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  1. On another note, I'm not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere but I couldn't find any mention of a North American-style league on the blog post? I recall there was a lot of interest in this a few months ago and I think it'd help bring something new to the table as well - not sure if this is something planned for the fall release or just later down the line?
  2. I have the same problem in Biscuit as well with: http://gameplanhockey.com/player?gpid=47056
  3. xZhou

    S15 Trades

    GHL/SHL Players (2-Way Contract) 1. Ramiro Ohara (Winger | 89 OVR | 27 years old) - Elite offensive talent with 96 passing, 97 puckhandling, 95 shooting, 93 skating. GHL Players (1-Way Contract) 1. Camron Albert (W | 88 OVR | 22 years old) - Two-way forward with 95 skating, 94 shooting, and 85 defense. 2. Julian Lisi (W | 93 OVR | 37 years old) - One of the best-rated forwards in the game with 99 passing, 99 shooting, 98 skating 3. Lasse Bomb (LD | 87 OVR | 25 years old) - Two-way defenseman with 91 skating, 91 shooting, and 88 defense. Looking to acquire draft picks/prospects and willing to package assets together since I have a lot of depth. Feel free to message me to talk about players you're interested in acquiring.
  4. Season 14 Review The Portland Marauders returned to the playoffs after a one year hiatus with a 5th place finish (25-8-4-23) but was swept from the first round by the Thetford Mines Pegasus. Winger Brett Arrieta led the team in scoring with 52 points in 60 games, while the team's top line of Arrieta, centre Duran Doerr, and captain Bjarne Lunde were responsible for the bulk of the team's offense and finished 3rd, 4th, and 9th in the GHL. Doerr also led the GHL in assists with 35 and Arrieta was 5th in the GHL with 22 goals. Although the Marauders had the the 2nd best offense in the GHL, the team's defense was the 3rd worst, with much of the team's struggles due to an inexplicable drop in goalie Jeffrey Hanrahan's performance. as his save percentage dropped by .020 to a dismal .899. The two-time playoff MVP struggled all season and ceded the starting role to Tomas Cook midway through the season. Heralded deadline acquisition Albert Wiesner, 23, was a disappointment with just a single point in 11 games as the former 1st overall pick will look to bounce back next season. Season 14 Draft Review In the first round, the Portland Marauders drafted Ludovick Duhamel-Sansfacon with the 11th overall pick. The team’s management virtually sprinted to the podium to select the 5’5” centre with the Quibell Grizzlies who led the Canadian Junior League in scoring with 69 goals and 112 points in 60 games. Although he dropped from a projected top-five pick likely due to concerns about his size, General Manager James Nguyen was undeterred and said that the team planned to play Duhamel-Sansfacon down the middle as the latest addition to the team’s plethora of small but skilled players. The Marauders then selected Ludovik Bettiol in the second round 26th overall, a two-way defenseman with the Thetford Mines Pluckers of the Canadian Junior League. Averaging over a point per game last season, Bettiol also demonstrated terrific defensive abilities although his transition game remains a work in progress. The team selected Sergey Koskov in the third round (SHL 1st) with the 43rd overall pick. Originally slated to go in the early second round, the 6’6” netminder with Dinamo Novoglazovo U18 led the Russian Junior League in GAA, save percentage, and shutouts. In the fourth round (GHL 3rd), the Marauders selected Vit Korenacka, a 5’5”two-way defenseman from the Czech Junior League and Kian Patterson, a power forward who scored 55 points in 60 games in the Canadian Junior League. The Marauders rounded out the draft with defenseman Tommy Mckeage, winger Marco Subotic, and centre Artiom Ingram in the fifth round (SHL 2nd) and winger Paul Mui in the seventh round (SHL 3rd) Source
  5. Mid Season Report With over two-thirds of Season 14 already gone, the Portland Marauders sit in 6th place with a 19-7-2-17 record. The team's offense is 2nd in the GHL, averaging 3.2 goals per game but the defense has been abysmal - the Marauders' 3.1 goals against per game are the worst among all teams currently in a playoff spot. A large part of the defensive futility is due to the horrendous play of goalie Jeffrey Hanrahan. The two-time playoff MVP has struggled immensely with a .896 save percentage and has lost his starting job to GHL-rookie Tomas Cook. The 22-year-old was acquired at the beginning of the season from Webbwood and has performed respectably with a .919 save percentage and even earned a 3rd star of the week honour. Portland's offense is clicking, with the top line of Brett Arrieta, Duran Doerr, and Bjarne Lunde accounting for 28% of the team's goals goals. Doerr and Arrieta are tied for 4th league-wide with 40 points, and the two Americans have formed one of the most potent duos in the GHL, with Doerr's sublime passing (28 assists for 2nd in the league) and Arrieta's deadly shot. 23-year-old defenseman Bedřich Sepeši has taken another step forward in his development and currently has 22 points in 38 games, all of them at even strength. The youngest team in the league by far with an average age of just 25.9, the Marauders have performed about as expected, although the emphasis remains on developing talent for sustainable success. Update from the Farm 1. Each season, the team's AAHL affiliate appears destined to get a new top-line centre, and this year the title goes to Tony Böwing-Schmalenbrock. Acquired late in Season 13, the 19-year-old from Dresden, Germany has put up 37 points in 32 games while playing over 20 minutes a game on both special teams. 2. With identical stat lines of 25 goals, 30 assists, and 55 points in 46 games, forwards Albert Melin, 19, and Manolis Siyankov, 20, lead the team in scoring with similar playing styles based on speed and causing chaos by driving the net. 3. On the blueline, 18-year-old defenseman Viktor Nordström has excelled in his rookie season after coming from Sweden, averaging a point per game with 46 points in 46 games while also being surprisingly steady in his own end. 4. Ivan Reichard, 20, has been stellar in net with a .942 save percentage. The other half of the goaltending tandem, 21-year-old Peter Ondris, has also been solid with a .918 save percentage including a memorable GHL debut in an overtime win where he gave up only one goal. 5. Much of the team's top talent from the last draft is overseas, and centre Olivier Boissonneau, 18, has excelled for Reshetnikovo in the Russian League as their first-line centre with 34 points in 41 games, good for 7th in the league. Source
  6. xZhou

