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  1. Yankees Trade: RP - Angel Mata (Waiver Wire) **Yankees will cover remaining salary for Mata for this year** Rockies Trade: 1B Carlos Hernandez (Promoted to Rookie League) looking to add some more depth in the system for the bullpen. Mata has some real nice attributes. Hopefully a change of scenery helps his performance a bit. Thanks for the quick talks Rhett!
  2. Rockies confirm. We have been really struggling to put a consistent product on the field. And changes need to be made across the board. This trade fills a big void in terms of 1B defense. Everyone who has played 1B for us this year has been unbelievable with the bat. They have been atrocious in the field. Breda helps keep a good bat while upgrading our fielding. We lose 3 of our better relievers who have some really nice skills but we needed to give up the talent to try and get a spark in Colorado. thanks for the talks Chappy!
  3. Rockies Trade: C - Jason Miller (R) Royals Trade: C - Alex Avilla (AAA) The minor league catcher overhaul continues. Jason Miller was the odd man out on the Rookie league club and we like what Avilla brings in terms of a veteran presence. Thanks Chappy for the quick talks!
  4. Rockies Trade: 3B - Tracy Henson (R) Reds Trade: C - Hector Ramirez (R) Just some good old fashioned prospect swapping. We were looking to add some catchers to the system. Thanks to the Reds for the quick trade!
  5. Rockies Trade: OF - Steve Hines (A+) Padres Trade: C - Tom Harden (A+) Just a simple prospect swap. We were looking for a little more Catching depth in our minor leagues. Thanks to the Padres for the quick and easy talks.
  6. Rockies Send RP - Arodys Vizcaino (MLB) RP - Kenny Argamonte (AAA) Nationals Send SP - Miguel Punetac (A+) I gave up a lot to get Vizcaino in 2018. He had a good 2019 despite not performing to expectations. This year has been a little rough. He just doesn’t have the tools to play well in the Rockies park. He is a Fan Fav which will sting. Argamonte was a nice talent blocked at AAA. I have been after Punetac for a while. He has lots of the tools we look for in a pitcher. He does have some flaws but is young enough to work through those. Thanks Tony for the always fun negotiations!
  7. Reds trade: 3B - Alonso Martinez (MLB) *Reds will cover remaining salary for Martinez for 2020 Hitting Coach - Gary Varsho (AAA) Rockies trade: SP - Nate Pearson (AA) SP - Ed Brown (AA) SP - Cameron Jones (A+) Hitting Coach - Doug Mientkiewicz (AAA) Let’s start with what’s leaving: we take a downgrade in hitting coaches. There is a big drop off here and some reshuffling will be needed. Nate Pearson is tough to see leave as we really think he has some real intriguing talent. When we drafted Ed Brown the main thing we liked was his pitch mix. He will be missed. Cameron Jones was really tough for me to part with. I think he is going to be really good. Martinez: I have been looking for a better 3B situation since I took over Colorado. This has been the most difficult thing for me to upgrade. Slim Pickens out there. Martinez has all the tools. Speed, Power, Cannon arm. Can hit for average. Can defend his position well. He is young with some control left as well. Very excited to add him into the mix. The Reds and Rockies have been discussing this for a long time. Lots of work went into this. Thanks to the Reds organization for the fun negotiations.
  8. Rockies confirm! McKenzie adds a nice dynamic/ insurance to our OF. Great locker room fit as well. thanks Soze!! I have the feeling I am going to have to hang my hat on taking the Angles to 7 games as my career accomplishment. Lol.
  9. Rockies trade: OF/2B- Tim Hampton Brewers trade: 1B/OF - Chris Burnett we had high hopes for the young Hampton when we acquired him from the Blue Jays. We invested a ton in Hampton: Capital to get him(Sixto), time/patience with poor performance, and worked through the rocky road of him learning a new position at the MLB level. we have never needed him to be a starter but he hasn’t added any value this year and we need to get better value out of that roster spot. Butnett is a bit younger, cheaper, Has options, and offers versatility as well. We are excited to add Burnett into the competition for that 26th roster spot. Thanks Cole! This was quick and painless.
  10. Rockies confirm. Albuquerque and Morimando were not likely to crack the big club. Payne is still relatively young with good attributes. Will serve as depth in AAA for now. thanks Cubs!
  11. Rockies Trade: - 1B - Ramon Zaragoza (MLB) - P - Jonathan Arias (MLB - RP Jim Munroe (AAA) Yankees Trade: - 1B - Jose Abreu (MLB) - SP - Rex Thiele (AAA) - Cash = $300,000 This is an idea Rhett an I have discussed ever since Zaragoza went down. When it looked like this was not an option we acquired Antonio Diaz from Pitsburg as a fall back. So although the need was not as strong the opportunity to get a proven slugger in Abreu was something we had to capitalize on. It will be nice to also have a 1B who isn’t complete crap in the field. Losing Zaragoza really sucks. Loved having him and he was one of the first big names I acquired when I took over in Colorado. Arias has been awesome in Colorado and Sandiego for a bunch of years now. Love his versatility to pitch in the rotation or the pen. The other thing at play is when you look at the last year of Arias and Zaragoza contracts they are super reasonable but I am going to have to pay some other guys on the roster. Can’t keep everybody. The last component here is Rex Thiele and Munroe. Thiele doesn’t have all the qualities we covet in pitching prospects but think he could contribute at the MLB level in a few years. Munroe sucks to move. 99mph and groundball tendency will be missed. Rhett appreciate the negotiations. Always fun!
  12. Rockies Trade: RF - Kenny Nurre (AA) RP - Jonah Ryan (A) C - Luis Barron (R) 2B - Jorge Cordero (R) RP - Austin Langworthy (R) Pirates Trade: LF - Antonio Diaz (AAA) We have done a lot of exploration after Zaragoza went down. Both internal options and exploring the trade market. This move helps us weather the storm for the short term with Diaz who has some intrigue long term as well. Not a huge deal here but Diaz offers a real nice approach vs. righties. Not quite the power Zaragoza had but won’t strike out 140+ times either. And Zaragoza and Diaz are equally shitty at 1B. Between Diaz and T. Hampton (In house option) we should have enough depth to cover the loss. Barron, Cordero, and Langworthy are all interesting long range prospects. J. Ryan and Nurre were tougher to depart with. Two guys we both like and think will do well. Great negotiations around this one! Lots of different options discussed. Thanks Greg!
  13. Rockies Trade: 1B - Matt Coffman (R) C - John Green (R) Pirates trade: SS - Nate Hall (A-) Coffman and Green are good young specs and we wish them luck in Pittsburg. Hall is a decent young SS with some good tools. We have been looking to inject a little offense into our system and this adds a little talent to our mid minors. Thanks Greg!
  14. Rockies Trade: C-Pat Garrison (R) Cubs Trade: C-Drake Mcowl (Waiver) CF-Chris Clark (Waiver) Cash: $1,202,764 Not a high impact Trade here but was able to turn Garrison who we like and value his position to two other prospects and some cash which we were looking for. We will definitely miss Garrison but excited to see what Mcowl and Clark can bring to the Org.
  15. Rockies confirm! Excited to add Knight to our pitching prospect list. I am a bit worried about losing Solis as insurance for the bigs though.