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  1. Detroit trades: 1B Jose Abreu (MLB) Houston trades: CF Victor Robles (AAA) RP Harlan Carter (AA) Astros grab a slugger. We hate to move Robles, but believe Ivan Rivera is just as capable & have plenty of other OF options in the lower minors. Abreu is a huge bat that immediately upgrades our lineup
  2. HOU trades: RP Pat Crosby (MLB) ARI trades: CF Jasson Dominguez (INT) The Astros season has not been anywhere close to what we expected, and any run we’ve started on hasn’t lasted long. We need to make some change, and we believe that one part of that is getting new pitchers up from AAA & into the rotation. We hate to move Shamrock, but this was the first SP we’ve been offered a fair deal for, and so we have to move the mythical pitcher. He’s been great since we got him in the rule 5 draft, jumping several levels, and the main reason we had selected him was that he could hit/run a little. He’s blossomed in his role the last 2 seasons, and has continued to have solid performances vs the Angels & Mariners. In return, we get a young prospect in Dominguez, who is lightyears away, but looks to have solid potential. We hope that our player dev system can help him develop to what our scouts have dreamed up, and he can become a long time asset for us. Thanks Vet for the deal, and best of luck!
  3. Jorge Martinez has become the back INF for us with Tatis’ call up & provides exactly what Applegate did, elite defense. If there’s any issues, we’ll figure it out then. But this gets us a solid SP prospect with elite velo that we’ll add to our system
  4. More than willing to send some excess cash for a solid MIF prospect, especially one that can play 3B
  5. Houston sends: C Ashton Spanswick (AAA) Milwaukee sends: CF Dave Jackson (AAA) Jackson may be the worst hitter in AAA against LHP, but we're going to platoon him and eliminate all ABs vs LHP, and see if we can see some improvement against RHP with that. Spanswick is the 3rd catcher on the AAA roster currently, so we can live without him.
  6. Houston sends: SS Eric Dodd (R- GCL) SS Hilton Johnston (A) Tampa Bay sends: LF Kendall Sanders (R- APP) RF Evan Graham (A-) 23 & 20 yr old shortstops for 22 & 21 yr old OFers. We like the two OFers pretty equally, and have some SS depth, so why not make a trade?
  7. Houston sends: 1B Raul Bello (AAA) 2B Byron White (R) SP Cisco Paschini (AA) RP Charlie Toder (A+) Cleveland sends: 1B Bob Smith (A-) SP Caden Lemons (A) SP Taylor Staal (A+) SP Gary Reed (A+) Do we get any future MLers in this trade? Unlikely. Did we give up future MLers in this trade? Unlikely. But we feel we get the better end of this deal, we get a younger 1B who is a little more well-rounded, and Lemons has solid upside. While we know the Angels don't trade good prospects, we hope Staal remembers some stuff from his time as a Halo. And Reed is our favorite pickup, we flagged him as a hitter. We're going to try to get the man some ABs, at DH since this man can't field. Maybe turn him into future NL trade piece.
  8. If I went back & looked at all my trade negotiations, Belfour has been asked for 100s of times. We always said no, because we wanted to wait him out & often times weren’t being offered enough. But in Hampton we get a high ceiling toolsy CF who we can develop, and we have other C depth. Love this deal for both sides.
  9. HOU sends: SS Logan Davidson (A) RP Scott Young (S A) SS Nico Hoerner (S A) ARI sends: SS Justin Ellis (AAA) SP Josh Norbe (A+) $250k cash Man, prospect for prospect trades are tough to swallow. We think that Davidson is the best of this group, as he can play SS well & has a chance to be a decent corner OFer. But we really like Norbe & can’t turn down a solid SP prospect, especially when we have other SS prospects we prefer over Davidson. Ellis is another guy we really like, and believe he’s an older replacement for Davidson. We may turn him into a IF/OF to add value. And we’re hoping Young doesn’t develop into the RP he looks like he may be.
  10. Astros agree. Weren't really looking to move Payano, despite posting him in the auction, but did have a lot of arms in the pen already. We add a solid 1B prospect in return. Wyatt is in A+ @matteise
  11. Ynoa has a chance to stick, whereas Pereira does not, but fits TB timeline well.
  12. Giants send: 3B Dave Carmera (AA) Astros send: C Anthony Russo (R, GCL) Just trying to add some solid upper minor league depth. This does that, as Carmera does everything well.
  13. Texas sends: RP Jonathan Broxton (ML) SP Félix Hidalgo (A) HOU sends: RP Drew Taylor (ML) We get a decent SP prospect for a $1.1m offseason deal.
  14. We don’t love Fieler & his struggles this year. Tons of raw potential, but his work ethic & maturity are not cut out for professional baseball. In return we get another SS prospect we are big fans of.