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  1. Marlins Trade RP. - Vinny Pestano ( MLB) %50 retained. Rockies trade sp- Lawrence Taylor (AAA) RP - Mike Simms (A)
  2. Rockies Trade: SP/RP - Orlando Garcia (MLB) 3B - Santiago Mateo (AAA) Yankees Trade: 2B - John Ballard (MLB) RP - Henry Harris (MLB) RP - BroCk Young (MLB) SP - Yaider Alvarez (AA) Garcia has been a favorite of ours since we joined the club. Since his all star appearance in 18 he has struggled to pitch well in Colorado. It was time for a change. in return we bring in some bulpen and IF depth in Harris/Young and Ballard. Alvarez looks like he might have some long range potential. thabks Rhett!!
  3. Rockies Trade: SS - Nate Hall - (AA) Padres trade: RP - Clate Schmidt (AAA) We are shipping out a young SS we like to acquire a bit more pitching depth at AAA. Thanks for the Padres for the quick talks.
  4. Rockies agree and are fricken excited to bring Jud Graham back home. He is one of the guys we traded who’s career we have followed. I still remember his 10 inning MLB debut performance. Of the group going out I will miss Fellows the most. Really like him when we drafted him. Otoole might wind up the best of the bunch. we made sure to run by the scouting of the players by the Toronto organization first to ensure we had correct evaluations on these players. Thanks to the Nats!
  5. Rockies Trade: Souting Director Bill Scmidt Twins Trade: SS - Andres Gimenez (AA) Bill has been a good scouting director but he really took the comments by the Toronto organization to heart and didn’t feel supported by the Rockies front office. We have decided to move in a different direction. we love Andres Gimenez. He has a bright future. Thanks to the twins for the quick and easy talks!
  6. Pirates Trade: OF - Charles Tilson - MLB Rockies Trade: 1B - Kevin Shenk (R) SP - Mason Thompson (A-) CF - Alfredo Ramirez (Promoted to R) Tilson is a nice add to our OF Depth. He has had success with the bat, has position flexibility, great on the base paths. And he will be a nice locker room fit. we lose some young prospects to get Tilson who we like but Tilson can help us now which is a higher priority. Thanks to the Pirates for the trade talks. Always fun!
  7. Rockies Trade: RP - Jonathan Arias (MLB) Brewers Trade: RP - Joan Adon (A) RP - Jacob Clark (A) SP - Ty Harmon (R) CF - Steven Otoole (A) RP - Scott Ebert (MLB) **50% Retained** we were looking to move Arias to make room for some new bullpen pieces. Arias has been awesome for us since acquiring him from San Diego so it is sad to see him go. We bring back several young Assets to add to the minor league system. They are all young but each have some potential. Thanks to the Brewers for working through the negotiation. Fun as always!
  8. Rockies Trade: RP - Tyler Clippard (MLB) 1B - Dave Starr (AA) 3B - Ed Jones (A) Boston Trades: RP - Brandon Creath (MLB) **Creath 25% retained** This is a change of scenery trade. Both Clippard and Creath have underperformed this year. Boston and Colorado are hoping the change will inject life into these guys. creeth’s grounball focus was an important aspect of going after this trade. I think Clippard will do well in Boston. Starr and Jones are huge prospects but a few nice bumps could have them helping our Boston in the future. Thanks to Boston For the trade talks!!
  9. Rockies have struggled in the bullpen this year and need to add some talent and bribing over the all star Holley is a nice addition. He has ground ball tendencies and a proven track record. Excited to have him in the bullpen room. Guy and Munroe are good young arms but had no clear path the the Rockies roster. Hope they get a good shot in the future. Waldichuk is tough to lose. Lots to like there with his 5 pitch mix. good luck to Baltimore!
  10. Baltimore Trades: RP - Kirshwin Holley (MLB) *100% Retained for this year only** Colorado Trades: RP - Jim Munroe (AAA) SP - Lance Guy (AAA) SP - Ken Waldichuk (AA)
  11. Rockies Trade: SP - Phil Hughes (MLB) **100% retained%% Rangers Trade: 3B - Juan Cantu (R) RP - Jack Bowins (Promoted to R) Phil Hughes turned out to be a good signing for us. Locking down the end of the rotation and flexing into the bullpen when needed. And was really great out of the bullpen in the playoffs last year. Over 240 IP between regular and post season. This trade makes room for Felix in the rotation. We acquire a few really young prospects we think have some good long range potential in Cantu and Bowins. Thanks for the quick and easy talks with the Rangers organization!
  12. Oakland Trades: SP - Felix Hernandez (MLB) **100% Retained** Colorado Trades: C - Joe McAteer (AAA) 2B - Tom Lavine (AAA) RP - Cecil Black (AA) AA Hitting Coach - Dave Howard A+ Hitting Coach - Kory DeHaan We weren’t looking for any more pitching. Our starters have been solid this year. When Felix was floated out there we dug in and thought it would be good to add Felix’s leadership and stability to the rotation in that 4/5 spot. We gave up more than we wanted to here for a half season Rental so this stings a little. McATeer and Levine are two of my better hitting prospects. And Black is a solid relief arm. The two hitting coaches are good but they were not as valuable to me as my minor league talent is geared more around pitching. thanks to the A’s for the fun talks as always!
  13. Rockies Trade: RP - John Cross (AAA) 2B - Chris Upperman (AA) Padres Trade: 2B - Duong Chau (AAA) SP - Cecil Black (A+) Since we lost T. Story we have been looking for a bench guy who can cover multiple IF positions. With Chau on board That now gives us 3 viable options to use for the rest of the year with a few in-house candidates. Upperman and Cross have some nice upside so don’t like to see them leave. Coming back to the Rockies is C. Black which will be a nice add to our minor league system. Thanks to the Padres for the easy talks!
  14. Rockies Trade: SS - Tony Moran (A-) Cubs Trade: $100,000 Nothing flashy here. Moran is lightning fast with great defense but we could use the cash. Thanks to the Cubs for the quick negotiations!