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  1. Rockies trade: OF/2B- Tim Hampton Brewers trade: 1B/OF - Chris Burnett we had high hopes for the young Hampton when we acquired him from the Blue Jays. We invested a ton in Hampton: Capital to get him(Sixto), time/patience with poor performance, and worked through the rocky road of him learning a new position at the MLB level. we have never needed him to be a starter but he hasn’t added any value this year and we need to get better value out of that roster spot. Butnett is a bit younger, cheaper, Has options, and offers versatility as well. We are excited to add Burnett into the competition for that 26th roster spot. Thanks Cole! This was quick and painless.
  2. Rockies confirm. Albuquerque and Morimando were not likely to crack the big club. Payne is still relatively young with good attributes. Will serve as depth in AAA for now. thanks Cubs!
  3. Rockies Trade: - 1B - Ramon Zaragoza (MLB) - P - Jonathan Arias (MLB - RP Jim Munroe (AAA) Yankees Trade: - 1B - Jose Abreu (MLB) - SP - Rex Thiele (AAA) - Cash = $300,000 This is an idea Rhett an I have discussed ever since Zaragoza went down. When it looked like this was not an option we acquired Antonio Diaz from Pitsburg as a fall back. So although the need was not as strong the opportunity to get a proven slugger in Abreu was something we had to capitalize on. It will be nice to also have a 1B who isn’t complete crap in the field. Losing Zaragoza really sucks. Loved having him and he was one of the first big names I acquired when I took over in Colorado. Arias has been awesome in Colorado and Sandiego for a bunch of years now. Love his versatility to pitch in the rotation or the pen. The other thing at play is when you look at the last year of Arias and Zaragoza contracts they are super reasonable but I am going to have to pay some other guys on the roster. Can’t keep everybody. The last component here is Rex Thiele and Munroe. Thiele doesn’t have all the qualities we covet in pitching prospects but think he could contribute at the MLB level in a few years. Munroe sucks to move. 99mph and groundball tendency will be missed. Rhett appreciate the negotiations. Always fun!
  4. Rockies Trade: RF - Kenny Nurre (AA) RP - Jonah Ryan (A) C - Luis Barron (R) 2B - Jorge Cordero (R) RP - Austin Langworthy (R) Pirates Trade: LF - Antonio Diaz (AAA) We have done a lot of exploration after Zaragoza went down. Both internal options and exploring the trade market. This move helps us weather the storm for the short term with Diaz who has some intrigue long term as well. Not a huge deal here but Diaz offers a real nice approach vs. righties. Not quite the power Zaragoza had but won’t strike out 140+ times either. And Zaragoza and Diaz are equally shitty at 1B. Between Diaz and T. Hampton (In house option) we should have enough depth to cover the loss. Barron, Cordero, and Langworthy are all interesting long range prospects. J. Ryan and Nurre were tougher to depart with. Two guys we both like and think will do well. Great negotiations around this one! Lots of different options discussed. Thanks Greg!
  5. Rockies Trade: 1B - Matt Coffman (R) C - John Green (R) Pirates trade: SS - Nate Hall (A-) Coffman and Green are good young specs and we wish them luck in Pittsburg. Hall is a decent young SS with some good tools. We have been looking to inject a little offense into our system and this adds a little talent to our mid minors. Thanks Greg!
  6. Rockies Trade: C-Pat Garrison (R) Cubs Trade: C-Drake Mcowl (Waiver) CF-Chris Clark (Waiver) Cash: $1,202,764 Not a high impact Trade here but was able to turn Garrison who we like and value his position to two other prospects and some cash which we were looking for. We will definitely miss Garrison but excited to see what Mcowl and Clark can bring to the Org.
  7. Rockies confirm! Excited to add Knight to our pitching prospect list. I am a bit worried about losing Solis as insurance for the bigs though.
  8. Yankees Trade: CF-Todd Jones (*MLB) @100% retention Cash: $200,000 *currently on waivers Rockies Trade: RP - Jorge Reyna (AAA) I liked having the 27 year old fire baller in AAA as an insurance to the MLB squad but he is currently blocked. I have had an eye on Jones for a while and he isn’t an impact player or even a starter but I think he brings a lot to the table as the last guy on the bench: Speed, defense, leadership, and has the splits we were looking for. Thanks to the Yanks for the easy talks!
  9. Rockies trade: OF - Bryce Stevens (MLB) OF - Sergio Gomez (INT Complex - Promoted to R) Brewers trade: SP - Nate Pearson (AA) Cash = $100,000 We are bummed to lose Stevens defense and speed. He has had a good spring as well but we just don't have a spot for him. The Rockies have made no secret in their affinity to acquiring young Pitchers into their system. Nate Pearson fits the mold here. 6'4 and touches 99 MPH along with a 4 pitch mix with a high work ethic. We are excited to add him into the system. Thanks Cole!
  10. Rockies Agree! This was tough for the Rockies Org because we liked all the players that were made available by the Rays. Winter made the most sense based on our team needs especially with Myers bolting in free agency. We lost some good prospects in this one including Samuel who was drafted last year and looks to have a bright future in the OF. McConnell and Young leaving as well hurts our depth in the minors on the offensive side of things. Ashby was another arm we liked as well. Really excited to bring Winters into the clubhouse. Love his ability to get on base. Thanks to the Rays on fun negotiations!
  11. Rockies Trade: SS-Norberto Garcia (R. ) Brewers Trade: SS-Christian Colon (AAA) Brewers to retain 100% of remaining contract. More IF depth for the stretch run. Thanks Cole!
  12. Whitesox Trade: 3B-Estaban Ortiz (AA) Rockies Trade: SP-Antonio Castillo ( R ) Rockies make this small deal to add a little infield depth/insurance to the minors. Ortiz can fill in nicely in a platoon capacity if needed later in the year. Thanks to the Whitesox for the quick negotiations.
  13. Rockies Trade: - SP - Jud Graham (MLB) - SP - Kyle Cartwright (AA) - SP - Michael Johnson (AAA) - 1B - Loren Rogers (AAA) - OF - Myron Richardson (AAA) - 3B - Trey Williams (AA) Nationals Trade: - SP - Miguel Pineda (MLB) - Nationals to cover the remaining salary difference in the trade for this year (looks like 1.4 million ish) Blockbuster! I love the Rockies roster construction and have not really been looking at any major trades except in 1 area. We don't feel like we have a true shut down ace. The current staff is deep and has lots of #2 starters and some #3s but really lacked that true ace. Pineda does just that. He is a guy I have been after for a while and he will do really well in Colorado's hitter friendly park. We took an interesting angle here. We replaced a stud 24 year old pitcher with another 24 year old rising star in Jud Graham. This way the Nationals don't do a reset on their rotation. The upgrade from Pineda from Graham cost me my #1 prospect in Cartwright who I have avoided trading for quite some time despite numerous requests. The remaining players will all be missed, especially Loren rogers. I am a big fan of his bat. Thanks Tony for the patience over the months of discussion around this! Good luck bud!
  14. Rockies trade: - CF - Antonio Cardoza ( R ) Phillies trade: - SS - Tyler Bortnick (MLB) currently on waivers **Retained at 100%** Not a big trade but saw the opportunity to add some quality MLB depth that we can keep in AAA until needed. Thanks to Philly for the quick and easy talks!