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  1. I just bought the game on Steam a few days ago (my first DDSPB game). I love Manager and simulation games. Im having some fun with this game, but to be honest, its not worth the money. GM games are praising this game as hell, but i guess they are not really neutral and if you look neutral to this game, there is a lot of things which makes the game bad. For example: - you never receive trade offers from other teams, only during the draft (at least in 4 Seasons i never received any trade offers) - if you want to offer someone to be tradet, you have to click on every single team to check if they are willing to make an offer. And then, when they make an offer to you, and you want to accept it, they suddenly say that the offer is not good enough?!?! I dont know if this is a bug, but its totally annoying - the rating and skill system is strange and makes no sense. Players which better skills then others, are rated lower?! Also there is no indication about the physically of a player. Only skill parameter is endurance. So no strenght, speed etc. - lot of interface bugs and difficult userface. I think there would be potential in this game, but i would not recommend it at all. Way to expensive for what you get.
  2. Stone Cold Steve Austin, i want to drink beer with him
  3. Check Greydogssoftware TEW 2020, its a great game that i can recommend. Wrestling Spirit is new to me, what is this about?