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  1. 3 hours ago, psucolonel said:

    I think it is great this site exists for the genre of GM/management style sports games, but until the reviews get to be serious I can't take this site seriously. Β Almost every score is a 9 or better and it is impossible to sort through which games are actually better than others. Β The reviews need to be honest and objective, and they are NOT. Β Until they are, I just can't take any of the published reviews here seriously. Β 

    This is a fan site for the genre, the games are going to scale high because they aren't in comparison to arcade elements where you play with your controller.

    Not only that, some of these games have been indie devs who have been making their code and AI for 10+ years. This site isn't here to keep scoring them 6 because they aren't Football Manager, backed by a huge studio and a publisher who can pay a staff of 20+ people. Usually it's one person.

    With that being said, each version is trying to be better than the last. The scores here rate FMΒ on top rightfully so and judge the games in relation to that which the other games are below. Some of the reviews are 2000 words, I'm sure you can decipher something from that alone. Most of the games have demo versions too so you don't have to pay.

    If you want a certain scoring system, then keep up to date at other sites, ign, operation sports, whatever you prefer, but this site will continue to be a supporter of those trying to get exposure for such a small niche genre to begin with.

    Ten years +Β later we continue to be the ONLY site that chronicles, catalogs and documents these games.