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  1. Rockies trade: RP - Philip Autmont - MLB 60% retained Bluejays Trade: RP - Gabriel Flores - MLb 2 relieves in need of a new home!
  2. Oakland Trades: OF - Lucas Edgar - MLB * 100% retained in 2021* Rockies Trade:: 3B - Jordan Howard - AAA RP - Joan Adon (AA) SP - Ty Harmon (A) 3B - Jake Bentley (AA) We are 0-3 in attempting to find a right handed hitting OF. In-house options and acquisitions haven’t panned out. We decided to go after a higher caliber option because with the trade deadline coming we are running out of time to figure it out. Love what Edgar brings on the base paths and defensively. The guys we lose here are at the top of my list of guys me and my scout like. Most of these guys we targeted from other orgs to bring in but we needed to include them to get this deal done. Thanks to Scott for the fun talks as always.
  3. Rockies Trade: RP - Dennis Moore (MLB) 2B - Rich Hall (AAA) C - Ji-Man Choi (AAA) RP - Yadier Alvarez (AA) 2B - Larry Parsons (A-) Dodgers Trade: RP - Jordan Walden (MLB) **Walden 25% retention** The bullpen continues to be a head scratcher. Tons of talent in the pen but we can’t consistently close out games. Jordan Walden is great talent who should hopefully add some stability to the 9th. Thoroughly annoyed we had to trade Moore. He won reliever of the year in 2019 and was lights out. The last two years have been a bit of a struggle. He is still just 27 though. Hall is great IF depth but blocked currently. Alvarez and Parsons we like as well but needed to include to get the deal done. Choi is the final piece. He has had some great moments in Colorado but was time to move on. We don’t get many in division deals done but always great working with Sam.
  4. Rockies Trade: SP - Ricardo Laucer (A) P - Bryant Bachleitner (A) Whitesox Trade: Cash: $700,000 Looking to get us in better financial standing so moving a couple youngsters for cash. Thanks for the trade talks to the Whitesox Org!
  5. Rockies Trade: OF - Leandro Castro (AA) RP - Angel Mata (AAA) RP - Bryan Escanio (AAA) SP - Jarrod Parker (AAA) Natuonals Trade: OF - Jim White (AAA) Jim White is our latest attempt to bring in a Right handed bat in the OF. Our other efforts here have not gone well over the year. He won’t be a difference maker but should be able to carve out a role on the 26 man roster. The guys we lose here will be felt in the community. Mata - was teaching under privileged children to speak German Escanio - was spending his off days shuttling groceries for the elderly Parker - is the biggest blood doner in the state. He can be seen donating blood between innings in his most recent start. Castro - Is a part of the fabric of the community. He has been a local dog groomer for a few decades. MLB Pro GM, Matt Wells, has been taking his poodle to Castro’s place for years. Reached for comment on Castro leaving Matt Wells had this to say. “We are going to miss this place. They did this thing where they would give the dog owner and dog the same haircut. Me and Sir Curls a lot (Matt Wells poodle) will just have to get separate haircuts now I guess” Thanks to Tony for the trade talks!
  6. Colorado Trades: RP - Clayton O’Neal (AA) OF - Max Gilliam (A+) OF - Roy Mckenzie (AAA) 3B - Spencer Steer ( A+) Rangers Trade: RP - Addison Reed (MLB) **Rangers retain 100% of salary** The last two years the 9th inning has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Dennis Moore and Nick Mcully should be more than cable but they have struggled in that role when given the opportunity over the last 2 years. Reed should help solidify our pen by taking the ball in the 9th. Moore and Mcully will move into lower leverage roles. we lose our best RP prospect in O’Neal, arguably our best OF prospect in Gilliam, and a promising 3B prospect in Steer. Also, Mckenzie looks to be a solid player as well. Thanks to Paul for the fun trade talks and welcome to the league!
