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Real teams and bowls for CT Football Manager by twitchteegue Division I

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About This File

This download contains all the real team names, logos, bowls and logos for bowls for CT Football Manager.

Just unzip the data-file, and replace the existing data-folder with the unzipped folder.

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What's New in Version Division I


Modpack for Division I

Unzip and place in Division folder


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is anyone else having an issue with the FBS Schools? FCS schools work fine when starting a new game.  When i pick and FBS School, the game loads into a blank screen, with only a back button.


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Are you able to edit the ole miss.xml file under FBS\players? Please try to change Nick Broeker to:

<player firstname="Nick" lastname="Broeker" birthday="07.10.2000" height="193" weight="138" hometown="Springfield, IL">
<info number="64" highschool="Sacred Heart-Griffin (IL)" position="OL" classyear="SO" team="OLE" grade="81" potential="87" major="General Business"></info>

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