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  1. Rockies Trade RP - Brock Young (AAA) Indians Trade C - Brett Cumberland (AAA) adding a little catching depth and Cumberland fits that well for now. I like Young but he hasn’t had an opportunity to regularly play in the last few years in Colorado. thanks to the Indians for the trade talks.
  2. Rockies Trade: IF - Freddy Galvis (AA) Twins Trade: OF - Xavier Maclin (AAA) **Twins to cover the remaining salary for Maclin for this year** Just moving a couple veterans moving around here in the minor leagues. We have been looking to add some Right handed hitting OF depth and Maclin fits what we were looking for. Thanks to the Twins for the trade talks!
  3. Rockies Trade C- Frank Burt (AAA) Yankees Trade Jose Cruz (Int Conplex promoted to Rookie ball) Carlos Perez (Int Conplex promoted to Rookie ball) Not a big deal here. We have good depth at catcher so Burt was not critical in our plans. We add a few super young prospects that our scout thinks could be good down the line. Thanks to the Yanks for a quick deal
  4. Rockies Trade: OF - Jordan Brewer (A-) SP - Connor Grammes (A+) 3B - Alberto Ocosta (R) Rays Trade: C - Brett Nicholas (MLB) **60% Retention for this year** The Rockies have had a good start to the year largely due to Jed McMinley slashing .452/.528/1.334. Learning about his 6 week injury yesterday was a big blow to the team. Brett Nicholas isn’t a Jed replacement. He is someone we have been looking at for a while as a potential compliment to Jed. With a 6 week gap we didn’t like any of the current in-house options for this long of a stint. Also given our early year schedule is tough we didn’t want to chance it. So we pushed the timeline up and acquired Nicholas. Nicholas is off to a slow start this year but is a proven veteran presence who consistently has great ABs. He should help fill the void in the short term and then slot into the backup role nicely once Jed returns. We lose 3 young prospects who are all pretty intriguing. Grammes=Stuff, Ocosta=Power, Brewer=Personality/Athleticism/Power. All guys I liked but the injury forced our hand here a bit. Thanks to the Rays for the trade talks! This came together pretty quickly after some light conversations a few weeks back.
  5. Rockies Trade: 2B - Christian Colon (AA) Indians Trade: $200,000 not a big deal. We were looking for some cash. Indians liked Colons Captain pedigree. Thanks to the Indians for a quick deal!
  6. Rockies trade: C - Juan Janchez (A+) 1B - Dwayne Mathews (AA) Nationals trade: $750,000 Another small deal where the Nationals add some depth to their minor leagues and the Rockies grab a little extra cash. Thanks Tony for another quick deal!
  7. Rockies Trade: 2B - Julian Benitez (R) CF - Wayne Smith (R) Nationals Trade: C - Miguel Valdez (R) Just a minor league depth trade. We didn’t have enough low level catchers and had a few too many IF and OF. This deal was done in world record time! Thanks Tony!
  8. Rockies Trade: OF - Todd Jones (MLB) **Rockies retain 100% contract for this year** Giants Trade: RP - Taylor Hillstrand (R) 3B - Alberto Ocosta (INT Complex should be promoted) I decided to take the day off Monday and AGM Nick Kenney decided to negotiate a deal with the fricken Giants. Let’s just stay Kenney has overstayed his welcome in Colorado. In terms of the trade details we lose Jones who was an awesome bench bat and clubhouse guy for us last year. We bring in a 19yr old arm and 17yr old bat. Kenney won’t be around to see how this ultimately works out in the long run. I look forward to saying I told you so when he is living under a bridge somewhere in a cardboard box next Hillstrand and Ocosta. Freaking bums. Speaking of bums. Thanks for the trade Giants. It’s a sad day in MLB Pro. I apologize for my organizations part in this trade and claim full deniability. #TodayIsKickKenneyInTheBallsDay#NeverTakeAnotherDayOff#GiantsSuckHindTit
  9. Starters Neftali Feliz - solid back of the rotation veteran with 4 pitches including an elite fastball. 2.89 era across over 9 spring training innings. - currently on a minor league contract Jarod Parker - similar to Feliz would fit well in the back of a rotation. 4 pitches. Coming off a pretty successful season. 1.93 era across over 9 spring training IP. Minor league contract Victor Sanchez - 26 y/o with 4 pitches with a plus change up being the highlight. 2.30 FIP in early start to spring. Minor league contract Relievers Taylor Guerrieri - 28 y/o who hits 100mph regularly. Arsenal highlighted by fastball/cutter combo. Minor league contract Angel Mata - 28 y/o extreme GB who hits 99 on the gun. Elite stuff paired with a 4 pitch mix. 870k contract w/ 2 options remaining Cheap reliever options: Eduardo Sanchez, Bryan Escanio, Edward Concepcion, other AAA pitchers. Catchers Ji-man Choi - in 3 years in Colorado he plays a part time roll playing 30% of the time and has consistently produced. 1.7, 1.7, 1.3 WAR over last 3 seasons. Dominating spring ball right now (.538/.647/1.339). Currently making 4 million. Willing to retain in the right deal. Justin Oconner - 28 y/o with some nice pop in his bat. He has been blocked for a few years so a little light on MLB experience but looks ready to contribute. 575k First Base Esteban Sanchez - 28 y/o speedy 1B who can play the right side of a platoon. Has crushed minor league pitching over the years but never got a consistent shot in the bigs. Hitting .357 this spring so far. Minor league contract Bill Pyke - 26 y/o better suited for a DH. His has some strong ratings and has had some success at the MLB level. 575k Ron Foster - 26 y/o who has has some small flashes in the majors but has spent most of his time at AAA over last few years. He has a little pop in the bat. Off to a decent start this spring. Minor league contract. Infielders Zack Cox - MLB Pro vet that has racked up over 10 War in his career. Has been part of 4 championship squads in his career (yeah you guessed it, he played for the angles). Can play most IF positions but is best suited at 3B. Minor league contract Josh McGee - 29 y/o who excelled in 2018 and 2019. 2020 only saw McGee getting 57 PAs. At 29 he still has some years of wreaking havoc on the base paths. Off to a fantastic start to spring (.357/.471/1.113). Minor league contract. Mitchell Walding - 28 y/o who has made to most of his chances in the majors. 62 doubles in 747 plate appearances. He has some position flexibility and is good on the base paths. Having a good spring so far. 575k w/ 2 options left. Outfielders Charles Tilson - 28 y/o who has proven some solid value in the majors. 1.4 and 1.9 War in 19’ and 20’. Elite on the base paths. Good defender and can play all 3 positions. 1.2 mil contract. Jose Tabata - 32 y/o solid all the way around. Having a great spring so far. Minor league contract. Other cheap Bats: Chau, Chiang, S. Gordon Return Package Will be pretty flexible. Money and prospects are the two main targets. Not looking for any top prospects either.
