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In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

August 08, 2018 - 12:01 PM

I respect each of the changes, but I fear the subscription idea will be the end of the road for a lot of the current users. A realistic expectation is that the managers that currently have All-Star accounts will probably pay the subscription and I suppose this will be the starting point. From then on, problems may arise.


First of all, the idea of a subscription means that many users will not afford it. What buys an icecream in the US or Sweden will feel far more costly in Eastern Europe, for example. Then there is a difference between choosing to contribute (through a donation or an All-Star account) and having to contribute. Psychologically it is easier to attract paying customers through the first option.


The biggest problem is that without a lot of marketing, the game will fail to attract a lot of paying users, so most worlds will be scarcely populated and the game will not be attractive even to those who will choose to pay for a few months. It will not have a community (like it was promising to do) but customers. I may be a sceptic, but I fail to see how new (paying) users will arive in large numbers.

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

July 25, 2018 - 03:04 PM

Many thanks for the answer. I am glad you didn't feel attacked by my question.

From my point of view this closes the discussion in a civilised manner. As it should.


Actually, no.  Certain topics were voted on.  There was never a vote for this topic, it was more of a discussion.  Anders is simply asking for opinions to determine what is in the best interest of the game long-term.  Nothing has been decided yet.  When information is available, Anders and the mods will notify everyone.


I have no stake in this whatsoever, just figured I'd share these facts to avoid the back and forth that has been happening.

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

July 25, 2018 - 03:02 PM

I can't help it that you stubbornly stick to the same position, misreading what I write. How you got from "important decisions like this" to me making a case about focus groups is really beyond me. I have nothing against the existence of focus groups and the work they do for the good of the community. I am also obviously aware of the existence of "Suggestions" thread. So please stop insisting that you know what the real problem is when somebody wants to start a discussion that you don't like.

All I was and am saying is, again, that important decisions should be made taking into consideration the whole community. It's an opinion and I am not in any way trying to impose it. I admit arguments against it, if they are really part of the dialogue. Your aggresivity is not helpful. I am not accusing you of anything and I am not pretending that I know what is really behind what you say.



These are your words and anyone reading them only is going to see it as you feeling like you should get a vote when you absolutely can have one all you have to do is support the game. In the focus group it is not a problem be it difference of opinion or debate and thats not why I was pissed off because those things are necessary to move the game forward. I respect everyone's opinion about the game, I just have a problem that this wasn't an idea, it was a question as to why those that pay are invited to the focus group and those that don't aren't invited. This wasn't an idea to make the game better, it was you getting at why, when you don't want to or can't pay (respectfully), that there shouldn't be a focus group all together and that it should all just become public without you thinking of the challenges of that in the first place and instead just wondering why you can't vote hence why I said it was self driven. By all means share your opinions about the game, everyone should regardless, but don't discredit those who pay for the sole purpose of moving the game forward by making someone such as myself feel like the money I and others spend isn't worth something when in fact in is the reason the game we all love is improving like it is in the first place. That is the only issue here, not the difference of opinion on something like the reset.

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

July 25, 2018 - 11:38 AM

I respect your opinion. You obviously don't respect anyone else who might not agree with you. I made a comment open to debate, while you try to impose your point of view. There can be no dialogue this way. I'm sorry that people who have other ideas make you livid. In my opinion, this is the problem with your position. 


And please stop putting words into my mouth. I would actually vote for a reset, this is not the problem in question. 


It takes you a lot of phrases to legitimize your position. Fine. I throwed an idea that we should perhaps talk more about how the community (on which the game depends) functions, without - at any point - hanging rigidly on a point of view. If the idea of a debate enrages you that much, please accept my apology. It's fine without debate. Have a great game! 


