed in the rotation, and probably will still be next year, so to acquire a lefty arm such as Fierro brings a bit of balance. Barnes is a big league ready arm whose command could lead him to be a back end SP or swingman type. Pleasure doing business with you, Jonathan.