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  1. Monken was drafted for his glove, and ultimately it will get him to the big leagues. But we have a ton of C depth throughout our org, and this allowed us to add another fun RP prospect to our system, which we love. Thanks for the quick & simple negotiations!
  2. Yeah, fuck it. Willis was in the offseason auction & has been angry about being shopped since then. Alvarez comes in & will be our backup until Bart is ready
  3. We agree. We were in pursuit of a top end arm all offseason, dangling some of our best pieces, to come up just short time & time again. So we pivot, to someone we feel has underperformed in the past. We think Lamb's addition to the rotation gives us 5 of the top 50 starters in the league, with 2 more in the top 100. Giving up Gompertz hurts the most, as we saw him as a future closer for the longest time. But the emergence of Jesse Patterson, as well as the acquisition of Miguel Tobias makes us feel a little more comfortable moving Gompertz, especially as his control has fallen off. Lemons & Jarvis are guys we see as AAAA type, and when that's all we gave up to acquire a potential top flight SP on a reasonable contract, then we'll take it.
  4. Astros trade: 1B Edwin J. Gomez (CIN MLB) Reds trade: $50k cash Houston trades the rights of Edwin J. Gomez to the Reds, so he doesn't need to stick on the ML roster for the season. We basically got $100k for him, which seems fair. (Matt, not sure what the best way to do this is, but in my file he is still on the Reds roster)
  5. HOU sends: SS Cadyn Grenier (AA) RP José Ramos (AAA) Scouting Director Jason McLeod Hitting Coach Xavier Nady (AAA) MIL sends: - Thanks to Soze for asking me to look at financials, when I did I realized how much I was still spending on personnel compared to other teams. Getting these two off the books does hurt our coaching & scouting, but gives us extra cash that is much needed. Grenier's a nice player, but Tatis should have the infield on lock for quite some time. Ramos is a loss to our RP depth, but at 5'9" - 225 lbs, we didn't think he'd be cutting it with his work ethic. MIL would like to assign Nady to Colorado Springs, Pacific Coast League hitting coach. And would like to release McLeod to personnel free agency.
  6. We accept. Didn't really wanna waive Morrison, but this opens up some much needed budget to acquire arms we think will benefit us more. Lopez may end up getting waived again if other signings come through, but solid backup for Jorge Martinez at this time.
  7. We accept. Didn't really wanna waive Morrison, but this opens up some much needed budget to acquire arms we think will benefit us more. Lopez may end up getting waived again if other signings come through, but solid backup for Jorge Martinez at this time.
  8. Kansas City trades: SP Ryan Weathers (MLB) 3B António Morales (MLB) Houston trades: SP Melvin Garner (MLB) RF Brandon Gill (AA) LF Garrett Mitchell (A) C Francisco Alvarez (A) Houston makes this trade to hopefully bolster the rotation. Weathers has the opportunity to become an ace, and that's something we feel we need. Morales also becomes a great bench bat for us, and makes Bill La potentially tradable. Moving Gill is tough, as we think he could be a very good 3B or corner OF someday soon, but we're focusing on the next few seasons, and feel Weathers and Morales help us more.
  9. Astros agree. This gives us another bullpen piece we really like, and has some experience in the closer role. Cruz comes in as the 4th OF and will fit in nicely when OFers need a day off. We have the salary available, and while Hardy is a tough loss, he wasn't starting over Tatis anytime soon.
  10. We begrudingly accept. We know this is an overpay, especially given Creath's recent struggles, but he's got elite RP skills, and has shown that ability in the past. He's also got one of the lower salaries for someone with this level of skill. Giving up Bailey in the deal hurts, as we thought he was a steal in the 2nd round, but we need to improve our bullpen. Agree on Hidalgo, who we have as very similar to Groves who we just dealt. But we're confident we have enough SP talent to deal with these 2 departures.
  11. Texas sends: SP Reginald McMillan (MLB) RP Miguel Tobias (AAA) Houston sends: SP Dave Groves (MLB) CF Ivan Rivera (MLB) Houston makes this move to grab a pitcher that was a dominant pitcher last season, and has a skillset that be think can return to that dominance. We also add another RP we like & gives us more options in the bullpen. We think Groves is a really good pitcher, but doesn't have the same ability to dominate a game that McMillan has. Rivera is a tough one to let go, as we think he could be a capable ML CF if given a regular spot in the lineup.
  12. Detroit trades: 1B Jose Abreu (MLB) Houston trades: CF Victor Robles (AAA) RP Harlan Carter (AA) Astros grab a slugger. We hate to move Robles, but believe Ivan Rivera is just as capable & have plenty of other OF options in the lower minors. Abreu is a huge bat that immediately upgrades our lineup
  13. HOU trades: RP Pat Crosby (MLB) ARI trades: CF Jasson Dominguez (INT) The Astros season has not been anywhere close to what we expected, and any run we’ve started on hasn’t lasted long. We need to make some change, and we believe that one part of that is getting new pitchers up from AAA & into the rotation. We hate to move Shamrock, but this was the first SP we’ve been offered a fair deal for, and so we have to move the mythical pitcher. He’s been great since we got him in the rule 5 draft, jumping several levels, and the main reason we had selected him was that he could hit/run a little. He’s blossomed in his role the last 2 seasons, and has continued to have solid performances vs the Angels & Mariners. In return, we get a young prospect in Dominguez, who is lightyears away, but looks to have solid potential. We hope that our player dev system can help him develop to what our scouts have dreamed up, and he can become a long time asset for us. Thanks Vet for the deal, and best of luck!
  14. Jorge Martinez has become the back INF for us with Tatis’ call up & provides exactly what Applegate did, elite defense. If there’s any issues, we’ll figure it out then. But this gets us a solid SP prospect with elite velo that we’ll add to our system
  15. More than willing to send some excess cash for a solid MIF prospect, especially one that can play 3B