Oh I'm sorry Haradrim, let me me just change my wording then and use yours. With how the game is setup now, how are the all star accounts not us giving donations? The people who give these donations don't make any decisions so it's not "two-tiered" we are just given the opportunity to join a focus group and vote on things that ultimately just help Anders & co. make decisions but are still all theirs. We have no more say then you do. The reality is that this is the world we live in where in takes money to get things done. Do you think Anders should spend money out of his own pocket for getting new servers for the game to run on only for the simple reason of making sure no ones feelings get hurt cause you might think your voice isn't heard compared to those who support the game? He still listens to everyone anyways. The only thing the supporting does is give him a group of people from the community in which he has no prior knowledge of, that he can say are serious about the game and committed to it's development without question. It doesn't mean you or others who don't support or donate don't take it seriously as well but given the idea is to grow the community, getting votes from that many people, which is only going to grow, is counter productive. We would still be voting now if that was the case! This whole sense of entitlement just because you show up and play the game which is free (he never made anyone pay for anything) is absolutely ridiculous. Forget I joined in 2015. Forget I've played 3141 games. I SUPPORT 2 TEAMS. Now by your logic that would imply that i should have more say then anyone especially given I have no knowledge of anyone else who supports more than one team, but guess what? You would be wrong. I have wanted live games since day 1. I want updates to happen faster and more frequently and anyone can easily figure out that with donations, Anders can spend more time on the development of this game. This mentality that you and some others have though where you are completely self-driven is in fact toxic to the game because it creates a hostile community like it is right now. I mean maybe you can't tell but I'm livid right now because I want to help the game and know the focus group doesn't even decide anything all the while you feel you should be heard just the same all while making no attempt at even trying to hide the fact that you just care about your vision of the game and not anyone else's (unless they agree with you). How is it supposed to make someone like me feel who does donate when you and others come on to the forums and say it doesn't or shouldn't matter? I am deeply offended and pissed off at that notion when I'm contributing to progress. Plus maybe you've forgotten but there's a forum called "Suggestions".... Now if that's not good enough for you, then guess what? ANYONE CAN BECOME A SUPPORTER. So like I said before, you wanna vote (with still no guarantee it will matter, cause guess what? I voted against a total reset and lost and you don't hear me b*tching about it) then go and donate. It's as simple as that.

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

July 25, 2018 - 03:00 AM

I don't think you really understand the question and the principle. It is not a matter of being cheap and, as for me, I would be ok wherever Anders chooses to take the game. It is however worrying to legitimize being part of the decision through money. True, this is the world we live in, but it doesn't mean being so ready to appalud it as you seem to be. 


For the financial side, the game could be helped through donations and that way it could survive as an equal community as it does happen in some communities on the net. Keep in mind that the amount one pays for the game is - in terms of affordability - different from a country to another, so it is unfair not to take that into consideration.


It has always been my impression that the main satisfaction Anders gets out of creating this game is that it could be enjoyed by anyone responsibly on an equal basis. What you support is unfortunately a two-tiered system in which decisions that affect the whole community are reserved for a privileged few. 


So, again: I want everyone to have a vote, not (just) me and not just you. 


yes... and why shouldn't they be? Supporting the game enables it to move forward and if you aren't willing to pay a very small price to aid in the development then why do you feel you should have just as much say as those who do? The people who are willing to spend a few bucks a month are the ones that are helping these updates come to fruition which all of you who don't support the game, still reap the benefits of the updates regardless. Plus given every topic as far as updates are voted on by the group of supporters, it is still fair to all in the long run and I still say that even though certain votes I've made myself were not the majority and lost and yet it is no problem for me based on one simple thing: Anders and staff have done an amazing job thus far even though there's still lots of room for improvement. So let me leave you with a little reminder; they didn't need to include anyone in their decisions and yet they did and given that the all star accounts offer no perks in game other than names and numbers which don't affect gameplay, is it really that crazy that the people who are willing to pay a few bucks to make the game better for everyone are the ones used to aid them in making the best decisions for everyone??


You wanna have a vote...?


Stop being so cheap.