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  1. Colorado Trades: OF- Andrew Taylor (AAA) SP-Felix Hidalgo (AA) Whitesox Trades: RP-Clayton O'Neil (AA) Cash: 200K Andrew Taylor has been a nice bench weapon with his defense and speed. With an improved OF defense this year his presence wasn’t as critical. Hidalgo is a nice young arm with elite control. Oneal looks like a future MLB reliever and we are excited to add him into our system. Thanks to the Whitesox! Always fun trade conversations.
  2. Rockies Trade: C - Steve Clevinger (AAA) Royals Trade: $600,000 cash Clevinger was good depth but we have a log jam at catcher and could use the cash. Thanks to KC!
  3. Rockies Trade: RP - Nolan Hoffman (A+) SP - Jeff Starks (AA) Rays Trade: 3B - Jordan Howard (MLB) Since we traded Ballard in the Kershaw deal we have had a hole to fill with an IF bench bat. Howard checks a lot of the boxes we were looking for. He will have some competition in spring training but is currently the front runner. We lose two quality arms in return. Hoffman is especially someone I have admired since drafting him. Thanks to the Rays for the fun talks!
  4. Rockies send: RP/SP: Joe Henson (MLB) Padres send: RP/SP: Eric Harris (MLB) This is a swap of two young pitchers of similar intrigues. In Henson we lose a solid young SP who leads with a solid fast ball along with a very unique Forkball/Knuckle curve combo. He also has a plus change up. Eric Harris also has 4 pitches highlighted by a sinker and curve. Thanks to the Padres Org for the fun trade talks as always.
  5. Rockies Trade: SP- Craig Cooper (MLB) 2B- John Ballard (MLB) OF - Logan Tanner (A) SP- Miguel Punetac(A+) Cardinals Trade: SP-Clayton Kershaw(MLB)** OF-Tim Murphy (A+) SP-Jeffery Starks(AA) **Kershaw retained at 50%** We have taken a slightly different approach to team construction with this offseason. 1) This new look Rockies team is more aligned with how I like to build a team. Pitching, Pitching, Defense, Speed, Pitching. Did I mention pitching? 2) MLB Pro is ultra competitive and coming up short the last two years signaled time for a little change. Zaragoza, Joc, Jud, and others are gone. Enter Bauer and now Kershaw. It may be a bit odd to double down on my biggest team strength from last year in my starting rotation but the Rockies organization is committed to prioritizing pitching. Let’s start with what we are losing. - Craig Cooper has been a favorite and consistent performer ever since joining the majors. With last year being his best year. And team control for 4 years at a good price. - My top hitting and top pitching prospect in Tanner and Punetac. Another tough pill to swallow. I love both of these guys. I really didn’t think I would move Punetac but for a chance to land Kershaw he needed to be included to get it done. - Ballard is a solid vet with good positional flexibility. This one definitely hurts! In terms of what we are getting not much to say here. His accolades are well documented. Teaming Kershaw up with Pineda and Bauer is going to be fun to watch! Who the hell gets the ball on opening day? Thanks to the Cards for the fun talks!
  6. Rockies Trade: OF- Jong-Your Paek (AAA) Nationals Trade: Cash: $400,000 We have made a few acquisitions that have given us some extra OF depth so moving some of that depth made sense. Thanks to the Nationals for the trade talks!
  7. Rockies trade: 100k cash Oakland trades: C-Jerry Caine (MLB) Catcher is a position of strength but we will most likely be moving Choi and/Oconnor at some point which could lead to significant playing time for Caine. Thanks to Oakland for the talks!
  8. Rockies Trade: CF-Ramiro Gallegos (A) Reds Trade: 1B-Bill Pyke looking to add a little depth to the Org at 1B. Pyke has some nice hit tools but his defense leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks to the Reds for the discussions!
  9. Colorado Trades OF - Johnathan Krause (R) Baltimore Trades: OF - David Kandilas (MLB) Baltimore will cover Kandilas salary for this upcoming year Rockies like what Kandilas can do as a bench bat. We will see how he fares in spring training. Thanks to Baltimore!
  10. Colorado Sends: OF-Chris Burnett (AAA) RP-Preston Williams (A-) Oakland Sends: 2B-Richard Hall (AAA) we have been looking to add some infield depth and Hall fits that very well. Good luck to Burnett and Williams they will be missed. Thanks to the A’s!
  11. Rockies agree to the deal. Boyle brings some nice athleticism (Elite wheels and elite arm) to help add some value should he be needed to hold down a roster spot at some point. Stewart and Optiz were good depth pieces but needed to package them up to bring Boyle onboard. Thanks Whitesox!
  12. Rockies Send: 1B - Ramon Zaragoza (MLB) 25% retained OF - Joc Pederson (MLB) 25% retained SP - Jud Graham (MLB) SP - Kent Cook (MLB) SP - Clate Schmidt (AAA) Cash: 3.85 Million Yankees Send: SP - Trevor Bauer (MLB) 25% retained OF - Jong-your Park (MLB) RP - Conor Grammes (A+) SP - Jordan Love (R) OF - Colin Barber (R) This is a blockbuster with lots of talent exchanging hands. This signals a change in the Rockies approach. We need to upgrade our defense and don’t need to necessarily lead in home runs every year. Zaragoza and Joc were great Rockies and their bats will be missed. Cook and Graham are young controllable pitchers which sucks to lose but we needed to include to make this happen. It also opens the door for Cronin to make the MLB roster opening day. Getting Bauer is a something we are pumped about. It has been no secret that the Rockies covet pitching and focus most efforts around continuing to acquire pitching talent. This should bring our rotation into the top tier in the league. We also get 3 prospects which will help add a bit of depth to the system. Always a pleasure working with the Yankees! This was a fun one to talk through and both sides got the guys they wanted. And if your board go ahead and look at the Yankees lineup after the trade and sort by that Power rating. Whatever the single season HR record was for a team is about to be shattered
  13. Rockies Confirms! Two guys each club has been after for a while. Hate loosing Knight and Hernandez is pretty significantly blocked at the MLB level. I love Hernandez 4 pitches. The Cutter/Forkball combo is rare and excited to see how he uses them to get hitters out. We will find a way for Hernandez to make an impact later this season. Thanks Soze!
  14. Rockies Trade: RP- Brandon Creath (MLB) Astros Trade: SP- Harrison Bailey (A-) SP- Felix Hidalgo (AA) we acquired Creath last year in an effort to fix our underperforming bullpen. He proceeded to just pile on the pitching woes and quickly fell out of the bullpen rotation. We really like Creath and think he bounces back and we may regret losing him but we had to shed a bullpen arm to make the numbers work. in return the Rockies acquire two more young pitching arms. Bailey, a 6’5 righty, is 18 years old and shows a lot of promise. If he continues to develop his 4 pitch mix he could be a nice rotation piece in the future. Hidalgo is really ingesting. Our evaluations have some high Pros and some Low cons. Elite command with an elite curveball along with the Leadership skills was what caught our attention. We will see how he develops his movement and secondary pitches over the next few years. Thanks to Houston for the trade talks!
  15. Rockies Send: SP - Jason Savacool (R ) Pirates send: Nothing This was an add on to a previous arrangement. Thanks Pirates!