  7. Rockies Trade: C - Brett Cumberland (AAA) SS - Andres Gimenez (AAA) SP - Trey Taylor (A+) SP - JoJo Booker (A+) OF - Rodrigo Abril (A) Pirates Trade: IF - Felix Frias (AAA) 3B - Jake Bentley (A+) OF - Max Gilliam (A+) RP - TJ Haws (AA) C - Ricardo Moreno (AAA) lots of minor league talent exchanging hands here. Two organizations working together to align talent to the current team direction. OUTGOING Taylor and Abril are two talented 23 y/o that we liked. Especially since drafting Taylor in the 1st round in 2019. Cummberland was acquired recently to add some young catching depth. So no thrilled to have to part with him here. Gimenez was my best IF prospect. He was on a good path and putting solid numbers up in AAA. Looking forward to see what he can do in Pit. JoJo Booker I hate to lose. I love good pitching and JoJo is someone I am a big fan of. 5 pitches, groundball guy, harworker. INCOMING Moreno is a solid replacement for Cumberland Gilliam and Haws are two pretty talented prospects that have some good potential. Bently strong defensive 3B prospect that looks like he can develop a nice bat as well. Frias - for me this trade is centered around Frias. Athletic and young future MLB SS. We will take our time to develop him over the next few years. The Pirates Org is always a pleasure to work with!
  8. Rockies Trade: OF - Will Robertson (A) SP - Jimmy Ramsey (R) Indians Trade: $700,000 cash Rockies are looking to get our finances a bit more in line and found a good match with the Indians on a few prospects they had some interest in. Thanks Ayden for the epic chat thread on this trade!
  9. Rockies Confirm One area of concern we have had is middle infield depth/insurance. Brown fits that well. He will spend most of the year in AAA but will provide depth when needed. Cooper is a guy we liked but he is young and far off from making an impact so we prioritized the short term depth play. Thanks to the Reds for the quick and day deal!
  10. Rockies Trade RP - Brock Young (AAA) Indians Trade C - Brett Cumberland (AAA) adding a little catching depth and Cumberland fits that well for now. I like Young but he hasn’t had an opportunity to regularly play in the last few years in Colorado. thanks to the Indians for the trade talks.
  11. Rockies Trade: IF - Freddy Galvis (AA) Twins Trade: OF - Xavier Maclin (AAA) **Twins to cover the remaining salary for Maclin for this year** Just moving a couple veterans moving around here in the minor leagues. We have been looking to add some Right handed hitting OF depth and Maclin fits what we were looking for. Thanks to the Twins for the trade talks!
  12. Rockies Trade C- Frank Burt (AAA) Yankees Trade Jose Cruz (Int Conplex promoted to Rookie ball) Carlos Perez (Int Conplex promoted to Rookie ball) Not a big deal here. We have good depth at catcher so Burt was not critical in our plans. We add a few super young prospects that our scout thinks could be good down the line. Thanks to the Yanks for a quick deal
  13. Rockies Trade: OF - Jordan Brewer (A-) SP - Connor Grammes (A+) 3B - Alberto Ocosta (R) Rays Trade: C - Brett Nicholas (MLB) **60% Retention for this year** The Rockies have had a good start to the year largely due to Jed McMinley slashing .452/.528/1.334. Learning about his 6 week injury yesterday was a big blow to the team. Brett Nicholas isn’t a Jed replacement. He is someone we have been looking at for a while as a potential compliment to Jed. With a 6 week gap we didn’t like any of the current in-house options for this long of a stint. Also given our early year schedule is tough we didn’t want to chance it. So we pushed the timeline up and acquired Nicholas. Nicholas is off to a slow start this year but is a proven veteran presence who consistently has great ABs. He should help fill the void in the short term and then slot into the backup role nicely once Jed returns. We lose 3 young prospects who are all pretty intriguing. Grammes=Stuff, Ocosta=Power, Brewer=Personality/Athleticism/Power. All guys I liked but the injury forced our hand here a bit. Thanks to the Rays for the trade talks! This came together pretty quickly after some light conversations a few weeks back.
  14. Rockies Trade: 2B - Christian Colon (AA) Indians Trade: $200,000 not a big deal. We were looking for some cash. Indians liked Colons Captain pedigree. Thanks to the Indians for a quick deal!
  15. Rockies trade: C - Juan Janchez (A+) 1B - Dwayne Mathews (AA) Nationals trade: $750,000 Another small deal where the Nationals add some depth to their minor leagues and the Rockies grab a little extra cash. Thanks Tony for another quick deal!