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  2. The lumber dumps didn't have much of an effect bc it was end of last season on the only computer teams left. It's more the fact that there is a person who has such a limited capacity that they can't understand that this is dumb and unproductive and they should perhaps resort to more useful activities in their spare time. I wouldn't chase him down. When he pops up, we know.
  3. Yeah really. You even stopped in lumber for a few days to dump a few teams.
  4. You guys in mitts would know better about how salaries evolve over time since you're ahead of most of the rest of us so if you think it's manageable I trust you and concur.
  5. Senet: what I meant is you are the exact guy that you were describing In your post?
  6. Yeah but according to people in your league, aren't you that guy Senet? Lol I'm messing. But I have noticed that eventually players can be talked back down after they hit their peak and you can negotiate to save cap space. Just remember though that if one manager overpays like crazy for a dude, that player will probably not ever accept less later on. This is how we end up with talented players asking for too much in FA to fit into any competitive rosters.
  7. Mere hours after this post one of the culprits crying foul makes another trade for a pick. Yeah this has to stop. Don't come into a court of equity with unclean hands.
  8. I agree with JoP above but also understand what the point of the rule is. Honestly, I have more of a problem with what happens now, when teams raid a computer team for picks or wait until after the draft and then raid teams for prospects and picks. The cup champion is trying to trade for the 1 pick and already has two 1 picks for the next draft. There are other teams signing FA and then immediately placing them on the trade block to get picks and prospects back. This isn't how it is supposed to work and it is NOT realistic. We need some sort of requirement that keeps this from happening. And no, this is not just random players doing this. Some of these guys very much know better and discuss similar issues in other worlds before they end up doing it in Lumber.
  9. Lol sorry Canucks I typed that in a rush and left out an important part. I'm not concerned with it I just wanted to be clear on what happened. Certainly will discourage raking good picks from lower teams. Anyway, good luck fellas!
  10. You didn't read my post carefully. New haven already traded for the pick when it was Disraeli's. Therefore it should never have gone through. Even if it was a swap there should be a fix to prevent this from happening since other player/ picks are paired with the "swapped" pick in the original trade.
  11. In lumber New Haven traded for and got the 1RD pick of the last place team but it was somehow given to a SHL team,Harrisonville, giving them the #2 pick. I can't seem to figure out how it happened. Kinda weird.
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  13. bwgrim

    Depth Chart

    It really does seem like the most efficient way of setting lineups for future games. It seems like it would be easier to implement than setting a few "template" lineups as was discussed before.