    Team Asia

    Updated the roster for Season 14! I just realized I had a Japanese-American player (Ramiro Ohara) on my own team, and he immediately makes the top-line much stronger and GHL-competitive. Some other significant changes to the forwards - what was an incredibly veteran-heavy roster the first time around has thinned out with five teenagers making the team this time around...the defensemen and goalies haven't changed at all, and this team would still rely heavily on Yu, one of the best goalies in Biscuit.
  7. I've had Brett Arrieta since Season 5 when I was in the BHL and he's surprisingly been on my first line ever since, even when I moved on to the GHL.
  8. xZhou

    S14 General Chat

    Yeah it's pretty surprising to me too...have you tried playing Chovanec and Ryzhanov on different lines or shuffling the lines a bit? Personally I found that some players just seem to click for some unknown reason, and some just don't play well together. One thing that stands out for me when I look at your team is that all of the defensemen have poor puckhandling, so maybe they have trouble carrying the puck out of the zone despite their strong passing abilities?
  9. I had a mini-sized defensive corps for a few games due to injuries - might have been the smallest group of defensemen ever with all but one guy under 5'8" (and all but one under 165 lbs): Merrifield (5'6"-165 lbs) - Friedel (6'2" - 205 lbs) Sundgren (5'5" - 150 lbs) - Donatelli (5'8" - 154 lbs) Bomb (5'7" - 158 lbs) - Combrink (5'5" - 154 lbs) Surprisingly, we actually managed to go 4-4 during this time although I can't imagine we did a good job clearing the crease!
  10. xZhou

    S14 Trade Block

    I'm looking to move my backup goalie Zain Tessier-Leforest (26 years old, 89 overall). He's a former 7th-overall pick, 2-time GHL champion, and still has a bit of upside considering his age and the fact that he hasn't played a whole lot over the last few seasons. I'm looking for a GHL 3rd rounder in return (he's on a 1-way contract).
  11. xZhou