  10. Rockies Trade: SP - Matt Cronin (MLB) SP - Harrison Bailey (R) C - Jerry Caine (MLB) SP - DJ Uiagalelei (A-) SP - Ryan Hagenow (R) Pirates Trade: 3B - Alex Bregman (MLB) **Salary retained for 2021** We have made a few splashes this offseason on the pitching front and now for the offense. Losing Joc, Zaragoza, and Ballard earlier in the offseason left a void in the lineup if we want to be able to put a contender on the field. Bregman looks like an ascending player with some good improvements each of the last few years. His 2B/3B skills fit well to fill some current gaps on the roster. Bregman will slot into the middle part of the lineup going forward. H. Bailey is currently one of our top prospects with a 4 pitch mix including a sinker/slider combo. Caine was slated to backup McKinnley and potentially replace him down the road. Cronin is the hardest guy to part with. I feel like I have been playing the individual player career mode with Cronin ever since we drafted him in the 1st round. Micro managing every detail to this point. It is definitely a bummer I won’t get to see his career develop in Colorado. Uiagalelelei was another 1st rounder that we had super high hopes for with a 5 pitch mix and high work ethic Hagenow was another young arm with 4 pitches and looks like he has a bright future This significantly dents our prospect depth on the mound but also significantly helps our MLB club this year Thanks to the Pirates for the fun talks!
  11. Colorado Trades: OF- Andrew Taylor (AAA) SP-Felix Hidalgo (AA) Whitesox Trades: RP-Clayton O'Neil (AA) Cash: 200K Andrew Taylor has been a nice bench weapon with his defense and speed. With an improved OF defense this year his presence wasn’t as critical. Hidalgo is a nice young arm with elite control. Oneal looks like a future MLB reliever and we are excited to add him into our system. Thanks to the Whitesox! Always fun trade conversations.
  12. Rockies Trade: C - Steve Clevinger (AAA) Royals Trade: $600,000 cash Clevinger was good depth but we have a log jam at catcher and could use the cash. Thanks to KC!
  13. Rockies Trade: RP - Nolan Hoffman (A+) SP - Jeff Starks (AA) Rays Trade: 3B - Jordan Howard (MLB) Since we traded Ballard in the Kershaw deal we have had a hole to fill with an IF bench bat. Howard checks a lot of the boxes we were looking for. He will have some competition in spring training but is currently the front runner. We lose two quality arms in return. Hoffman is especially someone I have admired since drafting him. Thanks to the Rays for the fun talks!
  14. Rockies send: RP/SP: Joe Henson (MLB) Padres send: RP/SP: Eric Harris (MLB) This is a swap of two young pitchers of similar intrigues. In Henson we lose a solid young SP who leads with a solid fast ball along with a very unique Forkball/Knuckle curve combo. He also has a plus change up. Eric Harris also has 4 pitches highlighted by a sinker and curve. Thanks to the Padres Org for the fun trade talks as always.
  15. Rockies Trade: SP- Craig Cooper (MLB) 2B- John Ballard (MLB) OF - Logan Tanner (A) SP- Miguel Punetac(A+) Cardinals Trade: SP-Clayton Kershaw(MLB)** OF-Tim Murphy (A+) SP-Jeffery Starks(AA) **Kershaw retained at 50%** We have taken a slightly different approach to team construction with this offseason. 1) This new look Rockies team is more aligned with how I like to build a team. Pitching, Pitching, Defense, Speed, Pitching. Did I mention pitching? 2) MLB Pro is ultra competitive and coming up short the last two years signaled time for a little change. Zaragoza, Joc, Jud, and others are gone. Enter Bauer and now Kershaw. It may be a bit odd to double down on my biggest team strength from last year in my starting rotation but the Rockies organization is committed to prioritizing pitching. Let’s start with what we are losing. - Craig Cooper has been a favorite and consistent performer ever since joining the majors. With last year being his best year. And team control for 4 years at a good price. - My top hitting and top pitching prospect in Tanner and Punetac. Another tough pill to swallow. I love both of these guys. I really didn’t think I would move Punetac but for a chance to land Kershaw he needed to be included to get it done. - Ballard is a solid vet with good positional flexibility. This one definitely hurts! In terms of what we are getting not much to say here. His accolades are well documented. Teaming Kershaw up with Pineda and Bauer is going to be fun to watch! Who the hell gets the ball on opening day? Thanks to the Cards for the fun talks!