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  1. Yay, but also... boo.
  2. Any news on such a fix or update for that matter?
  3. SerHawkes

    Real Team?

    Likely cause the Season is still going and is likely waiting till next season to update.
  4. No worries. Happy to provide imput for later fixings.
  5. Infinite Load time when loading save: Have had this happen to me quite a number of times before. Even went to load a save, left for about 10-20mins, came back... to find it still loading and pretty much locked up. Only means of a fix though is deleting the save and starting over again, even if you save before a game. Roster/Transfer lock up setting: When using the tab of selecting say a position or in case of transfers who are interested, the tab will be locked entirely when you go back to it after doing some change. Transfer coming back then wanting to leave: Not a bug or issue perse, more annoying than anything. When having a transfer who wants to transfer originally, only to ask to come back, only to then a day or so later ASK AGAIN TO BE ALLOWED TO TRANSFER... -RAGES- I get the mirroring of college football in that meaning given the recent transfer means, but I feel like it should be limited to a degree. Morale/Back Ups: Noticed this when playing, when having selected back ups to play in games that are effectively blowouts, starters still end to be playing in the game, even with the option selected or even having cordinators allow for subs. While at the same time having morale for back ups plummet hard in most cases. Perhaps lessen the morale loss for back ups that are 3rd-4th on the roster by a small margin?
  6. At the moment it doesn't work for 9.4. Tried and ended up in a long loading.
  7. Well naturally calling time outs would be great. Guess another would be maybe a better in session strategy of seeing who is on the field mid game so one could exploit plays.
  8. So having played a fair amount, while this game is simplistic yet eagerly fun, there are a number of things that certainly could be inproved on. Better Saves: Big issue I have is the issue trying to reload a save from the game yet ending back at the date 2/1/2021, along with the forced issue of having to exit out of the game entirely, only to reload the game and reload the save just to play a overwrited save/game. Certainly needs improvement there. More Plays: As is... there isn't a whole lot of plays, let alone alot of the common base plays for both offense and defense. Trying to Hire Unemployed Coaches: I've tried this number of times, ones that aren't hired already by teams and ends up crashing the game for some odd reason. Recommend fix. Create Custom Coordinators/Position Coachs: A minor thing for me, considering how we are always just hired by a team yet we never get the chance to hire our own staff from the start. We always have a random set of coaches that are most times below average than good. Would be nice to be able to create our own Coodinators/Position coaching staffs that aren't too OP yet are more than serviceable. With an options to ensure to keep them even if a bad season happens. -Following on that notion of Coordinators/Position Coachs, the stats for them seem more confusing and complicated, not to mention not being able to see all of the stats entirely for the coachs/coodinators in terms of respective positions. Suggestion: Simplify Coordinators/Positions Coordinators: 6 Main Stats-Aggressiveness/Communication/Play Calling/Intelligence/Leadership/Focus. (Other Stats wouldn't matter) Position Coaches: 6 Main Stats-Communication/Competitivness/Intelligence/Focus/Leadership/Position Training. (Other Stats wouldn't matter) This way, the coaching staffs would be simplified and easier to target possible hires and streamline possible targets. Custom Names for AD/Recruiter/Staff/Players: Know this has been mentions but would be nice to have a chance to edit the staff, with a possibly choice to have a female AD/Staffer. Just a thought.
  9. To be the one time in the country to loose so many one loss games this season... The pain is real. Atleast they weren't blow outs.
  10. Hello there, I'm Hawkes. Into alot of games, mostly RPGs and RTS for the most part. Hard to find College Football game types like these ever since NCAA Football went out of style. RIP.