    S14 Trade Block

    One-Way Contracts (GHL) 1. Richard Fahy (LD) - 94 OVR. One of the highest-rated defensemen in Biscuit at age 37, including 99 defense, 98 shot, and 98 physicality. 3-time leader in most points by a defensemen, still showing some progress development-wise and unlikely to fall off a cliff since he has the ambitious trait. 2. Ludovik Calder (LW/RW) - 89 OVR. In his prime at 29 years old and has 99 skating, 97 shooting, 94 passing/puck-handling. 3. Ramiro Ohara (LW) - 88 OVR. 95 passing/shooting, 97 puck-handling who's just entering his prime at 26 years old. Mostly looking for GHL 2nd/3rd rounders for these players but will consider other offers. Two-Way Contracts (SHL/GHL) 1. Ole Nissen (LW) - 88 OVR. Bona fide SHL first line winger still in his prime at 31 years old with 98 skating, 94 shot, and 92 passing. Looking for SHL 2nd or 1st All four of these guys are 2-time GHL champions. I also have a bunch of prospects (both signed and unsigned) so feel free to take a look and let me know if you'd be interested (only Johnstone and Boissonneau are untouchable). I'm primarily looking to acquire more centre/goalie prospects.
  12. Season 13 Draft Review First Round In the Season 13 Draft, the Marauders had an unprecedented 10 draft picks, including five in the top 30. The team’s first selection was right-handed defenseman Lincoln Johnstone from the Quibell Grizzlies of the CAJHL. Chosen with the 6th overall pick, Johnstone is a smooth-skating two-way defenseman who not only showed impressive defensive skills, but also led the CAJHL in points by a defenseman with 80. Later in the first round, Portland selected Oliver Boissonneau 11th overall. An undersized two-way centreman, the 5’8” native of Laval, Quebec played for the Burnside Bisons of the CAJHL and scored 66 points in 45 games, while averaging almost a goal per game with 40. In addition to his ability to put the puck in the net, Boissonneau demonstrated a remarkably advanced two-way game and showed an impressive knack for skating the puck out of trouble in his own end. Second Round In the second round, the Marauders had three draft picks and first selected another undersized two-way centreman from the CAJHL, this time Sean Longchap of the Desbarats Cowboys 23rd overall. In a breakout season, Longchap led the team with 82 points while accumulating 273 shots on net. Portland then selected a pair of Swedish defensemen 26th and 29th overall. From Viggby IF U18, the Marauders drafted Viktor Nordström, a two-way defenseman with good size and skating ability who scored 74 points while averaging 26:30 a game in ice time. From Lundstorp IFK U18, the team drafted Tage Kähr, a right-handed defenseman who led the Swedish Junior league in points by a defenseman two seasons ago. Although he struggled this year on a basement-dwelling team, Kähr nonetheless led Lundstorp with 66 points, which was 25 more than the total points of the next closest player on his team. Third-Seventh Rounds Afterwards, the Marauders drafted Swedish winger Baran Sjöstedt, a fast and capable puck-handler, in the fourth round (GHL 3rd) 59th overall. Emilien Chavigny, a 5’5” two-way defenseman from the CAJHL, and Vladislav Pribylov, a right-handed offensive defenseman from the Russian Junior league, were selected in the fifth round (SHL 2nd). Finally, Portland selected defenseman Ulysses Averill and goaltender Conrad Högberg, who led the Swedish Junior league in save percentage, GAA, and shutouts, in the seventh round (SHL 3rd) Source
  13. Mid-Season Report Currently on a six game losing skid and mired in tenth place, the Portland Marauders’ pursuit of a third consecutive championship is looking increasingly unlikely. Although moving veterans such as forwards Aron Welcome and Aato Oivio in addition to defenceman Alfie John-Lewis may have been necessary to provide an opportunity for younger players, the experience and composure they brought are sorely missed on a team with just three players in their 30s. Surprisingly, Portland has struggled to score goals this season, ranked just seventh after leading the league last year. A large part of the reason behind this slow-down is the team’s lack of scoring depth - veteran forwards Andrew Larocque and Ole Nissen have yet to break the double-digit mark in points scored 40 games in. On the other hand, there have been some bright spots. The team’s first defensive pairing of 22/23-year-olds Bedřich Sepeši and Sone Friedel have performed admirably against top competition and highlight one of the strongest defensive corps in the league. Off the ice, the team has accumulated a staggering ten draft picks, albeit with six coming in the fourth (GHL 3rd) round or later, after moving on from a number of prospects and AAHL players. Update from the Farm 1. Rewarding management’s show of faith to keep him over his countryman Artur Björkström, 23-year-old defenceman Lasse Bomb has dominated the AAHL with 56 points in 39 games, leading all defencemen in scoring and placing fifth overall despite his relatively small 5'7" frame. 2. On a team without much starpower up front, Slovakian winger Andrej Rais, 20, has led the way with 45 points in 42 games. In his second season in North America, the former 4th (GHL 3rd) round pick has started to excel offensively as well as continue to be solid in his own end. 3. Newly-undisputed AAHL starter Ricardo Dickens, 22, has posted a sparkling .923 save percentage and 2.14 GAA. Making his GHL debut earlier this season in relief mid-game, Dickens is on track to play a regular GHL role sooner rather than later. 4. Cédric Suter has taken the mantle of the AAHL team's top centreman with aplomb, playing 21:30 a night while also scoring 40 points in 31 games. Although faceoffs continue to be a work in progress, the 22-year-old native of Bern, Switzerland will be looking to make the jump to the GHL full-time next season. 5. The team's most recent first-round pick, Rafel Vernon, 18, has performed well in a top-pairing role with Spartak Golovnikhinskiy, playing over 20 minutes a night in the Russian League as a shutdown stay-at-home defenseman unlike many of the Marauders' more offensively-inclined prospects. Source
  14. xZhou

    S13 Trade Block

    Looking to move the following players: 2-Way Contracts (SHL/GHL) Alexandr Chelomeyev (G, age 24, 87 rating) - Decent SHL starter who still has room to grow. Sparkling .931 save percentage and a 2.03GAA in the AAHL. Filips Abols (W, age 20, 73 rating) - Pretty good shot (86), solid leadership (Motivator/Stable) 1-Way Contracts (GHL) Zain Tessier-Leforest (G, age 25, 88 rating) - Respectable backup, has a .937 save percentage with a 2.34 GAA Ole Nissen (W, age 31, 88 rating) - Veteran of 700 GHL games who once scored 52 points in the GHL, elite speed (98 skating) Not really looking for much in return - low round picks (SHL 2nds-3rds) would probably be enough for most of these guys.
  15. Well one thing I've noticed with my team (high number of nervous/anxious players) is that we've been pretty inconsistent. At one point this year I think we were alternating 5-0 wins with 5-1 losses. Not sure if there are other confounding factors but we also tend to go on extended hot/cold streaks for long stretches of the season - it just so happened that the playoffs fit into one of our extended hot streaks for the last two seasons.