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  1. Not sure if this falls under the GM, but does anyone know if there's a wrestling game out there similar to a "career mode" where you're in control of one custom wrestler but games are simulated and you're in charge of your own contracts, promotions, etc.?
  2. Hi all, huge sports fan from the US and love all sports (yeah weird I know haha). Been playing FM forever and recently trying to branch out into DDSPB - nice to meet everyone!
  3. we need a new HC ASAP i love crennel as a def coord but he's not better than BOB
  4. I know this prob. doesn't fall into the same vein as GM games, but does anyone know of a wrestling game where you're just controlling one wrestler but simulating all matches? I remember back when I was young and I'd play those text-based online wrestling sims with my created wrestler and actually enjoyed those a lot haha.